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New Super Mario Bros. Darkness
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) X-TREME Co.
Platform(s) Wii U
Series New Super Mario Bros
Predecessor New Super Mario Bros U
Successor New Super Mario Bros X-TREME
Release Date(s) AUS: March 17, 2017

USA: March 16, 2017

JAPAN: March 10, 2017

New Super Mario Bros. Darkness is the next game in the New Super Mario Bros series, for the WiiU, and will release in 2016.

Main Story

Bowser teams up with Drake, and sends Mario, Luigi, Peach & Toad the hole way across the Mushroom Kingdom, so they can take it over!

Playable Characters


  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Peach
  • Blue Toad
  • Rosalina


  • Bowser
  • Drake
  • Bowser Jr.
  • Anti-Koopa


  • Main Mode

The Main Story Mode, it has you playing as Mario,Luigi,Peach & Blue Toad, it unlocks everything else

  • Anti-Mode

Unlocked by beating the Main Mode, this is a 'Anti' version of the main mode, having you play as Bowser,Drake,Bowser Jr & Anti-Koopa.

  • Level Creator

This mode is unlocked by beating World 3 in the Main Mode, you can make levels (and entire worlds, eventually entire games) in it.



World 1 - Conquered Plains

1-1: Grassy Plains

1-2: Underground Hills

1-3: Raining Plains

1-4: Terror Tower

1-5: Minus Hillside

1-6: Blooper Plains

1-7: A Clockwork Castle

1-BONUS: Falling Hill

World 2 - Upsidown Caves

2-1: Flip-through Cave-Side

2-2: Cave-a-thon

2-3: Shy Guy Caves

2-4: Five Hundred Tunnels

2-5: Terrifying Tower

2-6: Sand-Side Tunnel

2-7: Risking the Caves

2-8: Hammer Bro Cave

2-AIRSHIP: Bowser Jr's Attack!

2-9: Darkest Hour Castle

2-BONUS: Ghost Cave

World 3 - Ocean Blues

3-ENTRANCE: Never-Ship

3-1: Wide Ocean Blues

3-2: Big Bertha's Return

3-3: Down-Down Lake

3-4: Breezing Tower

3-5: Dead Lake Valley

3-6: The Revenge of Big Bertha

3-7: Whirlpool Way

3-8: Flood Castle

3-BONUS: Atlantic Blues

WORLD 4 - Frozen Lake

4-ENTRANCE: Heard Ice Lake

4-1: Frozen Hill

4-2: Penguin Search

4-3: Death-Defying Ocean

4-4: New Freezing Lake

4-5: Frozen Tornado Escape

4-6: Tower of Blizzards

4-7: Blizzard Way

4-8: Frozen Underwater Swim

4-9: Path of Frozen Death

4-10: Catastrophe Hill

4-11: Taking on the Cold

4-AIRSHIP: Blazing Airship Attack

4-12: Frozen Falls

4-13: Frozen Fire Castle

4-BONUS: Frozen Jungle

WORLD 5 - Never Jungle

5-1: Poisonous Hill

5-2: Jungle Lane

5-3: Giant, Giant Valley

5-4: Poisonous Swamp Tower

5-5: Dynamic Battle Arena

5-6: Tornado Lane

5-7: Poisonous Cave

5-8: Horror Jungle

5-9: Poisonous Terror Fire Tower

5-BONUS: Catastrophe Swamp

WORLD 6 - Rock Hard Mountain

6-ENTRANCE: Bolder Dash Highway

6-1: Horror Mountain

6-2: League Way's

6-3: Falling Rock Cave

6-4: Villainous Horror Way

6-5: Dim Demo Mountain-side Hill

6-6: Villainous Rock-Hard Tower

6-7: Regular Falls

6-8: Darkness Cave

6-9: Petrified Chamber

6-AIRSHIP: Bowser's Airship Rumble

6-10: Petrified Castle Terror

6-BONUS: Gem Cave Mountain

WORLD 7 - Dim Desert

7-1: Various Quick Sand

7-2: New Sand Rumble

7-3: Sand Rise Extravaganza

7-4: Sand Flood Tower

7-5: Lava Sand Escape

7-6: Ice Sand Escape

7-7: Death Up

7-8: Quick Sand Terror Castle

7-BONUS: League Sand Escape

WORLD 8 - The Mushroom Kingdom

8-1: Toad Hills

8-2: Lake Like Way

8-3: Royal Tower

8-4: Neon Valley

8-5: Mushroom Tornado Escape

8-6: Bowser's Secret Tower

8-7: Neon's War

8-8: Dry Bone's Challenge

8-AIRSHIP: Mushroom Airship Battle

8-10: League Battle ROYAL

8-11: Bowser's Battle

8-12: Peach's Castle

8-BONUS: Minus Peach's Castle

WORLD 9 - Bowser's Castle

9-ENTRANCE: Gateway Sneak

9-1: Lazer Lava Way

9-2: Lava Koopa Race

9-3: Dryed Down Cave

9-4: Universal Dimension Jump

9-5: Bowser Jr's Horrorific Horror Tower

9-6: Lazer Bowser Escape

9-7: Stair Gateway

9-8: Bowser's Revenge

9-BONUS: Dry Bowser's Horror Castle

WORLD 10 - Breezing Clouds

10-1: SkyHigh Way

10-2: Neon's Valley

10-3: Bowser's Escape

10-4: Cloud Interest

10-5: Flying Speed Tower

10-6: Cloud Flames

10-7: Kamek's Flying Speedway

10-8: Missile Flow

10-AIRSHIP: Phantom Bowser Jr's Phantom Airship

10-9: Darkness League's

10-10: Horror Darkness Castle

10-BONUS: Flaming Cloud Skyhigh Way

WORLD 11 - Drake's Dark World

11-1: Lava Plume Plains

11-2: Darkness Dimension

11-3: Ghost Hall

11-4: Death Way

11-5: Haunted Tower

11-6: Darkness Den

11-7: The True Final Battle

WORLD 12 - Star Valley

(Also Known as 'World Star')

STAR-1: Starlight Way

STAR-2: Midnight Highway

STAR-3: Chase of the Stars

STAR-4: Lazer Star Way

STAR-5: Midnight Beams

STAR-6: Star Tower

STAR-7: Star Way Chase

STAR-8: Ghost of the Stars

STAR-9: Haunted Star Mansion

STAR-10: Space Way Tower

STAR-BONUS: Phantom Star Valley

WORLD 13 - The Ghost Ship

GS-1: Ghost Ship Blues

GS-2: Ghost Ship Chase

GS-3: Ghost Ship Phantom's Way

GS-4: Ghost Ship Phantom Battle

WORLD 14 - Champion's Cup


WORLD 1 - Peach's Castle

1-1: Toad Army Battle Royal

1-2: Taking Control

1-3: Neon's Valley

1-4: Mushroom Kingdom Escape

1-5: The Mario Bros. Showdown!

WORLD 2 - Hateful Way

WORLD 3 - Drake's Kingdom

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