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Developer(s) EEA Inc. Logo on Cases
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo VR Logo
Genre(s) Platformer
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan August 12, 2010
25px-Flag of USA August 20, 2010
25px-Flag of Europe September 7, 2010
25px-Flag of Australia September 15, 2010
Mode(s) 1-4 Players
Age Rating(s) ERating
Media Included VR Disk
The Bros. team up for another quest - this time with Bowser!
The catch line on the back cover.

New Super Mario Bros. VR is a Mario 3D sidescroller and the second game for the Nintendo VR, developed by EEA Inc. The game features extreme amounts of virtual reality gameplay, as well as the choice to use the Wii Remote. The game was released in August 2010. At E2-A1, EEA Inc. revealed that this will be the last New Super Mario Bros. game that they work on solo.



New Super Mario Bros. VR has similar gameplay to New Super Mario Bros. Wii, but the controls are way different. With the VR controls, the players move their arms back and forth gently to walk and move them fast to run. quickly raising once arm will allow them to jump or break Blocks. To pick something up, the player raises both arms and to go through doors, the player puts one arm forward and twists. To shoot fireballs or iceballs, one arm is swung forward. Lastly, to spin, both arms swing to one side. There are also other movements such as swinging on vines by swings the body back and forth that are shown throughout the game. The players also must stand to the right when walking and then standing to left to turn around. However, some levels are extremely difficult, so the Wii Remote can also be used.


Like any New Super Mario Bros. game, it is 3D sidescrolling, there is a fortress and castle and every world, Star Coins are collected in threes, and up to four players can play at once. The many difference from it's Wii version, is that Bowser and his son, making the gameplay altered a bit. The controls are the main revolution from New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Some of the new features include a D.I.Y. mode, where the player can make custom levels, much like New Super Mario Bros. D.I.Y. (only the player can't create complete games), an enemy zoo, much like in the enemy museum in the Yoshi's Island games, and a Jukebox, where music is unlocked as it is heard throughout the game.

Secret Shop

The Secret Shop, run by the non-playable Blue Toad appears after the player defeats Virtual Peach in World 10 and then discovers the Blue Flagpole, the hidden secret exit in the castle, which also appears after beating it once. This shop then appears in World 1. The things that can be bought in the shop include:

Product Cost Availability Description
Secret Shop Theme 1 Star Coin. After unlocking all music. It's our own Secret Shop theme. You can listen to it in the Jukebox!
Classic Map 1 Star Coin. After unlocking every world. It's the map from New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Everything is much easier to access now.
Last D.I.Y. Pieces 2 Star Coins. After unlocking all D.I.Y. pieces. The last of the D.I.Y. pieces. You can use pieces from special levels now!
Mega Mushroom 3 Star Coins. After unlocking the Secret Shop. A power-up from New Super Mario Bros. Grab it and turn mega-sized!
Blue Shell 3 Star Coins. After unlocking the Secret Shop. A power-up from New Super Mario Bros. Touch it to go Koopa style!
Petey Piranha 5 Star Coins. After finishing World 9. A large Piranha Plant that has a nice way of floating. Just don't get to close to his mouth!
Big Bob-omb 10 Star Coins. After finishing World 10. A giant Bob-omb that can toss his minions as fireballs. He's got a short temper, so whatever you do, don't anger him!
World 10-10 297 Green Star Coins. After unlocking Green Star Coins. The final level of World 10. It's quite a toughy, but since you collected the Green Star Coins, the worst part's over.
World 11 3 Star Coins and 3 Green Star Coins. After unlocking World 10-10. It's true final World! Congrats on collecting all the Star Coins! You've still got one more challenge though...
Cloud Flower 30 Power Stars. After unlocking World 11. You are amazing! Now the lovable power-up from Super Mario Galaxy 2 is usable!

Green Star Coins

Green Star Coins are secret feature to the game and there are three in each level. After the player collects every normal Star Coin in the game, Green Star Coins are spread around every level. They are much hard to find and retrieve than normal Star Coins, but if the player finally collects every last Green Star Coin, the final level of World 10 will be revealed, after bought in the Secret Shop for all the Green Star Coins. It is the hardest level in the game by far, and includes three Star Coins, both gold and green. If the player goes to the extreme, collecting the last six Star Coins, World 11, the final world will be unlocked, which is a world of more difficult levels, where Power Stars are collected. Players that collect all the Power Stars receive: a congratulations letter from Nintendo, a large platinum crown on their file, the true ending, and the Cloud Flower as an item.


All the storyline cutscenes can be viewed in the Options cutscenes section, after they are unlocked throughout the game.


One day, Bowser stumbles upon a strange power he calls Virtual Kidnapping (kidnapping without doing anything), which he uses in his next plan. The same day, Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach are drinking tea, when they discover Bowser has added something to the tea. She floats away and Mario and Luigi go after her. Soon Bowser tries to use it on the Mario Bros., but fails when he and Bowser Jr. get touched by a Virtual Virus, creating Virtual Bowser and Virtual Bowser Jr., who take over Bowser's Castle, kidnap Peach, literally kick Bowser and his son out of the castle, and control all the enemies. Bowser and Jr. soon find the Mario Bros., and the four team up to stop Virtual Bowser.

Virtual Ending

At the final boss, Virtual Bowser, the four fight him, and finally destroy him. However, a chunk of the Virtual Virus bounces away and infects Princess Peach. Soon after, Virtual Peach is created, but the four manage to defeat her and destroy the virus forever. After the credits, Bowser takes Mario to his secret cannon and blasts him and Luigi out of the castle. But as Bowser laughs at Mario, he falls backwards into a pit and groans as he hits the bottom.

Petey Piranha's Cutscene

After Petey Piranha is unlocked, Mario and Luigi are shown walking along in World 1, when Luigi spots to smell a flower. Just then, Petey Piranha bursts out of the ground, swallowing Luigi whole. Bowser and Bowser Jr. soon approach and order Petey to spit out the frightened plumber. He does so, then patting Luigi on the head (which just pushes him into the ground), and joins forces with the Bros. and Koopas.

Big Bob-omb's Cutscene

After Big Bob-omb is unlocked, Bowser and Bowser Jr. are flying in their Koopa Clown Cars, when they notice Mario and Luigi in the top of a mountain in World 6. Bowser jumps out of the car, but soon after it disappears. Just then, Bowser Jr. sees Big Bob-omb tossing Bob-ombs from inside Bowser's Koopa Clown Car. Mario grabs a Bob-omb, tosses it, and knocks the giant bomb out of the sky. Big Bob-omb apologizes to Bowser and joins their team.

True Ending

After all the Power Stars are collected, Bowser is seen at the bottom of the pit, trying to climb out. Bowser Jr. tries to pull the king out with a rope, but it breaks. just then, Mario and Luigi fly in on top of a Platinum Star and give Bowser a ride to safety. Soon all six heroes and Princess Peach settle down for tea. However, Bowser ends up swallowing his tea cup. Mario and Peach laugh at this and Bowser roars, indicating that their rivalry isn't over yet.



There are six playable characters in the game, and the Toads from New Super Mario Bros. Wii make no appearance as playable characters. Yoshi is also a ridable character in the game again by breaking open a Yoshi Egg of any color.

Character Name Description
NSMBDIY Mario Jump Mario The world's most famous plumber returns yet again for a virtual adventure. He has saved Princess Peach over 100 times now, but will never say no to another rescue mission. Mario's abilities are again, very basic, having nice running, jumping, and no real special abilities of any sort.
NSMBWii Luigi Luigi Mario's younger twin brother that gets the creeps when it comes to shy Boos, haunted mansions, and final bosses. But, with the help of his friends, and especial his bro., he's conquered those fears and took the challenge of adventure. Luigi's abilities include a great speed and jumping, but making him harder to control than that of Mario.
Bowser NSMBVR Bowser Mario's nemesis appears adventuring alongside Mario yet again. But, like always, it is only be stop the Virtual Virus and save his minions and castle. Bowser's strength is a great when is comes to control and breathing fire with the Fire Flower is what he does best. But still, the Koopa King is slow and has bad jumps.
Bowser Jr. NSMBVR Bowser Jr. Bowser's youngest son, and next in line for the throne in the Koopa Troop. Jr. was always a big bully to Mario, but when his dad gives the orders, there's no question about it. Bowser Jr. is by far, the fastest character and pretty good jumper, but there is no question that he is the hardest to maneuver.
Petey Piranha NSMBVR Petey Piranha This huge Piranha Plant boss is really not a die-hard enemy of Mario, since he has been either tricked by Bowser Jr. or just simply hungry. Petey is slow, but powerful, being just as a powerhouse as Bowser himself. Petey's secret skill is his great jumping, and the ability to float down slowly after jumping. Unlock him by finishing World 9 and buying him in the Secret Shop for 5 Star Coins.
Big Bob-omb NSMBVR Big Bob-omb The leader of the Bob-omb species that still has a grudge on Mario, but with Bowser's threatening words, he was forced into helping the Mario Bros. Big Bob-omb is the heaviest of all the characters, beating Bowser by a 'stache. He is slow and has pretty bad jumps, but is great when it comes to replacing fireballs with Bob-ombs and skilled players. Unlock him by finishing World 10 and buying him in the Secret Shop for 10 Star Coins.


Character Name Description
Toad2 Toad One of the many Toads in his species, and one of Mario's friends appears as the runner for the Super Guide Block when it's hit. He will demonstrate how to get though a level after a curtain number of lives are lost. Toad is also sometimes kidnapped in some courses.
ToadetteMP8 Toadette Toadette, like Princess Peach has also been kidnapped, but in Enemy Courses. In here, she will give Mario and co. three Mushrooms if they collect all eight Toad Balloons.
Toadsworth2 Toadsworth Toadsworth appears will a minor role, he stays at Peach's Castle, where Mario can buy hint videos with Star Coins.
Peachy Princess Peach Yet again, the beloved princess is kidnapped again, but this time Bowser is off the hook. Virtual Bowser, a clone created by the Virtual Virus. With Bowser's basic actions, he kidnapped Peach using Virtual Kidnapping and locked her in the last castle of World 8. Along the way, Toads were also kidnapped in enemy courses and different levels.
Yellow Toad NSMBVR Yellow Toad Yellow Toad is the host of Power-Up Shop houses. In these Toad Houses, Mario can buy different items, such as Mushrooms, 1-Up Mushrooms, and Fire Flowers. Once in a while, Yellow Toad will order a rare item, such as a Star or Thwomp Mushroom. Most items are around 50 Coins or a rare item for 90 Coins.
Green Toad NSMBVR Green Toad This lovable Toad is the host of 1-Up Row houses. In these, Mario and any other player with drop down into an underground boat. As the boat moves on, there are 1-Up Mushrooms on platforming and ? Blocks. As the boat moves even more, there are many enemies and if one player hits an enemy, they will be kicked out of the house.
Army Hammer Bro. NSMBVR Army Hammer Bro. In Rarity Roulette houses, Army Hammer Bro. serves as a shopkeeper. In this house, there is a large roulette wheel that is spun. Mario can hit the wheel to stop it and he will get a rare item, like a Goomba's Shoe or Hammer Suit. There is a chance however, that he will get nothing.
BlueToadOmega Blue Toad Blue Toad makes a secret appearance in the Secret Shop houses after conquering World 8. Here, he will sell you many different things, such as World 10 itself, each level individually, Petey Piranha and Big Bob-omb as playable characters, and the Mega Mushroom and Blue Shell to return as items.
Purple Toad NSMBVR Purple Toad This Toad loves music. He appears in the Jukebox area, and plays music that is from different parts of the game.
Cyan Toad NSMBVR Cyan Toad A Toad that loves to build things, being that he appears in the D.I.Y. Mode area, giving Mario tips on how to build.
Koopalings NSMBVR Koopalings Bowser's children, the Koopalings make an appearance in the Enemy Zoo, each hosting one of the 11 worlds. They all give tours of the worlds to Mario and co. These Koopalings include:
MortonKoopaSr. Morton Koopa Sr. Bowser's father, and the former leader of the Koopa Troop. He runs the secret World 11 section at the Enemy Zoo, with all the space enemies. He used to be Bowser's big bad dad, but is getting old, and sticks to running a zoo.


Main Article: New Super Mario Bros. VR/Enemies


Each world is unlocked by defeating the boss in the castle in the previous world. However, to get World 9, all the levels of the previous worlds must be unlocked. The same thing goes for World 10, only all levels must be finished. World 11 is unlocked after every Green Star Coin is found.

World Terrain Fortress Boss Castle Boss Enemy Courses
World 1 Grass Virtual Bowser Jr. Virtual Bowser Hammer Bros.
World 2 Jungle Virtual Mario Thorny Piranha Piranha Plants
World 3 Water Virtual Bowser Jr. Blooctopus Bloopers
World 4 Desert Virtual Luigi Reign Chomp Pokeys
World 5 Rock Virtual Bowser Jr. Mallet Bro. Bullet Bills
World 6 Ice Virtual Mario, Virtual Luigi Storm Blizzard Flurrys
World 7 Sky Virtual Bowser Jr. Bumper Boo Lakitus
World 8 Dark Virtual Mario, Virtual Luigi, Virtual Bowser Jr. Virtual Bowser, Virtual Peach Magikoopas
World 9 Rainbow Boom-Boom None UFOols
World 10 Grass (8-Bit) None Bowser (8-Bit) Goombas (8-Bit)
World 11 Galaxy None Topmaniac Spiky Topmen


The Bomb Flower and Spike Mushroom make no appearance from New Super Mario Bros. D.I.Y.

Power-Up Name Ability Given Rarity Form
SuperMushroom Super Mushroom By grabbing a simple Super Mushroom, Mario with grow twice his size. With this ability, he can now break Brick Blocks. If Mario hits an enemy, he will turn back to Small Mario. Common NsmbMario
NSMBWiiMiniMushroom Mini Mushroom Mini Mushrooms will turn Mario into a bit-sized plumber, allowing him to travel though Mini Warp Pipes. It will also give him the ability to spin in the air more than once very easily. However, Mini Mario must now ground pound on enemies, like Goombas to stomp them. He will also die if hit by a foe, since he it smaller than Small Mario. Rare Mini Mario NSMBVR
Mega Mushroom Mega Mushroom An extra large Mushroom that turns Mario into a Mega Mario, more than ten times his size. In this form, Mario can crush and destroy just about anything and anyone in his path, even Warp Pipes will be eliminated. Mega Mario only lasts for a limit of time, and depending on how many enemies he destroys in that time, he will get a number of 1-Up Mushrooms. If Mega Mario ground pounds, more enemies (or Coins) will appear to be defeated. There are some things, such as ducking that Mega Mario can't do. Rare (Unlock in the Secret Shop for 3 Star Coins.) Mega Mario NSMBVR
Propeller Mushroom Propeller Mushroom These cool Mushrooms turn Mario into Propeller Mario, making it possible to spin high into the air and float or spin down. He does not have to be on ground to spin, but can only however, spin once, and must float down before spinning again. If another player picks up Propeller Mario, he can fly while holding them. Like any of the powers, he will turn back to Super if hit by an enemy. Uncommon MarioPropella
Thwomp Mushroom NSMBVR Thwomp Mushroom A Rare type of Mushroom that allows Mario to float in the air and thwomp down on enemies, making one-hit-KOs on almost all enemies. Thwomp Mario is more exposed to flying enemies and the only way he can die from an abyss is if he thwomps into one. Rare Thwomp Mario NSMBVR
FireFlower Fire Flower Fire Flowers will turn Mario into a powerful Fire Mario, given the ability to shoot fireballs at enemies. These fireball bounce across the area and can even defrost ice blocks. There are however, a number of enemies that fireballs have no effect on and Fire Flower are only available after Mario grabs a Super Mushroom. Common Firemario
Ice Flower Ice Flower As a Fire Flower opposite, Ice Flowers will turn Mario into Ice Mario. Now, he has the ability to shoot enemies freezing iceballs. This ice ability will only freeze enemies for a limited time, before that break out. Mario can defeat then by ground pounding on the ice block or picking it up and throwing it. This power has the unique ability to defeat some invincible enemies such as Dry Bones. Common Ice Mario
Tree Flower NSMBVR Tree Flower A brand new power-up that makes Mario a tree, Tree Mario. Mario is inside the tree, so he is protected in a way. If Mario ducks down, he will he save from enemy attacks. If normally walking, enemies can make him loose the tree suit. One of the downsides is that Mario can't jump as high with the Tree Flower. Uncommon
CloudFlower Cloud Flower A secret power-up that turns Mario into Cloud Mario, where he can spin to create clouds to stand on. Mario is also able to jump must farther in this suit and float slowly in the air until hitting the ground. Unlike other power-ups, the Cloud Flower is available in certain areas out of ? Blocks in the open. Common (Unlock in the secret shop for 10 Power Stars.) Cloud Mario NSMBVR
Star Super Star The Super Star with make Mario invincible, meaning he can't be harmed by any enemy (he can die by falling into an abyss) and will defeat most enemies if he runs into them. The Super Star only lasts for a limited time (about 15 seconds) before Mario turns back to the form he had last. Rare Starmanmario
Cape Feather NSMBVR Cape Feather With the returning Cape Feather from a ? Block or a Cape Koopa by stomping, Cape Mario can float slowly down after jumping, float though the air, and cream enemies with the cape, as well as easily break blocks. Cape Mario can't hold other players in the air, by can help Yoshi fall slowly. Like the Fire Flower, it can only be received after obtaining a Super Mushroom. Uncommon 397px-Cape MarioSMWWii
PenguinSuit Penguin Suit An advanced version of the Ice Flower. This cute Penguin power-up that makes the plumber Penguin Mario allows him to not only shoot iceballs to freeze foes, but slide quickly on ice (and ground, but much slower) and easily swim in all directions in the water. Penguin Mario is a bit slower on land though. Common Penguin Mario
Chicken Suit NSMBVR Chicken Suit A new power-up that turns Mario into a better version of the Fire Flower. Chicken Mario can shoot eggs that work just the same as fireballs and if they break on some enemies, will reveal 1-Up Mushrooms. He can also float down after jumping, but can't fly like Cape Mario. He is a tad faster than Super Mario as well. Common Chicken Mario NSMBVR
HammerSuit Hammer Suit The Hammer Suit is a rare power-up that allows Mario is toss hammers at enemies, just like that of a Hammer Bro. Hammer Mario can also evade fire attacks by ducking, but the downside is, cannot slide down slopes. The Hammer Suit does not protect Mario in any way, and can be lost in one hit. Rare HammerMario
GoombaShoe Goomba's Shoe After a hit from underneath a Shoe Goomba, Mario becomes Shoe Mario. He can jump around the stage continuously and crush enemies in one shot. Enemies such as Munchers can be jumped on but not defeated, since they are indestructible. Mario will loose the shoe once an enemy hits him. Rare Shoe Mario NSMBVR
BlueShell Blue Shell If Mario hits a Block, or a Blue Koopa, he will receive the ability to become Shell Mario. With this ability, he can slide from wall to wall inside his shell, defeating most enemies and breaking unhitable Blocks. Also, by hiding inside the Blue Shell, Mario can escape most enemy attacks. Uncommon (Unlock in the Secret Shop for 3 Star Coins.) ShellMario

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