Nintendo Cinematic Universe is a shared fictional universe of Nintendo characters. It is created by Walt Disney Animation and Pixar.


Phase One

Film Release Date Director Writer
Super Mario Universe 22 January 2016 Eternal Espeon Eternal Espeon
Donkey Kong Country 23 June 2017 Eternal Espeon Eternal Espeon
Pokémon/Kirby (Working Title) 3 Febuary 2018 TBA TBA
Breath of the Wild 15 July 2018 TBA TBA
Super Smash Bros. 5 November 2018 TBA TBA

Phase Two

Film Release Date Director Weiter
Metroid 1 May 2019 TBA TBA
Star Fox 17 October 2019
Mario VS Sonic (Working Title) 16 March 2020
Yoshi (Working Title) Spring 2020
Battle of Hyrule (Working Title) Spring 2021
Super Smash Bros: Subspace Warfare TBA

Phase Three


This is the order that the events of the movies happen in.

Breath of the Wild
Battle of Hyrule
Yoshi (Working Title)
Super Mario Universe
Donkey Kong Country
Pokémon/Kirby (Working Title)
Super Smash Bros.
Mario VS. Sonic (Working Title)
Star Fox
Super Smash Bros: Subspace Warfare
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