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The Nintendo Cross is the newest home/on the go hybrid console made by Nintendo. It is the successor to the Nintendo Switch. Like the switch, you can play it at home and on the go. However, unlike the Nintendo Switch, the Nintendo Cross, when docked, can run up to 4k resoultion, which is a step up from 1080p for the Switch. in Handheld Mode, it still runs, at max, 1080p. The Joy-cons return as the main controllers for this console but they are more color varients this time around. It will cost around $200, one of the cheapest home consoles to date. The console itself will be revealed June 2nd, 2028, and the software will be revealed during E3 2028, with the console releasing July 7th, 2028.

Launch Titles

  1. Super Smash Bros 6

Games For Nintendo Cross

First Party

  1. Super Smash Bros 6 - Released July 7th, 2028.

Virtual Console

After all these years, Virtual Console is back on a Nintendo Console. Now, you can enjoy games for the NES to Wii U on this service. From Super Mario Bros to Splatoon 1 to Luigi's Mansion for the Gamecube to Metroid Samus Return for the 3DS, this Virtual Console service has it all. It will be avaible on launch day and each game will vary in price, ranging from $4.99 to $9.99. It will also have a menu similar to the Nintendo Switch Online Service NES games.

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