Nintendo Holo
Nintendo Holo logo
Developer(s) VortexIndustriesLogo
Console Type Home console
"Holographic" image display, Online play
Backward Compatibility Wii U
The Nintendo Holo (also called the NinHolo) is a console under development by Vortex Gaming Industries, it was announced shortly after the cancellation of the Vortex Viper's production. It is scheduled for release in October 2013.


The console is shaped like a flattened box, with a transparent orb made of reinforced plastic (to prevent breakage) resting atop it. Games are projected from a projector system into the orb, where the image appears like a hologram (hence the name of the console).


The console itself currently will measure about 7.5 x 2.5 x 7.5, with the orb measuring about 7 on all axis. The controller measures to be the same size as a Wii U Pro controller.


The console has been planned to be retrocompatible with all Wii U games and hardware (save for original Wii hardware and software which are compatible with the Wii U), as the controller is very similar in design to the Wii U Pro. Up to 6 controllers can connect wirelessly to the system, allowing up to 6 players per game. However, when functioning in retrocompatibility mode, it must be hooked up to a TV via a special Audio-Video (AV) cable (something not required in Holo-mode due to the orb projection system).


The system's graphical power is somewhere between the DS and Wii, with the loss of power since the Wii U attributed to the prototype Holo-Orb projection system. The design of this system allows the game to be played with the console facing any direction relative to the player, meaning that players can sit in a circle around the game system and all view the same screen.

List of games

Whether Project Redemption will be transferred to this console or not is up in the air, but a couple games have already been planned to be released at the same time as, or very close to the release of, the Nintendo Holo.




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