The Nintendo 4DS is unlike most other members of the DS family. It is a virtual reality headset that can be taken on the go in your bag that isn't as stupid as the Virtual Boy. It is a screen that covers your eyes with a strap that fits around your head. At the back there is a part where you insert cartridges of any DS, 3DS or 4DS games. You wear special glove controllers (That are DEFINITELY not as stupid as the power gloves).

Launch titles

The console will launch with Luigi's Casino, Pokemon Go DX, Job Simulator 4DS edition and Mario Kart 4D. Within a year New Super Mario Bros. V will release.

Home menu

The home menu consists of an infinite white void with you sitting in a chair and your TV on a stand in front of you. There is a virtual wii remote beside you which you can point at the virtual TV with. The home menu on the TV is similar to the 3DS's menu.

Backwards compatibility

To play DS/3DS games on the 4DS, just insert the game card and a virtual 3DS will appear next to your wii remote. Pick it up to play the game that you inserted.

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