New Super Mario Bros Wii 2 is an upcoming Wii game. many new features are added, including the ability to make your own games.
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New Super Mario Bros Wii
Developer(s) Fantendo
Publisher(s) EEA Inc.
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) NA
Media Included Wii disk


One day, Mario and Luigi and some of their friends were going for a walk. That's when they spotted Bowser with Peach in his arms running towards his castle. They quickly tried to stop him, but he had already escaped to his castle.

If you beat the game once, then you can play as the Shadow Bros.

World Description Boss Enemy course How to unlock
World 1: Mushroom Kingdom Mario begins his journey here. Petey Piranha Goomba Default
World 2: Shroom desert Mario needs to bring lots of Fire Flowers to complete this world. Goomboss Koopa Beat World 1
World 3: Mount Mushroom Mario gets chilly in this world. Kamek Ice Bro Beat World 2
World 4: Koopa beach Mario takes a dive into the water in this world. Blooper King Cheep Cheep Beat World 3
World 5: Goomba forest Mario needs to swing on vines in this world. Monty tank Stalking Piranha Plant Beat World 4
World 6: Rock Mountain Mario heads underground here. Kammy Koopa and Kamek Monty mole Beat World 5
World 7: The skies The bros take to the skies here. Lakithunder Paratroopa Beat World 6
World 8: Space world Zero gravity is in this world. Commander Shroob Shroob Beat World 7
World 9: Pirate world Ships and cannons are in this world Big Bob- omb Bob-omb Beat World 8
World 10: City world Cars patrol this world Mega koopa Car Beat World 9
World 11: Jungle world Monkeys are common in this world Ukiki King Ukiki Beat World 10
World 12: Lava land This is Bowser's land. Bowser Flame Chomp Beat World 11
World 13: Mishmash world There are only 12 levels in this world, all with their own theme. Robones Dry Bones Beat Bowser in World 12

The tower bosses are all the Koopalings, but some tower bosses are bosses you already faced.


There are all the characters from New super Mario bros DIY, but they are all at the end when Peach is rescued due to being so many

  • The Player Characters are:



Purple Toad

Orange Toad


  • Unlockables



Koopa Troopa



All the items from New Super Mario Bros D.I.Y. return, along with these new ones.

Vine flower: Gives Mario the ability to create a vine and climb and swing on it

Morph Mushroom: Mario has the ability to morph and confuses enemies

Water Mushroom: Mario has the ability to shoot a jet of water that stuns enemies and allows Mario to walk on water.

Multiply flower: Gives the ability to multiply the character to defeat harder enemies easier

Zoom Mushroom: This gives mario the ability to dash fast and can jump higher, and walk in the air for a while he can also walk on water
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