New Tendo City
Greater Location Unknown
First Appearance The Stories of New Tendo City (2017)
Current Ruler Mayor Pauline
Current Inhabitant(s)
Various Species
Location Type City
Notable Resident(s)
Every Nintendo Character Ever Created

New Tendo City is a fictional metropolis and the main setting for the animated series, The Stories of New Tendo City.

The city has a population of over 12,537,673 people and is also the largest city in the unknown fictional nation that the series is set in. The city is notable for featuring every prominent Nintendo character ever created as a normal resident.

The city is described as the cultural, financial, and media capital of the unknown world that the series is set in. The city is also a major player in fashion, sports, and foodie cultures within the unknown word.

The current Mayor of the city is Pauline, who has served in the position for a record number of years alongside her team of Isabelle (the mayor's assistant), and Dr. Wright (the city planner).

The current Commissioner of Police is Commissioner Dedede who was recently sworn into office, while the chief of police is Officer Jenny, who was recently promoted to the role.


For a list of notable residents please view the following page, The Stories of New Tendo City/Characters.

Although the actual number of each is unknown, the city is notable for its very diverse population, featuring species such as Toads, Yoshi's, Piantas, Nokis, Koopa Troopas, and many, many more living in peaceful harmony alongside normal humans. Aliens are also known to be part of the population, as well as monsters.

Notable Locations

Location Description
A small yet quaint Italian cafe owned by the stars of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, the Rosato Brothers, Mario, and Luigi. The brothers serve New Tendo-style pizzas, lasagna, gnocchi, espresso, Italian sodas, and more Italian dishes! Their famous cannoli are made from a secret recipe, and the Tiramisu is made by their wives who happen to run the Royal Bakery nearby! This place is a personal favorite of Spring Man, who orders the pizza here frequently! Employees of the Rosato Brothers include Princia Ramode, Sami, Andy, and most recently Kumatora. A very popular spot for the citizens of New Tendo City. Rival to Chef Kirby's Shake Shack across the street.
New Tendo High School A public high school that many of the teenagers in New Tendo City attend for classes. Students such as Kumatora, Ness, Lucas, Claus, Paula, Goombario, Bowser Jr., and Pit attend school here. Staff such as Jessica Robbins, Wrinkly Kong, and Pyrron are teachers here at the school. The school is one of the biggest in the city, and features a very large student body, along with many clubs, and sports teams.
Chef Kirby's Shake Shack
DK Pass A ski resort owned by the Kong Family, which is located ten minutes away from New Tendo City. During the winter, the resort is bursting with folks who wish to ski, snowboard or perform other winter sports such as curling. The resort's ski lodges are famous for the banana hot chocolate by Donkey Kong!
New Tendo Public Library
Midna's Twilight Zone An occult bookstore owned by Midna, that specializes in books concerning the dark arts, movies about the afterlife, and other things such as scented candles for spiritual sacrifices. Statues with mysterious powers are sold here, as well as fortune-telling materials such as crystal balls. Many come here just to speak to Midna, while others have been banned such as Zant for an unknown incident that isn't allowed to be spoken about!
Black Shadow's Chocolates
Ridley's Legal Advice
Tropical Grocery
Tachibana Dojo
Tachibana Detective Agency
1-Up Club
Mintendo Noodle House A Chinese noodle house that is owned by Min-Min's family.
Cinema Deux
Cerulean Swim School
Wii Get U Fit Studio
Falcon House
Princess Orange
Royal Tennis Academy
Marion Clubhouse
Genie Tower


  • New Tendo City's population is the same population as its real-life counterpart, New York City, the difference being 12 billion people, rather than 8 billion people.
  • Although it is never stated in any episodes of the series, New Tendo City is implied to be in the same exact location as its real-life counterpart, New York City.
  • The city's design and skyscrapers are quite similar to the ones found in New York City, but all famous buildings are replaced by Nintendo based buildings, such as Genie Tower replacing Trump Tower.
  • The city's name is a play on the words "New" and "Tendo", making it similar to the name Nintendo.
  • Despite being based off of the real-life New York City, the city also takes a number of design cues from the real-life cities of London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul, Sydney, and Cape Town.
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