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The Nightwolf series is a series about the three bearers of the crimson gem (a power in your body allowing you to kill demons), Nightwolf, Crimson and AntiWolf. The demon Tom has noticed the existence of the crimson gem and has artificially created developing baby wolves with the intent of one growing up with the gem. This ends up screwing things up, as a natural bearer is also born, and since the previous bearer Nightwolf was ressurected by beings from other universes in Fandemonium (also the place he was killed) there are three instances of the gem at once. This disruption means no new gem bearers will be born in the future, so it is the current three gem bearers goal to wipe out every single one of the last demons.

Nightwolf Promo Art


There are several different characters in the series. Every single one on the following list plays a role in Nightwolf: All Wrapped Up. For the list, see this page.


It has reported that all the games in the old Nightwolf series have been announced. However, a new series that will be much better than the Nightwolf series called the Nightwolf Revolution (series) is announced.

Series Proper

Nightwolf Saga

The beginning of the story, it is about adventures with Nightwolf and his friends. Builds the world and characters that the rest of the main series uses.

Crimsonwolf Saga

Introduces the second two Gem Bearers, Crimson and AntiWolf.

Future Saga

This stuff takes place in the far, far future, but is more of a prequel, due to time shenanigans.

Final Saga

The end.

  • Nightwolf: All Wrapped Up: Nightwolf in the afterlife, Crimson after destroying Tom, and AntiWolf after falling off a cliff in Crimson's second adventure, all marvel at the world around them as the plotlines are tied up with the Crimson Gem and the demons. Leads into the Nightwolf Revolution (series). Explains EVERYTHING. Eventually.


MicroNight spin-offs

These games happened in-canon, but are so incredibly trivial they aren't part of the main series.

Other Spin-offs

Random other trivial things. Not really canon.

In the Fantendo Smash Bros. (series)

Nightwolf, sometimes Argus and occasionally Future Warrior, along with sometimes Tom (Nightwolf) appear multiple times in the series, along with a stage, Night Villa.

Other Cameos

Nightwolf features has appeared in several other games, including the Fantendo Origins series and many more.

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