New Super Mario Bros. NX is a Nintendo NX game that's coming in summer 2017. This game will be very similar to most of the New Super Mario Bros. games, but the creator tried to add a little spice to the game, with new gimmicks, to not make the game bland, and the same as the other few games.



Our story begins in Yoshi's Island, Mario, Luigi, the Toads & Princess Peach are taking a small stroll through a grassy field, through the isles of Yoshi Island. Luigi then spots smoke, coming out of the Mushroom Kingdom, which can be seen in the background. Mario and the others began freaking out. While they are freaking out, Bowser's airship is hovering over them, where the Koopalings & Bowser Jr. are arresting Yoshis & Toads to go to the newly made Neo Bowser City, to go serve the Koopa king. 

Mario is full of rage, as he tries to run torwards Bowser Jr.'s Clown Car. The plan only failed, as Junior uses his newly-powered Clown Car, powered by some energy source, and throws him to another island. Peach then began breaking down into tears, as Morton Koopa Jr., and Roy Koopa, began escorting them to the airship. Bloodied & bruised, Mario wakes up in a small garden, which is simply out of Bowser's reach. He then sees a castle, burrow up of the ground, where Larry Koopa's airship flies over the castle. Mario then runs torwards the castle, and thus beginning the adventure.



Image Name Description
Mario Jump NSMBU Mario Let's a-go! Mario is back to give the one-two to the Koopa king. Mario has all-around traction, so there's not a lot of bad points in him.
NSMBULuigi Luigi

Just the underdog of Mario's team. Luigi is very cowardful & and fearful, but he is happy to help Mario throughout his adventure. He jumps high, and he's verty fast, but has poor traction.

(Unlocked after World 1)

Yellow Toad

Yellow Toad is very mature, and serious, but he's just a big softie on the inside. Yellow Toad has the best traction, and could jump decently, but is the slowest.

(Unlocked after World 2)

87px-Toad Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Blue Toad

Blue Toad is a pretty smart guy, but he is very weak. Despite that, he's happy to help Mario. Blue Toad is very fast, and has okay traction, but his jumps are low.

(Unlocked after World 3)

Princess Peach

Princess Peach is the lovely ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, and is very good kidnapping material, to Bowser. Peach can't run fast, becuase she has to hold her dress, but she can float, using her parsol.

(Unlocked after World 8)


Image Name Description
Daisy SSBUltimate
Princess Daisy The tomboyish ruler of Sarsaland is getting off her throne to impress her boyfriend, Luigi. She acts like Peach, but unlike other characters, she can double-jump.
Donkey Kong Just a jungle dweller in the dense forests of DK Island. DK decides to join Mario on his odysseys. Donkey Kong acts similar to his Donkey Kong Country games.


Image Name Description
Bowser Smart & cunning are what describes Bowser this time around. A vain, headstrong emperor of the Koopa Empire, Bowser hates Mario's guts and will do anything, even if Mario breaks his limbs.
Bowser Jr. Bowser Junior is the bratty son of King Bowser. He looks up to his father and wants to impress him with all of these wacky gadgets & machines.
Army Hammer Bro.SMWWii
Army Hammer Bro. Bowser's third in command. While he his Bowser's lackey, the two get along VERY well, being best friends. He commands operations in Neo Bowser City.
Kamek YBAflip
Kamek Second in command of the Koopa Empire, Kamek has always been looking after Bowser, since day one. He's old, but that doens't make him weak. He has many tricks up his sleeve, and is ready to use them.
300px-Koopalings - New Super Mario Bros U-0
Koopalings Of course, when there's Bowser around, the Koopalings will also follow. The Koopalings are pretty sick & tired of being overseers of each world, but they are ready to show-off they're new tricks.


# Name Theme Fortress Boss Castle Boss Airship Boss Enemy Course Exit to... Secret Exit to...
1 First Fields Plain Boom-Boom Larry Koopa N/A Hammer Bro. 2. Honey Dunes Autumn Acres

Doom Doop Desert 

Desert/Mountain Tryclyde Iggy Koopa Bowser Jr. (1st Time) Pokey 3. Whimsical Waters Big Island
A Autumn Acres Woods Bugaboom N/A N/A Wiggler 2. Honey Dunes N/A
3 Whimsical Waters Beach/Water Mollusque-Lanceur Lemmy Koopa N/A Deep-Cheep 4. Ice-Cream Isle Crystal Chasm
B Big Island Giant Reznor N/A N/A Hefty Goomba 4. Ice-Cream Isle N/A
C Crystal Chasm Underground Major Burrows N/A N/A Swoop 5. Yoshi's Island N/A
4 Ice Cream Inferno Snow/Fire Baron Brrr Wendy O. Koopa N/A Cooligan 5. Yoshi's Island Deadly Yard
5 Yoshi's Island Forest/Jungle Petey Piranha Roy Koopa Bowser Jr. (2nd Time) Dino Rhino 6. Truffle Peaks Explosive City
6 Truffle Peaks Mountain

Monty Tank (Fortress #1)

Boss Sumo Bro (Fortress 2)

Morton Koopa Jr. N/A Chargin' Chuck 7. Cotton Candy Clouds N/A
D Deathly Yard Haunted King Boo N/A N/A Broozer 6. Truffle Peaks Explosive City
E Explosive City Factory/City King Bob-Omb N/A N/A Bullet Bill 7. Cotton Candy Clouds Neo Bowser City
7 Cotton Candy Clouds Sky/Dream


Ludwig von Koopa


(1st Time)

Foo 8. Neo Bowser City N/A
8 Neo Bowser City Volcano/City/Space

Army Hammer Bro. (Fortress #1)

Kamek (Fortress #2)

Army Hammer Bro. #2  (Luigi/Toads) Bowser (Mario)

Bowser Jr.

(Final Time)

Mechakoopa 9. Champion's Road N/A
Star Champion's Road Special N/A Dry Bowser N/A N/A


9 Sarsaland Desert N/A Tatanga Gao N/A N/A
10 DK Jungle Jungle/Ruins/Factory N/A King K. Rool Kritter N/A N/A


First Fields

  • 1-1: Back to Basics: A level, similar to W1-1 from Super Mario Bros. The basics will be learnt in this level. SImple enemies, like Goombas & Koopa Troopas will be in this level.
  • 1-2: Great Goomba Grotto: An underground level with all types of Goombas, like Goombas, Mini-Goombas, Grand Goombas, Mad & Sad Goombas, you name it! This level needs eight Red Coins, to be beated. This level has the first Warp Zone.
  • 1-3: Yoshi's Forest: A lightly forested level, where the dino friend: Yoshi is introducted. Yoshi can eat like apples, Goombas, Monty Moles, & even Piranha Plants. This level has a secret exit, hidden in a pipe. But to get it, Mario must activate the Yellow Switch Palace. This level will go to Autumn Acres.
  • Yellow Switch Palace
  • 1-FortressMBR: Bouldersmash Tower: A tower level, full of moving stone platforms. As the name suggests, Stone Spikes will appear, throwing spiked stone balls. Rolling boulders also appear in the level, going through hortinzontal bridges. The boss is Boom-Boom.
  • 1-4: Mushroom Rainbow: A level with all types of colorful mushrooms. Red mushrooms are normal, yellow mushrooms are bouncy, green mushrooms rotate,  and blue mushrooms are needed to move by spinning a corkscrew. Enemies of this level are just Para-Goombas, Para-Troopas, and Fuzzies.
  • 1-5: Cheep-Cheep Crossing: A small water level, where Mario swims across water, and rolls on logs, to avoid falling into the Cheep-Cheep infested river. There are some underwater areas, where types of Cheep-Cheeps & a giant Cheep-Chomp will try to kill Mario. 
  • 1-A: Pipeline Plains: The secret level of World 1. It's a grassy-plain level, that takes place in a network of pipes. Piranha Plants will usually appear in this level, along with some Hammer Bros. Gushing water from pipes also appear.
  • 1-CastleMBR: Larry's Botanic Castle #1: The first castle in the game. The castle is centered on grass-themed elements, like growing beanstalks, bouncy flowers, & sprouting Piranha Plants. Dry Bones & Thwomps also appear. The boss is Larry Koopa.

Autumn Acres

  • A-1: Goldleaf Road: A standard autumn-level, with falling leaves. Some of the level is on a small plateau, where Mario will jump on withering tree-branches, to beat the level.
  • A-2: Honeybuzz Hive: A fall-themed level taking place in a giant beehive. Mario will spend the majority of the level, climbing on honeycombs, and avoiding bee-enemies, called Stingbies.
  • A-3: Tanooki Treeway: An athletic-themed level, taking place on the canopies of the autumn woods. This level introduces the Super Leaf, which will be useful, for flying through the air.
  • A-FortressMBR: Leafpile Tower: The final level of World A. It's a tower, submerged with leaves. The level is very windy, where leaves will be flying around, including Goombas, covered in spiky coats. Wigglers & Mandibugs also appear. The boss is Bugaboom.

Doom Doop Dunes

  • 2-1: Heatstroke Hill: The first desert level in the game. It's a flat desert plateau, with sun rays, which can harm the player. Enemies consist of Spikes, Pokeys & Chargin' Chucks. The Angry Sun makes a cameo, foreshadowing a secret level. 
  • 2-2: Stone-Eye Sands: A level, taking place over a sea of quicksand. The level's platforms, are sinking columns, from ruins, and Stone-Eyes (hence the name). This level is similar to the Stone-Eye Zone, from New Super Mario Bros. U. Totomesus from Super Mario Land will also appear.
  • Green Switch Palace
  • 2-A: Attack of the Angry Sun: A desert level, similiar to 2-Desert from Super Mario Bros. 3. The level is full of types of Koopa Troopas, with a few tornadoes. Of course, the level has the Angry Sun, who will lunge at Mario and fire Fire Snakes.
  • 2-3: Pokey's Pitch-Black Panic: A rocky dungeon level, with takes place in the dark. Pokeys also appear, who are turning from fruit to cacti every second. Yoshi, who will appear in this level, can eat the Pokey fruits. A few candles, lit by Fire Snakes will be the only source of light. 
  • 2-4: Urchin Seasands: A level, taking place in the only oasis in the desert. As the name suggests, the Urchin enemy will appear in the level, swimming in the water. A Lakitu will also appear, chucking Spinies. Giant palm trees, serve as platforms. 
  • 2-FortressMBR: Sandsnake Temple: The second tower, taking place in an ancient temple. The level's gimmick is things like moving snake platforms, which can crush Mario, if he doesn't avoid the platforms. A small urn maze is in this level, with Cobrats in some urns. The boss is Tryclyde from Super Mario Bros. 2.
  • 2-5: Windworn Bridge: A rickety, weak bridge said to connect the desert island from the pyramid area, with the pyramid. Fuzzies are common enemies, usually held by wires, and even on the bridge. A sandstorm occurs during the level, making the level harder.
  • 2-B: Bob-Omb Base: A desertic area, where a Bob-Omb processing plant, made by Bowser is stationed. Besides the common Bob-Omb held by conveyor belts or cannons, Bullet Bills are also here, being shot by cannons, from the ceilings. 
  • 2-6: Shoot n' Loot Saloon: A small saloon for thos who are visiting the pyramid. Iggy Koopa is keeping his troops here. The level is full of Shy Guy cowboys, shooting Mini Bullet Bill pistols, Bandits, who can steal Mario's coins, and Boomerang Bros.
  • 2-CastleMBR: Iggy's Pyramid Castle #2: A large pyramid, owned by Iggy Koopa. The level is very big, where Mario needs to use Chomp Rocks, to open gates. Enemies, who are statues, like Thwomps, Dry Bones, and Boomerang Bros. can be turned to living beings, if Mario presses a button. The boss is Iggy.
  • 2-AirshipMBR: Bowser Jr.'s Explosive Airship: The first airship level in the game. As Mario moves onto the third world, Bowser Jr. interrupts Mario in one of his strong airships. The airship takes place on the upper decks, home to many artillery enemies, like Bullet Bills, Bob-Ombs & Cannonballs. A few floating platforms will burn for a few five seconds, which can ignite an enemy on there. This is where the first encounter of Bowser Jr. takes place.

Whimsical Waters

  • 3-1: Seaspout Shore: A grassy beach level with aquatic enemies, like Cheep-Cheeps & Urchins. Waterspouts are constantly erupting from the waters, making the level, having Mario to swim through water-spouts. They are secret areas, home to Clams
  • 3-2: Fruity Foreshore: A sunny shore level, where giant crystal fruits are made. Lemons serve as coins in this level. Lakitus appear in this level, chcking pineapples. And rolling orange-boulders are rolling from a sandy mountain at the end of the level.
  • 3-A: Boss-Bass Boardwalk: Another beach level, taking place on a boardwalk. As the name suggests, there is a overweight Boss Bass, jumping out of the waters, trying to eat Mario. Jumping Cheep-Cheeps are going to appear as well, following the Boss-Bass.
  • 3-3: Dolphin Dance: A short water level, where Mario travels across the great seven seas, jumping on swimming dolphins, while avoiding Cheep-Cheeps, and a giant Porcu-Puffer lurking for Mario. Swimming is also an option in this lvel, but it would be a pain.
  • 3-GhostHouseMBR: Paranormal Pirateship: A sunken pirate ship level, making this level the first ghost-house level in the game. As a typical ghost-house level, undead enemies like Boos & Scaredy Rats are going to appear in this level. Ground-pound on cargo boxes, and fall onto fallen skull & crossbones falgs to exit the ominous pirate area.
  • 3-FortressMBR: Abnormal Aquarium: A vertical glass tower, where a familiar octopus monster is lurking. The level is vertical. Mario will have to swim up to the boss door, avoiding Fishbones, Torpedo Teds, and Spiked-Pillars. The glass can break, causing the water to be removed from the level. The boss is Brigader Mollusque Lanceur III.
  • 3-4: Cheep-Cheep Reef: Mario will start on a coast, and then in the water. Mario will dive through a deep trench, avoiding all colorful types of Cheep-Cheeps. A Cheep-Chomp also appears in a small cave, trying to eat Mario. Other underwater enemies, like Urchins & Eels also appear.
  • 3-B: Jelectro Jungle: An aquatic cavern, blooming with vegetation. Floating & swimming Jelectros appear, trying to electrify Mario with lightning bolts. In the second half of the level, there's no more water, and it's replaced by bottomless pits. This level will send Mario to Yoshi's Island.
  • 3-5: Dragoneel Depths: A deep, dark underwater level, where Mario must swim, to avoid a long, hungry Dragoneel, with his two babies. Falling Urchins & Clams are going to appear, trying to hinder Mario's process. A few Bowser battleships appear, trying to shoot Mario with Torpedo Teds.
  • 3-CastleMBR: Lemmy's Submerged Submarine #3: A giant Bowser submarine cruiser, given to Lemmy, to explore the deep trench. The exterior of the sub is mostly underwater, where Torpedo Teds will try to shoot you. The interior is in the sub, with Bob-Ombs, and Bullet Bills, being shot from cannons. The boss is Lemmy.

Big Island

  • B-1: Big Bad Beach: The first world of the second secret world. It's a small beach level, with giant enemies, such as Grand Goombas & Gargantuan Koopa Troopas. Mega Urchins serve as deadly platforms in the level.  The Mega Mushroom is introduced here, so Mairo can crush a good chunk of the level. 
  • B-2: Big Brick Jungle: A small rainforest, that serves as the location for this level. The jungle is mostly formed by massive Brick Blocks. Large Bob-Ombs, and armored Chargin' Chucks can break the Brick Blocks throughout the level, which are needed to proceed through the level. 
  • B-3: Sledge Bro. Cavern: A level that resembles Super Mario Bros. 3's World 4-3. It's a deep tunnel, with large gaps, and Sledge Bro. enemies. Some of the level appears in the water, where water geysers can be used in tandem with the Super Leaf, to fly up to secret areas. 
  • B-4: Deep Deep Den: A deep creek, with many under water enemies, like Cheep-Chomps, Mega Ungais, Mega Urchins, and Blooper Nannies. Many colorful pipes appear in this level, will gush bubble jets, that will be needed to be rode on to get to the top of the creek, since tht part of the level is less than 100 seconds.
  • B-FortressMBR: Supermassive Stronghold: A giant fortress, where Mario seems like an ant, compared to all the other enemies. Goombas the size of Bowser are common enemies here, along with Big Thwomps, Whomps, Bob-Ombs, and Banzai Bills. The boss is Renzor(s).

Ice-Cream Inferno

  • 4-1: Snow-Fall Tundra: The first level of the ice/fire world. This level is over a snowy forest site, with Snow Spikes, spitting & rolling snowballs over downwards cliffs. Snow-like quicksand, and snow falling on trees are also going to appear.
  • 4-2: Cooligan Falls: A slippery ice area, over a giant frozen waterfall. Mario will be slipping & sliding over this waterfall, unless he has the Penguin Suit. Cooligans will be sliding over this area, making this level to be a slight pain. 
  • 4-GhostHouseMBR: Permafrost Palace: The second ghost level of the game. The level takes place in an ice palace. Many Boos carrying ice blocks, Venus Ice Traps, & Big Boos are the most common threats in this level. Many areas serve as a threat: like moving walls with icicle spikes, & falling ice towers. 
  • 4-A: Popsicle Pond: A site where all popsicles are created to treat everyone for the other worlds. Mario will be jumping onto slippery popsicle platform, over popsicle acid. Glurp enemies from Superstar Saga, also make the first enemy apperance here. Floating Bloopers will also fire acidic water at Mario.
  • 4-3: Icicle Impact: A tunnel mostly comprised of ice & snow. Hence the name, many icicles will appear in this level. Big icicles will be over a frozen lake. At the end of the level, Mario uses the Penguin Suit to slide over a group of icicles & Ice Bros. 
  • 4-FortressMBR: Crystal-Rock Tower: Instead of most ice towers, this level doesn't have a rising elevator. Instead it's an auto-scrolling vertical tower level filled with Spike-Pillars & Sick Thwomps. Tilting crystals will appear in this leel as well. The boss is Baron Brrr.
  • 4-4: Molten Icelifts: A lava moat, over a massive volcano. This is the first-real fire/ice themed level. The moat is full of tilting seesaws, which can sink into the lava pits. Falling volcanic debris will appear in this level. Ice & Fire Bros., Cooligans, and Lava Bubbles will appear in this level. 
  • 4-5: Lavafrost Beach: An underground lava themed level, over a sea of scalding lava, similar to the previous level. The lava will be shooting geysers, Huckit Crabs will be chucking icy boulders, and big icicles melting in the lava are what happens at the beach on a everyday basis.
  • 4-B: Muncher Mines: An ice cavern, that's far away from the fiery lava. Instead of the lava, there's a sea of Munchers. Frozen Munchers are going to appear in this level, along with Venus Fire Traps. This level is a more easier version of W9-7 from New Super Mario Bros. Wii. 
  • 4-6: Ice-Ride Caldera: A level, where Mario rides on a giant ice chunk over a large lava lake. Many enemies will try to push Mario of the block, like Flame Chomps, floating ice blocks, Lava Bubbles, and Ice Bros. At the second part of the level, the lava will rise out of the volcano, and Mario must avoid being crushed.
  • 4-CastleMBR: Wendy's Chillsear Castle #4: A large ice castle outside of the volcano. The first half of the castle has an ice theme. It's a icy lake, with moving ice blocks, and a sea of Fishbones & Spike Pillars. The second half is a lava theme, with a giant lava geyser that can destroy everything near it. The boss is Wendy.

Crystal Chasm

  • Red Switch Palace
  • C-1: Plummet Pit: A level, where Mairo descends down a bottomless pit, that leads to the underground Crystal Chasm. As the level progresses, the pit gets smaller, where Buzzy Beetle shells will fall down, and Stone Spikes spitting out stone balls. The end of the level, has Mario escaping down a long halway, as the ceiling caves in.
  • C-2: Clear-as-Crystal: As the name suggests, this level is filled with types of colorful crystals. Crystals will be tilting and moving across a sea of toxic wastes. Also, crystal walls appear, can have Mario go inside these walls, where silhouette visuals will occur, making jumping a bit tough.
  • C-3: Spine Springs: An underwater cave, where sights of an underwater reef is seen in the background. The level has Mario jumping over Mega Urchins, sleeping in small pools, and giant water geysers erupting every second. There are some underwater sections with Urchins too.
  • C-A: Rickety Railways: A level similar to some Donkey Kong Country games. Mario will be riding on some kind of minecart, through a course, where Monty Moles are throwing bombs at you, collasping stalactites, and erupting springs. The level is found from a secret exit from C-1, and it will lead directly to the tower level
  • C-FortressMBR: Pipe Maze Palace: A tower mostly comprised of pipe networks. The tower is a giant maze, where Mario will go through fliptubes, dungeons full of poisonous water, Piranha Plants, & Monty Moles. This level bears a resemblance of Pipe Maze, from Super Mario Bros. 3. The boss is Major Burrows.

Yoshi's Island

  • 5-1: Piranha Plant Jungle: The first level of the Yoshi's Island world. It's a jungle level, that has Yoshi (of course), and many types of Piranha Plants (Piranha Plants, Venus Fire Traps, Venus Ice Traps). Most of the level is surrounded by a moat of posionous water, so Mario will need to flutter-jump over it, or use Dorrie.
  • 5-2: Monkeying Around: A jungle level, taking place near a misty waterfall. The level is full of Ukikkis on trees, chucking coconuts, which can explode on contact. The water below the ground, is very fast, with typical logs gushing to the falls.
  • 5-3: Stickyweb Catacombs: An underground level, that has the typical poison-water gimmick. As the name suggests, this level has a lot of sticky webs, that are needed to be climbed on. Many Scuttlebugs, who produvce these webs, also appear. The level has a secret exit to Bramball Bed-Time.
  • 5-A: Bramball Bed-Time: A night-time level located in a dark forest. This place is located deep in the jungle. As the name suggests, the level has a number of Bramballs, either sleeping or on-guard. Yoshi can eat these Bramballs, & the number of fruit that are in this level. This level will send you to 5-B.
  • 5-4: Snakin' over the Swamp: A massive toxic water moat, that leads directly to a giant tree fortress.Mario will be riding on Snake Blocks. Green snake blocks are normal, blue ones are slippery, and red ones go very quickly. Many airborne enemies, like Koopa Paratroopas & Stingbies will appear.
  • 5-FortressMBR: Timber-Tree Fortress: A tall tree, that serves as a base of operation for Yoshi Island invaders. Many honeycombs will appear, which will be needed to be climbed to reach the boss' chamber. Many Koopa Troopas, will be climbing on these honeycombs, along with Stingbies, who are producing honey. The boss is Petey Piranha.
  • 5-GhostHouseMBR: Peek-a-Boo Ruins: The third Ghost House level in the game. This place is a regular Ghost House, but covered in thorns, and stone. The level is mostly a maze, home to delusional platforms, Boo enemies, & collasping platforms. This level has a secret exit, that will lead to World D: Deathly Yard.
  • 5-5: Fuzzy Canopy: An athletic level, taking place in the high canopies of the Yoshi Isles. As the name suggests, Fuzzies will be hiding in these canopies, waiting for Mario to show up. Sometimes, Mario will be under the canopies jumping on falling leaves, or swinging on vines. 
  • Blue Switch Palace
  • 5-6: Beanstalk Falls: A level taking place below a giant waterfall. A beanstalk will be constantly growing. Mario needs to climb up the water fall to get to the canopies. Many enemies like Waddlewings & Balloon Goombas will appear in this level. The leaves on the beanstalk will eventually wither & fall down of the stalk.
  • 5-B: Dorrie Docks: Another level in a giant poison water lake. Mario will be riding on a giant Dorrie to get to the end of the level. This level acts & looks like New Super Mario Bros' W4-6. Mario needs to duck & jump over obstacales that are put all over the level. The level does not have any trees, & looks more like docks.
  • 5-CastleMBR: Roy's Wild Castle #5: The fifth Koopaling castle in the game. The castle is this a big temple, tangled in vines and leaves. The level's lava & bottomless pits are replaced by poison water. Many animal enemies will appear in this level, like Rex & Dino Rhinos. The level is also filled with tricks & traps, like a giant spiked ball chasing you, and many drumming platforms, that look like Roy. The boss is the previously mentioned Roy Koopa.
  • 5-AirshipMBR: Bowser Jr.'s Big Bad Boat: The second airship level in the game. This airship will be floating in the waters of Yoshi's Island. Many Mega Urchins will be floating in the water in this level. There's also underwater sections, full of Torpedo Teds & Mecha-Cheeps. The airship serves as a cargo ship to transport supplies to Neo Bowser City, the boss is once again Bowser Jr.

Deathly Yard

  • D-1: Bleak Boneyard: The first level of the haunted world. The level takes place in a large graveyard. Many ghost enemies like Boos, Broozers, & Scaredy Rats will appear in this level. Many Dry Bones will jump out of their graves, and try to fight Mario
  • D-2: Colorful Swampland: A swamp level that resembles Painted Swampland from New Super Mario Bros. U. Many paintbrush platforms & teleporting easels will appear in this level. This level's secret exit is the only way to get to the Ghost House level.
  • D-GhostHouseMBR: Delusional House: A ghost house, that takes place in an elegant mansion. Many of the mansion's floors, doors, and platforms will vanish in this level, making the level very difficult. At the end of the level, the entire mansion will disappear.
  • D-3: Ectoplasm Crater: An underground level, that takes place in a crater, full of ectoplasm. The ectoplasm is swimmable, that anyone, including Mario can get stuck in. Jack-O-Goombas, Broozers, and Crowbers are the enemies in this level.
  • D-FortressMBR: Spookloft Fortress: A level where Mario will ride on a haunted elevator to get to the boss's chambers. The elevator has many occupants, like Scaredy Rata & Broozers. Many Boos can taunt or attack Mario. The elevator can suddenly drop or rise at times. The boss is King Boo.

Truffle Peaks

  • 6-1: Bombing Bluffs: A mountainous area, that serves as the first level of the sixth world. The level is Mario climbing & sliding down very steep hills, home to Bombshell Koopa Troopas, Bullet Bills, and Bob-Ombs. The latter will be used to be thrown at Brick Block walls. Airships also appear, launching grenades at Mario. 
  • 6-2: Stone-Roll Mine: An underground level, with Mario climbing on rocky ledges. Stone Spikes appear in this level, spitting spiky stones at Mario. Also as Mario ascends up the mines, Thwomps will be dropping in vertical sections & Bomps rolling downhill on mountain slides. 
  • 6-A: Dry Dino Rhinos: A dry, arid wasteland located on the lower section of the canyon. Many Dino Rhinos roam this desertic level, charging through the ways, spitting fireballs. Pokeys tower all over the level, turning into fruit every second. A few tornadoes appear in this level, that could send Mario over bottomless pits.
  • 6-3: Yoshi's Chocolate: A candy themed level, that takes place on a cake mountain, with a few spiral mountains made of chocolate. Of course the level features Yoshi. Enemies are Stone Spikes (who are spitting chocolate balls), Monty Moles, and Lava Bubbles (coming out of boiling chocolate). Mario will have to ascend the mountain to complete the level.
  • 6-FortressMBR #1: Thornspire Temple: The first tower of World 6. The level mostly has Spike Pillars, smashing into walls every ten seconds. Many spiked enemies, like Grrrols, Thwomps & Spikes also appear. The level also has mazes, that only Mini Mario will go through. The boss is Monty Tank.
  • 6-4: Chain Chomp's Nest: A vertical mountain-themed level, where Mario ascends up a course, with slanted mushrooms. As the title implies, the level has Chain Chomps sleeping in nests, and usually gnawing at Mario. Waddlewings & Whomps also appear in this level. A little easter egg from Mario 3, also appears if Mario waits for 200 seconds.
  • 6-5: Porcu-Puffer Parade: A mountain oasis themed level, that features the second appearance of the imfamous Porcupuffer. This time Porcu-Puffer has five Deep-Cheeps following him. Many big blocks floating in the water hold many secrets, and even a beanstalk, which can lead to W6-B.
  • 6-B: Blindness Tunnel: The quickest way to get to Morton's Castle is a very dark tunnel. Before the level starts, Mario will be given a Glow Box to help him throughout the level. Most of the level has fire-themed enemies to glow up the room. Moving Snake Blocks also apppear, which can cause trouble for those who don't have a Glow Box.
  • 6-FortressMBR #2: Deathly Dojo: An oriental-styles fortress, resembling that off a Japenese-styled dojo. The level is full of Thwomps & searchlights, so Mario must be very sneaky throughout the course. Many oriental enemies like Sumo Bros & Pokios will also make an apperance. The boss is Boss Sumo Bro.
  • 6-6: Fuzzy Crossing: A bridge level, that autoscrolls horinzontally. As the title implies, Fuzzies will appear on this level, either staying, or on the move. Ice Bros. can also appear, freezing the Fuzzies, which can make them rideable. Many candy-cane poles will appear, so you can cling onto them like vines. This level is slightly high-mountain world with a snowy setting.
  • 6-C: Sumo Bro. Ascension: Unlike Fuzzy Crossing, this level is at the lower part of the mountain. Mario willl be on a metallic platform. Mario will be spinng on a corkscrew, that will be needed to be spint. Many Sumo Bros. will be above them, slamming electrical bolts at you, so you'll have to avoid those attacks.
  • 6-7: Thwomp Ruins: Not related to the Mario Kart 8 track. Thwomp Ruins is located on a mountain. Mario will be avoiding Thwomps, Whomps, Bomps, and Toxboxes will be in this temple, waiting for any intruders. This level is a maze-themed level, with dark pathways, and multiple pipeways.
  • 6-CastleMBR: Morton's Flamewire Fortress #6: The penultimate Koopaling castle of the game. The level is auto-scrolling, with swaying swings, that will fall if Mario touches them. Many flame-themed gimmicks, like flamethrowers, flame bars & Fire Bros. appear in this level. Climbing grates also appear, with climbing Dry Bones on them. The boss is Morton.

Explosive City

  • E-1: Clockwork Catastrophe: The first level of the final secret world. The level takes place in a massive clock tower. Various clockwork gears & cogs appear in this level, with some falling off the clock. Mechakoopas & Bullet Bills are common in this level.
  • E-2: Oil Ocean: An industrial-themed level taking place near the beach. The level mostly has an ocean of oil. Many oil rigs will be erupting oil droplets, which can make Mario stuck in these oil droplets. Many fire-themed enemies can burn the ocean, which can make the level harder.
  • E-3: Acid Assault: A labatory level with giant beakers, that erupt corkscrews, which will be needed to progress through the level. The acid acts very similar to poisonous water or lava. There's new enemies, which are Bob-Ombs, holding acid in there circuits.
  • E-4: The Mini-Mega Experiment: A level where Mario must change into the Mega Mushroom & Mini Mushrooms to advance through out the level. There's mazes that only Mini Mario can reach in, and walls that only Mega Mario can break.
  • E-FortressMBR: The Main Generator: The main headquarters of the factory. Many metallic-themed enemies, like Bullet Bills, Bob-Ombs, & Mecha-Koopas appear. Many electrical-themed gimmicks like Amps, and lightning from the main generator will also appear. After destroying the main generator, you'll fight King Bob-Omb.

Cotton Candy Clouds

  • 7-1: Beanstalk Bonanza: A mountainous area that has a large beanstalk: The objective of the level is to climb the beanstalk to the top of the mountain, whih will make Mario progress to the cloud area of the world. Waddlewings, Koopa Paratroopas, & Balloon Goombas are the main enemies of this level.
  • 7-GhostHouseMBR: The Cursed Casino: A level, taking place in a haunted casino. Many neon lights can blind Mario, which can harm him. A few areas in this level has Mario to collect a certain amount of coins to proceed on to the level. Gambling machines appear which can either give Mario a Power-Up, coins or, an 1-Up Mushroom.
  • 7-2: Lakitu's Rainbow Ride: A sunny sky area, taking place on many colorful blocks & even a large rainbow slide. Lakitus appear in this level, chucking Spinies. The level's appearance is very similar to World 7-1 from New Super Mario Bros. Wii. At the end of the level, Mario will slide down the rainbow, hitting an octuplet of Koopa Troopas.
  • 7-A: Raincloud Ocean: A water/athletic level taking place in a harmless rainstorm. The level has many large orbs of water, which Mario can siwm inside. The wind currents are also a common hazard in this level, which can make Mario fall off the cliffs. This level debuts Amazing Flying Hammer Bros., along with Ice Bros.
  • 7-3: Tipbridge Trench: Another sky level taking place in a long, gaping trench. Many seesaws appear in the level, which will rock everytime Mario stands on them. Sometimes, Spiked Balls appear on the seesaws. Paratroopas & Fuzzies appear in this level too. This levle has one of the few apperances of Grinders.
  • 7-FortressMBR: Nightmare Base: Enter: Subcon. The level is entirely inside a dream in this level. Most of the level has Mario riding on carpets, avoidng Pidgets & Cobrats. Most of the level takes place in a dark area, with a few Glow Boxes lighting the way, so except any ghost enemies to appear. The boss is Wart.
  • 7-4: Thunder Bridge: A stormy level, taking place on a long wooden bridge. A large thunder cloud appears in the level, chasing Mario. Every now and then, he will fire an electrical lightning bolt. The lightning bolts are so strong, they can break the bridge, leaving gaps in the bridge.
  • 7-B: Parabeetle Parade: Another sky level. Mario will need to ride a flying bunch of Parabeetles. If Mario stands on ten Parabeetles in a pattern, they can get a 1-UP. Similar to W5-6 from Super Mario Bros. 3, there's a Flame Chomp, chasing after Mario. Different kinds of Bullet Bills (even a King Bill) will also appear.
  • 7-5: Honeyhive Castle: A castle level, that takes place in a massive beehive. Many Stingbies will appear in this level (because their bees, duh). Mario will also climb on honeycombs, to get to the top of the castle, which will end the level. Falling drops of boiling honey will also appear in the vertical sections of the castle.
  • 7-6: Manta Mania: A level that has Mario jumping on Jumbo Rays throughout the clouds. The level will take place during sunset, which foreshadows that the castle is near. Many Propeller Blocks appear in this level, so Mario can avoid the numerous Bullet Bills, that are in this level.
  • 7-7: Bullet Bill Highlands: A level, with Ludwig's Castle in the background. Stone towers are in the background as well in the level. Tall dandelions appear in this level, which Mario can fly & glide on. As the name suggests, many Bullet Bills appear in this level. The Emperor Bills appear in this level, King Bills that act like Bulls-Eye Bills.
  • 7-CastleMBR: Ludwig's Cloudbolt Castle #7: The final Koopaling castle in the game. The level will take place at night, during a severe thunderstorm. Numerous lightning bolts appear in this level. Mostly, there's Amazing Flying Hammer Bros., Spiked Pillars, & Whomps. The Mushroom Kingdom is seen in the background, with Bowser's flagship hovering over it. The boss is Ludwig von Koopa.
  • 7-AirshipMBR: Koopa Krusier Loozers: Fed up on so many defeats from his troops, Bowser decides to take the battle to Mario on his flagship base: The Koopa Cruiser. Like the previous level, this level will take place in a storm. Many of the strongest enemies, like Mecha-Koopas, Flame Chomps, Banzai Bills & Broozers are stowaways of the ship. This level is the first encounter with Bowser. 

Neo Bowser City

  • 8-1: Smithereens in Smoke: The first level of the final world. This level takes place in the once jovial & peaceful Toad Town, now a lava-ruined wasteland. Many lava waterfalls will be introduced in this level, along with Chargin' Chucks, Lava Bubbles, Sledge Bros., and Koopatrols.
  • 8-2: Fire Wave Cave: A deep fiery cavern level, taking place near the planet's mantel. Many lava waves are flowing in this level, hence the name of the level. Many fire-themed enemies, like Fire Bros & Lava Bubbles will appear in this level. There's some parts of the level, where the lava will rise.
  • 8-3: Firefall Canyon: A level where Mario climbs up rock slopes, similar to the ones found in World 6. A volcano in the background is erupting, spitting fire balls, down to Mario. Many volcanic ash also appears in this level, which can instantly kill Mario on contact. This level has a secret exit to 8-A.
  • 8-A: Poison Mushroom Garden: A level away from all of the fiery volcanoes of this world. Instead it's a dark & gloomy garden, home to a number of Poison Mushrooms. No power-ups are seen in this level, so Mario needs to pick up some Power-Ups, from aprevious world to make the level easier.
  • 8-FortressMBR #1: Ironclad Platoon: The first fortress of the eighth world. Instead of a typical fortress, this level will have an army of tanks, ready to tank down Mario. This level is similar to the Tank levels, from Super Mario Bros. 3, with an auto-scrolling gimmick, and many Bob-Ombs & Hammer Bros. The boss is the Army Hammer Bro.
  • 8-4: Blarrgh's Secret Raft Ride: A level where Mario rides on a raft, made out of skull bones. While Blarrghs are the main enemy of this level, there's more hazards, like lava geysers, which can send the raft in mid-air, and falling meteors, similar to World 8-3. This is the last volcano level.
  • 8-AirshipMBR: Bowser Jr.'s Airship Armada: The final airship level of the game. This level will take place on an armada of airships. The Koopa Cruiser returns in this level, serving as the battle arena. Enemies are Bulls-Eye Bills, Cannonballs, Flamethrowers, Magikoopas, & Mechakoopas. The boss is Bowser Jr. one last time.
  • 8-5: Subway Scare: After defeating Bowser Jr., Mario & his friends fall down in an underground portion, with a long subway. The level is very short, just Mario trying to survive a subway ride, while ducking. Many normal enemies like Goombas, Koopa Troopas & Boos are just riding the subway. This is the beginning of the city portion of the world.
  • 8-6: Doom & Gloom Alley: A haunted & abandoned part of the flashing Bowser City, inhabited by your friendly-neighborhood Boo. Many ghost enemies tend to appear in this level, like Broozers. The level even has a Boohemoth, which will chase Mairo into the light & flashing part of the city.
  • 8-7: Hot Highway: A level that takes place in a large highway, with Koopa Troopas, driving cars & trucks. Mario will be riding in a car in the level, trying to survive the rampaging highway, with wrecks, unfinished roads, and red lights. Look out for spikes on the road, made by Bowser.
  • 8-B: Skyscraper Scramble: An athletic level, taking place over the skies of Neo Bowser City. This level will take place on the skyscrapers, Mario will hop from one to another skyscraper. This level is pretty hard, where Mario must ride a few Snake Blocks, & avoiding a few Koopa Paratroopas.
  • 8-FortressMBR #2: Magical Fortress: This is the final tower level of the game. The fortress takes place in a dark, fortress. Spellbooks will be flying everywhere, trying to pounce at Mario, lava cauldrons, will be spitting out Lava Bubbles, & Kamek's homing blue fireballs will be following Mario everywhere. The boss is Kamek.
  • 8-8: The Final Frontier: The final level that the heroes share, because they'll have to go different patterns after this level. Many of the strongest enemies will appear in this level, trying to hinder Mario's process. If that ain't enough, the Koopalings & Bowser Jr. are seen trying to freeze Mario, similar to New Super Mario Bros. 2.
  • 8-CastleMBR (Luigi & Toads): The Mecha-Castle Fight: The final level in Luigi & the Toad's storyline. Army Hammer Bro.'s plans of betraying Bowser has been revealed, and Army is bound to take the trio out with his giant mecha-castle he built from scratch.
  • 8-Bowser Castle Icon (Mario): Bowser's Castle: The final level in Mario's story. The castle has a total of ten doors. Mario must go through the ten doors to open the final door, leading to the final battle.
    • Room 1: A standard fiery area, with Lava Bubbles & Dry Bones
    • Room 2: An area, where Mario runs through a course, guarded by Thwomps & Whomps
    • Room 3: A area, covered by Bowser signs, which makes the level hard to progress. It is full of Mechakoopas.
    • Room 4: An underwater part of the dungeon, full of Spiked Pillars & Fishbones
    • Room 5: A dark area, full of types of Boos & Magikoopas
    • Room 6: An outside area, with airships and Lil Sparkies
    • Room 7: A series of fences with Dry Bones, climbing on these fences. Ball n' Chains & Thwomps also appear.
    • Room 8: A level on Snake Blocks, with a flowing sea of lava, chasing the Snake Block
    • Room 9: A long hallway with three-way corridors, similar to Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels.
    • Room 10: A long staircase, with the Koopalings, trying to freeze you with their magic wands


This game has the biggest arsenal of Mario's power-ups, at twelve old ones, and one new one.

Image Power-Up's Image Name Power-Up Description
Small Mario NSMBU
Small Mario N/A Small Mario is Mario's starting form. Mario usually starts like this, and can happen if Mario gets hit by an enemy. One hits and Mario will lose a life.
359px-Mario - New Super Mario Bros U Mushroom (Mario Kart 8) Super Mario Super Mushroom If Mario gets a Super Mushroom, he will transform into Super Mario, the plumber's most common form. Mario can do things that Small Mario can't do, like breaking Brick Blocks. Mario will shrink down to small Mario, if he gets hit.
300px-NSMB2 Fire Mario
Fire Mario Fire Flower If Mario gets a Fire Flower, he'll transform into Fire Mario. Fire Mario will shoot sticky fire balls from his fingertips, which can destroy almost any enemy. Mario will turn to Super Mario, if he gets hit.
Ice Mario Ice Flower If Mario gets an Ice Flower, he'll turn into Ice Mario. Mario will shoot frozen ice balls from his hands. He'll freeze enemies with these ice balls, and turn into ice cubes. Mario can throw these as well. 

Super Leaf

Tanooki Mario Super Leaf Mario will transform into Tanooki Mario, if he gets a Super Leaf. Mario can fly in the air, if his P-Meter rises to full throttle. Mario can also spin his tail at enemies.
WiiU NewMarioU 3 char02 E3
Acorn Shroom

Super Acorn

Flying Squirrel Mario Super Acorn Mario will turn into a flying squirrel if he eats a Super Acorn. Mario can glide in the air, with his wings. He can also cling onto walls for a few seconds.
Cat Mario Super Bell Mario will transform into a sleepy, grumpy feline who likes lasagna. He will pounce onto enemies, and can climb onto high walls, that normal Mario can't reach.
Frog Mario Frog Suit Mario will transform into a croaking amphibian creature. Mario can swim well, in underwater courses, and can jump the highest, out of any power-up.
Penguin Mario Penguin Suit Mario will transform into a flightless bird. Mario can glide across the icy floors, with his belly. He can also do similar stuff with the Ice Flower.
Chicken Mario

Chicken Mario

Chicken Suit
Chicken Mario Chicken Suit Mario will transform into another flying bird. Mario will fly with his wings, very high. He can also shoot hot fireballs, like the Fire Flower.
Hammer Mario Hammer Suit A very rare item from Super Mario Bros. 3, turns into a common Power-Up. Hammer Mario can throw hammers, that can destroy 99.9% of enemies. He can also turn into a Koopa Troopa shell, to protect himself. The only low is that it will slow Mario by alot. 
Mini Mario Mini Mushroom Mario will shrink down, when he eats a Mini Mushroom. Mini Mario can do alot of stuff like run up walls, run across water, and could jump higher than Luigi's normal stuff. If Mini Mario's hit, he will die.

Bomb Mario


Bomb Flower


Bomb Mario is the new form in Mario's arsenal, taking the form of a Bob-Omb. Mario can throw bombs, and can turn into a bomb for only once. If it explodes, Mario will turn into his original form.
Super Star Invincible Mario Mario can find this rare gem in hidden blocks, or areas. Mario will become invincible for fifteen seconds. Mario is invincible to everything except lava, poison wastes, bottomless pits, or platforms that can crush you.
Mega Mario Mega Mushroom Mega Mario is the biggest form of Mario. Mega Mario is mostly invincible, but for 30 seconds. Mega Mario can crush anything in its path, which is very helpful to find secrets.


Yoshi also appear in New Super Mario NX. They'll always start with a Green Yoshi. In Toad Houses, they can change the color of the Yoshi

Yoshi Name Description
Yoshi NSMBW Green Yoshi This Yoshi is the default Yoshi. He does not have any special powers, or abilities.
120px-Red YoshiSMWWii Red Yoshi If the Yoshi eats a Koopa Troopa with his corresponding color, he'll breathe three fire balls.
Blue YoshiSMWWii Blue Yoshi This Yoshi can eat any enemy with a blue Koopa shell. And he can fly in the air for a short time.
Yellow YoshiSMWWii Yellow Yoshi If Yoshi eats a big Koopa Troopa, he can stomp the ground, killing every enemy on the screen.


Image Name Description
Goomba - MarioPartyStarRush
Goomba Bowser's foot soldiers that tread around, where Bowser goes. They just walk around in a straight pattern. Nothing can make them stop walking, even through bottomless pits. A single stomp should defeat them (along with everything else).
Para-Goomba A winged variant of a Goomba. They are similar to their original counterparts, but they have the ability to fly, or float. Defeat like a Goomba
Hefty Goomba Giant variants of Goombas. They stomp around, but this time they know they're limits. Ground-pound on them, to make two smaller Goombas.
Burning Goombas
Mad Goomba Very mad variants of Goombas, who were affected from the Vibe Specter from an earlier adventure, when they find Mario, they will try to ram him. A single stomp will defeat a Mad Goomba.
Sad goomba

NEWCOMER: Sad Goomba

Sad Goomba Sad Goombas are crying variants of a Goomba, who were affected by a Vibe Specter. They just sit on the ground, and bawl they're eyes out. They're tear-streams can hurt Mario. Like any other Goomba, a hit should defeat one.
Cat Goomba Cat Goombas are cat variants of Goombas. They will jump & try to pounce directly at Mario. Just take them out with a stomp.
Micro Goombas
Mini Goomba Small Goombas, who usually appear in groups. They will coil around Mario and bite them. Mairo could be killed in around a minute. Tread left & right to get these pests off of you.
Tail Goomba Goombas who ate a Super Leaf in their spare time. The can hover onto Mario, and can spin their tails. Defeat like any other Goomba.
Big Tail Goomba Giant variants of Tail Goombas. They act very similar to Tail Goombas, but can make harmful shockwaves. They need three hits on the head to take down.
Goomba Tower Goombas who join to create a tall stack. Mario needs to get on top a Goomba, to take down every single Goomba.
KoopaTroopa MP9

Captain Koopa

Green Koopa Troopa Bowser's most famous troops. They act similar to the common Goomba, who fall into pits. After a jump, they're shells can be used to be thrown at other enemies.
Red Koopa Troopa Koopa Troopas who have red shells. They're not as stupid as their green counterpart, as they know where to stop walking.
250px-Koopa Troopa Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Beach Koopa Koopa Troopas who forgot their shells, at the locker room in Bowser's Castle. Koopa Troopas can turn into this after being thrown out of their shell. A single stomp can defeat them.
Blue Paratroopa - New Super Mario Bros
Koopa Paratroopa Flying Koopa Troopas, in blue shells. They can home directly at Mario, which can hurt Mario. A single hit on their head, can turn them into Koopa Troopas, but with blue shells.
JSSB Koopa alt 2
Big Koopa Troopa Giant Koopa Troopas, with yellow shells. They walk around, like Red Koopa Troopas. Think of them like a regular Koopa Troopa.
Dry Bones Skeletal undead Koopa Troopas, who either fell into the scalding lava in a Koopaling castle, or just died of regular causes. A stomp will just make them fall for ten seconds, until they regenerate again. The only way to defeat them is either an Ice Flower or a Super Star.
Hammer Bro. A heavily armored version of a Koopa Troopas. They jump around, chucking a flurry of sledge mallets. They can be taken down by a single hit.
FireBro (1)
Fire Bro. Red Hammer Brothers. Instead of hammers, they have the power of fire on their sides, as they chuck fireballs. Jump on their heads.
Boomerang Bro. Blue Hammer Bros. from down unda. They will throw boomerangs, as they always come back to them.
Ice Bro. Cold-blooded Hammer Bros. that reside in frigid environments. They throw iceballs, that can freeze Mario on contact.
Bomb Bro. Explosive Hammer Bros, who are experts in pyrotechnics. They throw Bob-Omb look-a-likes, which can explode.
Sledge Bro. Obese variants of Hammer Bros., that live in the most dangerous environments. Sledge Bros. will throw giant hammers, and can make ground-pounds, similar to Big Tail Goombas. They take three hits to be defeated, unlike in previous games.
Sumo Bro. Large, orange Hammer Bros. who took up sumo wrestling. They usually reside on platforms, where they do stomps, which will ignite a spark, which can burn Mario. You can't stomp on their heads, because of their spike, so you must use a different way.

An Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bro. in Super Mario World: Wii

Amazing Flying Hammer Bro. An Amazing Flying Hammer Bro. are Hammer Bros. who ride on winged platforms. They act very similar to Sledge Bros. as they continuously fire hammers at the Mario Bros. Three hits are needed to beat him.
200px-ShyGuyCTTT artwork
Shy Guy Shy Guys rarely appear in Bowser's armies, but they are pretty strong for first-world enemies. They use turnips for their arsenals. A single stomp is needed, along with 99.9% of Bowser's goons.
Bob-omb - Mario Kart Wii
Bob-Omb Bob-Ombs are living bombs, who simply walk around in a straight pattern. They will detonate in fifteen seconds, as soon as they come on screen. If Mario jumps on a Bob-Omb, they will turn to a normal bomb, which will be needed to be thrown. It could destroy almost anything in their path.
Chargin' Chuck Koopa Troopa-esque enemies who take up football or rugby. When a Chargin' Chuck sees Mario, they will ram into them. One stomp will remove their helmet, they will get more aggressive, as they begin to throw baseballs. Another stomp should take them out.
Cheep-Cheep Fish-enemies who swim in a simple pattern. While they don't attack on contact, they are harmful. It's best to take them out with a fire ball/ice ball underwater, or a stomp on land.
Deep-Cheep Deep-Cheeps are more aggressive versions of Cheep-Cheeps, as they spot Mario, they'll swim directly at Mario. Take them out like a regular Cheep-Cheep.
Spiny Cheep-Cheep Spiny Cheep-Cheeps are like Deep-Cheeps, but WAY more aggressive and WAY more faster. Obviously, you can't stomp, so take a more safer approach to them.
Cheep Chomp
Cheep-Chomp Obese Cheep-Cheeps that like to eat. Cheep-Chomps blindly swim around, and when Mario is near them, they will open their massive mouths, to eat them. Three fire ball are needed to take down the Cheep-Chomp.
Spike Very fat Koopa-Troopas whose diet is spiked balls. They mostly reside in very arid, hot environments. Spikes are usually seen on slopes, because their spike balls can go down faster. Just. Do. One. Hit.
Snow Spike Snow Spikes usually appear in frigid environments, similar to the Ice Bro. Their snowballs will constantly get bigger as they roll down slopes.
Stone Spike Stone Spikes are different than their counterpart. They will stand on a platform, spitting spiked stones, and throwing down vertically down bottomless pits.
Swoop SMR
Swoop Swoops are lurking bats, residing in cave or ghost worlds. Swoops will blindly fly around, whenever they want.
ChainChomp SM64S
Chain Chomp Chain Chomps are giant dog-like creatures, attached to their posts. When Mario gets close, they will gnash their teeth at them. Ground-pound their posts to send them flying.
Bullet Bill Bullet Bills are usually shot from cannons. They just fly in a straight pattern. Simply jump on them.
Banzai Bill Banzai Bills are bigger than Bullet Bills, and they appear to be flying around. In fifteen seconds, they will blow up, unlike in previous games. Take three hits on their steel heads.
King Bill King Bills are massive Bullet Bills. They will fly around, like a typical Bullet Billl, but it's pretty hard to avoid them. Unless you have a Super Star, duck or run.
Thwomp Thwomps are giant, stone block creatures that sleep constantly. When something is underneath them, they will wake up and try to slam the lifeform down. There's no way to defeat a Thwomp, aside of a Super Star.


Whomp Whomps are giant stone golems, similar to Thwomps, but on land. Whomps walk around. When they see Mario they will try to pin him down. Mario needs to ground-pound on a Whomp to take him down.
Boo Sunrise
Boo Boos are ghost enemies. When Mario looks at them, they will stop in their tracks and shyly close their eyes. But when Mario moves away from them, the Boo will follow Mario. A Super Star is the only way to take down a Boo.
Big Boo Big Boos are bigger versions of Boos. Unlike Boos, Big Boos use their nasty tongues to attack. Like Boos, take them down with a Super Star.
Boohemoth Solo
Boohemoth Boohemoth is one of the few invincible enemies in the game. Unlike their counterparts, when they cloe their eyes, they will slightly move towards Mario. Boohemoths can also shoot out blue fire balls.
SMSR Blooper
Blooper Bloopers are squid enemies who swim around, firing ink balls, which can blind the player's screen. They're defeat patterns are like Cheep-Cheeps. Use a fire ball.
Urchin Urchins are self-explanatory. They sit around underwater courses, covered in spikes. They will ocasionally fire their spikes on their body. You can jump on them, so there must be a safer approach to defeat an Urchin.
Mega Urchin NSMBU Sprite
Mega Urchin Mega Urchins are MASSIVE. They appear on the top of the water, floating up & down, trying to poke Mario. Only a Super Star can take down this beast.
Pokey Pokeys are cactus enemies, that move around the hot sands of the desert, trying to poke Mario. Take them down to size with the Fire Flower.
Spiny Spinys are usually thrown from the cloud of a Lakitu. Spinys are mostly invincible, except from fire balls, ice balls, hammer tosses, or tail whacks.
Buzzy Beetle Buzzy Beetles are Spinys, but with no spikes, and is very durable. Only a stomp on their shell can defeat them.
Lakitu Lakitus will be floating on their clouds, chucking Spiny eggs. Mario can jump on their heads, causing them to commandeer their clouds.
Bandit MP11
Bandit Bandits are blue robed Shy Guys, who like to lurk in the area with little to no population. Bandits can steal coins or Power-Ups from Mario.
539px-Stingby Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Stingby Stingbies are small bees, with sharp noses. Stingbies will try to home in on enemies. They only appear in World A & World 5.
Huckit Crab Huckit Crabs usually appear in beach or desert worlds, chucking rocks. They are just the simple enemy, with just a smack to the head.
Fire Snake Fire Snakes appear in desert or volcano levels, jumping around. A shot of the Ice Flower can douse their flames, defeating them.
Gushen Icon SMO
Gushen Gushens make their debut in 2D form. The use their water shields as hovercrafts, where they fly in the air, on thrust through the water. Mario can simply stomp them.
Big fishbone
Fishbone Fishbones are skeletal forms of Cheep-Cheeps. When they see Mario, they get angry, and chase after Mario. If they hit a wall, they'll get defeated.
200px-Waddlewing Artwork NSMBU


Waddlewing Waddlewings are flying squirrel enemies who glide from trees. They usually appear in jungle levels. Also, they hold Super Acorns, for them to eat.
Wiggler Wigglers are caterpillar enemies who calmly walk around. When they're hit on the head, they'll get angry, and tread around the ground. Only a Fire or Ice Flower can take a Wiggler down.
SpearGuy YBA
Spear Guy Spear Guys are native tribe Shy Guys, who live in the jungle. They spot Mario, they will throw spears,They act like Shy Guys.
Bramball NSLU
Bramball Bramballs are Pokey enemies who tread around the wooded areas of the jungles. If they're hit from below, coins will pop out, so just jump on their heads.
Rex Run SMW

Carios Yoshi

Rex Rexes are giant dinosaur enemies who walk around. They take two hits, the first hit just slightly shrinking them down, and making them more faster.
Dino Rhino Dino Rhinos are prehistoric creatures, who usually appear in either jungle, mountain, or volcano worlds. Dino Rhinos will start off walking around, but after a hit, they'll shrink down, and start shooting out fireballs.
Cooligan Cooligans are penguins, who slide around the icy areas of mountains. One hit will remove their sunglasses, making them slower. Another hit will take them out.
Fliprus Flipruses are like Snow Spikes. They use snowballs as their advantage. They will also swim around in frozen lakes. Simply jump on them.

Piranha Plant

Piranha Plant Piranha Plants appear in pipes, gnashing their teeth. Fire Flowers, Ice Flowers, and Super Leaves are needed to take down these poisonous weeds.
Venus Fire Traps Venus Fire Traps are Piranha Plant enemies, but they have a new attack: spitting out homing fireballs.
Venus Ice Traps Venus Ice Traps are like Venus Fire Traps, but instead of fireballs, they spit out iceballs.
Monty Mole Monty Moles are blind moles, who run around without any care in the world. They normally appear in grass, mountain, or ice areas. Jump on them, or eat them with Yoshi.
Porcupuffer Porcupuffers are fat pufferfish, covered in spikes. They swim across the water, occasionally jumping. Three fire ball shots are needed to take down the Porcupuffer.
Fuzzy Fuzzies are usually held by small wires, moving around the course. Use ice balls, or fire balls.
Amp NSMB2 prima
Amp Amps are electrical creatures, covered in electrical sparks. The only way to defeat an Amp is using the Ice Flower. Anything else will get you electrified.
SMW2 Hefty Goonie
Goonie Goonies are cartoony bird enemies, flying around the clouds of the Mushroom Kingdom. Jump on their heads, to make them wingless, and again to take them down.
Foo Foos are cloud golems, who like to exhale fog out of their mouths. If a hit is dealt on their head, they'll disappear.
Mechakoopa Mechakoopas are usually on airships in Neo Bowser City. Mechakoopas will walk around, shooting out fire rays at Mario. They're like Dry Bones, who will regenerate after ten seconds. They'll explode is something fiery comes into contact with them.
Lava Bubble Lava Bubbles lurk in volcanoes or castles, waiting for Mario to walk underneath them, and then they will jump up. Their weakness is ice balls.
Blargg SMW3D
Blargg Blarggs lurk in volcanic tunnels. Usually they'll leap out of the lava, trying to eat Mario. You can't defeat them, so let them be.
240px-Magikoopa Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Magikoopa Old wizard Koopas usually near Bowser's territory. They use their wands, to make magic spells, which can hurt Mario.
Broozer Broozers like to box. When they see Mario, the only thing they want ot do is to beat them to a bloody pulp. Three hits on the head will defeat a Broozer.
Bowser Statue As a narcissist, Bowser builds statues, all around territories that are his. Bowser States will be triggered when a certain button is pressed, where they'll fire a laser beam at Mario. Mario must run away from them.
Koopatrol PMTAB
Koopatrol Koopa Troopa knights that only appear in Bowser's City. They'll fight back with a sword, or shield. Mario must go behind them, with a Fire Flower, and take them down like that.
Dark Star Clones Bowser is using Dark Star duplicates to power his ultimate weapon. Dark Star Clones usually fire laser beams at Mario. A Super Star are the only thing to take down these beasts.
Gao Gaos are the more common enemies of the deserts of Honey Dunes & Sarsaland. They are usually perched on ground, spitting flames.
Cobrat Art (Super Mario Bros. 2)
Cobrat Cobrats are devious snake creatures, who lurk in deserts or dreams. Cobrats will attack by lunging at Mario.
Kritter SSB for Wii U
Kritter Kritters appear in the deep jungles of DK Island. Kritters sneak around the ground, and when they see DK, they'll be aggressive.

More TBA


Image Name Level Description

Boom Boom

Boom-Boom First Fields-FortressMBR Boom-Boom serves as the first fortress boss in the game, therefore making him the first boss. Boom-Boom combines attacks from Super Mario Bros. 3 Super Mario 3D Land. Boom-Boom will spend the first hit running around. After one hit, he'll fall down for a few seconds. Before the second hit, he'll spin around like a mad tornado around the room. After another hit, he'll spin around the room like a Koopaling. The last hit, will have him growing wings, trying to swoop down at Mario. The last hit will take the fortress flunkie down.
1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111200px-NSMBU LarryKoopa


Larry Koopa First Fields-CastleMBR Larry is the first castle boss, making him the first castle boss in the game. Larry's battlefield will take place on  a grassy battlefield (because most of the castle is on a grassy field). Aside of his occasional cyan fire balls. Larry will try to pick up a heavy turnip, to use in the battle. Larry will throw the turnip at Mario, which will release Mini-Goombas, which can leech on Mario. Mario can either hit his head, or throw a big turnip at Larry to take a hit on him. His shell-spin is the slowest, out of all the Koopalings. After two hits, Piranha Plant sprouts will rise from the ground, making the fight harder, unless Mario has a Fire Flower. One more hit, and Larry will be defeated.
Bugaboom Autumn Acres-FortressMBR Bugaboom is the first special boss, fought in the tower of Autumn Acres. Bugaboom acts slightly similar to his battles from Super Mario Galaxy duology. Bugaboom will fly around the room, occasionally slamming the ground, leaving a fiery, harmful shockwave. Bugaboom is very hard to reach, without the Super Lear, or Super Acorn. The only way to ge to the bug is dandelion stalks, which grow from the ground. Ground-pound on Bugaboom's back, when you're on his height. After two hits, Bugaboom will drop down, grow his back with spikes, and charge at Mario. (Note: The spikes on his back, will only appear, when Bugaboom is on land.)
Tryclyde Doom Doop Desert-FortressMBR Tryclyde is the second fortress boss, fought in the mid-way point of Doom Doop Dunes. Tryclyde is fought on a row of six urns. The battle is very similar to the Lemmy and Wendy battles from Super Mario World. Tryclyde will go under one of the six urns. Tryclyde will rise out of an urn, followed by two dummies. Tryclyde will fire a hot, sticky fireball out of the middle head's mouth. After each stomp, a Tryclyde head will explode. The remaining Tryclyde(s) will go under the urn, to shoot fireballs, going out of the urns. After two hits, the remaining Tryclyde will fire a long red laser beam.


Iggy Koopa Doom Doop Dunes-CastleMBR Iggy Koopa is the second Koopaling boss, fought in the arid sands of Doom Doop Dunes. Iggy will be piloting a massive knight statue in the background. Iggy will use his usual green fireball tactic. But, the ground starts out as normal sand, but Iggy can snap his fingers, and it can turn into quicksand. Mario must find a button to shut off Iggy's knight robot, causing Iggy to fall on the floor. Iggy will get angry and flail his arms around the room. Hit Iggy on his head three times to defeat him. After two stomps, Iggy will press a button causing two Thwomp stones to block each side of the arena. If Iggy presses another button, the two  Thwomps will go vertically towards Mario, to try to hit him.
Bowser Jr. (First Time)

Doom Doop Dunes-AirshipMBR

Bowser Jr. will constantly appear in his airships to make sure Mario will not move on. This is the first encouter over the sandy desert of Doop Doom Dunes. Bowser Jr. will be running around, spitting fireballs. Bowser Jr. will be using his magic paintbrush, to create paint balls, or enemies. Mario must jump on Bowser Jr.'s head as always. Unlike the Koopalings, Bowser Jr. stays in place, as Bullet Bills begin firing from walls of the ship. After two hits, Bowser Jr. will make a paint shield around him, as two Red Koopa Troopas come at you. Mario needs to throw one at the paint shield, causing a giant wave of paint to come after you. Jump over the paint wave, and give the finishing blow to Junior.
Mollusque-Lanceur Whimsical Waters-FortressMBR Mollusque Lanceur from the Seaside Kingdom, retreated to the tropical shores of Whimsical Waters to get back at Mario. He is fought at the top of the glass tower, where a giant water geyser will erupt every single second. Lanceur will be flying around, firing spiky ball bombs, with small explosion radii. When the giant water geyser erupts, Mario must jump on Lanceur's giant head. Lanceur will spin around, sending out Gushen minions to take care of Mario. After two hits, Lanceur will fill his head with fiery lava. Two blue pipes will grow from the glass tower, sprouting Ice Flowers. Mario must take the Ice Flower, to shoot at Lanceur, and then jump on his head.
200px-Lemmy Koopa NSMBU-0


Lemmy Koopa Whimsical Waters-CastleMBR Lemmy is the third Koopaling boss, who will be fought in his private submarine in Whimsical Waters. Lemmy will be fought on an metallic platform, over a pool of electric eels. Mario will be riding on a Lemmy Ball in this battle, because he'll be electrified on the floor. Lemmy will fire purple-starred bombs, and spit small flames. Mario must hit Lemmy's bouncy ball to hit the water, elctrifying Lemmy. Lemmy will be sitting on the metallic floor, who is dizzy on the floor. During the shell spin, Lemmy can pop your Lemmy Ball. After two hits, instead of bombs, Lemmy will use beached Urchins, who will roll to Mario. 
Reznor Big Island-FortressMBR The giant dinosaur enemies serve as the bosses of the second secret world, the Big Island. The boss arena has three wheels, with four Reznors on each, having a total of twelve Reznors. Reznors will be on these wheels, spitting out fire. Mario must go under the blocks of the Reznors, and hit them, defeating them one by one. After defeating eight Reznors, the remaing ones will slam the ground, which will send the wooden bridge parts to the molten lava below. When one Renzor remains, the dino will slam onto the remains of the wooden battlefield, leaving a harmful shockwave. The Reznor will run around, spitting his fire balls. Mario needs to lure the Reznor to a end of the wooden bridge arena, to send the Reznor burning to death in the lava, ending the battle. 

baron brr

Baron Brrr

Ice Cream Inferno-FortressMBR

Baron Brrr oversees the operations of the ice region of the half ice & fire world: Ice Cream Inferno. Baron Brrr is on a high ledge that Mario can not reach. This battle is similar to Mollusque-Lanceur, but the ice baron is in the background. The battlefield is on a frozen lake, where Baron Brrr will jump off his perch, slamming the ground into the watery lake for a second. A volcano is in the background, erupting Fire Flowers. Mario must use the flower to melt Baron Brrr, making him smaller. Baron Brrr will jump on his perch, to fire falling ice balls. After two hits. Baron Brrr will get to the ground, and roll towards Mario.
Wendy O. Koopa Ice Cream Inferno-CastleMBR Wendy is the fourth Koopaling boss, looking over the fire region of Ice Cream Inferno. The arena is a slippery ice field over lava. The battle is pretty tough, as Wendy will spin into a raging tornado, skating over the ice field, breaking a small area of ice. Wendy will shoot rings. If a ring hits a wall can create a falling icicle. If the ring hits the lava chunk, a lava geyser will spit out of it. If Wendy is hit, she'll shell spin into a blue pipe, which has her traverse over the two areas, over the broken ice arena. After two hits, Wendy will whistle, causing two Venus Ice Traps to come out of pipes, to assist her. 
Major Burrows Crystal Chasm-FortressMBR Major Burrows is the boss of the third secret world, overseeing operations in the crystal cavern world of Crystal Chasm. Major Burrows will dig underground, trying to ambush Mario from the ground. Undergrunt Gunners in the background will be firing Bob-Ombs, which will be needed. Lure Major Burrows, and avoid his drill attack. Then, throw the Bob-Omb at him. Major Burrows will lose his helmet, leaving a bald pink spot with a bandage. Ground-pound on Burrows to begin the second phase. After two hits, Major Burrows will slam the ground, causing falling slactites to fall from the ceiling.
215px-MPSR Petey Piranha

Unlocked by beating him in world 6

Petey Piranha Yoshi's Island-FortressMBR This overgrown weed has taken control of the jungles of Yoshi's Island, in his tall tree fortress. Petey Piranha will start by firing goop balls, which will rain down on Mario. Petey will also fly around, and not stopping to take a breather. Mario must get a Watermelon Bomb, and throw it at Petey. Petey will fall down, leaving a harmful shockwave. Mario must ground-pound on his belly, because he will be eaten if he jumps in his mouth. After being hit, Petey will spit out an egg, releasing a type of Piranha Plant, which will aid him in battle. After two hits, Petey will try to inhale every thing in the fortress, including Mario & his Piranha Plant allies. If Mario succeeds to avoid the inhalement, the overgrown Piranha Plant will faint.


Roy Koopa Yoshi's Island-CastleMBR Roy Koopa is the fifth boss in New Super Mario NX (similar to his position in his first apperances). Roy is fought on a platform, held by a chain over poisonous water. Instead of Bullet Bills, Roy will be firing Bob-Ombs from his cannon, which can explode, causing the platform to shake. Roy can leap in the air, and ground-pound blue shockwaves, that deal damage. In order to beat Roy, Mario must ground-pound, to make shockwaves to hit Roy. If Mario hits Roy on the head on the traditional way, it'll take six hits, instead of three. Mario must have Roy on his back, to hit him three times. After two hits, Roy will now fire Bulls-Eye Bills, which can destroy the chain up above. Mairo must take down the Bulls-Eye Bill before the chain hits, or else he'll die. Roy will also make purple shockwaves, which will be more harder to avoid.
Bowser Jr. (Second Time) Yoshi's Island-AirshipMBR The second encounter with Bowser Jr. will take place in the Yoshi Isles on the cargo ship, holding supplies. This battle will have Bowser Jr. using his trusty Junior Clown Car this time. Bowser Jr. will hover around in his Clown Car, acting similar to the final boss battle in Super Mario World, shooting Mini-Steelies & Mecha-Koopas. There's a slight difference in this battle, where Bowser Jr. will be releasing Thwimps, from his Clown Copter. Bowser Jr. must throw a Mecha-Koopa at Bowser Jr. to crash into the ground, making Jr. dizzy. After two hits, Bowser Jr. will call for a Banzai Bill Blaster to be fired every five seconds, to give the boss battle a little tense into it. This will be the last time we'll see Jr. until World 8.
King Boo Deathly Yard-FortressMBR King Boo is the fourth secret world boss, fought in the spooky graveyards of Deathly Yard. King Boo's arena will have two easels at each corner of the battlefield. King Boo will teleport through those easels to avoid King Boo. King Boo's attacks are spitting homing cyan flames, and fires his long tongue to the other corner of the battlefield. Mario must use a Glow Box (from Super Mario 3D World), to take down King Boo. Mario must aim the light at King Boo's face three times to defeat him. After two hits, King Boo will have two Broozers coming out of the two easels to assist him in battle.
Monty Tank
Monty Tank Truffle Peaks-FortressMBR #1 Monty Tank is the first tower boss of the mountainous world: Truffle Peaks. Similar to the battle from New Super Mario Bros. A Monty Mole will be piloting a militaristic tank, firing Bullet Bills from the cannons of it. Mario can't hit Monty Tank directly as the pilot is wearing a spiked helmet. Mario must use a Bob-Omb that the pilot is throwing, at throw it back at the pilot. The tank will begin to spin around, firing Bullet Bills in every direction. Each hit will have the tank grow by a layer. After two hits, the tank will begin to shoot Bulls-Eye Bills, & the Bob-Ombs explode more quicker.
Boss Sumo Bro. Truffle Peaks-FortressMBR #2 Boss Sumo Bro. serves as the final tower boss of the mountainous world: Truffle Peaks. Boss Sumo Bro. is going to leap around from five metallic wires, with Amps between these said wires. The overweight Hammer Bro. will slam into the ground, not only making a fiery wave down, but sending the Amp down, temporaily electrifying the floor for a millisecond. Mario must jump on the wire that the Sumo Bro. is on, causing him to fall down. Jump on his belly six times to defeat him. After two hits, he will turn into a living fireball, and spin around the arena. 
Morton Koopa Jr. Truffle Peaks-CastleMBR Morton is the penultimate Koopaling boss, fought in Truffle Peaks. The battle is on six stone platforms, with Spiked-Pillars on the ceilings. Morton will be running around with hammer. He will occassionally firing his mallet at falling Spike Balls, which will go very fast. Morton will jump and smash his hammer into the ground, causing the stone pillar that Mario is on, get crushed by the Spiked Pillar on the ceiling. After being hit, Morton will curl into his shell. His shell-spin is the fastest out of all the Koopalings. After two hits, Morton will smash his hammer into the ground, without jumping, causing a chain of rock spikes to go flying at Mario.
King Bob-omb Explosive City-FortressMBR King Bob-Omb serves as the final secret world boss, in the factories of Explosive City. Before the battle starts, King Bob-Omb puts up a time limit of 2 minutes. If Mario doesn't beat him in that limit, he will explode, killing Mario. King Bob-Omb will be walking around, sluggishly, chucking Bob-Ombs. There will be two cannons on each side firing bombs. Mario must control one of these cannons, and fire it at the king. Repeat this five more times to defeat him. After three cannon shots, a machine from the main generator will cough up smoke, causing the area to be covered in a grayish fog.
Wart Smashified
Wart Cotton Candy Clouds-FortressMBR After losing his syndicate of 8-bits, Wart hides in the shadows of Subcon dreams, waiting for Mario's return. Wart is the fortress boss of the penultimate world. Wart will be flying on a carpet for the majority of the battle. Wart will burp out multiple bubbles & turnips which can hurt Mario. There a machine, spitting turnips. Mario must pick up a turnip & throw it at Wart. Wart will get his eyes blinded, due to the turnip hit. Wart will turn into a tornado & order Pidget minions to go after Mario. After two hits, Wart will stomp his foot making the area darker, making the batttle harder.
Ludwig von Koopa Cotton Candy Clouds-CastleMBR Ludwig is the seventh Koopaling boss, making him the final Koopaling boss in the game. Unlike most Koopalings, the level is on a stone-block ground. Besides his occasional Flutter-Jumps & Ground-Pounds, Ludwig will snap his fingers making the platform Mario is on to float up into the air to a spiked ceiling. Mario can't hit Ludwig because he has a protective shield on him. Mario will need a Koopa Troopa shell to disable Ludwig's shield. Instead of his shell-spin, Ludwig's shell will hover in the air, and try to slam Mario. After two hits, Ludwig will press a button, causing the spiked ceiling to lower down on the ground, making it harder for Mario to jump.
Bowser Sunrise


(First Battle)

Cotton Candy Clouds-AirshipMBR Bowser takes the final battle on his Koopa Cruiser flagship. The battle is very similar to most battles in Mario history: Bowser is on a long bridge & Mario needs to take him out with the ax. Bowser will be doing his fire-breathing & chucking sledge hammers. After Mario gets the ax, the entire bridge will be destroyed, causing Bowser & Mario to fall down a long shaft. Bowser will curl up in his shell, and try to attack Mario. Mario needs to repeat this two times to defeat Bowser. After two bridges are destroyed, Bowser & Mario will fall into the Koopa Cruiser's boiling room, where Lava Bubbles are jumping from the lava. After Bowser falls into the lava, he will fly out of the ship, sending him falling to his castle.
Army Hammer Bro.SMWWii

Army Hammer Bro.

(First Time)

Neo Bowser City-FortressMBR #1

The commander of the Hammer Bros. (who has secret plans of betraying the Koopa King) serves as the first fortress boss. It is the only time Mario fights him, and is the first time Luigi & the Toads fight him. Army Hammer Bro. will be on three rows of Brick Blocks on each side, making six rows. Army Hammer Bro. will either use an attack that resembles Hammer Bro. attacks. Mario must jump on his block row, causing him to fall down. Mario must repeat this five more times to defeat him.

  • Hammer/Sledge: Throws a flurry of hammers
  • Fire: Throws fire on the ground that will send waves of fire, through the ground.
  • Ice: Fires ice breath at Mario
  • Boomerang: Throws a boomer ang in the air to follow Mario
Bowserjr NSMBU
Bowser Jr. (Final Battle) Neo Bowser City-AirshipMBR This is the final encounter will Bowser Jr., taking place on Bowser's armada of airships. Fought in the Koopa Cruiser, Bowser Jr. will enhance his Clown Car with boxing gloves, and Bob-Omb cannons. Besides the boxing ram, he did from NSMBU, he will fire one of the boxing glove fists, similar to a rocket fist, which can destroy one of the block platforms, leading into the boiling lava, below the arena. Mario must throw a Bob-Omb, when Bowser Jr. extends the boxing glove arm into the ground, and throw it at him. After two hits, he will add a flamethrower in the mouth, & sending Mecha-koopas out of his car. 
Kamek Neo Bowser City-FortressMBR #2 The final fortress boss in the game. Kamek will be flying around on his broom, shooting out a row of fireballs, over a giant block maze. Kamek will drop the fireballs, down onto Mario. If the fireballs, touch the blocks, they will turn into enemies (Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Monty Moles, Thwomps etc.). Mario must hit Kamek, when he's on Mario's level. After Kamek has been hit, he will call for a row of fireballs to protect him. The fireballs will try to home in on Mario in this battle. Kamek will also try to attack by making clones of himself. Only three hits are needed to take Kamek down.

Army Hammer Bro.

(Final Time)

Neo Bowser City-CastleMBR The final battle in Luigi and the Toads story. The commander of all Hammer Bros. is bound to not only take down the trio, but Bowser too. He takes the battle onto his mecha-castle. The battle is similar to that of the Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island final battle. The mecha-castle will be in the background. Luigi & the Toads must use Yoshi to take down the mad commander. The castle will be shooting out massive Bob-Ombs at the three heroes. Luigi must have Yoshi to lay an egg, to throw it at the castle. It must take seven hits to take him down. Each egg attack will send the castle backwards. After six hits, the Army Hammer Bro will send the platform that the three heroes are on, and send them closer to the castle. He attacks by causing big bombs to destroy the platform, making it harder. After the last egg is thrown at the castle, it will explode, and Army Hammer Bro. will fall down.

(Phase 1)

Neo Bowser City-Bowser Castle Icon The final boss of Mario's story. This is the first phase of the final battle. Mario will jump onto a Hero Car for the battle. Bowser will be riding on his personallized airship. Bowser will be shooting his fire breath & chucking Thwomps, instead of hammers. The airship's cannon will be firing Banzai Bills ( big Bulls-Eye Bills after nine hits). Mario must throw the wand he was given at Bowser twenty times to send the airship down. After each wand hit, the phase will get harder. Amps will be summoned & lightning strikes will be attacking Mario. After the finishing blow, Bowser will retreat off the burning airship, beginning the second phase.
TBA Bowser

(Phase 2)

Neo Bowser City-Bowser Castle Icon

Bowser retreats off his burning airship, and into a new robot. The Super Nation Eliminator System (SNES) is finally complete & the castle is lifting off into space. Mario will abandon his Hero Car, to fight Bowser. Bowser's robot will attack in a lot of ways. Bowser will use his metallic fists to slam into the ground, leaving out tall fiery waves. Also, Bowser will ignite the platform will the robot's fire breath. The last attack Bowser's robot can do is to summon many enemies, like Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Boos, and Chargin' Chucks. Mario must throw either a Koopa Troopa shell, or a Bob-Omb at the robot's cockpit six times. 

After six hits, the robot will disconnect from the body, beginning the second phase. Peach is inside the robot, and she will fetch Mario a random Power-Up, for Mario. Bowser will continue to atttack Mario by torching out fire, sending down fiery meteors, torwards Mario. Bowser will also open the robot's mouth to fire MASSIVE cannon balls. Mario must jump on the cannon ball and hit Bowser on the head. After three more hits, the head will fly torwards Mario, causing him to go through a course, with collapsing platforms & falling towers. Mario must hit a button, to safely let Peach free & Bowser will be ejected from the robot, ending his plan for good.