Nintendo DSGo Splash Icon
Developer(s): Nintendo}
Studio Lillie
Generation: 9th Console Generation
Predecessor: Nintendo Switch
Lifespan: 2021–present
Japan Flag 25 June 2021
US Flag 25 June 2021
25px-Flag of Europe 25 June 2021
Type: Portable / Home Hybrid
Online: Wi-Fi / 5G Wireless Data
Display: 1440p Gorilla Glass 6
Dimensions: 6.90 in × 3.20 in × 0.7 in
Input: Sliding controller interface
Touchscreen: Dynamic AMOLED capacitive touchscreen
Media: Modified SD Card

The Nintendo DSGo is an upcoming mobile handheld video game console developed by Nintendo, set to release in late 2020. Nintendo says that the DSGo is an attempt to provide the highest quality mobile gaming experience through powerful, mobile gaming focused hardware, similar to previous attempts by Nvidia.

Compared to the Switch, Nintendo says that the main difference lies in the fact that the Switch is intended by brief periods of mobility, whereas the DSGo is based around constantly being used outside of the house. The system currently has no competitors in the market.

The DSGo leaves behind the clamshell design of previous DS models and instead opts for a single capacitive touchscreen on the front as well as a much simpler resistive screen among the buttons similar to the Touch Bar on a MacBook Pro. Rather than closing upon itself, the second screen and buttons slide into the system, allowing for the device to become only the one screen similar to a phone while quickly transforming into a fuller device that resembles previous systems unfolded.

The top screen outputs at a native 1080p, while the other is at a much smaller 480p. The top screen, due to being relatively small, has a larger DPI than the Nintendo Switch. This boost comes from the smaller screen, the new technology developed since the 2017 launch of the Switch, and the omission of the JoyCon technology as well as things like motion control and rumble. Nintendo announced that their goal was to remove as many needless features as possible to create a pure gaming experience.

One of the most advertised features is the ability to connect a SIM card for online 5G internet play. Nintendo advertised the system of being capable of playing games like CS:GO and Splatoon online over data without lag or disconnects.


If you want your game on the DSGo, simply add [[Category:Nintendo DSGo Games]] to your article. Publishing games for the Nintendo DSGo and adding them to the category is open for any developer without needing to ask permission.

Banjo-Kazooie Trilogy
Civilization VII
Cobalt R
Disney's Creationauts
Donkey Konga: Diddy's Ditty
Dr. Mario: Megavirus
FORTUNE FURY 2K18: Class Divide
Fire Emblem Legacy
Godzilla World War G
Gradient: Jailbreak
Iron Man (game)
Kirby: Battle Royale
Kirby The Fighters 2
Mario's Nintendo Racing
Mario & Luigi: Toy Story
Mario Party: Star Rush 2
Mario Party: To The Max
Mario Tennis: Grand Slam
Mario Tennis Deuce
New Super Mario Bros. V (OwtheEdgehog)
Nintendo Trading Card Game
Paper Mario: Pen Power
Pikmin IV
Pokémon Berry Farm
Pokémon Black and White Versions 3
Pokémon Topaz and Amethyst
SUPREMACY: Shadowcalypse 3
Shantae: Scuttle Mystics
Sonic + Peggle: Power Spinball
Sonic Charge
Sonic Heroes X
Splatoon 2 (port)
Star Fighter
Star Wars: Mandalore on the Rise
Super Mario Cricket
Super Mario Finale
Super Mario Maker GO
Super Mario Realms 2: Omega Zenith
Super Mario Snowboarding
Super Mario Sunshine HD
Super Mario X Tetris
The Adventure Zone: Battle for the Bureau
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (port)
The Legend of Zelda: Call of the Storm
The Legend of Zelda: Ghost Tracker
The Ultimate Fight
Thor (game)
Toontown 2
Xenoblade Chronicles Remix

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