NextGen Solo
Nextgen solo logo4
NextGen Solo's current logo.
Type of Company Game/Fan-Fiction
Founder(s) Dk64rules
Founded at/in December 31, 2009 (as Vectrix, inc.)

December 11, 2010 (as NextGen Solo)

Owner(s) Dk64rules
No. of Employee(s) Dk64rules (this is a solo company)
Predecessor Vectrix, inc.

NextGen Solo is a popular Fantendo fanon game and fan-fiction solo company. It was first founded as Vectrix, inc. to pair with the group company NextGen Games, inc. Later it was announced NextGen Games would be going defunct, and so Vectrix took on the NextGen title as NextGen Solo. They are part of Fusion Entertainment.

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N00bArticle Yoshi's Island 4: Kamek's World2010

N00bArticle Super Mario Bros. 62010

N00bArticle Super Mario 222010

Done Pencil and Paper2010

Done Pencil and Paper 22010

Done Sixty Four's Puzzler 22011

Done Where All Dead Things Go...2011

N00bArticle Kiyle DeeKay and the Sky Invaders2011

N00bArticle The Legend of Zelda: Shadow of the Triforce2011

Done Ultimate Koopa Battles 22011 - 2012

Done Kenny's Kwest 2: Mindgame2011 - 2012

Done Open World2011 - 2012

N00bArticle Pencil and Paper: Shadin's Wrath2012

Done Sixty Four's Puzzler Retro2012

N00bArticle Where All Dead Things Go: Darkism Rises2012

Done Sixty Four's Puzzler 32012

Done Adventure: Circuit Laser2012

WorkingOn Sage2012-2013

WorkingOn Kenny's Kwest HD2012-2013

WorkingOn Neo Super Mario Land2012-2013

WorkingOn Dual Destiny2013

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Circuit Laser 2 - 2013



N00bArticle The Original Sixty Four Saga

N00bArticle The Original Eric Four Saga

N00bArticle False Revival

N00bArticle Graduation Day: A Sixty Four Fan-Fiction

Done The Keyan Four Saga

Done The Seventy Four Saga

Done The Colin Four Saga

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Forgotten Unity

Done Out of Many

Done One

Fantendo - The Secret

Done Fantendo - The Secret

Done For it is Destiny

Outside the Void

WorkingOn Behind the Evil: The Void's Baddest Villains

WorkingOn Eight vs. Sixty: Amy's Decision

Forgotten Unity 2

WorkingOn Forgotten Unity 2

Shadows in Stars

WorkingOn Shadows in Stars

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See NextGen Solo/Engines.


In December 2009, Vectrix, inc. was created as a solo company to match NextGen Games, inc. (a now defunct company), but back then their was little tie-in with NextGen, and if you looked at the names, you would not even think of them being related in any way.

That's why, a year later, Vectrix was renamed NextGen Solo, to highlight the fact that the company made games like NextGen, but with only one person behind them. However, due to a community split even before the renaming of Vectrix, and the fact that this particular person behind "Solo's" games began to fill all the spots (story, artwork, etc.) quite well, NextGen Games, inc. became unactive and recently defunct.

Keeping the name, NextGen Solo got a logo redesign in April 2011, erasing the "part of NextGen Games" tagline and also having a younger look to it, young and refreshing at that.

But the younger-looking logo was replaced in August 2011 by a logo that kept the blue & green colors associated with the new one, but is stylized more like the original. Another interesting note is that the 6 boxes on the logo have the colors of Fantendo:Help's core 6 boxes, Fantendo:Help itself being a project that DK started.

Later on 2011, NextGen Solo joined the Fusion Entertainment company.

In December 2011, the logo was given a minor update with the new, more tempered Fantendo:Help colors, along with a new blue color for the box containing the words "NextGen Solo", now properly capitalized.

Early May 2012, the logo was updated once again with updated colors, the new design of the Fantendo:Help boxes, and a glow/shadow effect. Also, as of that month, games developed by NextGen Solo will only show the 6 boxes on their boxarts, as they are easier to resize and position.

In October 2012, the logo was updated to reflect NextGen's new logo style. Rumors are circulating that this may be the last iteration of the logo.


  • The boxarts for the Nextablet and new Bluevolt lines had the word "licensed" misspelled as "liscensed." In April 2012, the spelling was fixed.