The Nintendo Gem is a 9th generation nintendo home console. It is meant as the successor to the Nintendo Gamecube and Nintendo Wii U. It is planned to be released in early November of 2017. It is a hybrid between a handheld console and a home console, with you being able to have a alternate disc slot on the new and improved gamepad.


The Nintendo Gem resembles a gamecube. It has a disc slot on the side of it, and a NES/SNES cartridge slot above it. It can play in 3D on the new and improved gamepad, and also has HD Graphics.

It supports all Wii(U) and Gamecube controllers, including the Microphone, and has a port for all of them. It can support up to 12 people playing at a time, as seen in Mario Kart Turbo Tires. The gamecube wii u controllers, as well as wireless, new and improved gamecube controllers, and Wiimotes are still sold.

It supports Amiibo.


Nintendo Gempad

A new version of the nintendo gamepad. It feels light in the hands and it can be held easily. Its main new feature is that it can be played out of range of the Nintendo Jewel, which means that it has game slots on it



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