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New Super Mario World
Request4-New Super Mario World.png
Logo—by EximiusMax (tbc)
Developer(s) Ninkancho
Platform(s) Display
Genre(s) 2D platformer
Series Super Mario
Predecessor New Super Mario Bros. U
Mode(s) Story Mode
Story Vs.
Retro Mode
Brawl Battle
Big Star Battle
Challenge Mode
Challenge Vs.

New Super Mario World is an upcoming sprite-based 2D Super Mario platformer made by Ninkancho Co., Ltd. for the Display. As the name indicates, it is supposed to be a spiritual successor of sorts to Super Mario World, but takes ideas from all Super Mario games. New Super Mario World is primarily meant to end the overall monotony of the New Super Mario Bros. series while honoring Mario's past games and introducing new ideas as well.

The game will support one to five players playing simultaneously, and Mario and Luigi are confirmed playable. Each player will be able to find and ride Yoshies, which can once again be taken between levels. Overall, the game is designed with both Mario's and Yoshi's gameplay styles in mind.


It's 2D Super Mario, silly! Mario runs around, usually to the right, when the player holds DisplayLP.png or DisplayD.png, and he jumps a lot. What else did you honestly expect? With DisplayB.png, Mario can jump to hit blocks, stomp enemies, and get between distant platforms. Pressing DisplayA.png makes Mario spin jump. Pressing DisplayX.png or DisplayY.png activates a power-up attack, whereas holding it lets Mario dash. Coins can be collected in multiples of one-hundred for extra lives, and power-ups can give Mario new abilities and extra hits to make levels a bit easier. This applies to the other player characters, too.

The World Map is more dynamic and interesting than ever before, with enemies and even boss attacks to avoid while walking across paths between levels. Mario must also solve puzzles and play minigames in some areas to progress. Some map segments even have him riding vehicles like minecarts and Sky Pops, which he can take into special levels on the way to the world's castle.

Levels are completed by passing through a Goal Rod. Unlike Goal Poles, players do not get points or extra lives for grabbing onto them at higher points. Rather, touching the Goal Rod will give the players bonuses depending on patterns in their life, coin, and point counters, as well as any items they are holding. Keys can be found in certain levels to open locked doors, providing access to secret Goal Rods. A single level may contain multiple Goal Rods of each type.


Boost is a playstyle analagous to New Super Mario Bros. U's Boost Mode, and similar to the gameplay of Mario is Missing Again!. In certain multiplayer modes, a player can choose not to play as a character but instead to use Boost. They will then be able to place Boost Blocks, stun enemies, collect coins, break and open blocks, and reveal black Tap-Blocks to the other players.


Mode Description
Story Mode The game's main mode, allowing singleplayer as well as cooperative play between up to five players.
Story Vs. Players race to the Goal Pole in stages from Story Mode. The winner chooses the next level played. This mode is only unlocked when World 2 or A is cleared.
Retro Mode In this two-player mode, players take turns completing levels from Story Mode to see who can beat the game first, or at least survive the longest without a game over.
Brawl Battle A multiplayer battle mode in which players attack each other to win across a number of original maps.
Big Star Battle Similar to the mode from New Super Mario Bros., in that players duke it out in Brawl Battle stages in an effort to get the most Big Stars.
Challenge Mode Players must work together to complete randomly selected challenges in stages from both the Story and Battle Modes.
Challenge Vs. Players are thrown into random challenges in stages from Story Mode and Battle Modes alike.

Story Mode+

There is a secret mode called Story Mode+, which is only accessible after beating Bowser in World Castle and does not show up as a menu option. It is started by holding both shoulder or trigger buttons while selecting Story Mode.

Story Mode+ is a harder version of the regular Story Mode in many ways. Enemies move faster, and there are often more of them, while bosses take more hits to defeat. There are fewer powerups, some blocks contain Poison Mushrooms, and amiibo have no effect. In addition, each player's lives counter is capped at 10 lives. However, the Flare Flower appears in place of the Fire Flower.

There are no Star Coins to collect in Story Mode+.


Story Mode

New Super Mario World's Story Mode will have eight main worlds, five shortcut worlds, and four secret worlds to discover and beat, giving the game's main campaign a lot of content.

World 1: Gloaming Plains

Level Description
Wide-Open Grassland
Dinosaur Woods
Brick Block Sewers
Kug's Sandy Shores
Note that Kug is in this level so that's cool

World 2: Dune Desert

Level Description
Ant Trooper Ant Farm
Lakitu's Oasis

World 3: Coconut Isles

World 4: Frozen Floe

Level Description
Slippery Slopes
Ice Water Splash

World 5: Toxic Woods

World 6: Boulder Pass

World 7: Final Frontier

World 8: Magma Malpais

World Castle

Level Description
Tanks a Lot
Rotating Fortress
Spine Coaster Tilt-yard
Bowser's Castle
Solar Flare Airship

World A: Cocoa Bridge

World B: Aqua Sea

World C: Creamy Cumulus

Level Description
Skate Bill Skies

World D: Robotic Rocket

World E: Stalactite Caverns

World Star

World 9

World Moon


There are several levels exclusive to the Battle modes. Some are enclosed areas, but most wrap around at least one axis.

amiibo support

NSMW Amiibo Container.PNG

New Super Mario World is confirmed to support amiibo. Tapping any compatible figure will activate a cooldown period in which the figure cannot be used again, though other copies of the same figure can be used instead.

The amiibo made for the game are odd in that they have no base, and are much smaller and less expensive than other figures, and thus more closely resemble simple plastic toys. In Japan, these figures are marketed as chiisamiibo, a portmanteau of "chīsai" (small) and "amiibo".

Four new figures have been confirmed thus far. They are of the coin, Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, and Super Star items. The latter three instantly power up the character of the player that tapped it into the respective form. For instance, tapping the Fire Flower amiibo while playing as Mario will instantly power him up into Fire Mario. The coin figure adds 25 coins to the coin counter, which is shared by all players.

The New Super Mario World figures are not purchased in the same way as other amiibo. They are instead sold three-at-a-time in opaque containers resembling long ? Blocks, adding an element of chance to purchasing figures. Different amiibo have different chances of being found.

There will be at least two more new amiibo made for the game.


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