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Not to be confused with Brockdilley's New Super Mario Bros. V*.

New Super Mario Bros. V (also called New Super Mario Bros. 5, or for some reason, New Super Mario Bros. Switch) is a 2D platforming game, which the fifth installment of the New Super Mario Bros. series, developed by Nintendo EPD and published by Nintendo, and released to the Nintendo Switch. The game was revealed during the Fan11 showcase on Day 1. A slightly enhanced and improved port of the game was released to the Nintendo DSGo two years later, which fixes some minor bugs and glitches.


This section is taken from the Fan11 presentation page with some minor changes, and is subject to change.

At Mario and Luigi's house, Luigi is hanging up clothes outside of the house while Mario is in the in living room, reading a letter that he has in his hands. The letter reads:

"Dear Mario, please come to the castle, we are going to have a feast together at my castle's balcony. You can bring your friends as well, and I assure you, nothing bad will happen this time, and I promise you, there will be cake, and it is not a lie this time around."

-Yours truly, Princess "Toadstool" Peach.

After reading the letter, Mario rushes outside and tells Luigi about the feast the princess mentioned in the letter. Luigi also tags along with Mario.

At Princess Peach's Castle, the Mario Bros., Blue and Yellow Toad, and Princess Peach are on the balcony, with a lengthy dining table (complete with food on plates, and a platter containing the cake) and five chairs being present as well. The five of them sit down and enjoy the food. Once finished with the food on the table, the princess opens the platter to reveal the cake, which leaves the other four star-eyed.

As Mario prepares to enjoy the cake Peach finally decided to give him, familiar faces of Bowser Jr. and the seven Koopalings pop out of the cake one by one. This surprises the bros. and the Toads, while Princess Peach, or that's who we are supposed to believe, gets out a magic scepter and creates magical restrains on the chairs, trapping the four. "Peach" reveals herself to be Kamek. The villains escape on an airship, where the real princess is held hostage in...

Mario tries to escape the restraints, but only ends up tipping himself over, which breaks the chair, and as a result, breaks the restraints as well. Doing the same for Luigi and the Toads, the four then go on another adventure to save the princess.


Similar to its preceding entries, mostly New Super Mario Bros. Wii and New Super Mario Bros. U, New Super Mario Bros. V is a two-dimensional platforming game with 4-player multiplayer functionality. Other elements from the aforementioned installments, like the Super Guide (now received when you lose three lives in a level, and if you have the "Super Guide Block" option enabled. Captain Toad also now hosts as the "Super Guide"), Enemy Courses (now called Enemy Parade), Toad Houses (acting similar to Super Mario 3D Land / Super Mario 3D World Toad Houses), and the bubble mechanic, make a return in this game.

New to this game is the ability to scan amiibos in-game so you can get a specific power-up corresponding to their own abilities, or an item related to their own abilities, both of which are either reskinned or not.


Playable Characters

Character Biography
Mario - SuperMarioRun.png
Mario is a plumber and the famed savior of the Mushroom Kingdom, on another adventure to save the princess. What else is new? Mario is a basic and all-around character, having average stats.
Power: 3/5 Speed: 3/5 Jump: 3/5
Luigi Artwork - Super Mario 3D World.png
Luigi is the younger brother of Mario, often joining him on adventures, being left behind, or go on ghostbusting adventures by himself. Luigi makes use of his high jumping skills, but his terrible traction, subpar speed and power hinders him from being flawless.
Power: 2/5 Speed: 2/5 Jump: 5/5
SuperMarioRun Bucken-Berry.png
Blue Toad
One of the many Toads in the Mushroom Kingdom, Blue Toad is a strong one, being able to pluck and carry stuff without any problems, and is very fast. However, he barely leaves the ground when he tries to jump.
Power: 4/5 Speed: 5/5 Jump: 1/5
SuperMarioRun AlaGold.png
Yellow Toad
One of the many Toads in the Mushroom Kingdom, Yellow Toad has average power, subpar speed, and good jumping capabilities, though not as much as Luigi.
Power: 3/5 Speed: 2/5 Jump: 4/5

Non-Playable Characters

Character Biography
Princess Peach.png
Princess Peach
Princess Peach is the kind-hearted princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, who is always getting kidnapped by Bowser and other villains sometimes. It's sad, really, because it happens again. Each time Mario and company complete a world, she sends a letter to them via a Toad. Other than that, she basically stays in the final world, held captive.
Role: Dasmel-in-Distress / Supporting Character
Yoshi Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour.png
Yoshi is a dinosaur-like character who is an ally of Mario and friends. Yoshi often acts as a rideable character for the heroes, and reprises that role here. There are also Yellow, Light-Blue and Pink Yoshis for the other playable characters.
Role: Rideable Character


Power-Ups Description
No Power-Up

Only damage will shrink the heroes down to a smaller size when they are in their Super form.

Added Effects: Once suffering from damage in this form, the player will lose a life. Also, the player cannot Spin Jump and break Brick Blocks in this form.
Super Mushroom
Mario - SuperMarioRun.png

Super Mushrooms enlarge Mario and company to a bigger size.

Added Effects: Gives the player another hit before death, the ability to break Brick Blocks and Spin Jumping.
Fire Flower
Fire MarioSM3DW.png

Fire Flowers give Mario and company the ability to shoot fireballs at enemies to defeat them.

Added Effects: Produces a coin when defeating an enemy with a fireball. Also, when spin jumping, two fireballs are shot out at each direction.
IceFlower LTL.png
Ice Flower

Ice Flowers give Mario and company the ability to shoot iceballs at enemies to freeze them for a few seconds before thawing out.

Added Effects: Freezes most enemies in a block of ice, allowing them to be carried and thrown at other things, causing them to break into pieces and defeating them. Also, when spin jumping, two iceballs are shot out at each direction.
Super Leaf
NSMB2 RaccoonMariotransparent.png

Suepr Leaves give our heroes a raccoon tail that they can use to attack.

Added Effects: Can do a rapid tail spin attack by spin jumping. The player can also slow down their descent using the tail, and fly after running for some time.
Boomerang Flower
Boomerang Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D World.png

Boomerang Flowers give our heroes the ability to toss boomerangs that linger in place for a few seconds before returning back to them.

Added Effects: Boomerangs can catch items from a distance and bring them back to the player. When crouching, the shell can protect the player from attacks from above.
Super Carrot

Super Carrots give Mario and company bunny ears that allow them to glide through the air.

Added Effects: Can slow the player's descent using the ears, and gives him a higher crouch jump that can be charged.
Biddybud Suit

Biddybud Suits give Mario and company a Para-Biddybud costume and have a pack of Para-Biddybuds follow them.

Added Effects: The Para-Biddybuds can be thrown forward before returning back to their leader upon command, using them as a projectile and a platform.
Paper Mushroom

Paper Mushrooms turn our heroes into paper cutouts of themselves, making them a little bit floaty.

Added Effects: They can go through cracks in walls to reach hidden areas, and turn themselves into a cylinder, a paper airplane and/or a boat. Also, when they fall into a body of water, the power-up is discarded.
Mega Mushroom

Mega Mushrooms enlarge our heroes into an even bigger size, allowing them to defeat most enemies, destroy most blocks, and kick away the flagpole when they touch it, though they can still be killed by lava, poison water and bottomless pits.

Added Effects: The music changes into the Mega Mushroom theme heard in New Super Mario Bros.. The power-up also gives the player up to three lives if they destroy enough things in a level before the power-up fades after a few seconds.
Super Star
7593544202 1c30b8ca16 o.png

Super Stars turn our heroes rainbow-colored and gives them to ability to defeat most enemies with a single touch, and unable to be damaged by most obstacles (though they can still be killed by lava, poison water and bottomless pits), for a few seconds.

Added Effects: The music cues to a remixed version of the classic Starman theme from the original Super Mario Bros., and defeating eight or more enemies will warrant extra lives.


All of the worlds the player can visit in New Super Mario Bros. V.

World Description
Peach's Castle
World 0
Seen at the beginning of Carrot Charge, Peach's Castle can be visited to see the Enemy Glossary, Hint Movies, Power-Up Museum, and the Battle Arena by going through doors. A secret room can be unlocked after beating the game and beating the Battle Arena without using any power-ups, where the player can face a secret boss that is currently unnamed...
Secret Boss: No one
Carrot Charge
World 1
A generic grass-themed world, having eight levels; three overworld levels, two underground levels, a single athletic level, a tower level, and a castle level. The player always starts the game on this world, and, hence the world's name, is filled with Super Carrots. After this world, the player visits Bone-Dune Desert.
SM3DL Boom Boom Solo Art.png
Tower Boss: Boom Boom
Castle Boss: Iggy Koopa
Bone-Dune Desert
World 2
A desert-themed world, having nine levels; three overworld levels, three underground levels, a tower level, and a castle level. After beating Carrot Charge, the player visits this world, which is filled with sand, quicksand, Stone-Eyes, Pokeys, and even more desert-themed enemies. After beating the world, the player encounters a fork in the road, leading to two worlds, one of them takes the player to the third world, Onion Seashore, and the other one takes them to the fourth world, Crystal Glacier.
Tower Boss: Poke-King
Castle Boss: Morton Koopa Jr.
Onion Seashore
World 3
A tropical, water-themed world, having eight levels; two overworld levels, three underwater levels, a ghost-house level, a tower level, and a castle level. Choosing the east path in Bone-Dune Desert's road fork will take the player to this world. Water-based enemies appear the most in the levels of this world. After beating this world, the player encounters a fork in the road, which will either take them to the fourth world, Crystal Glacier, or the fifth world, Jade Jungle.
Tower Boss: Pom-Pom
Lemmy Koopa NSMBU.png
Castle Boss: Lemmy Koopa
Crystal Glacier
World 4
An icy-themed world, having ten levels; four overworld and underground levels, a ghost-house level, a tower level, and a castle level. Choosing the west path in Bone-Dune Desert's road fork, or choosing the south-west path of Onion Seashore's road fork, will take the player to this world. All overworld levels are snow-themed, with snow enemies appearing the most here. After beating this world, the player encounters a fork in the road, with the north-east path leading to the third world, Onion Seashore, and the north path leading to Jade Jungle, the fifth world of the game.
Baron Brrr.png
Tower Boss: Baron Brrr
Wendy O. Koopa Artwork.png
Castle Boss: Wendy O. Koopa
Jade Jungle
World 5
A jungle, giant-themed world, having twelve levels (counting the hidden haunted area levels), three overworld and underground levels, a tower level and a castle level. In the hidden haunted area, there are two overworld levels, which are horror-themed, and a ghost-house level. Unlike other worlds, there are three bosses to fight (one is hidden). After this world, the player can visit Mt. Crumble.
Petey Piranha MPSR.png
Tower Boss: Petey Piranha

Mario Party Star Rush King Boo.png
Ghost-House Boss: King Boo

Castle Boss: Larry Koopa
Mt. Crumble
World 6
Mt. Crumble is a mountainous sixth world, taking place near a mountain. The world has fourteen levels, with the first seven taking place in the lower level of the mountain (the last three taking place in a cavern with mine-carts), and the other seven levels that escalate to the summit. After this world, is Koopa Road (albeit the player can only reach up to the Tower level), but if the player takes the world's secret level, they will find a cannon that takes them to Cloudtop Gardens.
Tower Boss: Whomp King
Castle Boss: Roy Koopa
Cloudtop Gardens
World 7
Cloudtop Gardens is the cloudy seventh world, taking place in the clouds high up in the skies. The player visits here after finding the cannon in Mt. Crumble after beating the world's secret level. All levels take place in the skies, with cloud platforms and cloud enemies in the level. After beating the world, a rainbow takes the player to the last few stretches of Koopa Road.
King Lakitu SM3DW.png
Tower Boss: King Lakitu
Castle Boss: Ludwig von Koopa
Koopa Road
World 8
Koopa Road is the penultimate world of the game. After beating Mt. Crumble prior to finding the hidden cannon to Cloudtop Gardens, the player goes here, but can only venture up until the Tower level, as Bowser Jr. destroys the bridge connecting to the rest of the world. Most of the levels are filled with lava, with volcanic smoke following the player in some levels. Here, the player faces Bowser Jr., who is previously seen in airship levels seen at the start of Jade Jungle and Mt. Crumble. After beating him, the player rides his Junior Clown Car to the final world, Dark Skies.
Tower Boss: Kamek
Bowser Jr. - Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle.png
Castle Boss: Bowser Jr.
Dark Skies
World X
Dark Skies is the final world in the game, taking place in the skies; dark, thunderstorm clouds in the background, lightning constantly striking throughout. After the defeat of Bowser Jr., the player rides his Junior Clown Car to the skies, where Bowser is at on his airship and a boss fight against him immediately begins. After defeating him, the airship Bowser is on explodes, sending the Koopa King plummeting to the ground below, and Peach floats onto the player's Junior Clown Car using her parasol, and the game is beaten. It should be noted that after beating the boss of this world, the boss will be replaced with a Fake Bowser.
Boss: Bowser


A list of enemies seen in New Super Mario Bros. V, some of them posing a hostile threat to the player, though some will not try to target them.

Enemies Description
Goombas are the most iconic enemies in the Mario series, appearing in almost all titles of the series. They are the most basic and weakest enemies, who roam around aimlessly, will fall off any ledges they walk off from. With just a single attack, they are quickly disposed off.
Mini Goomba Icon SMO.png
Mini-Goombas are miniature, yellow-colored versions of the Goombas, who charge after Mario and company where they will try to ram into them, but they will not do damage to them unless they are in their Mini form; they will only suffer knockback. Like regular Goombas, jumping on them will take care of them.
Goombrat - Mario Party 10.png
Goombrats are short Goombas that look like a persimmon. Goombrats turn around from ledges when they reach them, similar to Red Koopa Troopas, though they still can be defeated in one stomp.
Galoomba - Mario Party 10.png
Galoombas are round, chestnuts-like Goombas that act similar to regular Goombas, though they cannot be defeated with a single jump. Instead, they are flipped over, and the player can pick them up and throw them at other enemies, or being stomped on again to defeat them. After a while, they will right themselves.
Dry Goomba.png
Bone Goomba
Bone Goombas are shady-blue Goombas that wear skull helmets, which are removed when they are defeated. They frequently appear in Ghost House levels, and in some Tower/Castle and underground levels as well, alongside with other bone-related enemies like Bone Piranha Plants and Dry Bones, and are immune to fire attacks due to their skull helmets.
Green Koopa New.png
Green Koopa Troopa
Green Koopa Troopas, like Goombas, walk around aimlessly, and will fall off any ledges they walk off from. When jumped on, they will retreat to their shell, and can be picked up and thrown or kicked at other enemies, though with other attacks they will be defeated instantly. Green Koopa Troopas can be flipped over using a POW Block, which causes them to retreat to their shell.
Koopa NSMBU.png
Red Koopa Troopa
Red Koopa Troopas walk around aimlessly likewise with their green-shelled counterparts and when jumped on, they will retreat to their shell which can be picked up and thrown or kicked at other enemies, albeit they will not fall off any ledges they come across. Red Koopa Troopas can be flipped over using a POW Block, which causes them to retreat to their shell.
Spiny NSMB2.png
Spinies are quadrupedal, spiked-shell enemies that are usually dropped by Lakitus in the form of Spiny Eggs. They are immune to jumping attacks due to their spiked shells, so it is preferred to defeat them with fireballs, Koopa shells, and other methods.
Buzzy Beetle
Buzzy Beetles are hard-shell enemies that act similar to Koopa Troopas, hiding in their shell when stomped on. However, these enemies are fire-resistant due to their shells, so defeating them entirely with that method is impossible. Buzzy Beetles can be flipped over using a POW Block, which causes them to retreat to their shell.
Spike Top SMWU.png
Spike Top
Spike Tops are the red-shelled versions of the Buzzy Beetles, who have a giant spike on the top of their shell, which also makes them immune to being stomped on, although they can be flipped over using a POW Block, which causes them to retreat to their shell.
Dry Bones MPSR.png
Dry Bones
Dry Bones are the undead version of the Koopa Troopas, found in desert, underground, Tower, Castle and Ghost House levels. Stomping on a Dry Bones will cause them to fall apart, but after a few seconds, they will reform themselves. They are also immune to fireballs and lava, so so the player must find other ways to defeat them entirely.
Bony Beetle
Bony Beetles are undead, skeletal Buzzy Beetles that walk around and suddenly stop to stick out their spikes to defend themselves from stomps. When stomped on without their spikes out, they will fall apart, but quickly reform themselves afterwards; immediately after reforming, they will always stick their spikes out before walking around again. They are also immune to fireballs and lava, similar to Dry Bones.
Lakitus are enemies that ride their own cloud in the air, and throws down Spiny Eggs at the player. They mostly stay at the top of the screen, and follows the player throughout any level they appear in. After they are defeated, the player can ride their cloud.
Hammer Bro.
Hammer Bros. are hammer-throwing enemies that commonly appear on a line of Brick Blocks acting like platforms, jumping through them occasionally. They sometimes come in pairs.
Fire Bro.
Fire Bros. act similar to Hammer Bros., but instead of throwing hammers, they attack by throwing fireballs that bounce along the ground.
Boomerang Bro.
Boomerang Bros. act similar to Hammer Bros., but they throw boomerangs in a straight line, downwards or upwards arc depending on where the player is when they throw their boomerangs.
Ice Bro.
Ice Bros. act similar to Hammer Bros., but they toss iceballs that freeze any player who makes contact with them.
Bob-ombs aimlessly roam around a platform similar to Goombas, though when stomped on, they will flash red and sometimes make beeping sounds as their fuse is lit, growing slightly in size before exploding, damaging players. Also, when shooting fireballs, they will produce coins, but after throwing enough fires, they will explode earlier than normal. They also explode upon contact with lava, and are usually shot out of cannons.
Paragoombas are winged Goombas that fly in the air, or hop around along the ground, where they will hop higher when they do a third hop. In some athletic levels in later worlds, Paragoombas will chase after Mario and company. Unlike regular Goombas, they take two stomps to defeat, with the first one removing their wings and turning them into ordinary Goombas.
Winged Galoomba
Winged Galoombas are winged Galoombas that act similar to the Paragoombas, but when stomped on, they are immediately flipped over when de-winged, similar to Galoombas. They also do not fly in the air; they hop along the ground, leaping into the air and slowly floating downwards on the third hop.
Paragaloombas are Galoombas that fly downwards on parachutes, acting as regular Galoombas when they touch the ground. When stomped on, similar to Winged Galoombas, they will be flipped over and their parachutes disappear.
Green Paratroopa NSMB2.png
Green Paratroopa
Green Koopa Paratroopas are winged, green-shelled Koopas that fly horizontally in the air, or hop around along the ground, where they will hop higher when they do a third hop. Just like with Paragoombas, a single stomp will de-wing them and turn them into normal Koopa Troopas.
Red Paratroopa NSMBW2 2012.png
Red Paratroopa
Red Koopa Paratroopas are winged, red-shelled Koopas that fly vertically in the air, or hop around along the ground, where they will hop higher when they do a third hop. Just like with Paragoombas, a single stomp will de-wing them and turn them into normal Koopa Troopas.
Para Dry Bones - Super Mario 3D World.png
Parabones are the undead versions of the Koopa Paratroopas, and function similar to Dry Bones; falling apart when stomped on, but rebuilding themselves a few seconds later. They are commonly seen in Tower, Castle and Ghost House levels.
Para-Bro SMWU.png
Para Bro.
Para Bros. are winged Hammer Bros., flying in the air whilst throwing hammers at players. Jumping on them will de-wing them, similar to any other winged enemies.
Para-Bomb SMWU.png
Parabombs are Bob-ombs who fly slowly downwards on parachutes. Once they hit the ground, they act similar to regular Bob-ombs. They are usually shot out of cannons.
Piranha Plant NSMBU.png
Piranha Plant
Piranha Plants are Venus flytrap-like enemies who pop in and out from Warp Pipes, chomping above them. They cannot be jumped on, so the player must find other methods of taking these carnivorous plants out.
Venus Fire Trap
Venus Fire Traps are the fireball-spitting counterparts to Piranha Plants, coming out of Warp Pipes to shoot fireballs after players.
Venus Ice Trap
Venus Ice Traps act and behave similar to Venus Fire Traps, but they shoot iceballs instead of fireballs out of their mouths, which freezes players in a block of ice temporarily.
Dry Piranha Plant.png
Bone Piranha Plant
Bone Piranha Plants are undead versions of the Piranha Plants, found in most underground, Ghost House, Tower and Castle levels. They act similar to Piranha Plants, albeit they are immune to fireballs, so the player must find other ways to defeat these undead Venus flytraps.
Spike - Mario Party 10.png
Spikes are enemies that pull out spiked balls from their mouth and throw them at the player, though some in the background throw spiked rollers. They mostly appear in desert, Tower and Castle levels.
SnowSpike MTD.png
Snow Spike
Snow Spikes are a variation of Spikes, but instead, they pull out and throw snowballs, and they don snow-related gear. When the snowball rolls around, getting larger as it rolls along a layer of snow, and the snowball can defeat enemies that touch it. They mostly appear in snowy levels.
ACL Stone Spike.png
Stone Spike
Stone Spikes are a variation of Spikes, but they pull out and throw stone-spiked balls instead, and they only throw them downwards.. They mostly appear in mountainous levels.
Ninji SMR.png
Ninjis are black star-shaped devils that jumps up and down in place, or run after players. When attempting to attack these enemies, they will disappear in a puff of smoke, leaving behind a log, and reappear in another location.
Monty Mole NSMBU Solo.png
Monty Mole
Rocky Wrench.png
Rocky Wrench
Cheep Cheep
Cheep Cheeps are mostly found in underwater levels, where they will swim back and forth. In tropical levels, they will leap out of bodies of water to damage players, only to flop onto any platform they land on and flail around. In the former case, they can be defeated with fireballs, boomerangs and tail swipes, and in the latter case, they can also be defeated by jumping on them or by throwing Shells at them.
Eep Cheep
Eep Cheeps are yellow Cheep Cheeps found in underwater levels, mostly found in schools. They will swim away from players when they get close enough.
Deep Cheep
Deep Cheeps are green Cheep Cheeps found in underwater levels that will chase after the player, but they will stop if the player swims far away enough that they will stop the chase.
Spiny Cheep Cheep
Spiny Cheep Cheeps are purple Cheep Cheeps with spikes on their head that swim slightly faster than normal Cheep Cheeps, and chase players relentlessly when spotted.
Porcupuffers are large, garishly-colored Cheep Cheeps that swim near the surface of water to pursue the player, even leaping from the water to attack. They can only be defeated with a fireball, star or Koopa Shell, though another one will come to take its place shortly after the other one is defeated.
Fish Bone
Fish Bones are undead, skeletal Cheep Cheeps that will lock on to a player (as their eyes turn red) and launch themselves in the direction of them when upon sight. Like other skeletal enemies, they are immune to fireballs, but they can be defeated with tail swipes, boomerangs, and a Super Star.
Bloopers are squid enemies that mostly appear in underwater levels, following the player to ram into them in some sort of zig-zag pattern. Blooper can also, but very rarely, shoot balls of ink at the player as well.
Urchins are sea urchin-like enemies that appear in water/tropical levels, only appearing in bodies of water. Touching them will damage the player, so they must use other safer methods to defeat them.
Mega Urchin NSMBU Sprite.png
Mega Urchin
Mega Urchins are bigger variants of the Urchins, though unlike regular Urchins, their pupils follow the player's movements, and can only be defeated with a Super Star.
Bullet Bill Art SMWU.png
Bullet Bill
Bullet Bills are bullet-like projectiles normally shot out of Bill Blasters, flying in a straight line to hit players. They are immune to fireballs, but can be defeated by other methods, including by stomping on them.
Bull's-Eye Bill
Bull's-Eye Bills are red Bullet Bills that pursue the player until they are defeated or they have gotten far enough away for them to stop pursuing them.
Banzai Bill
Banzai Bills are larger, more menacing Bullet Bills that are shot out of Banzai Bill Cannons, or somewhere off-screen. They can be defeated in the same way Bullet Bills would be defeated regularly.
Heat-Seeker Bill
Heat-Seeker Bills are red Banzai Bills that home in on the player, similar to Bull's Eye Bills. Unlike Bull's-Eye Bill, however, they only have a limited homing ability where they will track their target's vertical position and then continue forward once they reach that height.
Boo CTTT.png
Boos are ghost enemies that are most commonly found in Ghost House levels. They chase after players when their back is turned, but when facing them, they will cover their face and stay motionless. Boos can only be defeated by using a Koopa Shell, a Star, Light Boxes, or using a boomerang from Boomerang Flowers.
Big Boo
Big Boos are large Boos that move more slowly than regular Boos, but still behave the same of their smaller counterparts, meaning that when looked at, they will cover their face, occasionally peeking to see if they are still being looked at.
Stretch SMR.png
Stretches are Boos attached to solid platforms (floors, blocks, etc) that pop up periodically when a player approaches them, moving across the ground they are attached to. They can be faintly seen as a white blob when the player is far away from them. They can be defeated by boomerangs, Shells, a Super Star, or a Light Box.
Peepa MPSR.png
Peepas are small, white ghosts with stubby arms, black eyes with white pupils and a permanently smiling mouth which shows its two teeth. They act similar to Circling Boo Buddies from Super Mario World, New Super Mario Bros. Wii and New Super Mario Bros. U, reprising this role from New Super Mario Bros. 2.
NSMB2 Fat Boo.png
Boohemoth is a monstrously huge Boo that appears very rarely in Ghost House levels, chasing the player. When looked at, they will cover their face, but unlike regular Boos, if stared for long enough when far away from it, it will peek through its hands and sneak dangerously close to them. It can be temporarily stunned with projectiles (with the exception of fireballs and iceballs), but it can never be truly defeated.
Bully Artwork SMEJ.png
Bullies charge at the player upon sight, pushing them backwards when they make contact, although they do not do any damage. The player must attack Bullies with either a Spin Jump, fireballs, tail swipes, boomerangs, and thrown Koopa Shells and Para-Biddybuds to push them back into either a bottomless pit, lava, etc to defeat them.
Lava Bubble SMR.png
Lava Bubble
Lava Bubbles, or Podoboos, are fireball creatures that occasionally jump out of lava to deal damage to players. They can be frozen in place using iceballs, and can be defeated using Shells or a Super Star. They mostly inhabit Tower/Castle levels.
Blue Lava Bubble
Blue Lava Bubbles are blue-colored Lava Bubbles that appear from blue lava, though they behave the same as regular Lava Bubbles.
Fire Snake NSMBDIY.png
Fire Snake
Fire Snakes are uncommon enemies that are long, snake-like creatures with bodies made up of fireballs, appearing mostly in desert levels. It begins to chase players by bouncing and trying to collide with them, and after their second hop their heads enlarge before going back to normal.


A list of bosses in New Super Mario Bros. V

Boss Description
SM3DL Boom Boom Solo Art.png
Boom Boom
Tower Boss of World 1: Carrot Charge

Boom Boom's attacks are a combination of his attacks seen in Super Mario 3D Land and New Super Mario Bros. U; Boom Boom will spin around, arms extended to ram into the player and occasionally retreat to his shell, extracting the spikes on it. When stomped on, he will retreat to his shell and spin around, but on the second hit, he will extract the spikes on it. After being stomped on twice, he will transform his arms into wings so he can fly and soar into the player.

Iggy Koopa
Castle Boss of World 1: Carrot Charge




  • the only new super mario bros game i didnt play all the way through is nsmbu; i only played the demo
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Super Smash Bros. Calamitysfac · FOE Pocket Smash Monstersh Mario & Luigi: Shattered Chroniclesh Edge's Super Smash Bros.h His Battles Kirby Twinkle Terrors Super Mario Galaxy 3 Mario Kart IX Tezz's Quezzt Mario Party XI Boundful Robobot Rampage Deluxe Fantendo Smash Bros. Nils New Super Mario Bros. V Mario Tennis: Grand Slam Mario & Luigi: Sage Questsfa Mega Man 12s Mega Man X9 Paper Mario: Ancient Pages MSTERMND Paper Mario: Team Up!