Nic the Weasel

Nicolette the Weasel, also known simply as Nic the Weasel, is a character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Nic is the twin sister of Fang the Sniper and, like him, is a wolf-weasel bounty hunter though Nic appears to be more competent (albeit less vicious) than Fang is. The two siblings share a heated rivalry with each other, and, unless their reward is sufficient enough, the two will rarely work together.

Physical Appearance

Nicolette's physical appearance is, put into the simplest terms, a slightly altered version of her brother's design, which makes sense as the two are supposed to be twins. Nic has purple fur, and the hair on her head is long enough that she often wears it in a braided ponytail. She has white fur on her muzzle and on her chest, and her nose is a blue colour. For attire, Nic wears the same accessories that her brother does - namely brown boots, belt, hat and gloves - in addition to a blue or brown tank top.

The Sonic the Hedgehog: The Complete Sonic Comic Encyclopedia debuted a new design for Nicolette that was wholly unique from her brother's. Instead of purple fur, Nic now has pink fur, though she still wears it in a ponytail. The fur on her chest and muzzle are a lighter shade of pink instead of white. Nic's attire has been changed to have a more monochromatic colour scheme, with black and white boots, white gloves, a white tank top with black straps crossing over it, and a white hat from which some hair pokes out of. On her hat she has a pair of goggles, and she additionally wears a cape that is white on the inside and black on the outside.

Game Appearances

Sonic Heroes 2

Nic appears in Sonic Heroes 2 as a non-playable character.


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