Nina Chevoski
Nina Chevoski.png
AGE 24
WEIGHT 109 lbs lbs
BIRTHPLACE Minsk, Belarus
Nikolai Popovic, Jess Pierce (close friends, Nikolai is a love interest)
SERIES SSB TayshaunandAmy.png

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Nina is a human from Belarus. She is known for being a successful hiker.


Nina is a slightly-above-average 24-year-old white woman and has long black hair. When working, Nina wears a purple padded jacket, blue jeans and grey snow boots. Her eyes are green. Whenever she isn't working, however, she wears a red denim jacket with black leather sleeves with a light blue shirt underneath that says "гонар Беларусі", which translates to "The Pride of Belarus", black skinny jeans and orange suede boots.


Nina was born in Belarus, and lived in Minsk for most of her life. Nina grew up in a small house in the city for a few years, and her family was struggling. Nina and her family ended up being evicted from the house when Nina was 11, and they lived on the street for a few years. In this time, Nina toughened herself up, started taking an interest in hiking and became cocky. Nina then became determined to conquer Mount Everest. She found a new house just before her 18th birthday, and settled in well.

When Nina was 19, she met her now-teammate and close friend Nikolai in a bar in Minsk. Nikolai was on his way back to California after having climbed Everest. After Nina mentioned her interest in conquering the mountain, Nikolai contemplated what she said and offered her to come back to California with him. Nina accepted, and the two have worked together since.


Nina is very cocky. She doesn't like backing down, no matter how big the challenge is and always makes you look bad if you try to mess with her.

Appearances in games

Nina, alongside Nikolai, normally show up in every Tayshaun & Amy game, and always sell items, like Beedle from the Legend of Zelda series. In Amy vs The Future however, they both help fight off Mr. D'Angelo. They are both major characters in Tayshaun & Amy - The Other Side, a show based around more minor Tayshaun & Amy characters.


  • Nina was originally based off Nana from the Ice Climbers, but turned into a different character.
  • At age 24, Nina is tied with Anna for the oldest non-deity female character in the Tayshaun & Amy series.
  • The story of how Nina and Nikolai met is elaborated on in Living Like Caballero. Nina explains that the two met in a bar in Minsk, Nina told Nikolai about her goals and the two joined forces.
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