New Super Mario Bros. Fusion
Developer(s) Hammy Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Media Included Wii U Disc


The story starts when Green Toad is walking in the desert and is reading a letter from the Mushroom Kingdom . The letter says "Dear "Newcomer", when you get to the Mushroom Kingdom please go to the castle to fill out the paperwork. -Peach. Green Toad mutters somthing due to not liking paperwork. The scene changes and views Mario, Luigi, Yellow Toad, Blue Toad, Princess Peach and all the other Toads are preparing a welcome suprise party for Green Toad who just moved in. When Green Toad comes in everyone hops out and yells "surprise!" and Green Toad is delighted. Everybody gives him welcome gifts that are mostly Power-Ups, Coins and ?-Blocks. Then before Green Toad walks to his new Toad House he pulls out a shiny blue parasol for Peach but at the last moment a yellow-clawed hand switches the blue parasol for an identical blue parasol. Green Toad gives Peach the switched parasol. Peach accepts the gift and says "thank you". The swicthed parasol sprouts a propeller and the Koopalings hop out of thier hiding place and use a remote control to move the parasol (and Peach) out of the building and loads her onto the airship. Peach yells for help and Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad, Yellow Toad and the newcomer Green Toad leave the castle in pursuit of the princess but never reach her. Looks like a new adventure has started!


New Super Mario Bros. Fusion's gameplay is much like the New Super Mario Bros. series. The main goal is to save a princess by going through many worlds and levels defeating bosses, smashing enemies and collecting Items. Each world has a map allowing the players to move from path to level. The maps also include gimmicks to pep up the adventure. Each map also has an enemy course that when triggered the player will fight a set of enemies of the same species. If the enemy couse is won a Toad will be freed from a chest and give the player some useful items. And when in a map there is a Power-Up storage that enables the players to us Power-Ups on the map. The player also has a wide variety of characters to choose from each with a diffrent ability. When in a level the main goal is to get to the flag before time runs out. There will be quite a few enemies that will require a stomp or more to defeat. If hit by an enemy or falling down a pit or even running out of time it can make the characters lose a life. When lost a life the character will appear in a bubble waiting to be popped. If you run out lifes then it counts as a game over and the player will be forced out of a level. Part of the power-ups include... the Fire Flower, the Mega Mushroom, and many more power-ups. There is one Power-Up called the Fusion Mushroom that if put in Toad's cauldron the player will be able to fuse two items together to make a Star or better yet a Mixed Item only obtainable by mixing.


Playable Characters

 Image Name Description Special Ability Downside How To Unlock
Mario Holding Shell Mario How could we leave out Mario in a game with his name in it? Mario though does have the skills to be a hero, a racer, a tennis champ, you name it! And he's a pretty balanced character! Mario has the strongest star spin of all characters. None. Starter
361px-LuigiMP8Official Luigi Once a second banana, always a second banana! It's Luigi the younger but taller brother of Mario. He can be a little jealous of his #1 brother., but at least his heart is in the right place. Luigi has the highest jump of all characters and can use a slightly weaker Star Spin than Mario. Hard to control and slips a bit when running. Starter
ToadYellow Yellow Toad Yellow Toad tends to "snooze off" from time to time But he's very loyal to Princess Peach. He packs quite a Ground-Pound! His ground pound is very powerful,almost as good as Wario's. But at least he's way faster than Wario! When pushed or bumped by teamates or enemies he goes extra far. Starter
BlueToad Blue Toad Blue Toad is a very fast and courageous Toad and the twin brother of Yellow Toad. He can be a little too proud every now and then. His speed is outstanding and can even give enemies a lesson! Second lowest jump of all characters. Starter


Green Toad The newcomer in Mushroom Kingdom who decided to go on his first adventure! He may be weak but he's a natural at aiming his jumps! His jumps are very long and go quite high a good angle. Plus his Double/Triple jumps go twice as high! Power-Ups, Ground-Pounds and throw powers are weak. Starter
508px-MP8Wario Wario Wario doesn't care much about our damsel in distress, but he does care a ton about all the loot he's about to obtain ! Wario has the best Ground-Pounds, Power-Up strength and throws of all characters! Slow and has the lowest jump of all characters. Beat World 3
WaluigiMP8Official Waluigi A friend of Wario who is a pretty poor sport and calls everybody a cheater dispite he is a big cheater himshelf. Fast but not as fast as Yellow Toad. Great swimmer. Has to duck twice to actually duck. Beat World 5
Amber Amber A young female Koopa who used to work for the devious Bowser but decided to turn to the good side. She has quite a set of special abilities! She can lightly glide with her cape and and retreat into her shell to protect from enemy attacks. She can even be kicked when in her shell! Her cape slows down her running after a few seconds and weakens her Ground-Pound. Beat World 7 or collect 2 Worlds worth of star coins.
Mallow (Right). Mallow A young prince who thought he was a tadpole (Being raised by a frog) but turns out he was prince of nimbus land! He falls really slowly and jumps higher than average. Does no damage when thrown by teamates Beat the game.

250px-Goombario NSMBDIY
Goombario A calm and friendly gooomba who loves to join mario on his adventures. He can Headbonk like a pro! He can Headbonk to stun enemies and finish them off by a simple stomp. Slower than most characters due to stubby feet. Clear all levels inculding the Special World's levels. and the Secret World Levels.
Shilee Shilee A peace-making female Wing Guy that loves to fly and have fun. She may not look very female without a bow or a dress but she does act like it! She can fly up to three small flaps in the air and can dive-bomb. To break she has to do one of her wing flaps. Find all and defeat all Mini-Bosses.
Kirby NSMBSS Kirby Let's not forget to put the guest Kirby in! He may look weak and adorable but he really can inhale like a big, mean, pink monster! He can also float quite a bit. Kirby can inhale and spit enemies. He can also float in the air as long as he desires. Kirby is very light and can be bumped pretty far. He cannot use almost all Power-Ups Use a code.


Image Name Description Role Location
200px Princess Peach Poor Peach has gotten kidnaped again. Though, she may not seem like she'll help a lot she uses her personal Mail Beetle to send the plumbers some useful items! Mailing the players Power-Ups and extra-lifes. She also needs to be saved.

Bowser's Castle

100px-Redddtoaddd Toad Toads also have been kidnaped by Bowser and put in ? Blocks. Rescue them for a reward! They open thier own houses when saved and give out items and a chance to mix items. Very few ?-blocks,Toad Houses
250px-YoshiMP8a Yoshis It seems everybody is getting kidnapped becuse now yoshis are being taken from thier homes and being put in ? Blocks. If you save them they might lend you a helping hand! They can be ridden if saved from thier blocks. Diffrent colors have different powers. ? Blocks
N/A Mail Beetle Luckily, Peach is sending her Mail Beetle to send Extra-Lifes and other goodies! He can also be held on in the last level to get to Bowser's battlefield Sending Extra-Lifes and Power-Ups. And being ridden on the last level. 8-Bowser Castle Icon
403px-Toadette111-1- Toadette Toadette likes to operate the Hint Videos that show the player a few tips and secrets. But you do need the star power in your Star Coins to it! Operates Hint Videos Peach's Castle
MKXL Toadsworth Toadsworth A wise and old Toad who happens to help by giving the team some advice on Power-Ups, Enemies and more.Give Gives the Players useful tips. Peach's Castle
Bob-Omb BuddySMWWii Bom-omb Buddy Bom-Omb Buddies have quite a thing with cannons and will open them up for Mario if he finds a rare golden Bom-omb statue. Opens up a cannon to the Secret Worlds. There are 4 in the game and require golden Bom-omb statues to warp. Peach's Castle
BlackToadFront Code Toad Really rare Toads that give out key codes out . They are scattered throughout the game. Gives out codes for the Chest Hall.

Very few levels.

MKXL Rosalina Rosalina The guardian of the universe known as Rosalina has a few Lumas missing. Maybe some can be found throughout the world. Gives the player Items if a luma is found. Peach's Castle
DKandDiddy DKCR Donkey and Diddy Kong Two monkeys who are just monkeing around in levels. They have a Power-up hoard (Let's not forget the Banana hoard) and they give Mario a Power-Up if low on lifes. Gives a Power-Up if the 1st player has 3 lifes or less. Any level.
GoldenMario Golden Mario A expert clone of Mario who can only be used when low on lifes. He seems to be emotionless. Gets through a level but the level isn't officially "Cleared" yet until the player(s) clear it. Can only be used if on the last life. Any level.



Image Name Description Form
200px-SuperMushroomK&K Super Mushroom The most common item in the game. It makes the player grow, giving them an extra bit of health.

Super Mario !Super Mario

Fire Flower Icon Fire Flower The item that Mario is probably most known for. It gives Mario the ability to shoot fireballs.

300px-NSMB2 Fire Mario

Fire Mario

Ice Flower SMWU Ice Flower An icy version of the Fire Flower. It allows Mario to shoot iceballs.


Ice Mario

Super Leaf This is an uncommon power-up. It gives Mario the ability to swing his racoon tail and hover in the air for a bit.
Racoon Mario
SuperBellSM3DW Super Bell A pretty rare item that gives Mario feline-based powers. Mario can scratch enemies and climb up certain surfaces.


Cat Mario

StarFlip Super Star The rarest regular power-up. Mario turns invincible and gains a speed boost. This item cannot be fused.
Starman Mario


Yoshi Colors

Image Name Description Special Ability Downside
Yoshi Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour Green Yoshi The basic green Yoshi is back in a whole new adventure! None. None.
200px Red Yoshi A hot- looking red Yoshi who is determined to show off his skills! Runs faster. Lower jump.
20111220163931!Blue Yoshi YBA Blue Yoshi The cool colored blue Yoshi wants to make himshelf a team favorite! Jumps higher. Slower speed
OrangeYoshi YBA Orange Yoshi A Yoshi who knows the art of the Ground- Pound and wants to prove himshelf worthy! Great Ground-Pound. Shorter Tongue.
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