European Box art of New Super Mario Bros. Omega.
Developer(s) APIM Group, Inc.
Publisher(s) Nin10 (In Fandom of course)
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan TBA 2012
25px-Flag of USA TBA 2012
25px-Flag of Europe TBA 2012
25px-Flag of Australia TBA 2012
1-4 Players (local)
2-6 Players (online)
Age Rating(s)
ERating  3Rating  USK6  OFLC-G  CERO A
Genre(s) Action, Platform
Media Included Wii Optical Disc (Dual-layered)


Playable Characters

Image Name Description Ability Unlockable by...
NsmbMario Mario Our precious hero. He did many jobs, and always saves the day. Being a referee, athlete, doctor, or even explorer, Mario gained experience in almost all jobs. Even Mona from WarioWare, Inc. cannot beat him in getting jobs. He has the Star Spin and is the only one who can brake immediately. He's already unlocked.
NSMBWii Luigi Luigi He's the guy which stood very long in his brother's shadows, and was mostly known as "the green guy" to many Toads. He's however, very popular amongst Mario fans. He's scared of ghosts, yes, but nobody can beat him in high jumping! His jumps are higher than any other. He's already unlocked.
NSMBΩBlueToad Blue Toad A smarter Toad which also has the courage to retrieve the princess back. He's the apprentice of both Toadbert and Toadsworth, and he can smell Hidden Blocks from far away. He Also uses the Star Spin. When an hidden block is near, the Wii Remote of the player playing Blue Toad will shake a bit. He can use the Star Spin. He's already unlocked.
NSMBΩYellowToad Yellow Toad He's a bit sleepy, but is always awake when searching for Peach. Also, there's nobody who runs faster than Yellow Toad. Maybe a blue hedgehog, but not a Koopa Shell anyways. Runs faster than the other six. He's already unlocked
NSMBΩWario Wario A gross, big, sturdy man who doesn't go along for the princess. When he reeks money or treasure, be sure Wario's a helping hand. Literally, since he throws the farthest of far. He's kinda slow, however. Big throw and huge Ground Pounds. Also Dash Attacks instead of Spin Jumps. He's already unlocked.
NSMBΩWaluigi Waluigi A skinny, long purple-clad dude. He thinks everyone is a cheater, while he cheats on his own. Nobody has swum better than him, though. Fast and good swimmer. He's already unlocked.
NSMBΩSonic Sonic A speedy blue hedgehog who was once Mario's marketing rival, but now they are competitive friends. He's really that fast, which could be handy in some levels. He's super speedy, even faster than Yellow Toad, but he cannot brake that quick. Sonic must be unlocked by getting past World 8.
NSMBΩBlaze Blaze the Cat This female lavender cat is one of Sonic's friends, coming from a different dimension. She is actually the only character at all who can use fire powers without a Power-Up! Can execute Fire Spins and could use hover boots for hovering for a short time. Blaze must be unlocked by getting past World 9.
Daisy Daisy Princess Peach is kidnapped, and it's time for Daisy to fix this. . . or at least that's what Daisy thinks. Daisy falls slower than anyone else, pulling out a parasol similar to the one used in Super Princess Peach, just recolored to match Daisy's colors. Buy Daisy at the Star Coin Shop for 3 Star Coins.
Rosalina Rosalina Peach even gets help from space (even after being saved)! Rosalina and her Luma are on an adventure now. Rosalina floats a little in the air when holding the jumping button. When cleared World 10 for the first time, buy Rosalina at the Star Coin Shop for 3 Star Coins.
NSMBΩTails Tails It's Sonic's friend! If Sonic ventures, why should "Miles Prower" not? Tails is one of those guys who can fly with his tails. Can fly for a small time and swims a bit better, just not quite as good as Waluigi. When Sonic has been unlocked, Tails can be bought at the Star Coin Shop for 3 Star Coins.
N/A Silver The only hedgehog from the future who isn't fast and uses psychokinesis. Can use his psychokinesis to float for a small time, similar to Peach's hovering in Super Mario Bros. 2. This is sure different than Rosalina's ability though. Shaking the Wii Remote is needed. When Blaze has been unlocked, Silver can be bought at the Star Coin Shop for 3 Star Coins.
NSMBΩMaria Maria This is Mario's female cousin! She wants to show some girl power to the Goombas! She can do a stronger Star Spin and brakes faster than anyone else but Mario. When got every Star Coin for the Normal Worlds, buy Maria at the Star Coin Shop for 3 Star Coins.
NSMBΩLuise Luise Luigi's female cousin and Maria's sister. As Luigi is scared of Boos, she is scared of Boolines, but she still gives it a try. Luise uses a special Green Missile power instead of the Spin Jump. She also jumps a little higher than Mario. When got every Star Coin for the Shortcut Worlds, buy Luise at the Star Coin Shop for 3 Star Coins.


Image  Name  Description
Yoshi NSMBW Yoshis Obtainable via Yoshi Eggs. There are 12 different colors, all with an exclusive ability.
Para-Buddle Para-Buddle Para-Buddles are friendly Para-Beetles Mario and co. could grab. By shaking the Wii Remote, Para-Buddles rises up, but when risen more up, the difference would be smaller and smaller, until there is no difference.
ToadtheShroom Toad He and other similar-looking Toads will run the Shops and Toad Houses. Toads will also be captured in levels when playing alone.
ToadetteMP8 Toadette She is captured at the Enemy Courses, where is needed to get all Toad Balloons. She'll give three Power-Up items (kind differs on how fast you did this). She also runs one shop where you can trade Star Coins for unlockables.
Toadsworth2 Toadsworth He stays at Peach's Castle. You can buy and watch Hint Videos there.
250px-MP8 Birdo Birdo Clears levels for the player when activated Super Guide Mode. She lacks special abilities and acts as the average player.
NSMBWiiPeach Princess Peach She's been kidnapped by Bowser's helper Kamek, with help of the Vacuum Kidnapper. Your duty is to save this abducted damsel.


Yoshi's back yet again! Not only he could stick his tongue out, but he also can throw eggs again! Press the [B] Button on your Wii Remote to throw an Egg! Not only that, Yoshi colors come at random, each color has a special ability, and downside. There are twelve different Yoshi colors in this game:

  • Green
    • Ability: None
    • Downside: None
  • Red
    • Ability: Throws eggs more powerful than others, defeating harsh foes (not bosses) with one egg.
    • Downside: Runs slower.
  • Blue
    • Ability: Can do higher Flutter Jumps.
    • Downside: Shorter tongue.
  • Yellow
    • Ability: Longer Tongue.
    • Downside: lower Flutter Jumps.
  • Pink
    • Ability: Has higher Jumps.
    • Downside: Cannot beat enemies without Ground Pound.
  • Cyan
    • Ability: Hold eight projectile eggs instead of six.
    • Downside: Needs more Berries for an item-containing Egg.
  • Orange
    • Ability: Runs faster
    • Downside: Power of throwing Eggs is decreased, so throwing two times on a weak foe.
  • Brown
    • Ability: Needs just three instead of five berries for an Item-containing egg.
    • Downside: Can just hold four projectile Eggs.
  • Purple
    • Ability: Can beat strong foes with just one stomp!
    • Downside: Lower Jumps.
  • Black
    • Ability: Allows Mario to being hit two times by a foe without falling.
    • Downside: Mario cannot pick up Power-Ups when sitting on this one.
  • White
    • Ability: Allows Mario to lighten up secret places behind walls.
    • Downside: It gets dizzy when it uses its tongue too much.
  • Gold
    • Ability: Has every ability that all the other Yoshis have, along with its ground-pounds giving coins, similar to the Lucky Bell's ability.
    • Downside: None

The Gold Yoshi is the rarest race of Yoshi in this game. Not only that, but they also have all the abilities of the others! The Green one is the most common. That's because he doesn't have any ability, and neither a downside. Black and White Yoshis are a bit more common than Gold Yoshis. All the other Yoshis are as common, being between the Green one's rarity and the rarity of the Black and White ones.


There are some modes in New Super Mario Bros. Omega:

  • Adventure Mode - Mario travels along with his friends in this wicked story.
  • Free Mode - Try to get as many points with your friends in levels!
  • Battle Mode - Beat your friends in collecting Coins or stealing Big Stars!
  • Mini-Game Mode - Play alone or with your friends with Mini-Games!
  • Music Mode - When getting past World 10 for the first time, you're able to listen to your favorite music!

Note that every unlocked character, unlocked in one of the 3 Adventure files, are also playable in Free, Battle and Mini-Game Mode.

Only Free Mode doesn't Support Wi-Fi Connection.

Adventure Mode

There are three files. When chosen a file, the player can choose:

  • Normal - The game's normal mode.
  • Expert - Play like in the classic Super Mario Bros.: no return to an area in a level, Mario always turns back into Small (or dead) when hit, No Toad Houses and no Map items or stock items. This mode is unlockable, and can be Unlocked when get past world 10 in Normal mode.
  • WFC - Go online and play with someone.

When chosen Normal or Expert, the user may choose how many players will play, and then which character the players play.


When going on Wi-Fi Connection, the player first needs to search for other players. A second local player could participate as well. When the time is up, or if there are six players, all the players may choose one of all the participating players' files. The computer chooses the one of chosen files with a roulette. Where it ends, that file is going to be played. Finally, the players need to choose a character from that file. The leader (the owner of the file) controls the character on the map.

Free Mode

First, the amount of players need to be chosen. Then which character (inclusive the unlocked ones) the players will be. Then Player 1 chooses the stage. There are Coin stages as well.

Battle Mode

The player can choose of 4 kinds of Battle Mode before choosing players:

  • Big Star Bash - This appeared in the original New Super Mario Bros. Try to get an amount of Big Stars or as many before the time runs out.
  • Cash 'n' Coins - This appeared in the original Wii version. Try to get as many coins through a level. Get also the Star Coins first.
  • Settle-Battle - Try to beat the other player to let him lose HP. Power-Ups might help you.
  • Racing Rush - Try to finish a level earlier than the other player. Don't forget to pick up Coins, they let you lose time in your timer. Dying isn't handy for this.


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This game contains 10 worlds or so and some small Shortcut Worlds.

Name Description Map Gimmick Airship(s) Boss Tower/Fortress Boss Castle Boss Final Boss Enemy Course Enemy Unlockable by...
1 Mushroom Plains The home region of Peach's castle and Toad Town. It's pretty easy. Bowser's Small Castle is placed there. Boom Boom is at Bonk Fortress. It hasn't any gimmicks. Larry Boom Boom Bowser N/A Hammer Bros. Already unlocked
2 Kross Jungle A jungle with some cross paths, hence the name. King K. Rool took over the Kong Temple. Petey Piranha is at Overgrown Tower. Thorny vines could block some ways. Some vines with large thorns on side could act as a ladder and eventually will lead to other places. Iggy Petey Piranha King K. Rool N/A Kritters Get past World 1
3 Spooky Ruins A haunted pyramid. Both full of ghosts and desert foes. King Boo conquered the inside Pharaoh's Tomb. King Tut Koopa is at Pharaoh's Maze Room. Whomps will block path, but after clearing levels, it blocks other paths. Wall Boos block too, but only go away when clearing an Enemy Course. Ludwig King Tut Koopa King Boo N/A Broozers Get Past World 2
4 Christmas Paradise A paradise of snow, with ice glaciers and snowy mounts. BlizzFlake camped here at the Icicle Palace. Baron Brrr is at Ice Floe Igloo. Trees are places with hopes of snow, that could fall anytime Mario is moving. It not only blocks paths, but also brings Mario Back to start when Mario's hit underneath. Roy Baron Brrr BlizzFlake N/A Bumpties Get Past World 3
5 Havoc City A busy city with many driving cars. Hot Roderick awaits at GP Skyscraper. Companirritator "placed himself" at Strong Construction Site. There are highways with constantly driving cars. When Mario hits one, he goes back to start. Wendy Companirritator Hot Roderick N/A Tricoins Get Past World 4
6 Crumble Canyon A quiet canyon filled with high mounts. It became less quiet when the Koopa Troop came to take over. King Bill awaits to be shot at Blaster Camp. Nagi and Nata awaits at Evil Dojo. Sometimes, a box with heavy rocks can be spotted at few peaks at roads. It contains a logo of a Bullet Bill, Nagi or Morton Jr. The rocks will fall on you when passing the route the box is at. The ones with Bullet Bill will send you back to start, the ones with Nagi powers you down, and the ones with Morton Jr. does both Morton Jr. Nagi and Nata King Bill N/A Monty Moles Get Past World 5, World A or World B
7 Cloudy Heaven This place is crowded with clouds, and has a very beautiful view to a close rainbow. Too bad Bowser's troops conquered the whole place. The Falcod is at Godly Palace, and Stormkitu lives in Cloud Tower. Moving clouds are at some points. Mario must have timing to land on the cloud, or he'll fall off and sent back to World 1! A floor higher, another moving cloud is there. If Mario falls of there, he'd go back to start. Mario must also have timing to land back on non-moving clouds. Lemmy Stormkitu The Falcod N/A Fwooshes Get Past World 6, World C or World D
8 Volcanic Wastelands Ponds of lava with rocks on lava streams, fiery creatures using flames and an enormous volcano releasing poisonous smog and erupting enormous lava rocks. These wastelands are connected to the Koopa Kingdom. The gang's surprised that not Bowser Jr., but a young adult Koopaling girl is in the airships... By the way, BowserBot 2.0 took charge of Bowser's Medium Castle, and InferFlake is at Eruption Tower A mixture of the gimmicks of World 6 and 7: Eruptions might send Mario back to start. They also might Power-Down Mario. And Mario must step on moving rocks (following a lava stream) at time, or he falls in the hot lava, with one touch sending him to a random place Mario has explored earlier (those places could be in EVERY world Mario has entered) and a Power-Down. Lavora InferFlake BowserBot 2.0 N/A Volcannons Get Past World 7 or World E
9 Murky Beaut Cave A murky underground place with not only darkness but beautiful, colorful neon-light waterfalls, but also magma and big mushrooms. The end isn't in sight yet, so Mario and co. travel here to find the true Bowser, seeming Dry Bowser right now. Paths could be too dark without a light. Mario might walk in a gap with a geyser, sending him to any place Mario could go. Mario could also fall in the water, if he doesn't land at a stream-following rock, sending him back to start. Bowser Jr. Precisite Dry Bowser N/A Lantern Ghosts Get Past World 8
10 Dark-Doom Pit The final place of this adventure, a distorted place with many dark foes. It is the worst place of the whole Mushroom Kingdom, even worse than the Minus World (though the levels aren't endless). Bowser awaits here for the true final battle. Every once Mario cleared a level, a Black Hole moves on the screen. When get sucked up, random events can call: being Power downed, spit back to a random discovered place, spit to an Enemy Course or working as a shortcut (very rare). Kamek Shawarma-Geddon Bowser Bowser and Morton Sr. Mattdark Get Past World 9

Shortcut Worlds

Shortcut Worlds are new things in this game. If the gang uses a cannon, it won't be shot to a particular world, but instead to a Shortcut World. There is only a fortress or tower inside, and it contains for the rest 1-5 other levels and an Enemy Course.

Name Description Tower/Fortress Boss Enemy Course Enemy Unlockable by...
A Drift Beach A relaxing place close to Mushroom Plains, with a great sunset. Soldier Blooper took over the Sand Fort. Soldier Blooper Buccaneros Use the cannon of World 1
B Wiggle Woods A forest with a spectacular view on Kross Jungle. Fussy Fuzzy conquered FuzzTree Tower. Fussy Fuzzy Wigglers Use the Cannon of World 2
C Sandquick Desert A desert just outside Spooky Ruins. Don Thwomp camped here at the Stormsand Pyramid. Don Thwomp Klapsands Use the cannon of World 3
D Deep Mystic Seabed The depths of an ocean never were so colorful and beautiful as here. Cheep-tacle Anemone resides here the NacreClam Wreck Cheep-tacle Anemone Spiny Cheep-Cheeps Use the cannon of World 4
E Wicked Factory In this frantic place, every robot is made, even robots in Bowser's army! The area isn't so environment-friendly, poisonous pools are sometimes found. Metal Mario is fought at Mecha-Pipehouse Metal Mario * Mecha-Koopas Use the cannon of World 5

Special Worlds

When getting past World 10, the player unlocks 2 special worlds. These worlds only contain a castle boss and normal courses. There are courses based on every kind of area theme. Every level must be unlocked.

Name Description Castle Boss How to get the levels
Macro Toy Box A gigantic toy box with different themes. Dr. Eggman Collect each Star Coin of a specific Normal world for that level (e.g. All Star Coins in W1 = Got level ★-1). When have done every level of this world, ★-Castle appears.
Ω Rainbow Road A route of a solid rainbow, ending up in Space. It has different themes AND space themes. Bowser's airship with the Koopa Family * Collect each Star Coin of a specific Shortcut world for 2 level (e.g. All Star Coins in WA = Got levels Ω-1 and Ω-2). When have done every level of this world, Ω-Castle appears.



Of course, Goombas return.

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There are many kinds of enemies in this game. A whole list can be found in the link above. Here, is listed the kinds of enemies:

  • Basic - Flying or not, they're always common and appear in almost every level.
  • Plains - These appear in most grassland levels.
  • Jungle - Appear in most jungle levels.
  • Airborne - Appear in most sky levels.
  • Flora - These are always plants. They appear commonly in grassland, jungle and forest levels, although some can be found in other terrains.
  • Horror - Appear commonly in Ghost Houses.
  • Fort - Appears in fortress, tower and castle levels.
  • Undead - Can be found in Ghost houses, but some can be found in fortresses, castles and towers.
  • Weaponry -  These are always weapons or ammo of weapons. Can be found in every terrain, but isn't that common, besides when we're talking about airship levels.
  • Underwater - Found in underwater levels.
  • Beach - Appear in beach levels.
  • Waterside - Appear in both underwater and beach levels, or any place where's water.
  • Valley - appear commonly in mountain levels.
  • Snowy - Appear commonly in snow and Ice levels.
  • Grotto - Appear commonly in underground and cave levels.
  • City - Appear commonly in city levels.
  • Sandy - Appear commonly in desert or ruin levels.
  • Robotic - Appear commonly in factory levels, although some are found on airships.
  • Volcanic - Appear in lava-containing levels.
  • Galactic - Appear in space levels.
  • Darkness - Appear in darkness levels.
  • Misc. - Appear in every kind of terrain, but are much rarer than other kinds.



One of the very first items Mario has ever met is the Super Mushroom!

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On Mario's journey, objects and items of course come by. A full list of items can be seen in the above link. In this game, these kind of items appear:

  • Collectible - Just what it says: you want to and must collect it! You maybe get extra lives or extra score.
  • Power-Up - Power-Up items occasionally Power Mario Up. They make his life easier, and they could act as a "health bar".
  • Block - Square-shaped things which some have amazing effects, while other don't even have one. There are three kinds of blocks:
    • Floating - Floating Blocks could act as a surface. They could float anywhere so Mario can jump beneath it. Ground Pounding is allowed too.
    • Able to grab - Able to grab!? Yes! Shake the Wii remote while holding 1, and Mario carries it. Now, Grab Blocks are very common, but there are many different kinds of blocks which Mario and co can grab, carry around and throw.
  • Projectile - Hey, you could throw them! And they're no blocks.
  • Object - Any kind of object NOT in the above categories. Even the most important item of an level, the Flagpole, is an object!

Power-Up Forms


Fire Mario is one of those Power-Ups that shouldn't go away from a Super Mario Bros. game.

Also see this.

Just like any other game, Mario & co. can use Power-Up items to transform into another form. The forms are a sort of Life gauge. When Small Mario or Mini Mario hits a foe, he'll die. Super Mario will turn into Small Mario, instead of losing a life. And Fire Mario and other forms will turn into Super Mario. That's not the only of Power-Up Forms. Most of them contain a special ability. Here are some categories of forms:

  • Mario - Mario is as big as a Block or even smaller. When taking damage, he looses a life.
  • Super - There's actually 1 form inside: Super Mario. At this point, Mario can break Brick Blocks. Hitting a foe turns Super Mario into Mario.
  • Ability - Mario has a new ability. Touching enemies will turn Mario, in his form, to Super Mario.
  • Temporary - Most of the time, these are Power-Ups with a great kind of ability that is timed. Mario will return to its earlier form when the effect times out. Classic Mario will power-down hitting a foe, but still stays Classic Mario until the effect wears off.
  • Suit - Mario gets more abilities in one Power-Up, and as the name says, the item for it is a kind of like suit.

References to previous games

This section is under construction

  • Donkey Kong - An enemy known as Dorky Kong is based on the ape Donkey Kong and his traits.
  • Mario Bros. - POW Blocks return as items and Sidesteppers as enemies.
  • Super Mario Bros. - Gameplay is the same, most enemies return. Classic Mario's color scheme is based on Mario's sprite in this game.
  • Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels - The Classic Mushroom got his design from the Super Mushroom's sprite.
  • Super Mario Bros. 2 - Shy Guys, Pokeys and Pansers are enemies again, yet Birdo makes an appearance (though this time not as an enemy). Red POW Blocks return, and the grabbing ability is based from this game. Luigi could execute the same Super Jump as in this game.
  • Super Mario Land - Nokobons, under the name Boomba Troopas, return.
  • Super Mario Bros. 3 - The Koopalings return, and the Hammer Suit as well. The Penguin, Bullet and Phoenix Suits are based on the suits in that game. Boom Boom appears as a boss.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog - Sonic appears as playable character.
  • Super Mario World - Yoshi could be ridden again.
  • Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins - Wario appears, this time as playable character.
  • Donkey Kong Country - Kritters, Klaptraps and King K. Rool first appeared in that game. Also, the Kross Jungle map song is a remixed version of the map song of that game. The jungle levels got the same melody as in the jungle levels of this game.
  • Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island - Yoshi could throw eggs again and yet again Flutter Jumps. Most Yoshi Colors originated from this game. Fly Guys and Stilt Guys are enemies as well.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog CD - Sonic's main theme is a remix version of Sonic Boom. The robot Metal Mario may be based on Metal Sonic from this game. A sequence of the Japanese music of Stardust Speedway has been remixed in the city music.
  • Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land - Wario could execute his Dash Attack.
  • Wario Land II - Shawarma-Geddon acts the same as the Cave Master.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Tails appears as a playable character. 
  • Sonic Rush - Blaze appears as a playable character. 
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) - Silver appears as a playable character.


  • This is the first New Super Mario Bros. game to have proper dialog features and small movies.
  • This is the first platform game that could have up to 6 players online.
  • This is the first game to bring the Brown Yoshi back after years, excluding remakes.
  • This is the only New Super Mario Bros. game to have Wi-Fi Conection.


  • Note: Artworks shown above, or artwork appeared in earlier games are NOT shown here.
  • This artwork gallery is also incomplete. For a full collection of new artworks, see this.


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