New Super Mario World
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Publisher(s) FantendoHDLogo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Release Date(s)
Flag of Japan November 12, 2021
Flag of USA November 25, 2021
Flag of Europe December 5, 2021
Flag of Australia December 7, 2021
Switzerland flag December 10, 2021
Iceland December 13, 2021
Single Player, Multi Player
Age Rating(s)
ERSB: ERating Everyone
PEGI: 3Rating Ages 3 and older
Genre(s) Platform

New Super Mario World is a side-scrolling 2.5D platform game. It is the fifth and latest installment in the New Super Mario Bros. series, a sub-series of the parent Super Mario platformer series. It's the sequel to New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. It will be released on November 12th, 2021 in Japan, November 25th in America, December 5th in Europe, December the 7th in Oceania, December 10th in Switzerland and on December 13th in Iceland. It will be the first 2.5D Mario game in 9 years.



One day, Mario, Luigi, Peach and Blue Toad decide to take a vacation. They decide to return to Dinosaur Land after many years, where Peach has a vacation house.

As they arrive to Peach's vacation house, a Yoshi comes, and tells our heroes that something terrible is taking place: Bowser and his Koopalings have stolen the 8 ruby eggs which keep Dinosaur Land in peace; in fact, they keep a giant volcano from erupting and destroying everythin. Our heroes must stop him and his minions. Yoshi informs them that Bowser has given a ruby egg to each Koopaling, and that he has kept the biggest and most powerful one for himself. Our heroes must get all the ruby eggs back and restore peace in Dinosaur Land...

Yoshi's Huts: dinosaurs, new Power-Ups and crazy genius

They start from Yoshi's Huts, a grassy bushy plain full of egg-shaped hills. There are a lot of bushes, where some purple berries grown. The main attraction in this level is Yoshi's House; in fact Yoshi, who can be ridden, lives there.  After crossing a plain and a cave, they discover a new Power-Up, the Super Kibble, that can turn them in their Dog Forms. Our heroes soon arrive at the fortress, where they meet Scoundrogoss, a gigantic Scoundrog. Despite its size, it's easily defeated and our heroes can go to the rest of the world. After crossing a lake, some hills and going to the sky, they meet the first Koopaling: Iggy Koopa, who received the green ruby egg. The demented Koopa attacked this world with his minions, and has built a castle full of fences. Those fences stand on lava pools, where some Podoboos reside. To not finish in lava, the crew will have to use those fences. Those fences will move, though, so our heroes must be really careful. When he realizes that our heroes have reached his room, he laughs and gets ready for the battle, anxious to show the heroes his new skills: he can use his hairs as a sword now. Despite that, the crazy Koopaling is defeated, releasing the green ruby egg, and our heroes proceed to the second world.

Chocolate Wasteland: feathers, living statues and angry bullies

The second world is a hot, hot desert full of chocolate. Its name fits nicely with the nature of this world, since it's Chocolate Wasteland. This desert is full of living statues, very dangerous snakes and much more. The sky is orange, because the sun in this world is so angry that it unsleashes fire all-around because of his range. This action makes the whole world much, much hotter. Our heroes find an old Power-Up again, too: the Feather that can turn them to their Cape Forms. The guardian of the fortress is another boss, a giant Spike powered up by Kamek, wich will try to crush the heroes. He's, however, defeated, and our heroes can go to the other levels. After avoiding the sun itself in a difficult level, they meet Roy Koopa, the second, bully Koopaling, as well as the guardian of the purple ruby egg. He has built a castle full of lava geysers, lava pools, fire balls. His castle is so hot that only Dry Bones and Dry Buzzy Beetles can live there. He will try to defeat them by ground-pounding and using some strategies. The big Koopaling, despite its strength, is defeated by our heroes, who get the purple ruby egg and can go to the third world.

Fruity Seaside: water spouts, crabs and tomboys

The third world is a seashore full of giat fruits, such as watermelos and bananas. Bubbling geysers and water-related enemies are of course very common here. The fortress is guarded by a Maw-Ray, made gigantic by Kamek. Despite its size, the overgrown enemy is defeated, and our heroes can go to the other levels. After crossing some water and beach levels, wich includes even going inside a gigantic sand castle, they arrive at the castle. The castle is guarded by the third Koopaling: Wendy O. Koopa, the only female Koopaling, who received the pink ruby egg. This nasty girl's castle is full of Spike Pillars, which will crush everything so unlucky to stand under them. The tomboy Koopaling will attack the heroes by riding a pink dolphin and launching some candy rings in a room filled with water. There are some spikes on the walls, too, and she will summon various water enemies. The Crew have to wait the water to leave to hit her. After 3 hits, the female Koopaling is defeated by our heroes, who get the pink ruby egg and can go to the icy, fourth world.

Popsicle Glacier: ice, angry celestial bodies and arrogant composers

The fourth world is an icy glacier, where sun is never seen. It's full of snow, slippy ice and some blue hills. It's called Popsicle Glacier because there are some blue popsicles, too. Our heroes must pass through a lot of slippy courses, full of snow-related enemies, before arriving at the mid-world fortress. It's guarded by Chief Chilly, made even more powerful by Kamek's magic. This time, the battle involves some ice blocks. After passing the fortress, they go through a great varities of levels, featuring even colder temperature as well as one of the Angry Sun's relatives: the Angry Moon, as dangerous as his hot cousin. The heroes survive, however, and arrive at the castle, which is guarded by the eldest Koopaling: Ludwig Von Koopa, the guardian of the blue ruby egg, who wants to fight the heroes in his new theatre-like room. He'll use some strategies, such as creating clones of himself, shooting rays and floating, on a frozen opera theatre. The eldest Koopaling is defeated, however, and our heroes can now go to the fifth world, a jungle full of ruins, after getting the blue ruby egg.

Crispy Forest: ruins, hungry plants and lazy gluttons

The fifth world is a sunset-themed jungle with some very tall trees with a face, many ruins and a 1500-years-old temple filled with Chain Chomps and many other ruins, which can confuse the player(s). In fact, our heroes must often look for secret goals to proceed in their adventure. After crossing many jungle levels, the crew arrive at the tower, where they meet the goofy Petey Piranha. This time, thanks to Kamek, he can spit out goop; however, the giant plant is defeated again. Then the Heroes can go to the rest of this ambiguous forest. They arrive on a temple at one point, where they find a lot of Chain Chomps. Some of the statues here become reals and attack the heroes. After crossing this dangerous temple and many other dangerous places, the crew arrive at the castle of the world, guarded by Morton Koopa Jr.. He has built a tracherous castle, full of lava, where the player(s) have to dodge the attacks of some Morton's statues, that will try to crush them with some heavy rock-made hammers. There are some giant drums, too, on whom our heroes can bounce if they're hit by an hammer of the statues. The heavy Koopaling, who is the guardian of the brown ruby egg, will try to inflate himself and crush the crew. The heroes must be careful, since Morton can also eat them! But the heroes are stronger and they triumph over the Koopaling. Now the heroes can go to the sweet, sixth world, a canyon made out of sweets.

Sugary Canyon: cakes, cookies and funloving children

The sixth world is a canyon made out of sweets. This world is called Sugary Canyon, and that's not a case, since there are some giant cakes, wich resemble mountains. There is even a mint lake, that is really dangerous because if the heroes fall in the lake, they immediately lose a life. After crossing many tasty but dangerous levels and even meeting some dinosaurs the heroes arrive at the the first Tower, where they meet the Ancient Dino Rhino, a regular Dino Rhino made more powerful thanks to Kamek's magic. The heroes defeat the boss, though, and they can go to the rest of the world. The Crew have to cross a lot of levels after the fortress. They even find Yoshi and his cookies on the top of the mountains. The heroes soon arrive at the second fortress, where they meet Kamek, who puts up a fight by himself, ended up defeated anyway. After crossing that lake, they arrive at castle of this sweet world, where they meet the shortest Koopaling: Lemmy Koopa, who received the orange ruby egg. The little, crazy Koopaling has built a castle full of bombs. Some Lemmy Bombs are also in this level. Those cute yet dangerous bombs hide in some pipes and jump out where you aren't expecting them. The little Koopaling is a bit surprised to see that the heroes arrived at the castle, but he taunts at the heroes by blowing a raspberry before starting the battle. The crazy Koopaling tries to defeat the heroes by pushing them out of battlefield, wich surely is a painful thing, since there are a lot of spikes just under it. Our heroes have to use some rubber balls to try to push Lemmy on those spikes. Lemmy also summons some of his minions to help him to defeat the heroes, and launches some bombs to make the heroes fall, but he's defeated. The crew thinks the path to Bowser's world is cleared, but as soon as Lemmy is defeated, they realize that there's no way to reach the main castle, since one ruby egg is missing. They must seek for it in the clouds.

Cotton Candy Clouds: mills, planes and cheatsy discjokeys

The seventh world is a land made of white, beautiful clouds placed very high in the sky. This world is called Cotton Candy Clouds because the clouds here look like cotton candy. Many flying enemies like Paratroopas populate this beautiful land, as well as some of the strongest leaders of the Koopa Troop. After crossing many levels placed in the sky, including a sea made out of clouds, the heroes arrive at the first of the two fortress of this world. This fortress is very hard to complete, but thanks to some trampolines our heroes arrive at the top of the fortress, where they meet Lakithunder, made more powerful by Kamek. The heroes, though, defeat it, and they can go to other levels of the seventh world. They soon have to cross another haunted level, which features a flying ghost ship, populated by Boos and especially by a Fishin' Boo Lakitu, wich will torment the Crew for the whole level. After crossing a land full of mills and Fwoosh, which reminds Cloudtop Cruise from MK8, the heroes arrive at another fortress, full of cannons. This time, after crossing a dangerous path while avoiding many Cannon Balls, they arrive at the top of the fortress, where they find Kamek another time. Kamek uses the same strategy as always, but is even faster. He's defeated, though, and our heroes can go to the last levels of the seventh world. After crossing some dangerous zones and even driving a plane, our heroes arrive at the castle, situated on the top of the highest cloud in the sky. This night-timed castle is full of electric traps, but our heroes arrive at the boss, wich is Larry Koopa, the guardian of the skyblue ruby egg. His castle is full of electricity a various sky-related traps. The battle against this cheatsy Koopaling is very though, as the Koopaling will be driving a plane. Even though this battle is very hard, the heroes defeat the Koopaling, get the skyblue ruby egg and can finally access to Bowser's Kingdom.

Bowser's Valley: the last challenge

The eight world is a dark and ominous valley full of lava and the strongest members of the Koopa Troop. The heroes have immediately to do with some of the most dangerous challenges they've faced so far, such as going through many Bowser's tanks and crossing many courses full of lava. The first tower is in sight, when both Angry Sun and Angry Moon return for their revenge. Our heroes have to cross a dangerous level avoiding both of them. The first tower is a dangerous dungeon full of toxic gas that may make the player(s) lose a life instantly. At the end of the tower, our heroes meet a gigantic Podoboo, the last minion of Kamek. Once it's defeated, our heroes can go now to other levels of the eight world. Most of the levels of the eight world are between the first and the second fortress, and the Crew have to cross many courses full of lava, including Hammer Bros' headquarter and a rocky cliff full of Chain Chomps subspecies. The Heroes have to cross a cave full of rising and decreasing water. Our heroes soon arrive at the second tower of the eight world, a dungeon full of magic rays launched by Kamek. When the heroes arrive at Kamek's room, they find the Magikoopa on his broom, ready for the battle. The old and wise Koopa tries to defeat the heroes by launching some magic rays, which could turn the blocks on his room in enemies or objects, but he's defeated and the final stronghold before Bowser's castle is conquered. Now the heroes first cross some levels full of Bowser's strongest allies, then arrive to Bowser's castle. It's a treacherous keep, with many paths the heroes can take in order to arrive to Bowser's final room. They don't find Bowser, but the Koopalings inside the Koopa Clown Clown, for a last challenge. After defeating them, our heroes can go up to Bowser's Hideout, where they meet the Koopa King himself, who will use the power of the last ruby egg to enhance his power and become the most powerful opponent possible, summoning fire, throwing spells and attacking our heroes with many other tricks, while the earth is starting to tremble upon the eruption of the volcano. After a long, hard fight, Bowser is defeated and our heroes can take all the eggs back home. During the credits, the heroes cross all the worlds they passed. When they arrive to Yoshi's Hut, they see Bowser and the Koopalings on an heavily damaged Koopa Clown Car. Bowser angrily roars at the Crew, but the Koopa Clown Car (and the passengers on it by extension) falls, and a Chain Chomp starts chasing after Bowser and the Koopalings.


This game's Gameplay will be similar to that of the other New Super Mario Bros. games, but many elements will return from early Super Mario Bros. games as well. Mario and Luigi, for example, will be capable to perform the Spin Jump with the same effects of Super Mario World. Peach will be a playable character, since Bowser won't kidnap her, unlike the original Super Mario World. Another element that returns from old Mario video-games is the long-time forgotten Frog Suit, which will be very uncommon and replace the Penguin Suit from the newer games. Cape Feather will return as well, as one of the game's most common Power-Ups. A new Power-Up is introduced, too: the Super Kibble, wich will turn the player in his Dog form. In this form, they can dig, they can bite the enemies and they can run faster. Small Gates and Giant Gates from Super Mario World will return as the mid-way and goal of regular levels respectively. Giant gates that represt secret exit will be red. Like most of the games of the main series, Bowser will be the main villain, and will be helped by the Koopalings again, wich will be found at the end of the first seven castles. Bowser Jr, like in New Super Mario Bros. 2, won't appear. A new boss will guard almost all the towers: Scoundrogoss. An item inventory will appear, too. The player(s) will be capable to store a max. of 10 items. Enemy Course will have a gameplay similar to that of New Super Mario Bros. Wii, in fact the player(s) will have to collect 8 eggs, like the balloons in the aforementioned game. Unlike the previous games in the series, this game won't feature Toad Houses, but rather shops held by various characters.

Yoshi's going to appear as well. There will be 4 species of Yoshis, the same from Super Mario World. Yoshi can be ridden, but this time, unlike the previous New Super Mario Bros. games and like Super Mario World, it can be taken out of the levels. Yoshi, though, won't get into the castles and the fortresses, like in Super Mario World. Baby Yoshis will return as well, but this time they won't have any special power - they will just grew up if they eat 5 enemies, just like to Super Mario World. Baby Green, Red, Yellow and Blue Yoshis will only appear as the prize for clearing an enemy course.

A 4 players mod is disponible as well, wich will be similar to that of New Super Mario Bros. U. Just like in the aforementioned game, only Mario will be playable in one player mod, while Luigi, Peach and Toad will only be playable in multiplayer mod.

There will be a new character called Dinoglass. Dinoglass will be a small dinosaur with sunglasses wich will greatly resemble the dinosaur the king of Giant Land was turned into in Super Mario Bros. 3. This character will ambush the player on the map and force him to challenge him in a race completion inside an already cleared level. Basically, the player will have to arrive at the Giant Gate at the end of the level before Dinoglass. Dinoglass will be slow at first, but he'll become quicker in the later worlds. The prize for beating him will be a Power-Up, either a Super Kibble, a Cape Feather or a Frog Suit, depending on the world.

Playable Characters

Image Name Description
NSMBUD Mariojump Mario Our moustachoed heroic plumber is back, and he has to save Dinosaur Land. Mario's an all-around character, with a good jump and a good traction.
NSMBULuigi Luigi Luigi is the Mario's younger and fearful brother. He'll help his brother in this quest. Luigi's jump is better than Mario's, but his traction is lower.
Peach (Super Mario 3D World) Peach Princess Peach doesn't play the role of the damsel in distress this time, and can join the adventure. She can float in mid air, but she's the slowest character.
87px-Toad Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Blue Toad Blue Toad, one of Mario's best friend, decided to help the Bros. and the princess in this quest. He's the fastest character, but his jumps are also quite low.


Yoshis will appear in this game as well. Unlike the previous titles of the series, it will be possible to take Yoshi out of the levels. Baby Yoshis will return as well, but they won't have any special powers. They'll just grow up if they eat 5 enemies. Red Yoshis, Blue Yoshis and Yellow Yoshis won't appear in regular levels; they'll appear as the prize for clearing an enemy course.

Baby Yoshi Yoshi Name Description
Green Baby Yoshi Yoshi NSMBW Green Yoshi This Yoshi doesn't have any special powers. It will be the prize of the first and third enemy course.
Red Baby Yoshi 120px-Red YoshiSMWWii Red Yoshi This Yoshi will breath fire if it eats an enemy. It will be the prize of the seventh enemy course.
BluebabyyoshiNSMBU Blue YoshiSMWWii Blue Yoshi This Yoshi will fly if it eats an enemy. It will be the prize of the sixth enemy course.
Yellow Baby Yoshi 3D Yellow YoshiSMWWii Yellow Yoshi This Yoshi will ground pound every time it lands from a jump, if it eats an enemy. It will be the prize of the second and fifth enemy course.


There will be an huge overworld, wich will connect all the worlds, like in Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros. U. There will be 8 regular worlds, 3 secret worlds, wich will work like shortcuts between worlds, a Special World and a Star World. There will be a total of 121 levels.

# Name Theme Levels Fortress Boss Castle Boss Enemy Course Exit to... Secret Exit to...

Yoshi's Huts

Hills 9 Scoundrogoss Iggy Koopa Chargin' Chuck Chocolate Wasteland Yin-Yang Plateau

Chocolate Wasteland

Desert 11 Rollin' Spiny Roy Koopa Spike Fruity Seaside Yin-Yang Plateau

Yin-Yang Plateau

Oriental 4 N/A N/A N/A Crisp Forest N/A

Fruity Seaside

Water 11 Maw-Ray of the Deep Wendy O. Koopa Huckit Crab Popsicle Glacier Rotten Halls

Popsicle Glacier

Ice 12 Chief Chilly Ludwig Von Koopa Flurry Crispy Forest Rotten Halls

Rotten Halls

Haunted / Crumbled 4 N/A N/A N/A Sugary Canyon N/A

Crispy Forest

Forest / Ruins 12 Petey Piranha Morton Koopa Jr. Scuttlebug Sugary Canyon Gear Factory

Sugary Canyon

Candies / Canyon 14 Ancient Dino Rhino / Kamek Lemmy Koopa N/A Cotton Candy Clouds Gear Factory

Gear Factory

Factory 4 N/A N/A N/A Bowser's Valley N/A

Cotton Candy Clouds

Sky 14 Lakithunder / Kamek Larry Koopa Para Bro. Bowser's Valley N/A

Bowser's Valley

Volcano / Dark 15 Thiki Podoboo / Kamek Bowser and Koopalings Blargg Special World N/A

Special World

Mix 8 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Star World

Master 2 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A


New Enemies

Name Description
Angry Moon This enemy will resemble a moon, but, like the Angry Sun, it'll have angry eyes and a mouth. It'll fly around, trying to hit the player(s) and shooting ice balls.
Bittermint A giant dragon made of mint. It will pop out from mint, trying to eat the player(s).
Fireflamper A firefly-like enemy, that will fly around. It will have a large bulb on his back that will emit light. It will often appear in large groups.
Frogger A frog-like enemy, that will bounce around, extending its tongue. If its tongue touches the player(s), the latter will have to spin to get free from the Frogger's tongue.
Larry Amp An Amp with the face of Larry Koopa. They will appear in groups of 2 or more. They'll throw electric balls to each other, with no links between them, but only with tennis rackets.
Lemmy Bomb A sub-species of Bob-Omb that will pop out from pipes and will have the appearance of bombs that Lemmy Koopa will throw. They'll explode when making contact with the player(s), another bomb or a fire ball.
Lighty Beetle A Buzzy Beetle with a lamp instead of a sheel. Apart for this, it'll act just like to a regular Buzzy Beetle.
Morton Statue A statue with the appearence of Morton Koopa Jr. It will jump around, shooting fire. Every time it'll land, it will ground pound, stunning the player(s) if the latter is touching the ground during the said attack.
Oriental Dragoneel A sub-species of Dragoneel, that will jump out of water. It will have long, thin moustache, and will be yellow-orange.
Pararex A Rex with slighty bigger wings, in the way it will capable to fly around.
Puddy A Pudding-like creature, that will slowly get around. It will be near invincible, but it will also be quite useful, as it will be possible to use this enemy as a trampoline.
Scoundog A very common enemy, that will resemble a small dog. They will run around, dig and try to bite the player(s). When defeated, they'll occasionally drop a Super Kibble.
Spitting Rex A Rex that will spit fire. Apart for this, it'll act just like to a regular Rexy. There also will be a subspecies of this enemy: the Oriental Rex, wich will be red, have long, thin moustache and spit golden fireballs.
Targeting Huckit Crab A green Huckit Crab that will launch its sandballs in the direction of the player(s). They will also turn back if the player(s) stands behind them.

Returning Enemies

Name Description
Galoomba The most common enemy in the game. It will act just like in Super Mario World: it will stroll around. To beat this enemy, the player(s) will have to jump on it twice.
Goomba Unlike previous games, this enemy won't be common, being replaced in most of the levels by Galoombas. To be defeated, the player(s) will have to stomp on its head one time. It is the weakest enemy in the game.
Paragaloomba A winged version of Galoomba. It will jump around. It will be really uncommon. If stomped by the player(s), it'll lose its wings and become a normal Galoomba.
Mini Galoomba A smaller version of Galoomba. To be defeated, the player(s) will have to stomp on this enemy. It won't directly damage the player(s), but it will rather swarm on him to weigh him down.
Block Impostor A Mini Galoomba disguised as a block. It will jump around. To be defeated, the player(s) will only need to ground pound on the block the Mini Galoomba is hiding in.

Name Description
Koopa Troopa A common enemy. If hit, it becomes a Koopa Beach. 2 variants exist: green, who keeps walking even when meeting a cliff; and red, who instead turns back when meeting a ledge.
Koopa Paratroopa A Koopa Troopa with wings.If hit, it loses wings. Just like Koopa Troopa, two variants exist: green one will fly back and forth or simply jump; red one will instead fly up and down or rather jump like its green cousin.
Koopa Beach An hit Koopa Troopa. It will try to get its shell back. To defeat it, player(s) must simply stomp on it.
Super Koopa A rare type of Koopa, mostly featured in desert levels, which flies even better than Koopa Paratroopa thanks to its cape. If hit, it becomes a Koopa Beach, and may also release a Cape Feather.

Name Description
Piranha Plant A common enemy. It will occasionally pop out of pipes, chomping above it, while in some levels it will simply stand firm try to biting the player(s). It cannot be stomped on, but can succumb to Fire Flower as well as most of the other Power-Ups.
Venus Fire Trap A Piranha Plant that spits fire. Just like its cousing, they can pop out of pipes, as well as quicksand, but can also simply stand firm while targetting the player(s) with fireballs.
Venus Ice Trap A Piranha Plant that spits ice; except for that, it acts exactly like Venus Fire Trap.
Ptooie A walking Piranha Plant that constantly blows up to keep in the air a spiked ball.
Bone Piranha Plant Undead version of Piranha Plant, which inhabites Castels and Ghost Houses. Since it's made of bones, it's immune to fire, but not to ice and cape.
Muncher A little black plant which spends most of its time simply munching above it very fast. It's invincible to any attacks.

Name Description
Rex A common enemy in the early stages of the game. It's a little dinosaur that walks back and forth. If stomped on, it will get a lot faster. Another stomp will defeat it.
Chargin' Chuck A koopa that will charge toward the player(s) upon seeing him, destroying everything on its way, even blocks or big obstacles. It ust be stomped on three times to be defeated.
Milde A pink blob that walks around in a calm attitude. If jumped on, it's defeated, releasing however sparks on electricity all over the place.
Monty Mole A little and happy mole that appears from the ground and chase after the player(s). It foten comes in groups and is very fast.
Shy Guy An enemy that simply struggles around, starting chasing the player(s) upon seeing him. Two stomps are needed to dispose of him.
Hammer Bro A rare type of Koopa, which throws hammers at the player(s). It often comes in groups of 2 or 3. Although it has got an helmet, a stomp, as well as a fire ball or an ice ball, is enough to dispose of it.

Name Description
Buzzy Beetle A little turtle-like enemy, whose shell is harder thank Koopa's, since it cannot be defeated by fire. Unlike it, once stomped it retreats in its shell. It's also seen walking on the ceilings, falling as soon as the player(s) is under it.
Spike Top A red-shelled Buzzy Beetle with a spike on the top. Thanks to its weapon, it cannot be stomped on and is basically invicincible to everything bar the Ice, the Cape and the Super Star.
Ninji A little black devil which is so black that in obscure caves it is not even visible, except for a white part around its eyes. It simply jumps up and down, appearing and disappearing from nowhere in a puff of smoke.

Name Description
Cheep Cheep A little fish-like enemy that simply swims, hoping the player(s) gets on its way. They are also seen in group. Bigger and jumping variants also exist.
Deep Cheep A green fish-like enemy that, unlike Cheep-Cheep, chases after the player(s) upon seeing him with an angry face. A bigger variant exists.
Spiny Cheep Cheep A purple, spiny Cheep Cheep that will start chasing after the player(s) upon seeing him, like the Deep Cheep; however, it is more rentless in their pursuit, and it immediately unfrozes when hit by an ice ball.
Rip Van Fish A purple fish who really doesn't hurt anyone and simply sleeps if not disturbed by the player(s); in that case, it will start chasing after him, even though it's not as rentless as the Deep Cheep or the Spiny Cheep Cheep.
Porcupuffer A large, spiny variant of Cheep Cheep that swims in the water following the player(s) and jumps out trying to hurt him. It can also break bridges and blocks doing this.
Cheep Chomp A large purple Cheep Cheep that will try to eat the player(s), making him lose a life.
Blooper A squid-like enemy that swims around in an irregular way attempting to hurt the player(s).
Blooper Nanny A Blooper with some Blooper Babies swimming behind it. It acts like a regular Blooper, but it shoots its children toward the player(s) at a certain point.
Urchin A sea urchin-like enemy that appears underwater, trying to block the player(s)'s way standing in groups and moving around. A much larger, almost invincible variant exists.
Jelectro A jellyfish-like enemy that, just like the Mucher, cannot be defeated. Because of that, it's often a tricky obstacle to the player(s)'s way.
Huckit Crab A small crustacean enemy that throws rocks at the player(s). While it's mostly associated with sea, it can also be found in montainous areas.
Maw-Ray A large, eel-like enemy that inhabits underwater caves and tries to bite the player(s). It's quite uncommon.
Rammerhead A small hammerhead shark-like enemy, that swims in circle, often blocking the player(s)'s way with its wide and spiky head.

Name Description
Pokey A cactus-like enemy that dances around. Since it's very tall and covered with spikes, it's often a serious obstacle to the player(s)'s way. It's also seen dancing on the ceiling of some caves. At a certain point of the music, its segments become fruits; upon that moment, Yoshi can eat the whole enemy, while under normal circumstances the little dinosaur would only be able to eat one segment.
Spiny A small enemy that looks like a Buzzy Beetle; unlike the latter, however, it's weak to fire. Since it's covered by spikes, it cannot instead be jumped on.
Tweeter A Shy Guy with a beaked mask and little wings. Thanks to its design, it jumps around, just like a Green Paratroopa; however, it will always jump 4 times, with the fourth jump being much higher than the preceeding three. plus, it will also head toward the player(s).
Cobrat A snake-like enemy that jumps from pots spitting black projectiles. It can be easily dodged, but the little snake can catch you by surprise when unexpectedly springing from a pot hidden in the sand.
Gao A sphynx-like enemy that stands in one place, shooting fire balls at the player(s). Some Gaos will also shoot a fireball that actually follows the player(s).
Spike A green enemy that stands still and launches spike balls toward the player(s). Some Spikes will also launch exploding spike balls.
Boomerang Bro. A type of Martelkoopa that launches boomerangs.

Name Description
Snow Pokey An enemy that just goes around like a regular Pokey. Unlike regular Pokeys, however, it can be defeated by a stomp.
Snow Spike Snow Spike is a version of Spike that throws balls of snow that might caught the player(s).
Bumpty A little penguin-like enemy that goes around. It really doesn't hurt anyone, but, if the player(s) touches it, he will be bumped backwards.
Blue Podoboo A blue version of Podoboo, that acts like its hot counterpart.
Flurry A little snowman that charges toward the player(s) when seeing one. A blue variant exists, which is a bit faster.
Buster Beetle A Buzzy Beetle that throws brick blocks. Unlike its cousin, it stand on two legs, and can be defated by a stomp or fire.
Ice Bro A type of Martelkoopa that launches ice balls.

Name Description
Stingby A bee-like enemy that flies around. If it sees the player(s), it will start chasing after him.
Bramball An enemy with two brambles as legs with a Pokey-like appearance. It walks around by flipping itself in a Slinky-style motion.
Scuttlebug A spider-like enemy that is clinged on a spider web. Some of them swing around, others move up and down.
Wiggler A caterpillar-like enemy that just walks around, turning back when it meets an edge. When jumped on, it gets angry, starts moving faster and chasing the player(s).
Biddybud A ladybug-like enemy. Since it's basically harmless, it walks around in groups, trying to protect its companions.

Name Description
Mega Mole A giant, shade-wearing, Monty Mole, invulnerable to everything (expect to Super Star), which can also be used as platforms.
Dino Rhino A green dinosaur-like enemy that jumps and runs around, chasing the player(s). When stomped on, it becomes a Dino Torch, that moves faster and shoots fire.
Mountain Spike A Spike that launches pink, sweet-made balls vertically toward the player(s).
Sledge Bro A giant version of Hammer Bro. It acts just like Martelkoopas, but it throws giant hammers, and can occasionally ground pound to stun the player(s)

Name Description
Lakitu A small fellow riding on a cloud, launching Spikes toward the player(s). Some of them prefer to hide into pipes, doing the same exact thing.
Parabeetle A flying Buzzy Beetle. The smaller ones, upon being ridden, will fly upward; the larger ones will do the exact opposite.
Albatoss A brown bird that carries bombs and drops them at the player(s). Some of them will try to pick the player(s) up and drop them in bottomless pits.
Flying Hammer Bro A type of Martelkoopa that flies around a drops hammers.
Fwoosh A small cloud-like enemy that blows fog toward the player(s).

Name Description
Boo A small ghost-like enemy that chases after the player(s) only when not directly faced. A larger variant exists.
Circling Boo Buddies A circular formation of Boos with different facial expression, ranging from taunting to fearing ones. Unlike normal Boos, they're not scared when faced directly.
Stretch A Boo stuck to a platform, which will try to hurt the player(s) by moving left to right.
Eerie A small dinosaur-like ghost that moves in straight or woobly lines.
Scaredy Rat A rat-like enemy that moves around in groups. When one is stomped, all the others will start panicking around until stumbling upon a wall.
Fishing Boo An undead version of Lakitu that tries to hit the player(s) with a small blue flame attached to its fishing rod.

Name Description
Bob-omb A moving, mechanical bomb that simply wanders around until being stomped on; upon the latter action, it will explode in a few seconds. Thanks to that, it can be used to destroy some otherwise indestructible obstacles.
Bullet Bill A living bullett that simply heads toward a direction, after being shot by a Bullett Bill cannon.
Bull's Eye-Bill A kind of Bullett Bill with flashing red eyes that heads toward the player(s) in a rentless pursuit until explosding.
Banzai Bill A larger variant of Bullett Bill, that behaves exactly like its smaller counterpart.
Homing Banzai Bill An uncommon type of Banzai Bill that heads toward the player(s). Unlike its smaller counterpart, its homing capabilities are extremely limited. It only appears during Larry Koopa's battle.
King Bill The largest type of Bullett Bill. It's invicincible to any attack, and can only be avoided. Since it's shot off-screen, its incoming arrival is marked by some bullett-shaped groups of coins.
Mechakoopa A robotic Koopa that slowly walks around, pursuing the player(s). It can be stomped on, but it recharges after a few second and begins pursuing the player(s) again.
Chain Chomp A iron ball that behaves exactly like a guarding dog tied with a chain to a block. When untied, it starts jumping around.

Name Description
Fire Bro. A type of Martelkoopa that launches fire balls.
Dry Bones An undead version of Koopa. It collapses upon being stomped, but after a few seconds it revives itself, making permanently defeating it a little hard.
Thwomp A giant rock-made enemy that tries to crush the player(s) as soon as he gets under or close to it. A larger type exists, that can destroy blocks and many other things.
Thwimp A smaller type of Thwomp, that hops back and forth instead of standing in one place.
Blargg A large, lava-made dinosaur that pops out of lava trying to hurt the player(s). Doing so, it can also carry platforms on its head.
Lava Bubble A small, eyed lava bubble that jumps out and down from lava. It can also jump in between different pools of lava.
Bony Beetle An undead version of Buzzy Beetle. Like Dry Bones, it revives itself after being stomped, but it also stops time to time and stick out spikes.
Magikoopa A magical version of Koopa, that shoots magic blasts that could turn blocks into coins, enemies or power-ups.
Amp A small electrified smiling orb, that stand in groups. If the player(s) runs into an Amp, he gets stunned and shocked, as well as damaged.
Firebar An obstacle consisting in a firebar moving in circle. It can be composed up to 12 fireballs.
Spinner An obstacle consisting in a swinging thorny ball tied to an also spiked chain. They swing in a pendulum-like fashion.


Fortress Bosses

Image Name Level(s) Description
Scoundrogoss Scoundrogoss Yoshi's Huts-FortressMBR Scoundrogoss will be the very first boss of the game. It will mainly jump around, digging and popping out randomly. The player(s) will simply have to jump on his head as soon as he pops out from the ground.
TBA Rollin' Spike Chocolate Wasteland-FortressMBR Rollin' Spike will be the second fortress boss of the game. He will stand in a Donkey Kong-like stage, rolling around. There will be a few block notes. The player(s) will have to kick the boss from below using those block notes and jump on his belly.
SMO Maw-Ray 1 Maw-Ray of the Deep Fruity Seaside-FortressMBR A gigantic Maw-Ray. The player(s) will have to swim away from the gargantuan opponent, until getting to a push that will flush down all the water, dragging the boss away.
ChiefChilly by kumatorakazooie Chief Chilly Popsicle Glacier-FortressMBR Chief Chilly will be fought on a tilting platform floating on blue lava with jumping blue lava balls. The player(s) will have to kick the boss out of the platform into the blue lava.
215px-MPSR Petey Piranha Petey Piranha Crispy Forest-FortressMBR Petey will be met at the end of the fifth fortress. He will attack by spitting goo, which will slowen the player(s) down, and jumping around. The player(s) will have to wait for him to slip on his own goo, and then ground pound on his belly.
Dino Rhino SMWU Ancient Dino Rhino Sugary Canyon-22px-PDSMBE-Fortress1 Ancient Dino Rhino will be fought inside the sixth fortress. He will stand and jump on three platforms, spitting flames at the player(s) and ground pounding. After ground pounding, he will dash toward the player(s), getting stunned as soon as he rams over one of the walls. The player(s) will have to ground pound on his head as soon as he does that.
Lakithunder NSMBS Lakithunder Cotton Candy Clouds-22px-PDSMBE-Fortress1 Lakithunder will be fought at the top of the ninth fortress. He will act just like in New Super Mario Bros., expect for the fact the bolts he will shoot will leave some sparks on the ground.
TBA Thiki Podoboo Bowser's New Valley-22px-PDSMBE-Fortress1 Thiki Podoboo will guard the second-to-last fortress. He will jump in two pools of lava, along with three Podoboos minions and shooting fire. The player(s) will have to trick the boss into landing on land; upon doing that, he will turn into a black small rock, and will be vulnerable.
Kamek (SMBZ) Kamek Sugary Canyon-22px-PDSMBE-Fortress2

Cotton Candy Clouds-22px-PDSMBE-Fortress2 Bowser's New Valley-22px-PDSMBE-Fortress2

Kamek will guard the second fortresses of the last three worlds. He will mainly act in the same way, flying around on his broom and shooting magic blasts, which could turn blocks into enemies or firebars.

Castle Bosses

Image Name Level Description
150px-IggyNSMBU Iggy Koopa Yoshi's Huts-CastleMBR (#1 Iggy's Grate Castle) Iggy Koopa will be World 1's castle boss, thus he'll be the first Koopaling to be fought. He'll use his hair as a sword. He will shoot fire balls, too. After 2 hits, while catching the player(s) with his hair turned into a sword, he'll jump.At one pint, Iggy will jump, trying to land on the player(s) with his sword-shaped hair. If Iggy misses the player(s), he will stand stock-still. This is the only occasion to hit him.
150px-RoyNSMBU Roy Koopa Chocolate Wasteland-CastleMBR (#2 Roy's Hot Splash Castle) Roy Koopa will be World 2's castle boss and the second Koopaling to be fought. He'll attack with some strategies, such as jumping around and ground pounding. He'll also use his box gloves to attack the player(s), as well as climbing the walls and walking on the ceiling. The player(s) will have to bait him out, making him destroying with his attacks all the four Roy-shaped lamps in the room. Roy won't be seeing anything, since he's wearing sunglasses, and will try to charge toward a random direction, crushing on wall as result. The player(s) can only hit Roy while he's stunned.
Wendy O. W. Koopa Wendy O. Koopa Fruity Seasida-CastleMBR (#3 Wendy's Spiky Castle) Wendy O. Koopa will be World 3's castle boss and the third Koopaling to be fought. She'll ride a pink dolphin, launch some candy rings, summon some water-related enemies, fill her room with water and swim very fast. Since the room will be filled with water, Wendy will be vulnerable only when her room will drain, leaving the water only under the battleground. In fact, in that moment, Wendy will jump out of water, launching candy rings. To stop her, the player(s) will have to hit the dolphin's bell, making Wendy fall.
150px-LudwigNSMBU Ludwig Von Koopa Popsicle Glacier-CastleMBR (#4 Ludwig's Stormy Castle) Ludwig Von Koopa will be World 4's castle boss and the fourth Koopaling to be fought. He'll mainly float over the battlefield, blasting magic rays. He'll also create some clones that will help him in his task. However, he will also attack by ground pounding; his ground pound will also unleash some sound waves that could hit the player(s). The latter(s) will have to ground pound when Ludwig isn't floating, to send back to the Koopaling his own sound waves and hurt him.
150px-MortonNSMBU Morton Koopa Jr. Crispy Forest-CastleMBR (#5 Morton's Drumming Castle) Morton Koopa Jr will be World 5's castle boss and the fifth Koopaling to be fought. He'll blow up himself and bounce around in his blowed up form. He'll also occasionally shoot some brown fireballs. Those fireballs will be very quick. Morton could also eat the player(s), if the player(s) jump on him or stand close to him while Morton is blowing up, causing istant kill. After 4 bounces (5 after 1 hit, 6 after 2 hits), he'll make a mega bounce that will make some ancient temple-esque traps fall from the ceiling. After the latter attack, Morton will be stunned, and thus vulnerable.
313px-Lemmy Koopa NSMBU Lemmy Koopa Sugary Canyon-CastleMBR (#6 Lemmy's Explosive Castle) Lemmy Koopa will be World 6's castle boss and the sixth Koopaling to be fought. His battle will be quite particular, since the player(s) will have to use hero-balls, wich will resemble Lemmy's ball, to push the Koopaling out of the battlefield, where there will be a lot of spikes. If Lemmy's ball or a hero ball touches those spikes, they'll explode, damaging the ball's owner. If Lemmy falls on those spikes, he'll get damaged, and jump on the battlefield, where he'll start jumping around for the pain. Lemmy can be hit only in this moment, but he'll be quite fast. Lemmy will also launch some bombs that can thrown the player(s) away, possibly sending him/them on the spikes. Lastly, upon being hit, he'll summon some Tamanoripus to help him to push the player(s) out of the battlefield.
Larrycopter Larry Koopa Cotton Candy Clouds-CastleMBR (#7 Larry's Searchlight Castle) Larry Koopa will be World 7's castle boss and the last Koopaling to be fought. He'll drive a small, sky-blue plane, mainly charging toward the player(s) and summoning Bullett Bills. He'll also try to target the player(s) with his fireballs, using a tennis racket to throw five of them per time at the heroes. To defeat him, the player(s) will have to dodge the only blue, homing fireball against the Koopaling for 5 times with a bullett, which will be a difficult thing to do, since the fireball will be fast and become faster and faster. After being hit, Larry will go in the background, and will summon many Bullett Bills (Banzai Bills after 2 hits). Bullett Bills Larry shoots will go into the foreground.
Koopalings-NSMB2 Koopalings Bowser's Valley-CastleMBR (Koopalings' Treacherous Castle) All the Koopalings inside the Koopa Clown Car will deal with the player(s) in the World 8's castle. They'll act pretty much like Bowser in Super Mario World. As an additional challenge, the Koopa Clown Car will be able to use some tricks, like giant box gloves, drills and bombs coming from its mouth, as well as the pietrification flash already seen in New Super Mario Bros. 2. The player(s) will have to send those bombs back to the Koopalings to defeat them. 
240px-BowserNSMBU Bowser Bowser's Valley-BowsersCastleMBR (The Final Battle in Bowser's Castle) Bowser will be the final boss in the game. The first part of the battle will be similar to that of the first Super Mario Bros., featuring a simple bridge with an axe behind him that will make the said bridge fall upon contact. Bowser will jump around while spitting giant fire balls. After being defeated in this way, the Koopa King will jump on the roof of the castle, this time using dark magic to enhance his powers. This time, he'll split dark fireballs at a much faster peace, using his dark powers to summong pieces of him own castle to hit the player(s). He'll also roll around in his shell, leaving dark energy behind him that will go in air, only to fall on the battlefield once Bowser has finished the said attack. To defeat the King of the Koopa, the player(s) will have to take a rock the debris of the castle will drop out and launch it at the boss. Repeat that for 6 times to defeat him.

Ghost House Bosses

Those bosses will be ecountered inside some Ghost Houses. They'll guard the secret exit of those ghost houses.

Image Name Level(s) Description
Big fishbone Giant Fishbone Fruity Seaside-GhostHouseMBR (Fishbone's Shipwreck) Giant Fishbone will be the first secret boss. He'll swim around with some other Fishbones, but in the second it'll see the player(s), he'll get angry and swim toward him. To beat this boss, the player(s) will have to bait the Giant Fishbone into ramming into some spikes, that will be scattered on walls.
Bigboo2 Giant Boo Popsicle Glacier-GhostHouseMBR (The Frozen Ghost House) Giant Boo will be the secret boss of the second Ghost House. He will act much like how it acted in Super Mario World wich means that he'll float around and become invisible. He'll extend its tongue. To beat him, the player(s) will have to launch some ice block wich will make the floor of the room. The fireballs King Boo will shoot could melt those ice blocks down.
Big scuttlebug Giant Scuttlebug Crispy Forest-GhostHouseMBR (The Haunted Tree) Giant Scuttlebug will be ecountered in the Ghost House of the fifth world. He'll attack by shooting some spiderwebs, wich could trap the player(s) if the latter touches them, and using his chops to damage the player(s). In order to beat this overgrown spider, the player(s) will have to ground-pound on his back.


World 1: Yoshi's Huts

Level Description
Yoshi's Huts-1: Yoshi's House The first level in the game, it will introduce Yoshi. There are only standard enemies, like Galoombas, Koopa Troopas and Monty Moles. It will also feature a lot of egg-like platforms. The background will also feature some giant eggs.
Yoshi's Huts-2: Monty Mole's Cave The second level in the game, it will be full of Monty Moles and jumping Piranha Plants. Many Flip Blocks will appear, too.
Yoshi's Huts-3: Super Kibble Garden A level that will be full of Scoundog, dog-like enemies wich will run toward the player(s) and try to bite him. It will introduce the Super Kibble, wich will turn the player(s) into his Dog Form.
Yoshi's Huts-FortressMBR: Bullons' Tower The tower of the first world, it will feature some platforms that will move only if the player spin over the bullon.
Yoshi's Huts-4: Dolphins' Lake A level where there will be a lot of Dolphins, wich will help the player(s). There will be many Jumping Cheep-Cheeps as well. The secret exit of this level will take to Yoshi's New Island-Secret
Yoshi's Huts-5: Mushrooms' Sky A sky-themed level, with a lot of bouncing Mushrooms and some Paratroopas. Yoshi's Wings will be featured, too.
Yoshi's Huts-6: Chargin' Chuck Hill A level where there will be many Chargin' Chuck, as well as a lot of Hammer Bros. Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bros will also return.
Yoshi's Huts-CastleMBR: #1 Iggy's Grate Castle The first castle, it features some grates. There will be a lot of Dry Bones climbing those grates. It even features Podoboos. The boss will be Iggy Koopa.
Yoshi's Huts-Secret: The Rotating Meadown A level where there will be many rotating hills. Many regular enemies, such as Galoombas and Koopas will be featured. There will also be some Chargin' Chucks. Completing this level will allow the player(s) to go to the first secret world.

World 2: Chocolate Wasteland

Level Description
Chocolate Wasteland-1: Cape Feather's Dunes The first level in the second world, where Cape Feather is introduced. A lot of desert-related enemies can be met here, such as Spikes.
Chocolate Wasteland-2: Living Sphinxs The second level in the second world, where there will be an enormous sphink on the background, and there will be a lot of Gaos from Super Mario Land, too.
Chocolate Wasteland-3: The Golden Oasis An underwater level full of money and golden enemies from NSMB2. There will also be some submerged coffers, wich could trap the player(s).
Chocolate Wasteland-FortressMBR: Crushing Platforms Tower The tower of the second world, wich features a lot of moving spiky platforms wich could crush the player(s).
Chocolate Wasteland-4: Yoshi's Pyramid A level where there will be some Pokeys. This level takes place in a pyramid-like maze. Yoshi appears as well. The secret exit of this level will take to Chocolate Wasteland-Secret 1.
Chocolate Wasteland-5: Explosive Rain A sky-themed level, which will take place on the top of large totems. There will be many Albatosses, that will throw Bob-Ombs at the player(s).
Chocolate Wasteland-6: Troubles with the Sandstorm A level where there will be a sandstorm wich will throw the player(s) back. This sandstorm works on the enemies, too.
Chocolate Wasteland-7: Angry Sun's Cove A level where there Angry Sun will return. He'll launch some Fire Snakes. Quicksands appear as well.
Chocolate Wasteland-CastleMBR: #2 Roy's Hot-Splash Castle The second castle, it features a lot of lava. Lava Geysers appear as well. Roy will be the boss of this castle.
Chocolate Wasteland-Secret 1: Jumping Blocks A level almost exclusively made of blocks. Fake Blocks are the main enemies in this level.
Chocolate Wasteland-Secret 2: Cobrat's Sands A level full of Cobrats, who will jump out and spit some black balls toward the player(s). Completing this level will allow the player(s) to go to Yin-Yang Plateau.

World A: Yin-Yang Plateau

Level Description
Yin-Yang Plateau-1: Dragon Hills The first level in the first secret world, wich will feature many Oriental Rexes, a type of Rex wich will have long, thin moustaches like oriental dragons. Thos Rexes will also shoot golden fireballs toward the player(s) and will be red.
Yin-Yang Plateau-2: Koopa's Cane Thicket The second level of thee first secret world, wich will feature many bamboo cane. Some Koopa Troopa will climb those canes. In the second part of this level will feature some wind, wich will bend those canes.
Yin-Yang Plateau-3: Dragoneel's Bridges A level that will feature many jumping Cheep-Cheeps and even a jumping Dragoneel. This Dragoneel will be particular, since it'll have long, thin moustaches and will be orange-yellow.
Yin-Yang Plateau-4: Golden Statues Temple The fourth level in the first secret world, wich will take place inside a temple full of golden statues of enemies, wich, if touched by the player(s), a fireball or even by another enemies, will become true enemies.

World 3: Fruity Seaside

Level Description
Fruity Seaside-1: Jumping Troubles The first level in the third world, wich will feature many Frogger, a frog-like enemy that will jump around and catch the player(s) with his tongue. Many Bubbling Geysers will be featured, too. Frog Suit will first be featured here.
Fruity Seaside-2: Exploding Coconuts A level where there will be some coconouts-like bombs, wich will fall from some palms. Yoshi will appear as well.
Fruity Seaside-3: Sleeping Waters An underwater level full of Rip Van Fish and some Chargin Chucks wich could awaken those Rip Van Fish.
Fruity Seaside-GhostHouseMBR: Fishbone's Shipwreck The first Ghost House in the game, wich actually will be an haunted shipwreck, full of Fishbones and Boos that will disappear and appear. The secret exit of this level will unlock Fruity Seaside-Secret 1.
Fruity Seaside-FortressMBR: Waterfall Tower The tower of the third world, wich will feature some giant waterfalls, wich won't allow the player(s) to jump very high. Some platforms will also float on those waterfalls and therefore fall from those waterfall.
Fruity Seaside-4: Dolphins' Heights An athletic level where the player(s) will have to jump on dolphins to arrive at the end of the level. Lakitus will appear as well.
Fruity Seaside-5: Huckit Crab's Sand Fortress A level with a giant sand castle, guarded by a lot of Huckit Crabs. Targeting Huckit Crabs, a new sub-species of Huckit Crab, will appear as well.
Fruity Seaside-6: Boss Bass' Rising Waters A level where the water will rise and decrease. A Boss Bass will try to eat the player(s), and will be helped by some jumping Cheep-Cheeps. In the second half of this level, there will also be a Lakitu.
Fruity Seaside-CastleMBR: #3 Wendy's Spiky Castle The third castle, resembling the fifth castle in Super Mario 3D World. Spike Pillars will be quite common, as well as Ka-Thunks. Wendy O. Koopa will be the boss of this castle.
Fruity Seaside-Secret 1: Torpedo Teds' Lagoon A level where there will be some Torpedo Teds, resembling Vanilla Lake. Various species of Cheep-Cheep will appear as well. Some Urchins that will move around will also appear.
Fruity Seaside-Secret 2: Dangerous Shoals A level where there will be a lot of Jelectros that will move around. Since Jelectros will be invincible, the player(s) will have to go through this moving Jelectro-made maze to arrive to the goal. Completing this level will unlock the second secret world.

World 4: Popsicle Glacier

Level Description
Popsicle Glacier-1: Falling Snow Tundra The first level in the fourth world, featuring some snow wich will fall from the trees. A lot of snow-related enemies will appear as well.
Popsicle Glacier-2: Snowball Mountain The second level in the fourth world. It will be an autoscroll level, and the autoscroll will go from the bottom to the top. It features some Snow Spikes, that will launch many snow balls.
Popsicle Glacier-3: Buster Beetle's Icy Cave An underground level, full of Buster Beetles and slippy ice. Regular Beetles will apper as well.
Popsicle Glacier-4: Strolling on the Bumpty Slippy Road A level wich will be full of Bumpties that could be quite dangerous in this level, as the floor will be slippy and there will be many small platforms.
Popsicle Glacier-FortressMBR: Rising Cold Lava Tower The tower of the fourth world, wich features a rising, giant, ice-made platform (like the other towers of snow-themed worlds), but even some blue lava (already appeared in Super Mario 3D World) that will rise. The platform, this time, can only carry 5 enemies, if not, it will stop.
Popsicle Glacier-5: Fire Chomps' Cold Heights An athletic level featuring some small, ice cubes wich will serve as platforms and especially a Fire Chomp, wich will shoot some fireballs, wich could melt those ice cubes down.
Popsicle Glacier-GhostHouseMBR: The Frozen Ghost House The haunted level of fourth world, wich actually is a palace made out of ice. Some Eeries will appear, as well as some Boos trapped into ice. The secret exit of this level will take to Popsicle Glacier-Secret 1.
Popsicle Glacier-6: Whales' Frozen Bay Another water-related level, wich will feature the whales from SMB2. They will emit some water from their blowholes.
Popsicle Glacier-7: Angry Moon's Attack A level that will feature a new enemy, called Angry Moon, that will act just like to Angry Sun, but this time it will launch some ice fire snakes.
Popsicle Glacier-CastleMBR: #4 Ludwig's Stormy Castle The fourth castle, featuring a constant blizzard, which could the player(s) back and forth. Slippery floor will make standing still even harder. The boss will be Ludwig Von Koopa.
Popsicle Glacier-Secret 1: Icy Spikes A level full of slippy ice blocks wich will feature some Spikes and some walking Ptooies. Their spike balls could destroy the ice blocks. Some Spikes and Ptooies will be trapped in the ice.
Popsicle Glacier-Secret 2: Banzai Bills' Bridge A level that will feature a lot of Banzai Bills and a slippy bridge, with a lot of Super Koopas and Cheep Cheeps jumping from nowhere. Completing this level will unlock the second secret world.

World B: Rotten Halls

Level Description
Rotten Halls-1: The Amazing Maze The first level of the second secret world, which takes place, as for the rest of the world, in an haunted palace. The player(s) will have to find the true way to the goal among many doors and many fake hints.
Rotten Halls-2: Statue Graveyard The second level of the second secret world, which takes place in a graveyard in the palace's courtyard. This level will mostly feature some giant statues possessed by Boos, which will try to crush the player(s).
Rotten Halls-3: Keys' Game A level that will feature some Boos that will keep inside the keys needed to open some doors. Boos must be defeated with Light Blocks.
Rotten Halls-4: Swooping Ravens! The last level of the second secret world, where the player(s) will have to walk on the ruins of the palace's rooftop, avoiding some swooping ravens and Bullett Bills.

World 5: Crispy Forest

Level Description
Crispy Forest-1: Wooden Traps A level featuring many traps made of trunks. Columns, walls and other ruins-related objects will also be featured, as in the rest of World 5's levels.
Crispy Forest-2: Explosive Bubbles The second level in the fifth world, where there will be some bubbles with Bob-Ombs inside. There will be some bubbles with Galoombas or Super Mushrooms inside, too. To go to the next level, the player(s) will have to find the secret exit.
Crispy Forest-3: Yoshi's Harvest A level featuring Yoshi and a lot of Bramballs. The fruits Yoshi eats will grow on the trees instead on the bushes. Bramballs will appear, too. There will be some baskets full of berries. Ancient iscriptions regarding Yoshi will also be featured.
Crispy Forest-4: Cheep Cheep's Rapids A level featuring some rapids with many Cheep-Cheep that will jump out from water. There will be even a Boss Bass. If the player falls on water, he'll be taken to the start of the level (or to the mid-way gate), unless he jumps out of water and lands on a wooden floating platform, wich will be hard to do.
Crispy Forest-FortressMBR: Swinging Tower The fortress of the fifth world, where there will be a lot of swinging chains, that will be necessary to reach the top of the fortress.
Crispy Forest-GhostHouseMBR: The Haunted Tree The haunted level of the fifth world, wich will actually take place in a cave, haunted tree. Various Boos and some Scuttlebugs will appear. Some Swoopers will appear, too. The secret exit of this level will take the player to Crispy Forest-Secret 1.
Crispy Forest-5: Blind Forest A very particular level of the fifth world, where there will be some fronds that will cover part of the visual. Wigglers will appear, too. To go to the next level, the player(s) will have to find the secret exit of this level.
Crispy Forest-6: Fuzzies' Leafy Top An athletic level featuring a lot of Fuzzies and some chainsaws, There will be many moving platforms, too.
Crispy Forest-7: Chain Chomps' Temple A level wich will take place in a temple with a lot of statue of Chain Chomps. There will be a lot of Chain Chomps as well. To go to the castle, the player(s) will have to find the secret exit.
Crispy Forest-CastleMBR: #5 Morton's Drumming Castle The fifth castle, wich will feature some Morton statues holding an hammer and some giant drums. From the second half of this level, the player will have to ride a partially-spiked snake block. Morton will be the boss of this castle.
Crispy Forest-Secret 1: Dark Clearing A dark level of the fifth world, where there will be a new, firefly-like enemy that will emit light.
Crispy Forest-Secret 2: Lakitu's Pipe Forest A level featuring Pipe Lakitus from SMW. Completing this level will unlock the second secret world, the Gear Factory.

World 6: Sugary Canyon

Level Description
Sugary Canyon-1: Conquering the Cake The first level in the sixth world, featuring a giant cake that will have to be climbed in order to reach the goal. There will be some Stone Spikes that will actually launch balls of chocolate.
Sugary Canyon-2: Travelling Inside the Sweet Mountain The second level in the sixth world, wich will take place in a giant cave that will be filled with various species of Buzzy Betles.
Sugary Canyon-3: Crushing Sweets A level where some sweets will fall from the sky. The player(s) will have to avoid them in order to not be crushed.
Sugary Canyon-4: Dinosaurs' Gorge A level where there will be some Dino-Rhino and Dino Torches, as well as Rex and his subspecies. This level will be full of bottomless pit and small platforms. The secret exit of this level will take to Sugary Canyon-Secret 1.
Sugary Canyon-22px-PDSMBE-Fortress1: Spike Balls Tower The first fortress of the sixth world, wich will be full of Spike Balls and Ball'n'Chains in their style of NSMBU.
Sugary Canyon-5: Soda Lake An underwater level. The water will be replaced by soda. Some giant soda bottles wich will emit some bubbles also will appear.
Sugary Canyon-6: Yoshi's Cookies A level featuring Yoshi. This level will be particular, because the fruits Yoshi usually eat won't appear, as they'll be replaced by cookies. Giant cookies-like rotating platforms will appear as well.
Sugary Canyon-22px-PDSMBE-Fortress2: Dark Tower The second fortress of the sixth world, wich will be dark. In order to get to the boss, the player(s) will have to carry a Light Block around. There will be some Ninjis and some Hot Foot. The secret exit of this level will take to Sugary Canyon-Secret 1.
Sugary Canyon-7: Pudding Trembling Heights A very particular level, wich will feature some giant puddings, wich will work like quicksands. Many Puddy, blob-like enemies made out of pudding, will appear.
Sugary Canyon-8: Lollypop's Valley A level that will take place in a valley full of lollypops, wich could crush the player(s). If the lollypop will be green, he'll fall slower; if it'll be red, it'll fall quicker.
Sugary Canyon-9: Mint Paradise A level featuring a lake of mint, wich will work like lava. Various Green Podoboos will appear, as well as a new enemy, wich will be endemic of this level: Bitterrmint, a dragon-like creature that will jump out of mint and try to eat the player(s).
Sugary Canyon-CastleMBR: #6 Lemmy's Explosive Castle The sixth castle, which will have the player(s) dealing with many explosive traps, with many star-patterned boxes containing bombs on the background. There will also be many star-patterned Bob-Ombs, like Lemmy's, that will explode as the player(s) happens to be in their sight. Their blast radius will also be quite larger than normal Bob-Ombs'. Lemmy Koopa will be the boss of this castle.
Sugary Canyon-Secret 1: Bullett Bill's Cakeway A level that will feature a lot of types of Bullett Bills. This level will take place in a cliff made out of various sweets. Some Bullett Bills, in a similar way of SMW, will come from the angles of the screen even in groups of five or six. Some Banzai Bills will act in the same way.
Sugary Canyon-SecretGhostHouseMBR: The Witch Mansion A level that will take place in a house made of marzipan. It will be full not only of Boos, but even by some Magikoopas. The magic they will cast could hit some pots scattered around, making the lid on them fly high in air. Some pots will be destroyed by those magic rays. If the player falls inside the pots, the liquid inside them will cause instant death. Completing this level will unlock the final secret world, the Gear Factory.

World C: Gear Factory

Level Description
Gear Factory-1: Tick-Tock Platforms The first level in the final secret world, wich will take place inside a giant clock. It will feature various gears. Many Gear-like Grolls will appear.
Gear Factory-2: Electrified Way The second level of the third secret world, featuring a lot of Amps and an electrified floor. Many mechanical platforms will appear. Finding the secret exit of this level will allow the player(s) to go to Gear Factory-Secret 1.
Gear Factory-3: Explosive Conveyor Belts An level wich will be full of conveyor belts. Those conveyor belts will be full of Bob-Ombs. Many Para-Bob-Ombs will appear, as well as many Bullett Bills.
Gear Factory-4: Mecha-Koopas' Headquarter The fourth level in the final secret world, wich will feature many Mechakoopas, as well as its subspecies, like Mecha-Bomb Koopas and Para-Mecha-Koopas. Some Mecha-Koopas will also shoot fire.

World 7: Cotton Candy Clouds

Level Description
Cotton Candy Clouds-1: The Sky Tower A short but brutal level, where the player will have to climb a giant, skyblue tower in order to reach the sky, while avoiding Bullett Bills and Lakitus.
Cotton Candy Clouds-2: Motion Platforms Sky The second level in the seventh world, featuring a lot of motion platforms, wich will make the level very dangerous. This level will be auto-scrolling, too.
Cotton Candy Clouds-3: A Sea of Clouds A level where there will be a lot of clouds, that will work like the snow from NSMB, wich means that it will be possible to be submerged by those clouds.
Cotton Candy Clouds-4: Donut Blocks Pass A level that will feature a lot of Donut Blocks. The player will have to jump over very wide gaps while avoiding an annoying Lakitu.
Cotton Candy Clouds-22px-PDSMBE-Fortress1: Trampoline Tower The first fortress of the seventh world, filled with trampolines that will be required in order to reach the very top of the fortress. Flying Dry Bones will appear, too.
Cotton Candy Clouds-5: Jumping on Spinies The only level where the player(s) will find the Goomba Shoe. Thanks to this object, the player(s) will be capable to jump on the Spinies.
Cotton Candy Clouds-6: Windy Highlands A level that will feature many dandelions, wich will be moved by wind. The player(s) will have to cling on a dandelion and travel on it, avoiding various enemies clinged on some dandelions and jumping from a dandelion to another if the one where the player(s) will stay goes off-screen. When the wind will cease, the player(s) will have to blow on the Gamepad to make the dandelion rise, if not it will fall off-screen. Because of this, this level will be playable only with the Game Pad, and it's completely skippable.
Cotton Candy Clouds-GhostHouseMBR: The Flying Ghost Ship The haunted level of the seventh world, wich will take place in a flying, haunted ship. Fishin' Boo Lakitu will appear, too.
Cotton Candy Clouds-7: Foggy Mills A level that will feature some mills. The blades of those mills, wich will work as platforms in this level, will be moved by some Fwoosh. It will be possible to entry in some of those mills, where there will be some secrets.
Cotton Candy Clouds-22px-PDSMBE-Fortress2: Cannons Tower The second fortress of the seventh world, wich will feature many cannons that will shoot many cannonballs. Sometimes, the player will have to jump over them in order to reach some places.
Cotton Candy Clouds-8: Super Koopas' Long Long Bridge A level that will feature many Super Koopas. It will take place on a long bridge, resembling the second level of the fourth world in SMW.
Cotton Candy Clouds-9: Parabeetles' Heights A level that will feature many Parabeetles. The player(s) will have to ride those Parabeetles in order to reach the goal, wich will be at the top of the level.
Cotton Candy Clouds-10: Flying with the Sky Pop A level that will feature the Sky Pop from Super Mario Land. The player(s) will have to use the Sky Pop to reach the goal, while avoiding various species of Bullett Bills, including some King Bills.
Cotton Candy Clouds-CastleMBR: #7 Larry's Searchlight Castle The seventh castle, wich will take place at night, featuring many searchlights, that will trigger various electric traps (made by Larry Koopa-faced Amps), as well as Bullett and Banzai Bills cannons. The boss of this castle will be Larry Koopa.

World 8: Bowser's Valley

Level Description
Bowser's Valley-1: Bombs and Tanks The first leven in Bowser's Valley, featuring the tanks from SMB3 and some sub-species of Bob-Ombs, as well as many cannon balls.
Bowser's Valley-2: Volcanic Cave The second level in the eight world, featuring many platforms that will move up and down, and will sink and emerge from the lava. There will be some Swoopers, too.
Bowser's Valley-3: Pyro Rain The third level in Bowser's Valley, featuring Raining Debris, as well as many lava-related enemies like Podoboos and Flame Chomps, as well as Blarggs.
Bowser's Valley-4: Sun and Moon A level that will feature both Angry Sun and Angry Moon, that will attack the player(s) by shooting fire balls and ice balls.
Bowser's Valley-22px-PDSMBE-Fortress1: Puff Tower The first fortress of the eight world, filled with clouds of nocive, black-purple smoking wich could make the player(s) lose a life instantly.
Bowser's Valley-5: Rising and Decreasing Water Cave A level that will take place in a cave where the water will rise and will decrease. There will be many Cheep-Cheeps that will struggle when the water will decrease.
Bowser's Valley-6: Rifting on Lava This level will feature a raft made out of skulls, like in SMW. There will be many Blarggs that will attack the player(s).
Bowser's Valley-7: Hammer Bros' Fiery Cove A level that will take place in a canyon with many excint volcanoes. Many Hammer Bros species will appear. This level will also feature Hammer Suit.
Bowser's Valley-22px-PDSMBE-Fortress2: Magic Tower The second fortress of the eight world, wich will feature many magic rays that could turn the blocks in the level into enemies or objects.
Bowser's Valley-8: Collapsing Platforms Heights A level wich will feature many Collapsing Platforms. This level will be auto-scrolling. This level will feature many Fire Chomps and Banzai Bills, too.
Bowser's Valley-9: Excaping From the Caldera A level wich will take place inside a volcano. The magma will rise, and the player(s) will have to escape, while avoiding many obstacles. Many Lava Geysers will also appear.
Bowser's Valley-10: A Trip on the Lava Sea A level that will feature many lava waves. Some Blarggs will appear as well, and they'll ride those waves.
Bowser's Valley-CastleMBR: Koopalings' Treacherous Castle A strange and dark path, made of seven rooms where each Koopalings, riding a Koopa Clown Car, will try to attack the player(s) with various tricks. At the end, all of them inside the big Koopa Clown Car will try to stop the player(s) once for all.
Bowser's Valley-11: The Last Frontier A level that will feature some of the strongest enemies of the Koopa Troop. Many mechanical platforms will be featured. Banzai Bills, Bowser Statues and many subspecies of Hammer Bros will also be featured. On the background, there will be the castle of Bowser.
Bowser's Valley-Bowser Castle Icon: The Final Battle in Bowser's Castle The final castle of the game, which will feature raining debris, falling castle pieces and gigantic fire balls. An incredible amount of challenge will led to the final battle against Bowser.

World S: Special World

Level Description
Special World-1: Sumo Bros' Symphony The first level in the special world, featuring many Sumo Bros, as well as many Note Blocks where the Sumo Bros will stay. All the Dragon Coins of Yoshi's Hut will be required in order to unlock this level.
Special World-2: Bony Catacombs The second level in the special world, wich will take place in a cave full of bones. Many dry enemies will appear, as well as falling bones. All the Dragon Coins of Chocolate Wasteland will be required in order to unlock this level.
Special World-3: Rammerheads' Undersea Maze An underwater level wich will be full of Rammerheads, wich will often block the passage. This level will take place in an undersea maze full of tunnels. All the Dragon Coins of Fruity Seaside will be required in order to unlock this level.
Special World-4: Icy Waves The fourth course in the special world, wich will take place in a frozen cave full of waves of blue lava. Many blue Blaaarghs will appear. All the Dragon Coins of Sweet Glacier will be required in order to unlock this level.
Special World-5: Magikoopas' Bushy Hole A level that will take place in an enchanted forest, full of Magikoopas. The second part of this level will be dark, wich means that the player(s) will only be capable to see Magikoopas casting magic and some Firefly-like enemies. All the Dragon Coins of Honey Forest will be required in order to unlock this level.
Special World-6: Spiky Cones Mountain A level wich will feature many ice cream's cones wich will work like spikes. Some mint will appear, too. All the Dragon Coins of Sugary Canyon will be required in order to unlock this level.
Special World-7: Flying in the Dark A level where the player(s) will have to ride the Sky Pop again, but this time the sky will be dark because the level will take place at night, and the player(s) won't be capable to see much. Many Targeting Bullett Bills and Targeting Banzai Bills will appear. All the Dragon Coins of Cotton Candy Clouds will be required in order to unlock this level.
Special World-8: Thwomps' Inferno A level wich will take place in a volcano full of various species of Thwomps, like Thwimps and Whomps. The player(s) will have to ride a Grumblump for the most of this level. All the Dragon Coins of Bowser's Valley will be required in order to unlock this level.

World ★: Star World

Level Description
Star World-150px-Stamp Artwork - Super Mario 3D World: Nostalgic Run A level of the Star World, wich will be made out of toys, like the Mistery levels of Super Mario Sunshine. Many spinning toys, as well as many Mechakoopas will populate this level. The background will be made out of old artworks from early Mario games. All the Stamps of the game (but not Star World-★'s) will be required in order to unlock this level.
Star World-★: The Grandmaster Challenge The final level in the game, wich will be divided in five sections. The first section will feature many spinnings stars, as well as many Bullett Bills. The player(s) will have to avoid those Bullett Bills, as well as many falling burnings stars. The second part will take place underwater, where a Dragoneel will chase after the player(s). A Lakitu will stay just out of the water, and will launch Spinies. The third part will take place in a cliff, full of Huckit Crabs and Stone Spikes. The platforms will be very small in this section, and they will often be occupied by Huckit Crabs. The fourth part will take place in a haunted mansion, in an auto-scrolling section full of Stretches. The only disponible platforms will be those Stretches. Many Stretches will generate some Boos. The fifth and final part will take place in a volcano, where many giant lava geyser will destroy everything they touch, including platforms. Some Chaarvarghs will pop out from the lava and from those giant lava geyser, trying to kill the player(s). After this part, a Warp Pipe will take the player(s) to a night-time garden, full of fireworks. There will be some money that will make a sentence, wich will be: "YOU ARE A NEW SUPER PLAYER!!". All the Dragon Coins of the game (but not Star World-150px-Stamp Artwork - Super Mario 3D World's) will be required in order to unlock this level.


Image Power-Up's Image Name Power-Up Description
Small Mario NSMBU N/A Small Mario N/A Small Mario is Mario's starting form. No Power-Up is required for this form. If Small Mario is damaged, he loses a life.
359px-Mario - New Super Mario Bros U Mushroom (Mario Kart 8) Super Mario Super Mushroom Super Mario is Mario's most common form. For this form, a Super Mushroom is required. If Super Mario is damaged, he shrinks back to Small Mario.
300px-NSMB2 Fire Mario FireFlower2 Fire Mario Fire Flower Fire Mario is one of the Mario's most common form. In this form, Mario can shoot a max of 2 fireballs per time. For this form, a Fire Flower is required. If Fire Mario is damaged, he returns back to Super Mario.
Dog mario Super kibble Dog Mario Super Kibble Dog Mario is a new Power-Up. In this form, Mario can bite enemies, defeating them, dig and run much faster. For this form, a Super Kibble is required. If Dog Mario is damaged, he returns back to Super Mario.
Cape Mario SMWU MK8 Deluxe Art - Cape Feather Cape Mario Cape Feather Cape Mario is a common Mario's form. In this form, Mario can fly and attack spiked enemies by spinning it around. For this form, a Cape Feather is required. If Cape Mario is damaged, he returns back to Super Mario.
FrogMario250 FrogSuitSME Frog Mario Frog Suit Frog Mario is an uncommon Mario's form. In this form Mario can jump very high and swim much better. However, he can only jump, wich makes this form hard to control. For this form, a Frog Suit is required. If Frog Mario is damaged, he returns back to Super Mario.
NSMBUMiniMario Mini Mushroom Mini Mario Mini Mushroom Mini Mario is an uncommon Mario's form. In this form, Mario's very small, but he can walk on water and on walls like in NSMBU, He can also jump very high. For this form, a Mini Mushroom is required. If Mini Mario is damaged, he loses a life.
Starman Mario StarMK8 Invincible Mario Super Star Invincible Mario is a really uncommon Mario's form. In this form, Mario is invincible and can run faster. Mario can still lose a life if he falls in a bottomless pit or in lava, though. For this form, a Super Star is required. The effect only lasts 10 seconds.

Items & Objects


Like Super Mario 3D World, this game will feature stamps. There will be one stamp for each level.




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