New Super Mario Bros. Lambda
Lambda Logo
The Game's Logo
Developer(s) Dark Light Studios 1
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Wii U, NX, Visus Sphere
1-8 Player
Age Rating(s)
OFLC G rating
Genre(s) 3D Platformer, Action-Adventure
Series Super Mario
Predecessor New Super Mario Bros. U-X
 New Super Mario Bros. Lambda is an upcoming game in the Super Mario Series. It is the sequel to New Super Mario Bros. U-X and is considered part of both the New Super Mario Bros. Sub-Series and Super Mario 3D Sub-Series. It is the 5th game in the New Super Mario Bros. Sub-Series and the 3rd game in the Super Mario 3D Sub-Series. It features up to 8-Player gameplay with all players controlling one of twelve possible characters.


The gameplay sticks relatively similar to Super Mario 3D World, the player is able to move around in a three-dimensional space and their main goal is to reach the flagpole at the end of each level. Levels will also additionally have seven stars hidden throughout called the Rainbow Stars, collecting these stars is necessary to battle bosses and unlock the Post-Game Worlds.

Players can defeat most enemies by jumping on the head of the enemy, contact with the enemy by running will result in a death, however the player can acquire various Power-Ups that will allow them more hits before death as well as in some Power-Ups, new abilities to defeat enemies.


Mario, Luigi & Peach have invited various Toads including Toadsworth and Toadette to have a party, however while they are celebrating Wario and Waluigi crash the party, Wario explains that they had been watching the party for some time and wanted some cake, Mario and Luigi offer them cake and while initially baffled, Wario and Waluigi accept and calm down. A few seconds later however, Bowser's Airship begins to bombard Peach's Castle, Bowser then shoots one cannonball that lands right on the table, causing cake to go everywhere, and leaving Wario's jaw stuck wide open. Bowser jumps down from the Airship with the Koopalings and Bowser Jr. close behind. He walks up to Peach, who is protected by Mario and Luigi who stand between Bowser and Peach, Bowser swipes both of them away, and grabs Peach, however just as he's about to leave, he notices a shine from within Peach's Castle, he walks over and sees a giant star shining every colour of the rainbow with 7 faces on it.

Bowser, puts Peach down and then punches the star cracking and shattering it, giving him immense power, Peach attempts to grab the Main Star Shard off him however the 7 faces take physical form and block Peach, Bowser along with the Koopalings, Bowser Jr. and the seven Faces leave. Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Toadsworth, Toadette, Blue Toad & Yellow Toad run over and after Peach regains composure they all look to watch Bowser's Airship flee in the distance, they nod and give chase.


In New Super Mario Bros. Lamda there are 15 Worlds to play through for the Story segments, at the end of each world the player/s must fight one of the Koopalings and later on one of the Faces which are revealed to be the Mythical Koopalings.

Storyline Worlds

World No. World Name World Style Mid Boss World Boss Roaming/Blockades
1 Mushroom Canyon Canyon Boom Boom Larry Koopa Grand Goombas
2 Cheep Cheep Bay Coast Neon Eel Morton Koopa Jr. Blue Koopa Troopas
3 Blooper Waves Ocean Blooper Kraken Wendy O. Koopa Porcupuffer
4 Huckit Shores Coast Huckit King Iggy Koopa Huckit Soldiers
5 Wiggler's Jungle Jungle Wiggler Chomp Lemmy Koopa Mega Wigglers
6 Thwomp Mountain Mountain King Thwomp Roy Koopa Bullet Bill Cannons
7 Foo Skyline Sky Foo-nado Ludwig Koopa Chargin' Chuck
8 Gemguard Ruins Cavern Pom Pom Orcus Koopa Rubyite Warriors
9 Boo Graveyard Haunted Stone Boo Polentam Koopa Boohemoth
10 Buzzy Junction Urban Master Bro Nereium Koopa Lunar Chaser
11 Pokey Dunes Desert Pokey Leviathan Vallatus H. Koopa Fire Piranha Plants
12 Lakitu Palms Oasis Lakihail Sirenae Koopa Lakitus
13 Flutterdrop Woods Forest Flutter Diver Spiritus Koopa Magikoopas
14 Podoboo Volcano Volcano Bowser Jr. Draco Koopa Fire Bros
15 Bowser City Urban Bowser Jr. & Kamek Bowser Sledge Bros
  • Please Note Post-Game Worlds will be added

Post-Game Worlds

World No. World Name World Style Mid Boss World Boss Roaming/Blockades
16 Ancient Valley Ore Gemstone Brolder Reznor King Sledge Bros
17 Blue Ice Lagoon Lake Icy Caliblooper Avalanche Pokey Bloopers
18 Shadow Pits Void Shadow Mario Dry Bowser Dry Bones
19 Mushroom Fields Savannah Alpha Conkdor Mewo-Mewo Lakitus
20 Flower Island Island Magi-Piranha Plant Petey Piranha Flutter Droppers
21 Voltage Swamp Swamp Blockstepper Drill Sergeant Plug Chomp & Lily Chomp Skipsqueaks
22 Rainbow Tower Rainbows Koopa Shine Squad Rainboenix Koopa Troopas
23 Starry Core Star None None None


Each world consists of a various amount of levels, levels range from standard Mario Platforming Levels, to puzzle themed Levels, Boo Houses, Enemy Rushes, Low Time Challenges, Towers & Castles. Each world consists of at least 5 regular levels, a Tower and a Castle.

Mushroom Canyon

Level No. Level Name Level Style Level Theme
1-1 Meadowy Descent Standard Sliding Slopes
1-2 Block Back Tunnel Standard Maze of Dead Ends
1-3 Marching Holes

Standard (Secret)

Teleporting Tunnels
1-Tower Lambda Subterranean Tower Tower Drills
1-4 Glowshroom Lake Standard Bouncy Platforms
1-Puzzle Blackout Blitz Puzzle Light Puzzles
1-5 Hot Top Chase Standard Lava Waves
1-Castle Lambda Canyon Bridge Castle Castle Windy Bridges

Cheep Cheep Bay

Level No. Level Name Level Style Level Theme
2-1 Waterfall Dam Standard Waterfalls
2-2 Lilypad Flight Standard Bouncy Lilypads
2-3 Paratroopa Charge Standard (Secret) Paratroopa Jump Combos
2-Puzzle Breakdown Blitz Puzzle Brick Block Puzzles
2-Tower Lambda Lakeside Tower Tower Water Pipes
2-4 Crystal Dunes Standard Beaches
2-5 Bridgewalk Hunt Standard Collapsing Platforms
2-Time Challenge Speed Run Beach Time Challenge Beaches
2-6 Rainbow Pipe Chasm Standard (Secret) Multi-Coloured Pipes
2-7 Toxin Water Shores Standard Dangerous Water
2-Ghost House Silent Spectres Ghost House Invisible Boos
2-Castle Lambda Floating Bay Castle Castle Floating Platforms

Blooper Waves

Level No. Level Name Level Style Level Theme
3-1 Rapids & Bridges Standard Rapids & Floating Bridges
3-2 Koopa Cliffs Standard (Secret) Ledges
3-Ghost House Spooky Sinker Ship Ghost House Sinking Ship
3-4 The Great Island Climb Standard Vertical Ascent
3-Tower Lambda Coral Reef Tower Tower Underwater Maze
3-5 Anenome Mountain Standard Electric Walls
3-6 High Seas Galleon Standard Ships & Rope Climbing
3-Puzzle Balloon Blitz Puzzle Floating Puzzles
3-7 Great Dragon Shrine Standard (Secret) Dragon Surfing
3-Castle Lambda Luminous Depths Castle Castle Limited Lighting

Huckit Shores

Level No. Level Name Level Style Level Theme
4-1 Sunshine Huntdown Standard Light & Dark
4-2 Palm Tree Rise Standard Palm Tree Tops
4-Time Challenge Speed Run Alcove Time Challenge Caves
4-3 Mossy Boulders Standard Slippery Rocks
4-4 Starlight Pools Standard (Secret) Meteor Shower
4-Puzzle Beach Blitz Puzzle Sand Puzzles
4-Tower Lambda Sand Dune Tower Tower Quick Sand
4-5 Manta Ray Surf Standard Manta Rays
4-6 Sky Reach Standard (Secret) Lakitu Clouds
4-Enemy Rush Sand Rush Enemy Rush Desert Enemies
4-7 Crab Tunnel Maze Standard Shifting Maze
4-8 Megatide Standard (Secret) Tsunami
4-9 Sunken Atoll Standard Clams
4-Castle Lambda Crab Shell Castle Castle Huckit Crabs

Wiggler's Jungle

Level No. Level Name Level Style Level Theme
5-1 Leaf Fall Floor Standard Pit Traps
5-2 Marching Den Standard Musical Beat
5-3 Mighty Piranha Plant Hill Standard (Secret) Various Piranha Plants
5-Puzzle Bayou Blitz Puzzle Water Puzzles
5-Tower Lambda Overgrown Tower Standard Climbable Walls
5-4 Quick Growth Grove Standard Fast Growing Trees
5-5 Volcanic Vines Standard (Secret) Rising Lava Flow
5-Ghost House Lost Mansion Ghost House Unlikely Paths
5-6 Berry Forest Ascent Standard Various Berries
5-7 Vine Climb Chase Standard Vine Platforms & Spiny Vines
5-8 Skyview Canopy Standard Disappearing Clouds
5-Castle Lambda Beanstalk Castle Castle Beanstalk

Thwomp Mountain

Level No. Level Name Level Style Level Theme
6-1 Flip Platform Chasm Standard Flip Platforms
6-2 Mine Train Mania Standard Mine Trains & Explosives
6-Ghost House Terror Mine Shaft Ghost House Cave-in
6-3 Crystal Waterfall Standard (Secret) Slippery Platforms
6-4 Coal Mine Junction Standard Rail Lines
6-5 Central Terminal Standard Mine Trains & Rail Lines
6-Tower Lambda Mine Outpost Tower Tower Explosives
6-6 Dawnbreak Crevice Standard Partial Sunlight
6-Time Challenge Speed Run Mountain Time Challenge Mountains
6-7 Snowy Cliff Standard (Secret)

Blizzards & Wind Direction

6-8 Bullet Bill Armoury Standard Tanks
6-Puzzle Bullet Bill Blitz Puzzle Bullet Bill Puzzles
6-9 Magnetic Stone Bridge Standard (Secret) Sinking Platforms
6-10 Bridge of Gales Standard Wind Direction
6-Castle Lambda Mountain Peak Castle Castle Gravity

Foo Skyline

Level No. Level Name Level Style Level Theme
7-1 Foggy Sky Island Standard Fog
7-2 Rainstorm Assault Standard Rain & Lightning
7-Puzzle Bouncepad Blitz Puzzle Bouncing Puzzles
7-3 Rainbow Arches Standard (Secret) Switches & Rainbows
7-4 Sky Wave Standard Wave of Clouds
7-Tower Lambda Cloud Top Tower Tower Fog & Cloud Platforms
7-5 Jet Stream Battle Standard Strong Wind
7-6 Hail Storm Barrage Standard (Secret) Hail
7-7 Return of the Beanstalk Standard Giant Beanstalk
7-Enemy Rush Sky Rush Enemy Rush Flying Enemies
7-8 Atmospheric Charge Standard Gravity Swapping
7-9 Planetoid Buster Chase Standard

Low Gravity & Planet Hopping

7-10 Stardust Comet Standard (Secret) Exhaust Jets
7-Castle Lambda Observatory Castle Castle Asteroids

Gemguard Ruins

Level No. Level Name Level Style Level Theme
8-1 Ancient Stone Pyramid Standard Shifting Pyramid
8-2 Jungle Vine Jump Standard (Secret) Vine Swinging
8-Time Challenge Speed Run Ruins Time Challenge Ancient Ruins
8-3 The Ancient Army Awakens Standard Gemguard Army
8-4 River Raft Mayhem Standard River Raft
8-5 Boulder Basher Tunnel Standard (Secret) Rolling Boulders
8-Tower Lambda Crumbling Tower Tower Cracked Platforms
8-6 The Ancient Army Attacks Standard Gemguard Army
8-7 Wood Fort Topple Standard Falling Platforms
8-8 Bulblight Caverns Standard (Secret) Limited Light
8-Ghost House Ritual Ground Panic Ghost House Posessed Objects
8-9 The Ancient Army Rebounds Standard Gemguard Army
8-10 The Towering Tree Standard (Secret) Carved Out Tree
8-Puzzle Blazing Blitz Puzzle Fire Puzzles
8-11 Into the Ruins Standard Collapsing Ruins
8-Castle Lambda Prehistoric Palace Castle Castle Bones

Boo Graveyard

Level No. Level Name Level Style Level Theme
9-1 Crow Screech Outpost Standard Sound Cues
9-2 Backbone Tar Pit Standard Tar & Bones
9-Ghost House Well of Spooks Ghost House Water Levels
9-3 Noir Screams Standard (Secret) Noir Art Style
9-4 Ruffian Alley Standard (Secret) Shadows
9-Puzzle Boo Blitz Puzzle Ghost Puzzles
9-5 Rickety Chasms Standard Illusions
9-Tower Lambda Elemental Tower Tower Elemental Hazards
9-Ghost House Blackout Mansion Ghost House Light Helmets
9-6 Mirror, Mirror Forest Standard (Secret) Mirrors
9-Ghost House Fiery Spirits & Icy Spectres Ghost House Fire & Ice
9-7 Rain-Boo Race Standard (Secret) Rainbow & Invisibility
9-8 Drum Beat Panic Standard (Secret) Beat & Rhythm
9-Ghost House Boo Kingdom Ruins Ghost House Boos
9-Castle Lambda Dimensional Castle Castle (Secret) Changing Dimensions

Buzzy Junction

Level No. Level Name Level Style Level Theme
10-1 Neon Gateway Standard Liquid Neon
10-2 Suburban Blockade Standard Above & Below
10-3 Pipeway Flood Standard (Secret) Flood
10-Time Challenge Speed Run City Time Challenge Inner City
10-4 Disco Climb Standard (Secret) Rhythm
10-5 Fire Crash Mansion Standard Burning
10-6 Big Top Blast Standard (Secret) Circus Acts
10-Tower Lambda Midnight Tower Tower Star Light
10-7 Pit Stop Factory Standard Vehicles
10-8 Overcharge Station Standard (Secret) Wild Electricity
10-Puzzle Beat Blitz Puzzle Music Puzzles
10-9 Highway Panic Standard Vehicles & Light
10-10 Sky Scraper Chase Standard Sky Scraper Roofs
10-Enemy Rush City Rush Enemy Rush Subterranean Enemies
10-Castle Lambda Sky Scraper Castle Castle Vertical Ascension

Pokey Dunes

Level No. Level Name Level Style Level Theme
11-1 Brickwork Ruins Standard Perspective Shapes
11-2 Glass Pipe Desert Standard Glass Pipes
11-3 Sandy Manta Rays Standard (Secret) Manta Ray Surfing
11-4 Sand Bird Takes Flight Standard (Secret) Sand Bird
11-Ghost House Pyramid of Trials Ghost House Mini-Challenges
11-5 Eclipse Cave Standard Shadows
11-Tower Lambda Sunshine Tower Tower Heatwave
11-6 Poison Dart Hallway Standard Wall Traps
11-7 Solar Bunker Blast Standard Heatwave
11-8 Seismic Shifter Standard Sand Spouts
11-Puzzle Barrage Blitz Puzzle Enemy Puzzles
11-9 Quicksand Arena Standard Quicksand
11-10 Cactus Trickery Standard (Secret) Illusions
11-Castle Lambda Trap Trial Castle



Lakitu Palms

Level No. Level Name Level Style Level Theme
12-1 Secret Sand Village Standard Hidden Enemies
12-2 Mad Market Dash Standard Market Place
12-Ghost House Haunted Wasteland Ghost House Mysterious Lights
12-3 Hover Petal Draft Standard (Secret) Floating Platforms
12-4 Shimmering Pools Standard Underwater Maze
12-Tower Lambda Botanical Tower Tower Plants
12-Puzzle Blinded Blitz Puzzle Darkness Puzzles
12-5 Golden Mines Standard (Secret) Gold Coins
12-6 Lakitu Storm Standard Lakitus
12-Time Challenge Speed Run Desert Time Challenge Desert
12-7 Choppy Dune Desert Standard Shifting Sands
12-8 Flip Switch Firefall Standard (Secret) Flip Switchs & Fireballs
12-Castle Lambda Seed Grass Castle Castle Tall Grass

Flutterdrop Woods

Level No. Level Name Level Style Level Theme
13-1 Carnivorous Traps Standard Piranha Plants
13-2 Combo Skies Standard (Secret) Combination Jumping
13-3 Overgrown Pipeways Standard Blocked Pipes
13-Puzzle Bark Blitz Puzzle Plant Puzzles
13-4 Hedgegrove Maze Standard (Secret) Plant Maze
13-5 Fruity Topple Standard Falling Fruit
13-6 Autumn Ascent Standard Falling Leaves
13-Tower Lambda Rose Tower Tower Roses
13-7 Spring Breeze Chasm Standard Strong Winds
13-8 Lost Jungle Standard Illusions & Traps
13-9 Lost Koopa Temple Standard (Secret) Koopas
13-Enemy Rush Forest Rush Enemy Rush Forest Enemies
13-10 Sketchbook Forest Stadard (Secret) Handrawn Art Style
13-11 Jigsaw Woods Standard Shifting Platforms
13-12 Soda Steam Bounce Standard Bubbles & Toxic Water
13-Castle Lambda Oak Trunk Castle Castle Hollow Trees

Podoboo Volcano

Level No. Level Name Level Style Level Theme
14-1 Hot Vent Ascent Standard Steam Jets
14-2 Water-Lava Cross Standard (Secret) Water & Lava
14-3 Melting Ice Sheet Standard Melting Platforms
14-Time Challenge Speed Run Volcano Time Challenge Volcano
14-4 Crumble Rock Chamber Standard Crumbling Platforms
14-5 Fire Rope Climb Standard Burning Ropes
14-Puzzle Bolt Blitz Puzzle Metal Puzzles
14-6 Inferno Stairways Standard Fire Traps
14-7 Machine Works Factory Standard Gears & Machines
14-Tower Lambda Smelter Tower Tower Liquid Metal
14-8 Big Boom Escape Standard (Secret) Explosives
14-9 Seismic Bash Standard Shifting Platforms
14-Ghost House Ghostly Blaze Ghost House Moving Flames
14-10 Secret Grotto Standard (Secret) Gold
14-11 Blast Crater Standard Asteroids
14-12 Skeleton Snake Coaster Standard (Secret) Skeleton Snake Platforms
14-Castle Lambda Lava Lake Castle Castle Lava

Bowser City

Level No. Level Name Level Style Level Theme
15-1 Depths Below Standard Multiple Floors
15-2 Neon Maze Standard (Secret) Neon Lights
15-Time Challenge Speed Run Grand Time Challenge Tower
15-3 Marching Charge Standard Beat
15-4 Circus Flight Standard Swinging Bars
15-Ghost House Lost Castle Ghost House Dimensional Rifts
15-Tower Lambda Magikoopa Blast Tower Tower Magical Platforms
15-5 Candy Cloud Float Standard (Secret) Floating & Disappearing Platforms
15-6 Lava Pipeway Chase Standard Lava Flood
15-Enemy Rush Volcanic Rush Enemy Rush Fire Enemies
15-7 Paratroopa Jets Standard Paratroopas & Podoboos
15-Puzzle Bowser Blitz Puzzle Bowser Puzzles
15-8 The Great Tank Offensive Standard Tanks
15-Castle Lambda Bowser's Master Castle Castle Platforming

Playable Character

Character Name Availability Advantages Disadvantages
Mario From Start
  • Neutral
  • Neutral
Luigi From Start
  • Highest Jump
  • Poor Traction
Blue Toad From Start
  • Fastest Acceleration
  • Fast Pick-Up Speed
  • Good Max Speed
  • Worst Jump Height
  • Poor Throwing Strength
  • Can't lift Heavy Objects
Yellow Toad From Start
  • Highest Max Speed
  • Good Acceleration
  • Worst Jump Length
  • Poor Pick-Up Speed
  • Can't lift Heavy Objects
Wario From Start
  • Ground Pound
  • Best Throwing Strength
  • Slowest Runner
  • Poor Control on Ice
Waluigi From Start
  • Doesn't slide on Ice
  • Can bounce on Lava (still takes damage)
  • Has the largest Hitbox
  • Can't lift Heavy Objects
Peach From Start
  • Can Glide Temporarily
  • Good Control on Ice
  • Climbs Ladders Fastest
  • High Jump
  • Slow Speed
  • Slow Acceleration
  • Worst Pick-Up Speed
  • Can't lift Heavy Objects
Toadsworth From Start
  • Can Pogo across Spikes
  • Can perform a long-range melee attack
  • Can notice hidden Item Blocks
  • Can't kick Shells
  • Worst Throwing Strength
  • Can't lift Heavy Objects
Toadette From Start
  • Can summon one Mushroom per level
  • Can't use said Mushroom on self
Daisy After Completing World 8
  • Star Power lasts twice as long
  • High Jump
  • Stars move away from Daisy
  • Slow Acceleration
Rosalina After Completing World Red
  • Can perform a Spin Attack
  • Good Throwing Strength
  • Has the Slowest Acceleration
  • Ranged Attacks travel only 75% of total distance
Nabbit After Completing World Green
  • Coins naturally gravitate towards Nabbit
  • Fastest Pick-Up Speed
  • As do Enemies
  • Can't lift Heavy Objects


Like every Main Series Mario Game, there are a diverse range of Power-Ups, some old and some new that allow Mario and co. to perform unique abilities that they wouldn't normally be able to do in regular form.

Powerup Name Powerup Effect
Super Mushroom
  • Grants the Player one extra hit
  • Makes the player Larger
Fire Flower
  • Grants the player the ability to shoot Fire to Defeat Enemies
Ice Flower
  • Grants the player the ability to shoot Ice to Freeze Enemies
Cylonic Flower
  • Grants the player the ability to shoot Wind to reflect ranged Attacks
  • Grants the player a Glide (for Peach, her Glide is extended)
Tanooki Suit
  • Allows the player to perform a Tail Swing attack
  • Allows the player to fly after building up their P-Meter
  • The player descends slowly while falling in air
Cat Suit
  • Allows the player to perform a Claw Slash attack
  • Allows the player to climb most walls for a short distance
  • Allows the player to perform an Air Dash Attack
Penguin Suit
  • Allows the player to Slide on Ice
  • Allows the player to swim better in Water
  • Allows the player to Shoot Ice
  • The Player slides on most Surfaces
  • The player can perform a Spin Attack while Sliding (Rosalina performs an Ice variant that freezes enemies in range)
Metallic Flower
  • Makes the player fall faster
  • Allows the player to perform a Ground Pound with Seismic effects
  • Allows the player to perform a Rolling Attack
Mega Mushroom
  • Makes the player Giant
  • Makes the player invincible to most enemies and some hazards'
  • Mega Mushroom is Temporary
Mini Mushroom
  • Shrinks the player down significantly
  • Reduces the player's total no. of hits before death back to zero
  • Allows the player to access hidden passages
Steam Mushroom
  • Allows the player to shoot a jet of steam when they jump (Characters with a Higher Jump are increased proportionally)
  • Allows for a second and third jump while in mid-air (although the third jump does not increase the overall height above the ground of the player)
Soundwave Mushroom
  • Allows the player to perform a Sonic-Wave and disarm/paralyze enemies
  • Allows the player to use Musical Blocks to reach secret sections of a level
  • Allows the player to send forth a small chain of notes and then dash into them, defeating most enemies in their path
Boomerang Flower
  • Allows the player to throw a Boomerang
  • Allows the player to hide within a Koopa Shell
  • Allows the player to use the Boomerang as a temporary platform
Hammer Flower
  • Allows the player to throw Hammers
  • Allows the player to hide within a Koopa Shell
  • If the player holds the attack button they'll charge the attack which when maxed out results in the player throwing a Sledgehammer which has effects that mirror a Ground Pound


Returning Enemies

  • Goomba
  • Mega Goomba
  • Grand Goomba
  • Micro Goomba
  • Goomba Tower
  • Green Koopa Troopa
  • Red Koopa Troopa
  • Green Koopa Paratroopa
  • Red Koopa Paratroopa
  • Mini Goomba
  • Skull Goomba
  • Piranha Plant
  • Big Piranha Plant
  • Fire Piranha Plant
  • Big Fire Piranha Plant
  • Ice Piranha Plant
  • Piranha Creeper
  • Thwomp
  • Thwimp
  • Whomp
  • Grrrols
  • Lakitu
  • Spiny
  • Buzzy Beetle
  • Mega Buzzy Beetle
  • Bony Beetle
  • Wiggler
  • Mega Wiggler
  • Swoop
  • Spike
  • Red Cheep Cheep
  • Yellow Cheep Cheep
  • Spiny Cheep Cheep
  • Big Red Cheep Cheep
  • Big Yellow Cheep Cheep
  • Big Spiny Cheep Cheep
  • Porcupuffer
  • Hammer Bro
  • Sledge Bro
  • Fire Bro
  • Ice Bro
  • Boomerang Bro
  • Splorch
  • Walleye
  • Dragoneel
  • Baby Dragoneel
  • Clampy
  • Huckit Crab
  • Blooper
  • Mini Blooper
  • Mother Blooper
  • Foo
  • Ty-Foo
  • Boo
  • Big Boo
  • Boohemoth
  • Broozer
  • Podoboo
  • Pokey
  • Snow Pokey
  • Bob-Omb
  • Bullet Bill
  • Homing Bullet Bill
  • Banzai Bill
  • Homing Banzai Bill
  • King Bill
  • Torpedo Ted
  • Targeting Ted
  • Flopter
  • Ring Burner
  • Skipsqueak
  • Spiny Skipsqueak
  • Angry Sun
  • Magikoopa
  • Chargin' Chuck
  • Biddybud
  • Para-Biddybud
  • Bully
  • Fire Bar
  • Fizzlit
  • Fuzzy
  • Galoomba
  • Big Galoomba
  • Spike Bar
  • Stingby
  • Ant Trooper
  • Big Ant Trooper
  • Horned Ant Trooper
  • Blockstepper
  • Conkdor
  • Flopter
  • Dry Bone
  • Para-Bone
  • Big Dry Bone
  • Fliprus
  • Chain Chomp
  • Rocky Wrench
  • Magmaw
  • Magmaargh
  • Charvaargh
  • Sandmaargh

New Enemies

  • Scuba Goomba
  • Deap Sea Goomba
  • Armo-Koopa Troopa
  • Paladin Koopa Troopa
  • Blue Koopa Troopa
  • Yellow Koopa Troopa
  • Blue Koopa Paratroopa
  • Yellow Koopa Paratroopa
  • Huckit Soldier
  • Huckit Elite
  • Huckit Mud Diver
  • Homing King Bill
  • Frostaargh
  • Stone Coiler
  • Rubyite Warrior
  • Sapphrine Warrior
  • Emerrine Warrior
  • Opalus Knight
  • Onyxon Knight
  • Lunar Chaser
  • Concrete Piranha Plant
  • Flutter Dropper
  • Flutter Triple Dropper
  • Petawhip
  • Whip Dragon
  • Big Ice Piranha Plant
  • Camo-Guana
  • Stealth-o-Guana
  • Jet Podoboo
  • Xooper
  • Xooper Hunter
  • Draeim
  • Jestignite
  • Master Jestignite
  • Stroon Mun
  • Cloof
  • Rion
  • Rion Tamer
  • Asqure
  • Thwube


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