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New Super Mario Bros. Mini
The logo of the game
Developer(s) Amuza
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) NintendoSwitchLogo
Genre(s) 2.5D Platformer
Predecessor New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe
Release Date(s) Flag of Japan 2020
25px-Flag of USA 2020
Flag of European Union 2020
25px-Flag of Australia 2020
Age Rating(s) ERating 3Rating OFLC-G
Media Included Media Switch icon Switch Cartridge
Media DL icon Digital Download

New Super Mario Bros. Mini is an upcoming side-scrolling 2.5D platformer. This is the twenty installment in the Super Mario series, and the fifth installment in the New Super Mario Bros. series. It is also the second on the Nintendo Switch after New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe.

The game was designed to give a shake up to the New Super Mario Bros. series while still remaining faithful to the core of the series. As such many of the series conventions are removed, such as mid-world towers, or altered, like the inclusion of brand new stage mechanics.

One of the biggest changes to the gameplay is the ability to switch from regular Mario to Mini Mario with the press of a button. This opens up stages to have very diverse set-ups from previous games as some areas can only be explored in a specific form. It creates a rhythm to platforming as you switch between the two forms.


Bowser teams up with the Nabs, a species of purple rabbits, to try and take over the Mushroom Kingdom.

Prince Nab invents the Minimizer, a staff which can shrink anyone down to a tiny size. Bowser intends to use the Minimizer on Mario, in the hopes that he won't be able to stop him once he is shrunk down.

Bowser's plan works, and Mario is shrunk to a mini size. Bowser and Prince Nab kidnas Princess Peach, and the three of them fly away on an airship. However, before they can fly away, Peach manages to throw the Minimizer off the airship and down by Mario's feet.

With the Minimizer in his possession, Mario sets off into the Mushroom Kingdom to rescue Peach. He manages to rescue Princess Peach at the end of the first world.

Thinking it strange, Mario quickly learns that Bowser and Prince Nab actually want to turn the entire kingdom into their own domain. They quickly set out all their minions to take over the many different worlds of the kingdom. Now Mario has to rescue the Mushroom Kingdom from the clutches of the villains.


New Super Mario Bros. Mini is a 2D platformer at its core. As such, the game plays very similar to its previous iterations. The player has to jump from platform to platform as they progress on their way to the end of the stage, marked by a goal pole.

The biggest new mechanic introduced in the game is the use of the Minimizer. This allows players to switch between normal Mario and Mini Mario with the press of a button. Some areas of stages will require players to use a specific form of Mario to progress. For example, the player will have to switch to Mini Mario to solve a Brick Block Puzzle Box, before they can continue through the stage. The entrance to the puzzle box is only big enough for Mini Mario, meaning the player will have to be Mini Mario to continue. In some areas, only normal Mario can make the jumps needed to progress, requiring the use of normal Mario. Stages will tend to require the player to switch between the two to solve puzzles or to reach star coins.

Hub World

A brand new feature introduced to the series in this game is the hub worlds. Instead of a world map, stages are now accessed through these hub worlds. Each world has its own hub, in which NPC's can be met and talked to. As Mario progresses through his journey in each world, NPCs will return to the hub and can be interacted with. Their dialogue will change based on the state of the world they are in. For example, they will wish Mario good luck just after unlocking the world's Castle. Each hub world will start of as relatively deserted and destroyed, showing the carnage that Bowser and Prince Nab have brought to the Mushroom Kingdom. 

The hub worlds are a small, open area of simple platforming. More areas in the hub will open up from completing stages. Each hub has its own shop, Toad Houses, stage entrances, and castle entrance. Some worlds will have special locations, like Fruity Delights inside Fruit Flower Station. Players can bring Fruits found in stages to Mama Toad to cook recipes. Each recipe will give a different effect on Mario, like having a bigger jump, or a shorter cooldown time after using the Minimizer.

Inside the shops, the player can buy a number of different things. Naturally, the player can buy power-ups inside the shop. The main draw however is the introduction of Gear. Players can use the coins they have earned throughout the journey to buy gear that will change the appearance and stats of each characters jump, speed, traction, and spin. Each piece of gear will have different attributes that positively and negatively affect each of these stats, so finding the perfect combination of equipment is up to the player's playstyle. The stats can be turned off in options for players looking for a more traditional platformer.


The following is the control scheme when using a single Joycon.

NS JC T White A Button Sprint/Pick up
NS JC L White B Button Sprint/Pick up
NS JC R White X Button Jump/Interact
NS JC B White Y Button Jump/Interact
NS L Button SL Button Use Minimizer
NS R Button SR Button Spin 
NS L Stick Left Control Stick Move
NS R Stick Right Control Stick Move
NS Plus Plus Button Open Pause Menu
NS Minus Minus Button Open Pause Menu
NS Home Home Button Open Home Menu


World Description
Sorbet Hills A standard grasslands world. This area is notable for its numerous canyons that blend in with the rolling hills of the area. This world will teach the player the game's main mechanics, as well as introduce the Baby Yoshis and the Pastel Block platform.
Sweet & Sour Mountain This mountain is known for the bizarre way one half of it is frozen, and the other half is filled with lava. As such, it has become a great place for mining. Many people come here simply with the hopes of getting rich. This world introduces advanced ground pound abilities, weight puzzles and a new Baby Yoshi.
Liquorice Skies A city in the sky that Mario can only reach from beanstalks at the top of Sweet & Sour Mountain. This city is inhabited by the villainous Nabs. This city is a technological marvel, and as such its architecture is quite futuristic. This world introduces girders, stealth, snake blocks, and new mechanics featuring the flying water bubbles.
Citrus Ruins One of the Mushroom Kingdom's oldest temples. These ruins and pyramids are guarded by a squad of Bob-ombs. At first, Mario falls from Liquorice Skies to the very bottom of the ruins, and has to climb his way out and back to the surface. This world introduces booby traps and background mechanics.
Garlic Towers A group of very tall towers in the Mushroom Kingdom. What once was a very popular tourist destination has since been abandoned and overrun by Boos, turning the whole place into a ghost town. This world is notable for its collection of portrait stages, in which the artstyle of the game changes to iconic painter's styles. This world introduces pumpkins, gravity, and travelling between two planes.
Fruit Flower Island This island is one of the most beautiful places in all of the Mushroom Kingdom. Throughout Mario's journey across the island, he picks up four different medallions that can be attached to the Minimizer.  These medallions allow Mario to change the season on the island, essentially giving each stage four different variations. This plays into platforming and puzzle-solving.
Cupcake Carnival It's a party! But inside this dazzling carnival filled with glitter and sparkles, some gate crashers have come to ruin the fun. Take out Bowser's minions while playing along with some of the carnival's games.
Bowser's Moon Base With the Mushroom Kingdom finally saved, Bowser has one more trick up his sleeve. A space base with a shrink ray attached! Stop him before he can turn the entirety of the Mushroom Kingdom into his own pocket-sized toy!


Sorbet Hills

The hub area for Sorbet Hills is Princess Peach's Castle

Name Description
1-1: The Start of the Journey Mario's journey begins right here in the heart of Sorbet Hills. A simple level that will prepare you for using the Minimizer to switch to Mini Mario.
1-2: Ground Pound Bound The only way to traverse through these underground mines will be with the use of the Ground Pound! Stun enemies, reveal hidden objects, and make blocks fall to the ground all with the help of your trusty Ground Pound. Fallen blocks can be moved to solve puzzles!
1-3: The Great Sorbet Tree This tall tree calls for the help of Bubble Baby Yoshi. Blow Mario into bubbles to use a vertical boost. Beware of the sawblades on the way down!
1-4: Broken Tower Trek The location Sorbet Hill's tower would have been. This tower has been destroyed for a long time, so be careful of the crumbling platforms! They will progressively break down each time you jump on them.
1-5: Glowing in the Gorge Use Glow Baby Yoshi to light up darkened areas and traverse them! But look out for the Flippits in the gorge, they will need to be blinded before they can be attacked.
1-6: Above the Dark Abyss Finally, we're out of the gorge and on the Pastel Block platforms. Any side of the flying Pastel Blocks can be traversed, but move quick or be attacked by the Maggot Moles!
1-Castle: Swift Shift Castle This castle will test your skills with the many stage mechanics you have learnt throughout the world. Use Bubble Baby Yoshi to float the Koopalings into the spikes on the roof.
1-A: Athletic Theme A running stage where the player has to run and perform actions in time with the song, Athletic Theme from New Super Mario Bros.

Sweet & Sour Mountain

The hub area for Sweet & Sour Mountain is the Gold Rush Mineshaft

Name Description
2-1: Manic Mine Shaft The mines inside the mountain are as chaotic as anything! Navigate through the caves while avoiding the runaway mine carts.
2-2: Cave of Burnt Bones In the Cave of Burnt Bones, you'll have to avoid the lava while working with the bone platforms. Ground Pound on the bones to move their position in the air and hopefully stay out of the lava.
2-3: Shoot Across the Ramps Now I get why they call it Sweet & Sour Mountain. The caves of lava have changed into caves of ice! Slide around on the ice ramps to shoot to the other side of the lava and not fall in.
2-4: Blast to the Mountainside Before you can escape the inside of the mountain, you'll have to learn to use weight to fill up the rock scales with enemies and gold to progress. 
2-5: The Summit Approaches This stage takes you inside and outside of some of the highest points of the mountain. The summit is nearby, and Rough Baby Yoshi is the only way to get there!
2-6: Mushroom Detour It looks like the mountain path is out of order! Take the Mushrooms in the sky to finally reach the summit. This would be the worst time for an eruption wouldn't it?
2-Castle: Castle on the Peak Only one thing stands between you and reaching the city that the Nabs have invaded from. However, it looks like Blar-Blargg won't let you through easily!
2-A: Super Mario Bros Ground Theme A running stage where the player has to run and perform actions in time with the song, Super Mario Bros Ground Theme from the original Super Mario Bros.

Liqourice Skies

The hub area for Liquorice Skies is the City in the Sky.

Name Description
3-1: Beanstalk Lane To reach the City in the Sky, there is a number of branching vines to climb up first! Avoid the enemies and keep climbing until you make it there.
3-2: Snake Block Rollercoaster The City in the Sky's main attraction is the Snake Block Rollercoaster. Try not to fall off so you can take in all of the sights of the city!
3-3: Construction Site Safari Inside the city, you'll quickly learn that this futuristic city is still under construction! Use the Girder Koopas to your advantage, but don't let them knock you off.
3-4: The City's Underside What really keeps this city afloat? Find out on the underside of the city where oil pours out. Don't get caught in the oil, the water bubbles will help you out!
3-5: Rocket Thunderstorm The weather has taken a turn for the worse. At least Mario can land on dark, raining clouds. Make sure you get off them before all the rain pours out and the clouds go clear!
3-6: Night Falls Over Oil Skies At night, the Sawits patrol the city, looking for anyone still out after dark. Stay out of their light, or you'll be hit with a nasty attack.
3-Castle: Prince Nab's Castle It seems like Bowser and Prince Nab are hiding inside Prince Nab's Castle at the peak of the city. It's time to take them down!
3-A: Underwater Theme A running stage where the player has to run and perform actions in time with the song, Underwater Theme from the original Super Mario Bros.

Citrus Ruins

The hub area for Citrus Ruins is the Bottom of the Ruins.

Name Description
4-1: Brick Block Puzzle Box These ruins are going to be anything but easy. Climb inside the Brick Block Puzzle Boxes as Mini Mario to solve them and progress forward towards the goal.
4-2: Mud Angel Avoid the Mud Angels! They will pop out of the dirt and try to swoop down at you. If that wasn't bad enough, it looks like there are large stones rolling between the background and foreground!
4-3: Hole in the Wall To make it through this level, you'll need to keep your eyes on the background. Activate switches to change the background and open up new pathways.
4-4: Snack Time Hiding inside the ruins are some Tiki Shy Guys. It looks they have one things on their mind, nabbing you so they can eat you! Beware the booby traps they have laid.
4-5: Running in the Ruins A running stage where the player has to run and perform actions in time with the music. Keep on the move, or the Fuzzys will get you!
4-6: Hieroglyphs As you climb your way out of the Citrus Ruins and save it from Bowser's minions, it looks like the only way up now is to solve the puzzles within the pyramid. Grab the Gliphs and throw them into the background to solve the puzzles and continue forward.
4-7: The Light Approaches Finally, the exit is within sight for Mario. Climb up the pyramid shaped stage and make it to the very narrow way out.
4-Castle: Fog Dash Castle Before you can escape the Citrus Ruins for good, its time to take down Bowser's minion, Fizzout. Navigate his foggy castle and take down his henchmen to face off against the big guy.
4-A: Fever A running stage where the player has to run and perform actions in time with the song, Fever from Dr Mario.

Garlic Towers

The hub area for Garlic Towers is the Pumpkin Patch.

Name Description
5-1: Pumpkin Patch Enemies are attacking the Pumpkin Patch surrounding Garlic Towers. Take out the Pumpkin Goombas and use the Pumpkin platforms to your advantage.
5-2: Full Moon Fall Down Its time to climb up one of the towers and rid it of all the enemies that have taken over. On the way down, they knock the tower over! Better rush down and not have a crash landing.
5-Ghost: Spotlight Gravity You'll be running on the walls of this haunted house, as being inside the lights can change gravity! Make sure you stay in the light, or you might fall off.
5-4: Stars in the Night This stage takes place inside a portrait in which the artstyle changes to reflect Van Gogh's aesthetic. In here, Mario will be tested on his abilities to solve puzzles while travelling between two different dimensions.
5-5: A Struggling Memory This stage takes place inside a portrait in which the artstyle changes to reflect Salvador Dali's aesthetic. In here, Mario will be tested on his abilities to run up walls and ceilings. Gravity doesn't seem to exist in here!
5-6: Plumber with a Parasol This stage takes place inside a portrait in which the artstyle changes to reflect Claude Monet's aesthetic. In here, Mario will be tested on his abilities to use the 
5-7: Don't Forget to Scream This stage takes place inside a portrait in which the artstyle changes to reflect Edvard Munch's aesthetic. In here, Mario will be thrown into a circular shaped stage. Making it to the middle of the circle is the key to completing this stage.
5-Castle: King Boo's Masterpiece If you want to reach King Boo, you'll have to travel through his world of art. This will test all your knowledge you learnt throughout Garlic Towers.
5-A: Mansion (Dark Hallway) A running stage where the player has to run and perform actions in time with the song, Mansion (Dark Hallway) from Luigi's Mansion.

Fruit Flower Island

The hub area for Fruit Flower Island is Fruit Flower Station.

Name Description
6-1: The Chill of Winter The Winter Medallion instantly freezes the island over, and is the only way to even start progressing here. Pick it up and see where the ice may lead you!
6-2: The Petals of Spring Winter's been here long enough, lets see the petal bloom. After picking up the Spring Medallion you'll get to use the flowers to your advantage.
6-3: He Loves Me, Not Love is in the air on Fruit Flower Island. However, you might need to break a few hearts to progress through these rocky isles. Switch between Spring and Winter to progress!
6-4: The Leaves of Fall Grab the Fall Medallion and learn what happens when the leaves start to drop. You might even be able to switch the leafs into petals for extra help.
6-5: Snap Freeze When the leaves fall, Winter comes to freeze them in place. Create extra platforms with frozen petals and leaves!
6-6: Three Times A Year High up in the canopy of the Fruit Flower Forest, a game show obstacle course sits. Use the medallions to get the upper-hand on your competitiors in this race to the end, or you will be eliminated!
6-7: Fruit Harvest Deeper in the canopy, a fruity jungle runs rampant. However, the game show hosts look to be cutting down the forest to harvest all the fruit for themselves.
6-8: The Sun of Summer Finally, the Sun Medallion is within your reach. Use the hot sun within summer to strike terror in your opponents, but staying in the sun for too long may cause injuries!
6-Castle: Fruit Flower Temple The place where the first fruit grew on the island. It turns out the game show hosts, Seven and Nine, were working for Bowser and want to steal the first fruit! Stop them before they can take over the whole island!
6-A: Bianco Hills A running stage where the player has to run and perform actions in time with the song, Bianco Hills from Super Mario Sunshine.

Cupcake Carnival

The hub area for Cupcake Carnival is the Cupcake Fountain Castle.

Name Description
7-1: The Best Cupcake This time, you start off right next to the goal pole. Hooray! But a hungry Shy Guy blocks the way, and will only be satisfied when you bring him the four ingredients needed to make a perfect cupcake. Let's get looking!
7-2: Hall of Mirrors Something isn't right around all these mirrors... it looks like the mirrors are reflecting things that aren't there! Some cheeky Boos have overrun the hall. Use their tricks against them to restore order to the hall.
7-3: Scenic Railway Bob-ombs have taken over the Scenic Railway rollercoaster. Get them out of here before they destroy the attraction!
7-4: 8-Bit Arcade Go inside one of the arcade machines to clean out the virus thats infecting all of the parks technology. Things might look a little different once you're inside!
7-5: River of Love The lovebirds from Fruit Flower Island return, but this time they are all teaming up to stop you! Use your medallions once again to reclaim the river.
7-6: Swinging Side to Side Large gaps and an even larger audience watching you? You will need to put on some smooth moves as you swing on trapeze to the end. Make your performance extra swift for the audience and maybe you'll get an extra prize?
7-7: Slip, Slop, or Slide In the rapid falls of the water slide, a Dragoneel awaits to pounce at you. Will it get the best of you, or will the Dragoneel be squashed under your mini foot?
7-8: Magic Kingdom This is a little weird. A part of the park dedicated to Mario and his friends. Sounds great, but it looks like your friends are being controlled by Bower's minions!
7-Castle: Magic Castle Midnight Now is the time to stop Bowser once and for all! Use all the skills you have learnt throughout the carnival to catch-up to Bowser! With magic on his side though, this isn't going to be an easy fight.
7-A: Super Bell Hill A running stage where the player has to run and perform actions in time with the song, Super Bell Hill from Super Mario 3D World.

Bowser's Moon Base

The hub for Bowser's Moon Base is the Moon Crater.

Name Description
8-1: No Gravity Alley Prince Nab has taken over Bowser's Moon Base and is going to shrink all of the Mushroom Kingdom. Make your way across the low-gravity surface of the moon.
8-2: Melted Sorbet Inside this moon crater, you will be tested on all the skills you learnt back in Sorbet Hills.
8-3: Spiced Out Inside this moon crater, you will be tested on all the skills you learnt back in Sweet & Sour Mountain.
8-4: Oil Slick Inside this moon crater, you will be tested on all the skills you learnt back in Liquorice Skies.
8-5: Mystery on the Moon Inside this moon crater, you will be tested on all the skills you learnt back in Citrus Ruins.
8-6: Garlic Breath Inside this moon crater, you will be tested on all the skills you learnt back in Garlic Towers.
8-7: Rotten Fruit Inside this moon crater, you will be tested on all the skills you learnt back in Fruit Flower Island.
8-8: Bad Chef Inside this moon crater, you will be tested on all the skills you learnt back in Cupcake Carnival.
8-Castle: Bowser's Moon Base Finally, you are at the moon base Prince Nab has taken over. It's time to end this!
8-A: Jump Up, Super Star! A running stage where the player has to run and perform actions in time with the song, Jump Up, Super Star! from Super Mario Odyssey.


  • Tough Baby Yoshi - This brown Yoshi has boots of steel, and allows the players to walk on ice without slipping. It can also allow the player to walk on lava.
  • Dash Baby Yoshi - This crimson Yoshi is the fastest runner in the Mushroom Kingdom. While holding on to it, the player will uncontrollably run forwards, allowing them to skip by obstacles that would move too fast otherwise.
  • Hungry Baby Yoshi - This green Yoshi will grant its user with the ability to eat through Pastel Block platforms.
  • Bubble Baby Yoshi - This blue Yoshi can blow bubbles that will trap enemies and float them away. It can also blow Mario into a bubble for a burst of upwards momentum.
  • Glow Baby Yoshi - This gold Yoshi can light up dark areas, making it possible to traverse dark caves. It can also temporarily stun some enemies. 
  • Balloon Baby Yoshi - This magenta Yoshi can expand like a balloon, allowing the player to gracefully float through the air for a period of time.



Name Description
Mario artwork (Mario Party 10)
The original Mushroom Kingdom savior. Mario is back again in his overalls to jump to victory and save the kingdom while he's at it. He won't stop until Bowser and Prince Nab are defeated! Mario is a true all-arounder, being equally skilled in his jump, speed, traction and spin abilities. He is perfect for player's looking for the optimal difficulty in the game. Not too challenging, but Bowser's minions will do anything to make it challenging.
177px-SuperMarioParty Luigi
The brother that makes up the Mario Bros. While still terrified of many things, Luigi will jump at any chance he can get to save the Mushroom Kingdom, after a little persuasion of course. With the best jump in the game, Luigi will get you over any gap you come across. Be careful though, he has the worst traction so he is optimal for experienced player's looking for a challenge.
Princess Peach Artwork (alt) - Super Mario 3D World-1-
Princess Peach
Princess Peach joins in the platforming fun this time. After being rescued at the end of World 1, Peach can lead the heroes into battle against Bowser and Prince Nab. Don't think for a second Peach isn't ready for battle, as she has best traction in the game, making her an expert at platforming. Despite the small jump and slow speed, Peach can momentarily float in the air, making platforming easier.
Toad SM64S
Toad is herre and ready for action! This small hero packs a strong punch, and letting Bowser win is the last thing he is going to let happen. For those with running on their mind, Toad is a perfect choice for his optimal speed abilities. You'll need to be an experienced player to harness his fast speed and small jumps, but once you do, you'll be unstoppable. 


  • Koopalings - Bowser's children have taken a step down in Bowser's army after their many failures. All seven Koopalings are fought at the same time at the end of World 1. To defeat them, they must be blown into one of Bubble Babi Yoshi's bubbles and flown into the roof. 
  • Blar-Blargg
  • Nab Horde
  • Fizzout
  • King Boo
  • Seven and Nine - Nine is the heart of these two mysterious and colourful creatures. However, Nine will hide inside Seven's mouth, making him impossible to attack. Jump on Seven to have him spit out Nine, allowing you to attack the duo and take them down.
  • Bowser
  • Prince Nab



New Enemies

  • Nabber - These footmen of the Nab army will patrol many areas hoping to stop Mario. The Nabbers have a big jump on them.
  • Flippit - These Nabs will pick up pieces of the ground and flip them high into the air. The only way to take out these brutish Nabs is to stun them with the Glow Baby Yoshi, then run into them.
  • Maggot Mole - A mole that eats its way through Pastel Block platforms. It will eat its way in a direct line towards Mario, meaning that he has to move quick or risk being injured.
  • Sawit - This floating Nab has a bright light and a fast attack. Being seen in the Sawits light will have them swoop at you, making it a hard attack to avoid.
  • Girder Koopas - These Koopas carry girders that act as a platform. When the Koopas turn around, their girders can injure Mario. He will also fall off the girder if they turn around while he is on it.
  • Mud Angel - These creature is completely covered in a thick layer of mud. They lie down on the ground to blend in, but when you get close, they'll launch up into the sky and swoop down at you.
  • Gliph - A walking hieroglyph. Gliphs come in many different forms and can not be defeated. The best way to deal with them is to just run on by. However, these enemies can be thrown into the background to stick on walls and solve puzzles.
  • Lovebirds - A pair of birds found in Fruit Flower Island and Cupcake Carnival. These birds emotions change depending on the medallion used. They make a number of different combinations that can be platforms, a ball to be rolled, or a heavy weight.

Returning Enemies


This is the first game in the New Super Mario Bros. series to not introduce any new power-ups. Instead, the game mainly revolves around switching to Mini Mario with the Minimizer. The development and implementation of this concept meant that no new power-ups were deemed necessary.


In the shops that can be found inside each hub world, there is a shop that will sell gear to the player. Each piece of gear can be equiped to change the appearance of the playable character. All of the gear can also alter each of the character's stats. Different pieces of equipment will be sold in each world.

Each piece of gear can be equipped on any of the playable character's. They can be purchased with the coins collected in levels.

Name Description Type
Yellow Hat A yellow hat that increases traction, while lowering jump. Head
Jester Crown A silly jester hat that increases jump, while lowering traction. Head
Purple Hat A purple hat that increases speed and spin. Head
Royal Crown A crown that increases jump, while lowering speed. Head
Bunny Ears Long ears that increase jump, while lowering traction. Head
Nabbit Ears Purple, bunny ears that increase speed, while lowering spin. Head
Bowler Hat A classic and classy hat that increases jump. Head
Sombrero The hat of the party, this raises all stats a small amount. Head
Tennis Visor A hat used when playing tennis. It increases speed and traction. Head
Builder Helmet A bright yellow hard hat that lowers speed, while increasing traction and spin. Head
Ice Cream Hat A bowl that hold three scoops of ice-cream on your head. It lowers speed while increasing traction.  Head
Blaarg Cap A cap resembling a Blaarg's head. It increases speed. Head
Pumpkin Helmet A helmet that covers your head in a pumpkin. This increases traction and speed. Head
Fruit Flower Headband A colourful headband with fruits and flowers adorned on it. It increases all stats a little bit. Head
Orbit Hat A hat that has a small solar system orbiting around it. It increases spin a lot. Head
Biker Suit A biker suit that increases speed. Body
Black Tuxedo A stylish tuxedo that increases jump. Body
Space Suit An astronaut suit that increases traction, while lowering speed. Body
Nabbit Suit A suit that resembles the one worn by Nabbit. It increases speed, while lowering spin. Body
Oil Slick Slacks A pair of jeans and a t-shirt that has been covered in oil. It lowers traction, while increasing speed and spin. Body
Yellow Overalls A pair of yellow overalls that increase traction, while lowering jump. Body
Purple Overalls A pair of purple overalls that increase speed and spin. Body
Royal Gown A lovely dress that lowers speed, while increasing traction and jump. Body
Doctor's Getup A set of doctors robes that increases spin. Body
Clown Costume A happy-go-lucky clown outfit. Increases speed and jump. Body
Cupcake Performer One of the outfits worn by the performers at the Cupcake Carnival. It lowers speed while increasing traction. Body
Bowser Suit A suit made to look like Bowser. It lowers speed while increasing spin. Body
Dress Shoes Sparkly formal shoes. They increase spin while lowering jump. Shoes
Clown Shoes Colourful shoes with a jewel on the end. They increase jump and spin. Shoes
Space Boots Metallic boots worn by astronauts. It lowers speed while increasing jump. Shoes
Platform Sneakers Tall white sneakers that increase jump while lowering speed. Shoes
Clogs Traditional wooden clogs. They increase traction. Shoes
Red Heels Red heeled shoes. They lower speed while increasing jump. Shoes
Pearlescent Shoes Shoes that change colour based on the lighting they are in. They increase spin. Shoes
Badge Shoes Bright shoes that are covered in pins and badges. They lower speed and spin, while greatly increasing jump. Shoes
Sweet & Sour Shoes One shoe is on fire, the other is frozen. It increases speed and traction. Shoes
Chunky Heels Heeled shoes with a large wedge. They lower speed while increasing jump. Shoes
Windmill Shoes Shoes with small rainbow spinning windmills on the back. They increase speed. Shoes
Hiking Boots These boots have spikes on the bottom that increase traction. Shoes
Ghost Feet Shoes that turn your feet invisible, making you look like you float like a ghost. They increase traction. Shoes
Yellow Shoes A pair of yellow shoes. They increase traction while lowering jump. Shoes
Purple Shoes A pair of purple shoes. They increase speed and spin. Shoes


References to other games

  • Paper Mario series: Mama Toad serves a very similar function to Tayce T. and Zess T. from the series. It also served as a big inspiration for adding the different design and character to all of the NPCs found in the hub worlds.
  • Mario & Luigi series: The ability to purchase gear that affects character stats was inspired from this series.
  • Wario Land series: References to Wario's love of garlic can be found inside the Pumpkin Patch hub world.
  • Mario Party DS: The Minimizer first appeared in this game.
  • New Super Mario Bros. U: Nabbit was introduced in this game, with his species being more fleshed out in this game.
  • Rayman Legends: The running stages where platforming is done to music was inspired from this game.


  • In a developer interview, they revealed that the towers usually placed at the mid-point of each world were removed so they could focus on fleshing out the game's worlds more, and explore more varied stage mechanics that could not be possible in the towers.
  • The Fall Medallion is known as the Autumn Medallion in PAL regions.
  • The concept of the boss Seven and Nine was inspired by the joke, 'why was six scared of seven'.
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Paper Mario: The Ancient ShrinePhoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Crucible Of CourtProject H.A.M.M.E.RBatman: Ashes Of ArkhamClickyMage TalesBiomonBalloon Fight: Aerial AceMy Little Pony: Pretty is CuringF-Zero: AdrenalineDustAdventure Time: The Enchiridion QuestPhantom DelightsPatrol SquadSonic GuardianE. Gadd's Contraption ConceptionPikmin: EvolveThe Hills Of OztopatuHope Without A CauseHall Monitor

Ordinary CritChild of StarsAnimal Crossing: Fresh AirMurder! Murder!Super Mario Party 2Metroid DreadThe Legend of Zelda: Titans SealNew Super Mario Bros. MiniTotal Drama Mystery

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