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The North American logo.
The North American boxart.
Developer(s) EEA Inc. Logo on Cases.png
Publisher(s) Logo.png
Platform(s) Nintendo DS Logo.png
Genre(s) Platformer
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan.png July 3, 2010
25px-Flag of USA.png June 27, 2010
25px-Flag of Europe.png July 16, 2010
25px-Flag of Australia.png July 24, 2010
Mode(s) 1-4 Players
Age Rating(s) ERating.jpg
Media Included DS Card

New Super Mario Bros. D.I.Y. is a New Super Mario Bros. game developed by EEA Inc. for the Nintendo DS. Like the name suggests, the player is able to create their own levels in a New Super Mario Bros. platform. The player can also create a story and pick out bosses and enemies for each level. It was released in 2010 and the WiiWare game, New Super Mario Bros. D.I.Y. Showcase was released a day later. The release dates were announced in E2-A1 2010. A sequel is being developed known as New Super Mario Bros. D.I.Y.+.



The gameplay of the game is a lot the same as the original New Super Mario Bros. The some of the new features of gameplay in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, including the spinning and picking things up are not in the game, which eliminated items like the Propeller Block and Glow Block. However, some items like the POW Block are changed to normal Blocks, so that they don't have to be picked up. The graphics in the game are updated to look a bit more like they do in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. The new features in the game include the use of the Stylus to drag things like ground, enemies, and items from the bottom screen in the Construction Zone. When the player is playing the game, he/she can't insert things into the game.


Unlike all the other previous New Super Mario Bros. games, New Super Mario Bros. D.I.Y. allows players to create their own levels, create enemies and bosses for each level, and set the rules (how much time the play has to beat the level), and even create a storyline. To save the level, the player must successfully finish the level by reaching the flag or defeating the boss. To create a storyline, the player simply chooses a hostage, four featured characters, and a main villain. There are also a number of bosses to choose from during the game. However, strangely enough, the player can make the game easy and use a basic enemy as the final boss, as well a put multiple bosses in the room. Bosses could even be put randomly in basic levels to make the game harder. There is however, no limit on how much stuff is on the screen at one time (with an exception to Star Coins which must have three in each level). There is no real story mode, however, the player can pick up to ten different storylines on each of the three files. It is also possible to customize the world maps and create up to 20 worlds and up to 100 levels in each world. Another new feature in the game, the ability to create hint videos for levels, and save them at Peach's Castle. Once the game is finished, the player can use Star Coins to buy the hint videos they made. The background in each level can be changed whenever as well as well as the music. Another new feature in the game is the fact that players can customize their character's clothes as well as create enemies. There is, additionally, a mode where the player can create playable characters using Flipnote Studio, animating the jumping and other movements of the characters.


There is a large amount of Wi-Fi in New Super Mario Bros. D.I.Y. Once the game is done, the player can play his/her game with friends or share the game, or just certain levels on the internet with friends over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. To get friends on the game, the player and his/her friend must exchange friend codes, and then they can view each other's games and levels. If the player wants to view anyone's games, provincial or world wide, there is a huge area of games, rating from more popular to least popular and most recent games. All that is featured when selecting the game, is the creator's file name. For the game to get popular, other players can give the up to five Stars for; being fun (gold), being classic (purple), being challenging (green), being unique (red), and overall (blue). For example, if the player though the game for very challenging, he/she would give it up to five green Stars. If the player's game has 25 Stars altogether, it would be considered extremely popular. However, the whole Star thing is totally optional. The player also has a choice of saving up to 10 fan-made games on their file and 1000 fan-made levels. Their is also the ability to play Mario Vs. Luigi on WFC (which is now up to four players) with friends or people around the world. Also online, the player can download up to 20 characters, made by Flipnote artists.



When the player is creating a game, he/she must choose up to four of the playable characters to star in the game.

Image Name Description Abilities How to Unlock
NSMBDIY Mario Jump.png Mario It's the veteran hero of the game. He is ready for anything and wants you to create a challenge for him. He's willing to save any princess and stop any villain you put in him way. Just make sure he gets many items along the path you set. Mario is the basic character, with pretty average moves. He jumps, runs, and stops nicely with nothing added and taken off. Basically a character for beginners. Default.
Luigi.png Luigi Mario's little brother, that can be a bit of a coward at times, but a big help in the long run. He wouldn't really go for a challenge but even if you do, power him up a lot if you do and add Princess Daisy somewhere in the storyline. The green plumber's abilities are a lot like Mario's, only he can run faster but is harder to control and jumps much higher than his reddish brother. Default.
Toad2.png Toad It's Toad! The little loyal mushroomy subject of Princess Peach that decided to tag along on the Mario Bros.' adventure. Or it just might be that this little shroom kid is even more protective of the princess than Toadsworth. Toad is one of the fastest character playable, and is a great jumper and skilled swimmer. However, he is quite weak, compared to the others. Default.
Wario NSMBDIY.png Wario Mario's old rival, Wario decided to team up with Mr. Red 'Stache again to pick up as many Coins as possible. You bet, the more Coins you lay out on the track, the better Wario will cooperate. Just to let you know, you are the one controlling him. Wario is the strongest character in the game, and can ground pound harder than no other character. He is also, however, the slowest character in the game. Default.
NSMBΩWaluigi.png Waluigi Luigi's rival that is brothers with Wario. Waluigi is quite a trickster, but has his ways of cheating though levels. Waluigi is also a greedy guy like his brother and if your not careful, he'll steal every last one of your Coins without you knowing. This tall trickster is the best jumper in the entire game, using his long legs for an extra oomph. Although he is stronger than Luigi, he is a tad weak. Create and beat one game.
Baby Mario NSMBDIY.png Baby Mario Mario's baby self that was Yoshi's little buddy back in the day. After a little time travel trouble, Mario and Luigi met their baby and adopted them as sidekicks. The babies were a huge help and were a bit faster than the big bros. in sports. Baby Mario is the second fastest character, next to his brother but is a bit older and more controlled than him. He still has a bit of work to do on the jumps. Create a game featuring Mario.
Baby Luigi NSMBDIY.png Baby Luigi It's the younger version of Luigi, Baby Luigi. He was kidnapped numerous times by Kamek the Magikoopa but was always saved by his older brother, Baby Mario and of course Yoshi. Baby Luigi, like Luigi, gets frightened easily. This little baby is the sadly the weakest character in the game, but also the fastest. Baby Luigi jumps surprising well for a baby but to seriously hard to control. Create a game featuring Luigi.
Goombario NSMBDIY.png Goombario Now that's a surprise! Goombario, one of the first good Goomba characters joins Mario on his adventure once again. If you've wanted to take the role of anything as basic as a Goomba, Goombario is the choice for you. This little Goomba is a tad faster than Mario but his speed is pretty basic. However, Goombario is the easiest character to control and has a mean ground pound. Create a game, featuring 1000 Goombas or more.
Gimzo NSMBDIY.png gizmo A famous Flipnote artist from Flipnote Hatena, who loves drawing, video games, and making sweet animations on the Nintendo DSi. His gags and jokes led to to his popularity, and is the reason why he is the most popular download in the game. Like all custom Flipnote characters, gizmo has no special abilities, but is easy to control, like Mario. Changing anything would take the fun out of his hilarious jokes. Download him online.
BOSS NSMBDIY.png BOSS Another extremely famous artist that mostly creates great fighting sequences and apparently likes making drawings move. BOSS will sometimes make a joke here and there, but mostly his videos are more epic than funny, unlike gizmo. BOSS, like gizmo, has no special attacks (although it would be epic) but does front flips when jumping and will put up a really epic death scene. Download him online.
YOSHI!!!!!!.PNG Yoshi Mario's buddy that he knew since he was a baby. Yoshi has helped him out in the past, and he is more than happy to help him out now. When hatched, Yoshi comes in all different colors, including: green, red, orange, and blue. Yoshi can then eat enemies with his tongue and use his flutter kick to go higher. Yoshi can also jump on some enemies that Mario and the crew can't. Default
250px-MP8 Birdo.png Birdo Another dino buddy that used to be Mario's enemy, but now works as a ride. Birdo also appeared as Yoshi's partner in the sports games. Like Yoshi, Birdo can hatch into the colors of pink, yellow, light blue, and brown. The bowed dino, Birdo, when ridden has the same abilities as Yoshi, except that she shoots Birdo Eggs instead of eating enemies with it's tongue. Default


The player can choose which of the hostages gets kidnapped and who does the kidnapping. Not only that, the player can even customize the music of the introduction and kidnapping as well as who she is kidnapped.

Image Name Description How to Unlock
NSMBWiiPeach.png Princess Peach Princess Peach is the beloved princess of the Mushroom Kingdom that gets kidnapped by Bowser just about ever week. It's a good thing Mario and his pals are always there to save her. If you choose her as the damsel, the storyline will take place at her castle, where she is almost always kidnapped. Default.
DaisyHockey.PNG Princess Daisy The other princess that Mario had to save back in the day. Daisy is the princess of Sarasaland and was originally kidnapped by Tatanga, the alien spaceman. The Daisy today doesn't get in that much trouble up til now, participating in just about any kind of sport in her new tomboy style. Default.
PrincessRosalina.png Princess Rosalina Rosalina is a lonely princess with a very sad story. Her mother died at a young age and she got lost in space with her best friend, Luma. She soon became friends with all kinds of Lumas and soon with Mario and Luigi. Rosalina has however, never been kidnapped before. All that is about to change. Maybe. Create and beat one game.
BabyPeach.jpg Baby Peach A tiny baby version of Princess Peach that had to be rescued by the babies way back when. She tends to be a crybaby and annoys even the meanest of the foes. She is quite lucky that she has her body guard, Toadsworth to save protect her all the time. The problem it that he's not your average knight in shining armor. Create a game with Princess Peach as the damsel in distress.
Mushroom King NSMBDIY.png Mushroom Kings There are seven different kings that were transformed into different creatures by the Koopalings. Each of the Koopalings' wands transform the kings back to their normal selves. They'll have a Toad telling you something you already know; the king has been transformed. Default
Toad NSMBDIY.png Toad Trapped in enemy courses, Toads can be saved to obtain three Mushrooms. To save him, Mario must grab the Toad Balloons without being defeated by an enemy. Toad probably ranks second place for being kidnapped the most. The first is obviously Princess Peach. Default
ToadetteMP8.png Toadette Toadette, the cute female Toad can also be kidnapped in enemy courses, waiting to be saved by the Mario Bros. Her courses feature much more Toad Balloons but she will reward a random type of Mushroom: 1-Up, Mega, Mini, Spike, or Bowser. Its totally worth it. Create a game featuring enemy courses.


The player has the choice of where bosses appear, and strangely enough, there could be bosses in the middle of the first level of the game. Also, bosses are optional for the game, as long as it's possible to help the damsel in distress. The player can also strangely set a basic enemy, like a Goomba as a boss.

Image Name Description
GIANT BOWSER.jpg Bowser The mighty king of the Koopas that has failed to defeat Mario over 100 times. This time he is back, and may not be waiting it his castle, or even his kingdom. It is all up to you. Like always, he has the ability to breath fire. Defeat him by jumping on the Skull Switch.
DRYBONESBOWSER.PNG Dry Bowser After the king took a little dip in the lava, Bowser was defeated. That didn't stop this skinless Koopa from returning for the 100th time to defeat Mario. He'll attack by tossing bones and breath fire at Mario. He, like Bowser, is defeated by a hop on the Skull Switch.
BowserJr.SMG.png Bowser Jr. Bowser's son that is more than willing to fight Mario again. He is equipped with different kinds of weapons (depending on you), including his Mini Koopa Clown Car as well as simple Green Shells. He is defeated with three stomps.
Koopalings.jpg Koopalings Bowser's six sons and one daughter, including: Larry Koopa, Morton Koopa Jr., Wendy O. Koopa, Iggy Koopa, Roy Koopa, Lemmy Koopa, and Ludwig Von Koopa. They all use different styles to, make that try to, defeat Mario and they are can be defeated with three stomps, no matter what they use in battle. However, each and every one of them use Magic Wands, to blast magic balls at Mario.
KamekNSMBW.png Kamek The Koopalings' caretaker, and Bowser's when he was just a baby. Kamek uses a Magic Wand, just like the Koopalings, only he can disappear and cast spells on different object to turn them into enemies. Three stomps will take him down.
Mummipokey.jpg Mummipokey An ancient Pokey ruler that is wrapped in mummy cloth. It attacks by shooting out of the ground and attacking with balls of sand, spat from it's mouth. Mummipokey, like most bosses, can be defeated with three stomps, no more, no less.
N/A Cheepskipper A Cheep-Cheep boss that swims under Mario and then jumps out of the water and chase Mario to the other side of the room, before returning to the water. A few Cheep-Cheep also swim around under Mario and jump out, to hit him. Out of the water, he takes three shots to defeat.
180px-Goomba.png Mega Goomba A gargantuan Goomba that chases Mario back and forward though a tiny stage. Mario can only dodge with the tall elevator platforms and ducking into a small area right under the Goomba's feet. Mega Goomba takes three stomps to defeat, only the fact is, they must be ground pounds.
PeteyPiranhaPlant.png Petey Piranha A huge mutant Piranha Plant that have the ability to fly around the stage and then try to ground pound on Mario. If Petey misses, he will get a bit dizzy, and thats Mario's chance to stomp him three times, like that's anything new. If the player is using F.L.U.D.D., Petey can be defeated by spraying water in his mouth and then ground pounding on his belly button three times.
N/A Monty Tank A normal Monty Mole, in charge of a tank with cannons that shoot Bullet Bills. The Monty Mole can also throw Bob-ombs at Mario, and must be stomped three times. However, each time he is stomped, his tank gains another level with another cannon attached to make the batter tougher each time.
Lakithunder NSMBDIY.png Lakithunder One of the Lakitu leaders that not only is able to shoot fire, but also use his Thunder Cloud to zap Mario when over him. He will once in a while, swoop down to attack Mario, and that's the plumber's chance to stomp him three times.
BoomBoom.png Boom-Boom A classic Koopa-like mini-boss that runs back and forth, usually in a small stage. If Mario jumps on him three times, he will be defeated, but with each stomp, he hides inside his shell. Mario the must time the jumps just right, since he gets faster with each stomp.
Shadowmario.jpg Shadow Mario A disguised Bowser Jr. that attacks Mario by using his moves against him. Mario can defeat him by jumping on top of him once to turn him into Small Shadow Mario and twice to defeat him once. Repeating this three times will defeat him. Shadow Mario can also create Cosmic Clones to attack Mario, as well as create Super Mushrooms to revive himself.
Mr.I.png Big Mr. I The classic 64 boss, Big Mr. I returns with a new type of strategy. Big Mr. I will chase Mario around the room by rolling and will only stop to shoot a lazer at Mario. Mario must dodge the lazer as it bonces around the room. Mario must direct Big Mr. I to get creamed by his own lazer. This strategy must be succeeded three times and jumping on this eye will be fatal.
Whompin.png Mega Whomp An original boss in New Super Mario Bros. that attacks in the same way of a normal Whomp, only it must be ground pounded on it's back three times. Mega Whomp also has the ability to walk, unlike the normal Whomps in the game.


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The player, when creating a game, has the choice of Worlds and what they should be named. There are 12 different designs for the Worlds themselves, despite the fact that the player can create up to 20 Worlds per game. Each World can have 100 levels, with endless objects in each levels. The World designs include:

Name Description
Grass Land (Day) A basic grassland or meadow World that is quite peaceful most of the time, including basic grass, pipes, and sometimes water.
Grass Land (Night) This World is the basic night version of the grassland World and it includes the same projectiles as the other World.
Desert Land A desert World that includes a few things that includes quick sand and wind that can be quite can become a bit of a toughy.
Water Land Although the World is mostly water, the land Mario walks on is on an island. Usable objects include mostly water obviously.
Jungle Land A deep jungle island, located somewhere in the Mushroom Kingdom. It includes dreaded poison water and swinging vines.
Giant Land The giant version of the grassland before, featuring giant everything, including, Warp Pipes, Blocks, and even enemies.
Ice Land An icy grassland with freezing temperatures. The snowy World includes, frozen water, snowy trees, and frozen power-ups.
Pipe Land A mountainous area, featuring many Warp Pipes, taking Mario underground to new and secret areas with hundreds of paths.
Sky Land A World up in the sky with fluffy clouds and fog for Mario to venture though. It is known for it's long drops and long falls.
Dark Land A World ruled by Bowser, that is feared by everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom. Volcanoes are common in Dark Land.
Space Land This World is located in deep space, where there is no gravity, so that Mario can float easily. Flying enemies could be common.
Mishmash Land A special World, featuring all the objects from all the other Worlds. Unlock it by using all World designs in one game.

Items & Power-Ups

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Beta Elements

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New Super Mario Bros. D.I.Y.'s reception had been mostly positive. The gameplay was highly praised for being easy to use, and super quick. The fact that storylines can also be customized was all positive. Also, the character and enemy creators were praised as well. However, some said that the game was merely a level editor, since all the basic enemies and stage parts were already made. Twenty-Second Choice nominated the game for best concept in the Fantendo Awards[1] but said that the rest of the game wasn't that great. They mainly put down the fact that the game has to much premade features. Outer Inc. on the other hand gave it an A.[2] EEA Inc. said that was extremely fun to make and wanted everyone to enjoy the game even more, even making it close to perfect. They hinted that there will be a sequel called New Super Mario Bros. D.I.Y.+, in which Twenty-Second Choice, Shroobz Inc., and 77 Heru's Inc. will assist them, who were both a bit tougher on the game.[3] APIM Group Inc. gave it a C+ (Great) and Koopa Kastle Productions gave it a B (Overly Great).[4]



Logos & Boxarts


All other artworks for the game are either seen above or were featured in previous games.
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