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Developer(s) Lone Planet Productions
Nick Games
Publisher(s) Nick Games
Genre(s) Fighting
Age Rating(s) E10+

Nickelodeon Ultra Struggle is a fighting video game developed by Lone Planet featuring several characters from Nickelodeon's lineup, including shows like SpongeBob SquarePants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Loud House, Avatar: The Last Airbender, My Life as a Teenage Robot, The Fairly OddParents, and Invader Zim, among others. It is considered a spiritual continuation of THQ's Nicktoons UNITE! series.


Gameplay is a bit similar to that of Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. series. You must attempt to knock the opponent(s) off of a stage filled with obstacles that get in your way.

The main difference, however, is that the game drops separate percentages, instead showing the players a pie chart with each character's face on it. Dealing damage to an opponent causes them to lose some of their "slice"; thus, depleting the entire slice will cause them to be KO'd. As one player's slice decreases, the others' increase. This means you must come up with a strategy to defeat your opponents.

Another difference is the fact that items do not spawn randomly; you must build them. These craftable items are called inventions, and they can be constructed using pieces you find in various modes. Inventions are split into three categories:

  • Gizmos: They are mostly useful for distractions, since they are not very strong. However, they are light and easy to carry. They can be built with two pieces.
  • Inventions: These are well-balanced weapons that deal a decent amount of damage. They require three pieces to complete.
  • Super Inventions: They deal the most damage of the three categories, but they may slow players down while being used. They must be built using four pieces.

Inventions of all three categories can be equipped to a player or a character. Equipping an invention to a player gives them access to said invention no matter what character they are playing as. Equipping it to a character allows other players to use it when they play as him/her, but it cannot be used with other characters.

All of the inventions a player/character has can be used through the Hypercube, which is accessed by pressing the left and right triggers simultaneously (or the Select button, if you are playing on the 3DS).

In each mode, players earn NRG Tokens based on their rank. These tokens can be used as currency in the Shore Shack, or energy sources to craft inventions. They can also unlock body parts for custom characters, which can be swapped around in the Mutation Chamber.

If a player has a My Lone Planet account, they can play with other people online regardless of which console they are using.


Story: Messed-Up Worlds

The Shredder has assembled a league of Nick's greatest villains -- Plankton, Vicky, Vlad Plasmius, Queen Vexus, Fire Lord Ozai, Puma Loco, Snaptrap, Professor Calamitous, Invader Zim, and the Shredder himself -- to take the Nickeloverse for themselves. You must gather heroes to stop them.

For details, go here.


A classic "Brawl" mode. Four players duke it out in areas from all over the Nickeloverse.


Select a character and choose from one of two playstyles:

  • Classic Arcade: A straight-up Arcade mode where you fight randomly selected characters in ten different stages.
  • Time Arcade: Beat every character in descending debut order (newest to oldest) within the time limit, which can be adjusted to your preferences. If you have enough NRG Tokens, you can even settle for lower limits.

At the end, you will face off against Shirley from Jimmy-Timmy Power Hour 3: The Jerkinators.

On a side note, each character has their own opening cutscene when you play as them.

Slime Rush

Players fight to gather as much slime as possible. Strong attacks will cause a character to lose slime to the attacker. The winner of the battle will get to fight Globulous Maximus from SpongeBob SquarePants featuring Nicktoons: Globs of Doom.

Double Dare

Up to eight players can choose a character and split into two teams, who will enter a trivia tournament where they are asked questions about Nickelodeon's franchise line-up.

One team is selected to take control, and the players on said team are asked a question. If they answer correctly, they earn NRG Tokens and stay in control; if not, control goes to the other team.

A team can "dare" the other team to answer a question for double value. The other team can "double dare", quadrupling the value, or give an answer. After a double dare, the team who dared in the first place must either answer or request a physical challenge. The physical challenge grants a team the most tokens out of all options.

The winner earns three vials of Mutagen Ooze that can be used in the Mutation Chamber.


Test your skills with combat, character movesets, and other strategies in several missions set in different Nicktoons universes.

Set 1

Mission Title Objective Character
Karate Session Sandy's invited SpongeBob to karate practice. Use his basic karate gloves to whack her around until she's down!
Dad's Dream Timmy's trapped in the middle of his dad's really weird dream... and there are odd creatures everywhere! Push them away with dark blasts til the time runs out!
Clowning Around Dodge Luan's pranks and reach the goal as fast as you can!
The Loud House Lincoln Nickelodeon
Out of the Shadows Use Leonardo's ninja stealth tactics to sneak into the Foot Clan hideout, then defeat the wave of enemies!
Return of the Twonkies A swarm of Twonkies is invading Retroville! Jimmy's inventions should help you out... but you'll need to craft your own sort of weapon.
Bikers of Vengeance Those Space Bikers are up to mischief as usual. Race them to the goal!
Jenny wakeman xj9 by kylephantom4-d51fet3
Tails from the Dark Side Ghost raccoons? Nothing Danny Phantom can't handle! Find all 25 and bring them back to the lab.
Danny render
NYAH Sometimes, even an alien invader needs some assistance. Help Minimoose guide GIR through the maze before time runs out.

Mutation Chamber

Here, you can "mutate" a custom character for use in other modes. Purchasing body parts in the Shore Shack makes them available for use in the Mutation Chamber. Each type of part gives your character a different kind of special move based on its character:

  • Head: Up Special
  • Torso: Standard Special
  • Arm: Side Special
  • Leg: Down Special

There are three weight classes to choose from (light, medium, and heavy), and you can make your character masculine, feminine, or gender-neutral. Height can be altered using a slider.

When you are finished with your mutant, you can either save its blueprint for later reference or use a vial of mutagen to "create" it (make it playable).

Shore Shack

Raymundo Rocket runs a shop in the game, where you can purchase mutagen vials, character parts, alternate skins, collector's cards, and decorative themes using NRG Tokens you receive in other modes.

Playable Characters

Default Characters

Image And Name Description and Series

SpongeBob SquarePants
Of course, when you make a Nick game, you absolutely CANNOT forget this guy. SpongeBob isn't very smart, but he is friendly and forgiving. He enjoys fry cooking, jellyfishing, and hanging out with his good friend Patrick Star.

He uses karate gloves, bubbles, and his spatula to attack, and can transform into the Invincibubble if his Ultra Meter is completely charged.
SpongeBob SquarePants

Patrick Star

Patrick Star
He's very naive, but he makes up for it with a good sense of loyalty. Patrick is one of the first people SpongeBob turns to when he needs help. Now if someone could teach him common sense, maybe he wouldn't have so much of a hard time. But that'll never happen... or will it?

He can latch onto objects with his tongue and do some pretty decent cartwheels to knock enemies out of the way. He transforms into Mr. Superawesomeness when his Ultra Meter is charged.
SpongeBob SquarePants

Sandy Cheeks

Sandy Cheeks
Sandy's a squirrel from Texas who has moved under the sea to Bikini Bottom. She yearns to go back to the days of rodeos and country life, but as long as she has good friends like SpongeBob and Patrick, she'll be OK with life as it is.

Like SpongeBob, Sandy is a skilled karate fighter, but she also has a variety of scientific equipment she can use to build things.
SpongeBob SquarePants


Leonardo is the leader of the Ninja Turtles, a team of mutated animals that fights crime in New York City. He is patient, wise, and calm, and will stop at nothing to protect his brothers.

Leo wields two katanas, which serve as his main weapons in combat. He can use ooze blasters and space gear as well.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Donnie has a way with machines! He's the most intelligent of the Turtles in terms of technology, so he can usually be found trying to perfect his inventions. He has a crush on a human girl named April O'Neil, and he attempts to get her on his side.

His bo staff is his main weapon, and can knock opponents a fair distance. It can even be used as a vault pole to reach far places. For his Ultra Move, he rams into enemies with the Shellraiser van.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Mikey ch pu3

It's always party time for this young pizza-loving Turtle. Mikey is not as wise, strong, or smart as his brothers, but there's a light in his personality that gives the team a sort of hope for the future.

His nunchucks can be used to rack up combos or hover in the air for a brief span of time. He can also use smoke bombs to hide in the mist and attack by surprise.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Raph ch pu2

He's the second oldest of the Turtles, and is quite the strong one. Raph can be arrogant; he even views himself as a better leader than Leo. He is usually one of the first brothers to make a sarcastic remark towards a villain of any sort.

Raph can use his personal sais to deal quick damage or even climb up walls. He is also the fastest of the Turtles, and can call up the Mighty Mutanimals to help him out.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Jenny wakeman xj9 by kylephantom4-d51fet3

Jenny Wakeman
She is a robot designed to protect the world from incoming and potential threats, but she wants to live the life of a perfectly normal teenager. Jenny is a kind, caring person (er... robot), but her straightforward personality can get her in big trouble.

She has several weapons at her disposal, such as laser cannons, morphing body parts, and... her robotic strength in general.
My Life as a Teenage Robot

MLAATR BradCarbunkle Render

Brad Carbunkle
Brad is Jenny's best friend and a good companion in her adventures. He is bored with his day-to-day life as a teenage boy, and wants a little more action in his life. He's a big-time "ladies' man", but it turns out that this is an act to hide his own insecurity.

Brad's moves involve medium-paced attacks that don't do much damage by themselves, but can be devastating when tied together in combos. He uses his younger brother Tuck for extra range, but the latter's attacks deal notably less damage.
My Life as a Teenage Robot


Jimmy Neutron
He's a child prodigy with his own laboratory. Oh boy, THAT'S never been done before... Jimmy Neutron is known for saving his hometown Retroville countless times, and he has a decent amount of friends to back him up. His inventions usually go completely wrong, but he tries to fix the problem at all costs.

Speaking of which, Jimmy uses his shrink ray, jetpack, and other inventions that he prizes most.
Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Sheen Estevez

Sheen Estevez
Sheen is one of Jimmy Neutron's best friends, and may or may not have a slight chance of causing the biggest problems in Retroville. Later on, he got trapped on another planet known as Zennu, where he has made a few new friends.

As the Zeenuian Emperor's top advisor, Sheen is equipped with technology used by the people of the planet.
Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius/Planet Sheen


Timmy Turner
♪♭Timmy is an average kid, that no one understands. Mom and Dad (and Vicky!) always giving him commands...♭♪ OK, I'll stop. Timmy can be lazy and reckless, but overall, he enjoys communicating with others, especially his fairy godparents Cosmo and Wanda... not to mention his love interest Trixie Tang.

He mainly relies on his magic TV remote, but he has traces of dark magic inside him. (No, Cosmo and Wanda aren't in his moveset. They deserve much more than that.)
The Fairly Odd Parents


Cosmo & Wanda
They're Timmy's fairy godparents who grant his every wish, as long as they follow "Da Rules". Wanda is the more serious one in the couple, while Cosmo is more like comic relief.

They can summon various creatures using their wands, or just fire magic beams. They can also slingshot their baby, Poof, into enemies to release a cloud of fairy dust that stuns them.
The Fairly Odd Parents

FairlyOddParents Chloe Render

Chloe Carmichael
Chloe is one of those girls who "needs" everything to be perfect, or else she freaks out. Because of this, she doesn't have many friends -- aside from Timmy, who has to share Cosmo and Wanda with her.

She uses Squirrely Scout tools and Dimmsdale Cuckoo Hospital supplies when in battle, but she's not exactly a fighter. As such, she is one of the weakest characters in the game, but she makes up for it with her speed.
The Fairly Odd Parents


Invader Zim
Zim is one of the shortest of his kind, so ironically, he isn't exactly appreciated. He can be menacing, though, and puts maximum effort into taking Earth for himself. Even so, he has recently been having doubts about the Almighty Tallest, and is beginning to wonder what his true purpose is in the Nickeloverse.

He uses Irken technology and GIR to fight, and can sometimes fly around in his Voot cruiser.
Invader Zim

El Tigre

El Tigre
Manny Rivera is an average boy living in Miracle City, but when his crime-fighting parents convince him to join them on their adventures, he becomes El Tigre. Since then, he has been battling Puma Loco and other villains.

He can use his retractable claws in various ways.
El Tigre


Aang is one of the various incarnations of the Avatar, the chosen hero who will bring balance to the basic elements of the world. It took him a lot of time to master all four elements -- Air, Fire, Water, and Earth -- but eventually, he became a strong warrior.

He can push opponents back with gusts of air, crush them with rocks, and defend himself with fire and water.
Avatar: The Last Airbender


Korra grew up with the people of a water tribe, and eventually realized she was the modern Avatar -- the successor to Aang and many others before him. She faced off against an army of anti-benders known as Equalists to protect a more modernized Avatar universe.

Some of her moves are similar to Aang's, but slower and a bit stronger. Others involve different bending abilities altogether.
The Legend of Korra

Danny render

Danny Phantom
Daniel Fenton attends Casper High School, while at the same time trying to protect the world from supernatural terrors under the alias Danny Phantom. He is hotheaded and full of emotion, but he can be calm and polite when he wants to be.

Danny can possess enemies, release a ghostly wail, and walk through walls.
Danny Phantom

DannyPhantom Sam Manson Render

Sam Manson
Sam is Danny's close friend and current girlfriend. She is very interested in the paranormal, and sticks with him when ghosts wreak havoc. She also considers herself an extreme vegetarian; she "doesn't eat anything with a face".

She may not have any special abilities, but Sam is skilled with Fenton creations, like the Ghost Peeler and the Specter Deflector.
Danny Phantom


Arnold's been through a long history, but he continues to be optimistic and thoughtful, and tries to understand how others feel about certain situations. And here's a fun fact: he started off as a claymation short!

He's brought everything from his room into the battlefield, so he can use his highly sophisticated remote to move it around in combat.
Hey Arnold!

The Loud House Lincoln Nickelodeon

Lincoln Loud
Imagine being the only boy in a house full of girls. Yeah, that's what life's like for this guy. Lincoln usually ends up stuck in the middle of his sisters' disagreements, some of which involve himself. The good news is, he gets along with them quite well... most of the time.

Lincoln gains inspiration from all of his favorite things. He swipes playing cards at enemies like Ace Savvy, douses them in sauerkraut, and shines a blinding flashlight into their eyes.
The Loud House


Luna Loud
Luna is the third-oldest Loud sibling and a self-proclaimed rockstar. When her siblings are feeling down or just need some music to guide them, she's ready to rock on. Her main inspiration is the music sensation Mick Swagger, and she sees him as a great role model.

Luna fights with her amp and electric guitar. The guitar can be used as a mallet or in combination with the amp to knock opponents back. However, she can only go so far with the guitar hooked up to the amp, and will sometimes have to have Chunk pick it up and carry it to other places.
The Loud House


Lynn Loud
She's the most athletic of all of the Louds, and tries to turn daily activities into fun games. Lynn teases Lincoln for not being sporty enough, but she enjoys hanging out with him overall.

Lynn is mainly a projectile-based character, and uses the sports balls she owns to deal different amounts of damage, depending on the ball's size and how hard she throws or kicks it.
The Loud House


Lisa Loud
She may be the second youngest of the Loud siblings, but she's even smarter than Jimmy Neutron. In fact, she's already graduated from college! Lisa tries to help her siblings out whenever she can, but their respective traits can bother her. A LOT.

Lisa uses different chemicals on her opponents to give them different effects, from dizziness to shock.
The Loud House


This little guy seems to be a large rabbit, but watch out -- he's really a horrible monster from the world below! Ickis's job is to scare humans, but he can't scare that well without going to school first.

He can grow larger than other characters, and this really lets him pack a punch.
Aaahh!! Real Monsters

ARM Oblina Render

She is the most mature of the three monsters, and enjoys reading and studying. Oblina comes from a rich monster family and wants a good education so she can live up to her parents' fame.

She attacks with her internal organs, such as her brain, heart, and lungs. She can shapeshift into another character and use their up special, or even tickle their brain (or GPU in the case of robots like Jenny) and induce nightmares.
Aaahh!! Real Monsters

ARM Krumm Render

One of Ickis's friends in the Monster Academy, Krumm is a kind-hearted and talented creature. He keeps an eye (no pun intended) out for enemies to his friends, and he's got a sort of stench that drives humans away quickly.

Krumm has detached eyeballs that he can bounce around, and his foul smell can poison other characters if they stay near him for too long.
Aaahh!! Real Monsters

TUFFPuppy Dudley Render

Dudley Puppy
He was a plain ol' mutt, but he joined the secret agency known as T.U.F.F. to fight crime... now he's one tough puppy! Well, not exactly "tough" -- he still chews his butt from time to time.

Dudley carries around his secret agent weapons, such as laser blasters, laser boomerangs, and the T.U.F.F. Turbo Laser. ...Wow, that's a lot of lasers.
T.U.F.F. Puppy

Rocko Wallaby

Rocko Wallaby
Rocko decided to move from Australia to America, but it's not exactly the way he expected. Annoying neighbors, awkward situations, and things that make his life more complicated in general. But hey, that's modern life!

He has equipped himself with a comic book launcher, and can use cord telephones as slingshots.
Rocko's Modern Life

MightyB Bessie Render

Bessie Higgenbottom
Bessie is a Honeybee Scout living in San Francisco, and she seeks out every scout badge to transform into her crime-fighting persona, the Mighty B. With a hyperactive, bouncy personality and a wacky imagination, she is known for her goofy antics. Sometimes, however, she can be a liiitle bit bossy.

She uses different Honeybee Scout tools, and is more of a defensive character. However, when she becomes the Mighty B, her attacks are boosted in terms of strength.
The Mighty B!

TakPowerOfJuju Tak Render

Nickelodeon has a wide variety of characters, but this young tribal villager was the first to originate in a video game series. Tak started off irresponsible, but he grew into a serious, respectful hero.

His Thwark is his main weapon, and can be used in conjunction with the various Juju Powers he has used. His Ultra Move is the Staff of Dreams, which can open rifts to the Dream World and summon Nightmare Creatures.
Tak and the Power of Juju

Barnyard Otis Render

When Otis was young, he lost his mother at a sale. He was adopted by another cow named Ben, and they had fun experiences together until his death at the hands of a pack of wolves. Now, Otis leads the Barnyard animals in wacky misadventures and the like.

He uses farm equipment to fight, and he is a medium-weight character with somewhat poor traction -- meaning he can't come to a stop very easily.

Rugrats Tommy Render

Tommy Pickles
It's Tommy, one of the first Nicktoons characters! He may be a baby, but his adventurous personality can get him anywhere in life. Why he keeps running around town without his parents finding out is up for debate.

Tommy squirts milk out of his sippy cup, and it can be used to push opponents back a bit. He can also ride around in the Reptar buggy his father designed.

HarveyBeaks Harvey Render

Harvey Beaks
Harvey Beaks is an anthropomorphic bird who lives in the town of Bigbark Woods. He does whatever he can to make his parents happy and follow the rules, but his best friends Fee and Foo want him to just have fun and stop worrying so much. Looks like Harvey's in for a wild ride...

He tosses furberries, which can be used as stink bombs, and can send out a large set of Barkquoise plant pods as an explosive array of bombs.
Harvey Beaks

Unlockable Characters

Image And Name Description and Series
Squidward Tentacles.svg

Squidward Tentacles
He's a super serious squid. Not only does he work at the Krusty Krab with SpongeBob, he also has to deal with living in between him and Patrick. Squidward does have a sliver of respect for them, though... he just rarely shows it.

He has a time machine he can use to trap opponents and deal damage like a madman, but it will have to charge after each use. He can become Sour Note as well.
SpongeBob SquarePants

Squidward can be unlocked after inventing the Supersonic Clarinet.


Eugene Krabs
Founder and manager of the famous Krusty Krab restaurant, Mr. Krabs is fueled by his somewhat unhealthy obsession with money. Regardless, he has a soft side for his adopted daughter Pearl and his most trusted employee, SpongeBob. It's his job to keep his enemies away from his secret formula; otherwise, the Krusty Krab could go out of business -- and all chaos would break loose.

Mr. Krabs uses pirate-related objects to attack, and he can use a giant hook to catch opponents and swing them around. Upon charging the Ultra Meter, he transforms into Sir Pinch-A-Lot.
SpongeBob SquarePants

To unlock Mr. Krabs, earn at least 250,000 NRG Tokens.


Sheldon Plankton is Mr. Krabs's main competitor and archnemesis. He constantly attempts to steal the secret Krabby Patty formula, knowing if he gets his hands on it, he will economically control all of Bikini Bottom. That's not to say he's very good at being a villain, though -- all of his plans fail in one way or another.

Plankton uses a mech about the size of Mr. Krabs; it is equipped with a "chum blaster" that can be used to slow down enemies, not to mention a "torso grill" that can create a burning effect for about five seconds. He can sneak into a character's brain and control them from the inside, but this leaves his mech vulnerable.
SpongeBob SquarePants

To unlock Plankton, unlock all other SpongeBob characters and beat Arcade once.

FairlyOddParents Chester Render

FairlyOddParents AJ Render

Chester and AJ
Chester and AJ are two of Timmy Turner's closest friends, and their history together goes way back. They don't agree on everything, but they're willing to help him out if necessary. This time, however, they've set out to knock some sense into Timmy after he starts hanging out with them less and less over time.

Chester is a projectile fighter, and launches garbage and gruel at enemies. AJ focuses more on close combat; he uses his machines to dish out damage like it's nothing.
The Fairly Odd Parents

They are unlocked once you win a Slime Rush match with any other Fairly Odd Parents character.

Trixie Art

Trixie Tang
Trixie is the most popular girl at Dimmsdale Elementary, and every boy wants to date her... which includes Timmy Turner. It's obvious that she likes perfume, boy bands, etc., but she secretly enjoys comic books and videogames as well. How will she fit in if she reveals these interests to the public?

Trixie is a rather elegant fighter, using quick combos and nearly unstoppable traction to her advantage. She can distract enemies with her perfume and call her bodyguards to fight for her.
The Fairly Odd Parents

Trixie is unlocked by completing the first set of missions.


Lucy Loud
A mysterious goth girl with strange intentions, Lucy is known for her dark poems and deadpan personality. While she almost never smiles, she loves her siblings and just wants to help out. But there's a problem... how does she keep popping up in random places?

She seems to have a teleportation power of some sort, which she can use to dodge attacks with ease. She also has some vampire bats to accompany her.
The Loud House

Once you've earned your first mutagen vial from Double Dare, Lucy is unlocked.


Lori Loud
As the oldest of the Loud siblings, it's her job to ensure that the younger ones always follow the rules. Lori is a phone addict and a bit of a tsundere, but she is willing to stand up for her family no matter what.

She is a well-balanced fighter with just the right level of strength and speed, but it's her traction that can cause trouble for certain players. She can use Vanzilla, the Loud family minivan, to ram into opponents -- kind of like the Shellraiser for Donnie, but somewhat slower.
The Loud House

To unlock Lori, you must beat Arcade Mode with every other Loud House character.

TMNT2012 CaseyJones Render

Casey Jones
He's a vigilante who helps the Ninja Turtles battle the Foot Clan. Cocky and laidback, Casey doesn't always take conflict seriously, but he definitely has a fun time goofing off with his allies.

He has terrible traction, but this can make him hard to catch up to! He uses his hockey stick and explosive spray paint in battle.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

You unlock Casey after buying his Collector Card from the Shore Shack.


Oroku Saki, a.k.a. the Shredder, is the Ninja Turtles' archnemesis and the main villain of this game. He is the cold, calculating, heartless leader of the Foot Clan. While he already runs a criminal empire that spreads all over the world, Shredder wants more -- in fact, he wants it all. And this time, he has a plan.

Shredder is the slowest, yet strongest of all of the playable characters, and he can absorb a lot of damage without being pushed back too far. He uses the retractable metal blades on his gauntlets to fight.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

To unlock Shredder, beat the story mode.

Mlaatr sheldon oswald lee vector by hellengomes15-d9qzud3

Sheldon Lee
Sheldon is a teen with a love for all things robotic -- like Donnie, but a bit more casual. After meeting Jenny, he developed a sort of crush on her -- he'll do anything to make her happy. But when things go too far, he makes up for it ASAP.

Sheldon's moveset focuses on some of the tools he created in his childhood, like a bionic arm and a set of night vision goggles. He can don the Silver Shell armor to deal tons of damage, although it also slows him down a bit.
My Life as a Teenage Robot

Sheldon is unlocked after creating 20 inventions.

MLAATR Misty Render

Misty's a mercenary from another planet. As such, she has little perception of the "good vs. evil" concept, and will only do something if she knows she will be rewarded for it. However, this mindset can make her antagonistic towards others, and may even become her final doom.

Misty is the second strongest character in the game, only being beaten by Shredder. She can transform into a stream of smoke for a limited time; in this form, she can possess other characters and float around the stage.
My Life as a Teenage Robot

To unlock Misty, complete Arcade Mode once with Jenny.


She is the queen of the vicious Cluster species... at least, she used to be. That was before her daughter Vega helped Jenny finally overthrow her and free the innocent people on Cluster Prime. Vexus seeks vengeance and won't stop til she gets it.

Vexus can shapeshift, levitate, and create portals to move around the stage with ease.
My Life as a Teenage Robot

To unlock Vexus, unlock all other MLAATR characters and win 50 battles.

Rugrats ChuckieFinster Render

Chuckie Finster
Never fear, Chuckie's here! This little guy may be a scaredy-cat -- in fact, he even freaks out about the tiniest things -- but when he puts his mind to it, there is NOTHING big enough for him to run away from.

He can be considered a "clone" of Tommy; he has a very similar moveset, albeit faster and a bit weaker.

Chuckie will join the roster after you win a Slime Rush match using Tommy.


Dib Membrane
After discovering Zim's true identity as an alien, Dib became his primary enemy and sought to put an end to his schemes. No one seems to take him very seriously, though -- not even his genius father. Nonetheless, Dib will do whatever it takes to defend his home planet from Zim and any other possible enemies.

He uses some of his father's creations to fight. The Nanoship can be used to deal damage to enemies from the inside, and Foodio can blast them away with pancakes, vegetables, meat, etc. Dib can even pilot the MegaBoy 3000 as a last resort.
Invader Zim

Dib is unlocked after fighting him in Story Mode.

Rudy Tabootie

Rudy Tabootie
Rudy is one of the very few humans who knows about the Chalk Zone -- a place where every chalkboard drawing goes once it's erased. He goes on adventures there with his creation, Snap, and tries to prevent its monsters and villians from coming into the real world.

He carries a mini chalkboard around, and can draw portals to the Chalk Zone. Rudy can force other fighters into these portals, allowing him to form strategies to defeat them. He can also summon Snap to help him out.

Unlocked after you invent the Chalkomatic.

WildThornberrys Eliza Render

Eliza Thornberry
She was gifted with the ability to talk to animals, but she has to use this power with good intentions -- otherwise, she may never be able to speak her own language again! Eliza is known for her interest in wildlife, and will do anything to protect the animals of the world.

Thanks to her power, she can summon a wide variety of animals, which changes depending on which stage she's fighting in.
The Wild Thornberrys

You unlock Eliza after playing the game at least once a day for one week.

RenandStimpy Render

Ren and Stimpy
A cynical chihuahua and a dim-witted cat who bump their butts a lot and get into tons of crazy scenarios. Sounds like an old-school cartoon, right? Ren and Stimpy are some of Nick's wackiest characters, no doubt about it!

Their moveset involves the various fake commercials shown after the episodes. They can roll Logs towards players, attack them and heal themselves with the Cheesefist (although they must wait two minutes after eating it), and block their attacks with Flod. They can even use the Happy Helmet to force an enemy to stop fighting them.
Ren and Stimpy

Ren and Stimpy are unlocked after playing as each default '90s character at least once.

RocketPower Otto Render

Otto Rocket
Otto is a big fan of extreme sports, and takes great pride in his skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing skills. He is quick to anger and doesn't always do his best in school, but overall, he's a fun-loving pre-teen who just wants to be happy.

In terms of stats, he is essentially a slower Casey Jones. He can pull stunts on his skateboard and use his bike to push back enemies.
Rocket Power

You unlock Otto after completing the second set of missions.


Doug Funnie is the very first Nicktoons character, and quite a popular one at that. He lives his life in Bluffington with a wide variety of friends (and enemies), and spends time coming up with vivid fantasies where he takes on the role of many heroes.

He uses these roles in combat. Quail Man the superhero, Smash Adams the secret agent, Race Canyon the adventurer, Durango Doug the cowboy, and Chameleon the master of disguise all play a part in Doug's moveset, making it rather unpredictable what he's going to do next.

To unlock Doug, unlock all of the other characters and beat Arcade with nine characters -- three from the 1990s, three from the 2000s, and three from the 2010s.


  • Tom Kenny as SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Janice Kawaye-Roku as Jenny Wakeman
  • Seth Green as Leonardo
  • Grant Palmer as Lincoln Loud
  • Tara Strong as Timmy Turner, Ember McLain, Chuckie Finster, Killgore
  • Debi Derryberry as Jimmy Neutron
  • David Kaufman as Daniel "Danny" Fenton/Danny Phantom
  • Bill Faggerbake as Patrick Star
  • Carolyn Lawrence as Sandy Cheeks, Cindy Vortex
  • Clancy Brown as Eugene Krabs, Rahzar
  • Chad Doreck as Bradley "Brad" Carbunkle
  • Quinton Flynn as Sheldon Lee
  • Audrey Wasilewski as Tuck Carbunkle, Misty
  • Sean Astin as Raphael, Krumm
  • Rob Paulsen as Donatello, Carl Wheezer
  • Greg Cipes as Michaelangelo
  • Nika Futterman as Luna Loud
  • Jessica DiCicco as Lynn Loud, Lucy Loud/Savage
  • Lara Jill Miller as Lisa Loud
  • Daran Norris as Cosmo Fairywinkle-Cosma, Jorgen von Strangle/Buzzblast
  • Suzanna Blakeslee as Wanda Fairywinkle-Cosma
  • Jeffrey Garcia as Sheen Estevez
  • Grey Griffin as Sam Manson, Vicky, Kitty Katswell, Lola Loud, Lana Loud/Croakon
  • Mason Vale Cotton as Arnold Shortman
  • Alanna Ubach as Manny Rivera/El Tigre
  • Zach Tyler Eisen as Aang
  • Janet Varney as Korra
  • Max Charles as Harvey Beaks
  • Elizabeth G. Daily as Tommy Pickles
  • Carlos Alazraqui as Rocko Wallaby, Denzel Crocker
  • Charlie Adler as Ickis
  • Teresa Gallagher as Oblina
  • Amy Poehler as Bessie Higgenbottom
  • Jerry Trainor as Dudley Puppy
  • Kevin James as Otis
  • Jason Marsden as Tak
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Oroku Saki/Shredder
  • Richard Horvitz as Zim
  • Mr. Lawrence as Plankton
  • Tim Curry as Professor Calamitous
  • Eartha Kitt as Vexus
  • Gilbert Gottfried as Kraang Subprime
  • Wally Wingert as Almighty Tallest Red
  • Kevin McDonald as Almighty Tallest Purple
  • JB Smoove as Anton Zeck/Bebop
  • Fred Tatasciore as Ivan Steranko/Rocksteady
  • Phil LaMarr as Baxter Stockman
  • Catherine Taber as Lori Loud/Shrieko
  • Liliana Mumy as Leni Loud/Cobweb
  • Christina Pucelli as Luan Loud/Jester
  • Candi Milo as Nora Wakeman


  • This will be the last Lone Planet video game to be released on the Wii U.
  • Certain aspects of the cartoons shown in-game are changed, based on popular opinion.
    • In this game's Fairly Odd Parents universe, Chloe Carmichael is less of a "Mary Sue", but still energetic enough to fit her personality. Also, older characters that do not appear in Season 10 (such as Chester, AJ, and Trixie) have been confirmed to return in the game.
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