New Super Mario World
Developer(s) Power Team
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Power Box
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Super Mario
Release Date(s) 2016
Mode(s) 1-6 players

New Super Mario World is an upcoming platforming video game in the Super Mario series. The game is scheduled to be released for the Nintendo Power Box sometime in 2016. It is the fifth installment in the New Super Mario series, after New Super Mario Bros. (2006), New Super Mario Bros. Wii (2009), New Super Mario Bros. 2 (2012) and New Super Mario Bros. U (2012).

New Super Mario World pits the player in several brand new and exciting worlds, which include over 80 levels and lots of minigames and challenges to keep the player coming back for more!


Mario, Wario, Toad and Police Guy are invited by Yoshi to come over to his island to see eight shiny Baby Yoshis hatch. The four head over, however, Bowser appears in his Koopa Clown Car and steals the eggs and plans on selling them for lots of gold.

However, Bowser has a plan; seven of the eggs will be hiden in different areas of the island, whilst the eighth will be kept in Bowser's new airship. Whilst the others are not sure what Bowser's plan is, and Wario doesn't seem to really care about the eggs, the four decide to save the Baby Yoshis and get the eggs back to Yoshi before they hatch.

After recovering the final Yoshi Egg of Bowser's new minion, Snap the Crab, Bowser appears and says that they have been lured into his trap, and he plans on destroying the lot once and for all. After defeating Bowser, however, Kamek appears and reveals that he is going to take the eggs for himself as revenge on the Yoshis. After defeating Kamek once, he turns himself into a giant until he finally surrenders after being defeated a second time. The Yoshis hatch just after Kamek's defeat, and one of the Yoshis jumps into Bowser's hands and smiles at him.


Name Description
Mario is the game's main protagonist. He is average in all status and is also the only character who can jump off walls.
Wario is a rather slow character who cannot jump high, but he can stand on spiked floor without taking damage.
Toad is the fastest character who can jump the highest, he has one downside, however, which is that he cannot break certain blocks.
Police Guy
Police Guy is a rather all-around character like Mario, with the addition that he can run across water and lava.
White Koopa Troopa
White Koopa Troopa is unlocked after defeating Giant Kamek. He can be customised to the player's liking, and can contain a mixture of the main characters' unique abilities.


New Super Mario World is a 2D side-scrolling platforming video game, where the player takes control of either Mario, Wario, Toad or Shy Guy. Gameplay is similar to that of other Mario games, except the effects of the powerups are different depending on which character the player chooses.



Regular poweruos can be collected by everybody.

Name Description
Mini Mushroom
This is a bad item that will shrink whoever touches it back to Standard Mario, Standard Wario, Standard Toad or Standard Police Guy. If the player gets hit with this powerup, they will lose a life. The players also start with this item at the beginning of the game.
Super Mushroom
If anybody picks this up, they will become Super Mario, Super Wario, Super Toad or Super Police Guy. This powerup does not override other powerups. If the player gets hit with this powerup, they will shrink back to their standard form.
DK Mushroom
Allows the player to become DK Mario, DK Wario, DK Toad or DK Police Guy and climb up certain terrain as well as throw banana peels at enemies. Mario throws his banana peels in a 90 degrees direction. Wario lobs his banana peels. Toad throws his banana peels in a 45 degrees direction and Police Guy lays his peels down on the ground.
Fire Flower
Allows the player to become Fire Mario, Fire Wario, Fire Toad or Fire Police Guy, where they can shoot fire out of their hands. Mario tosses fireballs that bounce across the ground until they hit a wall or enemy. Wario tosses fireballs that continue moving in a horizontal direction until they hit a wall. Toad throws bits of flames on the ground that vanish after a while and Police Guy uses a flamethrower that will run out after a while.
Ice Flower
Ice Flower
Allows the player to become Ice Mario, Ice Wario, Ice Toad or Ice Police Guy, where they can shoot ice out of their hands. Mario tosses iceballs that bounce on the ground until they touch a wall or enemy, which will turn into ice. Wario throws ice blocks forward, which will slide forward until they hit a wall. Toad tosses iceballs identical to Mario and Police Guy uses a icethrower, which is similar to his flamethrower, except it freezes enemies.
Bomb Flower
Allows the player to transform into Bomb Mario, Bomb Wario, Bomb Toad or Bomb Police Guy and shoot bomb plants out of their hands. Mario's bomb plants bounce off walls and explode a few seconds after touching the ground. Wario's bombs instantly explode on any contact with anything. Toad's bombs have a bigger blast area but go off quicker whilst Police Guy's bombs are like Mario's, but he places the bomb plants in the area he is in rather than throwing them.
Ice Shell
Power Shell
Allows the player to roll about and hide in a shell, and makes it user become Shell Mario, Shell Wario, Shell Toad or Shell Police Guy. Mario's shell can damage enemies and changes his direction if he hits a wall, destroying it if it is breakable. Wario's shell is slightly bigger but moves slower. Toad's shell bounces off enemies and Police Guy's shell is the smallest but the fastest.
Power Star
If any player collects this, they will become invincible for ten seconds. Their speed will also increase and any enemy that touches them will be destroyed.


Special powerups will only appear if the player is playing as a specific character.

Name Description
Bowser Mushroom
If Mario collects this powerup, he will become Bowser Mario. He can use his fireballs like he's Fire Mario as well rolling in a shell like he's Shell Mario. Any enemies that touch the spikes of the shell will also be destroyed.
Gas Mushroom
If Wario collects this powerup, he will become Gas Wario, and will be able to eat enemies with the B button and can release a fart with the C button, which will destroy enemies. The more enemies Wario eats, the bigger the range of his farts.
Mega Mushroom
Mega Mushroom
If Toad collects this powerup, he will become Mega Toad, and will grow huge and become invincible for fifteen seconds. He will also receive an extra life for every twenty objects he destroys. He will become Super Toad after the effect expires.
Bone Flower
Copter Flower
If Police Guy collects this powerup, he will become Copter Police Guy, and can fly in the air for a few seconds at a time, can run faster and can take two hits before losing the powerup.


Name Description
These are scattered all around every level. Every level has 100 coins, and getting every coin in a level will give you a Power Star for that level.
Red Coin
There are 8 of these which will appear in one level in every world. To open the castle of every world, the player must collect all of them. Collecting all of the red coins will also give the player an extra life.
Power Star
This appears at the end of the level if the player collects every coin in the level. Collecting lots of these will unlock more minigames for the player to play.



World Name Description Enemy Encounter Mid-Boss Final Boss
World 1
Monty Mountain
A grassy area with lots of hills and tall mountains.
Giant Goomba
Iggy Koopa
World 2
Volcanic Valley
A jurassic zone with lots of lava and caves.
Giant Crazee Dayzee
Snap the Crab
World 3
Golden Gateway
A casino-like area with lots of roulettes and falling tokens.
The Big Bad Boo
Morton Koopa Jr.
World 4
Rusty Railway
A western canyon with lots of train tracks and pits.
Giant Ember
Wendy O. Koopa
World 5
Frozen Factory
A antartic glacier with a factory in operation.
Giant Whomp
Snap the Crab
World 6
Raided Ruins
A jungle-like zone with a cave and lots of water.
Giant Cheep Cheep
Ludwig von Koopa
World 7
Peaked Pass
A strange world with red and orange land and a purple sky.
Giant Oareo
Iago Koopa
World 8
Koopa Karrier
The player is on Bowser's new airship, in the sky.
Giant Dry Bones
Snap the Crab (Phase 1)
Bowser (Phase 2)
Kamek (Phase 3)

World 1: Monty Mountain

World 1 Draft

World 1 in this game takes place in a grassy area full of Monty enemies. The fortress boss is Giant Goomba, whilst the castle boss is Iggy Koopa. The enemy that you may encounter is Wiggler, who will appear out of a hole in the top and will continue marching down until it reaches a hole at the bottom that will take it back up to the top.

The following levels in this world include:

  • World 1-1
  • World 1-2 (red coin level)
  • World 1-Fortress
  • World 1-3
  • World 1-A
  • World 1-4
  • World 1-B
  • World 1-Castle

World 1-2 also contains a secret exit that will take the player straight to the world's Castle.


  • In the instructions manual, it says that Mario paid Wario to tag along with him. It also says that Snap the Crab had a spell casted on him by Kamek to make him evil.
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