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The Ninkancho timeline (officially Ninkanchō Co. Ltd. timeline, stylized as ninkancho timeline, formerly ɴɩɳĸɑɲɕɧŏ ʗơˎ ɭʈɖ˳ timeline; Japanese: ニン間諜のタイムライン Ninkanchō no taimurain lit. "Ninkancho timeline") is one of several fanon alternate timelines in which the Nintendo subsidiary company Ninkancho exists. This means that there are many areas where the gaming industry differs from that of real life, especially where Nintendo is involved.


The release of the Display system meant that many Nintendo 3DS and Wii U players stopped using those systems as intensively. After price drops but before the release of the Nintendo Switch, consumers planning on buying a new system were also more likely to buy the newer and more powerful Display, while following the Switch's release, this would apply much more to handheld users than to console users. Because of these and other distinctions in system playerbase, technology, and releases, some business decisions that Nintendo made in real life would not have been as viable.

For example, due to the decreased popularity of the 3DS, Nintendo was able to add better online support to Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS without overly straining the servers. Due to this added effort into porting the game, Nintendo decided to replace the New Super Mario Bros. U game style with the New Super Mario Bros. 2 theme, which looked better than downsampled renders. The theme has unique sprites, backgrounds, and ground tiles, albeit with the Propeller Mushroom, spin-jump move, and other features from New Super Mario Bros. U, to ensure compatibility with levels from the Wii U version that used this theme.

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