Nintendo Immerse
Developer(s) Fantasize Studios
Console Type Home console
AR goggles, motion control
Backward Compatibility Wii U

The Nintendo Immerse is the first console by Fantasize Studios, and the successor to the Wii U, inspired by the Neo and Nintendo Silver.


The main feature of Immerse is, as the name implies, the immersion. With the Immerse Motion, you can use motion control, and AR goggles, (along with the advent of the camera in the GamePad) allowing for a deeper experience where you see the game and feel it. The Miiverse has been used as a base for Immerse Linked, an online service with friends lists, groups, and an eShop.


Immerse GamePad

The Immerse GamePad is an upgrade of the Wii U's GamePad, with the same basic interface. The buttons are the same, and the basic shape is similar, but it is skinnier, flatter, and while it isn't exactly portable, it can be played farther from the TV. One of the big features is 2 cameras, one inwards and one outwards, which can also be used for the AR features. It also features a near field communication (NFC) reader/writer built in like the GamePad.

Immerse Focused

The Immerse Focused is a more traditional controller, similar to a variety of controllers (mainly a fusion of the Gamecube-style controller and a NES controller) that is comfortable to hold and features all the buttons of the GamePad.

Immerse Motion

The Immerse Motion is the main controller for the Immerse, and the reason it's called 'Immerse'. It's similar to Microsoft's Kinect, but uses two rubber wristbands as waypoints to focus on. It also has a pair of AR goggles, which can be used for more immersion.



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