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New Super Mario Bros. All-Star Adventure is a game for the Wii and Nintendo 3DS, and the first Mario platformer with Boshi in it.


The game being highlighted in the Nintendo 4-Screen Tablet's home menu. The 4-Screen Tablet is capable of playing 3DS games.


The story as shown in the user's manual.


But that's not the end of it; Bowser appears to be creating a diabolical device that can change our history—forever. Once the time-altering machine is finished, Bowser will destroy time as we know it! He will erase his past defeats and send Mario back in time!

[Bowser: I will begin to recreate the timeline to make it so Mario was never born... after I send him back in time, that is... and 'I'll send Luigi and everyone else I hate into the World of Nothing, and then it'll be as if they never existed! Ha ha ha!]

What can be done about this? Can Mario and his friends restore history to its normal appearance and save the Mushroom World from being time-altered for the rest of our lives? The fate of the universe is in your very hands!"

The whole story.

Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi are racing at Peach's castle, then Bowser, the Koopalings, Kamek and Boom Boom, along with a swarm of enemies show up, and take Peach and Amy Rose (who was also watching), so the four start racing after them. However, Bowser sends Mario back in time, and then sends Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi into the World of Nothing.

Meanwhile in another world, Bowser Jr. takes advantage of Button and his friends being so small. They are under his control for the time being, even when he is defeated. The first time you play the game they escape, but the second time you play it it will give you the choice to save them.

Mario wakes up in a familiar place, which he believes is Brooklyn. But he sees nothing but a black background. He begins exploring the mysterious place, while Jumpman chases Donkey Kong Sr. and Donkey Kong Jr. up a construction building. On top of that building is Pauline. After Mario finishes the tutorial level, he meets Jumpman, and the two of them battle the two DK's and save Pauline.

As for Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi, they try to find their way out of the World of Nothing. They meet up with Yellow Toad and Blue Toad, who had both been sucked in as well. The tutorial level for those characters begins. Once it is complete, they find Mr. L coming out of his car. Somehow, he had traveled from an alternate dimension into the World of Nothing. After defeating Mr. L, Luigi reveals that Bowser was mixing up the time eras of the Mushroom World and blending them into one. Then Mario and Jumpman arrive to bust them out of the World of Nothing and back into the normal Mushroom Kingdom. Unknown to them, Bowser is spying on the gang.

With Button, Peach and Amy hostages, Bowser sends Bowser Jr. to beat Mario, but even with his arrays of Fire, Ice, and Electric Attacks, he was easily beaten by the gang's slick moves, especially Waluigi's. Bowser Jr. flees to Bowser and asks his unwilling father to give him a second chance. Bowser reluctantly heads to the castle to keep Mario from going any further, but is beaten and falls into lava. He becomes Dry Bowser, but instead of sinking into the lava or even battling the heroes one more time, he jumps right out and flees. Larry rushes to his airship before his siblings and speeds off. Lemmy swears revenge on Larry for an unknown reason. While Larry is waiting on the ship, Mario and the gang travel the decks and eventually reach Larry's quarters. Even with Larry's flipping powers, he was easily defeated by Mario and co. and went back to Bowser's castle, crying.

Bowser is furious that the seven heroes had defeated Larry. He sends Mummipokey, Fryguy, and Lemmy Koopa to guard Pokey Desert. Lemmy has his own hostage trapped: Sonic the Hedgehog. "Here's my chance to get some revenge on Larry," Lemmy says. "I'm gonna make him jealous!" When the gang reaches Pokey Desert, they find Donkey Kong III dodging some Fire Snakes. He tricks them into falling into a gap, then sees Mario & co. and walks over to them. He is about to pummel Jumpman(because he was DK Sr.'s main rival), but Mario pushes him away and explains what has happened. "I can help you beat the Koopa Troop," Donkey Kong III says. "I'll be your Super Guide if you lose five lives in one level! Now I gotta go. I'll be there if you need me!" "OK, see ya then!" Mario says. Then, the gang begins travelling through Pokey Desert. Mummipokey and Fryguy are defeated easily by the Mario Bros. and the Wario Bros., and so is Lemmy. They find Sonic in a cage and bust him out of it. Mario explains that Bowser has kidnapped Peach and Amy. Sonic says, "Amy's been kidnapped? C'mon guys, we gotta save her! ...Along with Peach, that is." "Yeah," says Wario. "But I'm-a only goin' 'cause I want some coins." "Shut up and take-a my money!" Mario says.

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Image Name Description Ability Unlockable by...
NsmbMario Mario Our precious hero. He did many jobs, and always saves the day. Being a referee, athlete, doctor, or even explorer, Mario gained experience in almost all jobs. Even Mona from WarioWare, Inc. cannot beat him in getting jobs. He has the Star Spin and is the only one who can brake immediately He's already unlocked
Jumpman Jumpman A 30-year-old carpenter who is surprised to realize that his son (i.e. Mario) has been sent back in time by Bowser. Jumpman becomes a member of the team so he can protect his sons. He can use his steel hammer against enemies. He's unlocked after beating DK Sr. and DK Jr.
NSMBWii Luigi Luigi He's the guy which stood very long in his bro's shadows, and was mostly known as "green guy" to many Toads. He's however, very popular among Mario fans. He's scared for ghosts, yes, but nobody can beat him in high jumping! His jumps are higher than any other. He's playable during his tutorial level, and every level after.
NSMBΩBlueToad Blue Toad He's back and ready for more adventures! If Blue Toad is near a block, the Wii Remote of the person playing as him will shake a bit. Unlocked after defeating Mr. L after Luigi's tutorial.
NSMBΩYellowToad Yellow Toad Looks like another Toad boy wants to join Mario on his journey! Yellow Toad is the fastest of the first seven characters. Same as Blue Toad.
NSMBΩWario Wario A gross, big, sturdy man who doesn't go along for the princess. When he reeks money or treasure, be sure Wario's a helping hand. Literally, since he throws the farthest of far. He's kinda slow, however. Big throws and huge Ground Pounds. Same as Blue Toad.
NSMBΩWaluigi Waluigi A skinny, long purple-clad dude. He thinks everyone is a cheater, while he cheats on his own. Nobody has swum better than him, though. Fast and good swimmer. Same as Blue Toad.
NSMBΩSonic Sonic A speedy blue hedgehog who was once Mario's marketing rival. But now they are competitive friends. He's really that fast, which could be handy in some levels. He's super speedy, even faster than Luigi. But he cannot brake that quick. Sonic must be unlocked by getting past World 2.
Knuckles the Echidna Knuckles Knuckles is Sonic's friend formerely rival, who joins him in the fray of going to rescue Peach and Amy. He is very strong, but weaker than Wario. Knuckles must be unlocked by getting past World 3.
Kirby NSMBSS Kirby Kirby is the puffball hero of Dreamland and a friend to Mario He can inhale enemies and use their abilities Kirby must be unlocked by getting past World 4.
Meta Knight Kirby Meta Knight Meta Knight is Kirby's arch-rival and a friend to Wario. He can strike enemies with his sword Meta Knight must be unlocked by getting past World 5.
Captain Olimar Captain Olimar Olimar is a astronaut who shares a rivalry with Waluigi He can call pikmin Olimar can be purchased at Diddy Kong's Shop.
NuggMP8art Nugg Now that's a suprise! Nugg is ready to rock and roll with Mario! He can swallow enemies Nugg can be purchased at Diddy Kong's Shop.
Goombario NSMBDIY Goombario Goombario, Mario's biggest fan, is ready to help! He can headbonk enemies Goombario can be purchased at Diddy Kong's Shop.
Green Toad Green Toad Green Toad is ready to help! He can bash enemies with his cap. Green Toad can be purchased at Diddy Kong's Shop.
JerryNSMB Jerry What's this? Jerry, Luigi's former partner, is ready to help! He can explode Jerry is unlocked by finding him in Peach's Castle at the end of the game.


Image Name Description
Yoshi NSMBW Yoshis Obtainable via Yoshi Eggs. There are 16 different colors, all with an exclusive ability.
Boshi NSMBSS Boshi Obtainable via Boshi Eggs. Boshi is stronger than a normal Yoshi and can eat enemies quicker.
ToadtheShroom Toad He and other similar-looking Toads will run the Shops and Toad Houses. Toads will also be captured in levels when playing alone.
Diddyslugguh Diddy Kong He is captured at the Enemy Courses, where is needed to get all Kong Balloons. He'll give three Power-Up items (kind differs on how fast you did this).He also runs one shop where you can trade Star Coins for unlockables.
Toadsworth2 Toadsworth He stays at Peach's Castle. You can buy and watch Hint Videos there.
DKMP8 Donkey Kong III He is the Super Guide mode character. He has no pertucular abilities and acts as the average player.
NSMBWiiPeach Princess Peach She's been kidnapped by Bowser. Your duty is to save this abducted damsel and Amy.
Amy Rose Amy Rose She's been kidnapped by Bowser. Your duty is to save this abducted damsel and Peach.
ButtontheGremlin Button

Button and his friends have been tortured by Bowser, Appears as hostage in side quest.

Phantom Hand
Jumbo Ray
Green Para-Beetle

Yoshi Colors

  • Green
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Light Blue
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Black
  • White
  • Brown
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Magenta
  • Lavender
  • Cream
  • Maroon
  • Rainbow

Worlds and Enemies


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Worlds and Bosses

Name of World Description Tower Boss Castle Boss Airship Boss Final Boss
Brooklyn Mario's training level. It is where the events of Donkey Kong took place. N/A N/A N/A N/A
World of Nothing Luigi's training level. N/A N/A N/A N/A
Mushroom Plains A peaceful land, home of Peach's castle and Toad Town. Bowser Jr. Bowser Larry Koopa N/A
Pokey Desert A hot place where the only sign of water is an oasis. If you are running low on lives, go to that oasis—it will give you 1-Up Mushrooms. Mummipokey Fryguy Lemmy Koopa N/A
Bubble Lagoon A very wet world. Wendy has taken it over, trying to stop the gang. Cheepskipper Lagoon Catastrophe Wendy O. Koopa N/A
Pipe Forest Mario and co. have somehow been blasted back more than 20 years! The gang travels to the Pipe World in Super Mario Bros. 3, but it seems to be mixed with Dimble Wood from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story... but how? Petey Piranha Smellicoptor Iggy Koopa N/A
Shiver Valley Now the gang is visiting a world slightly similar to Frappe Snowland from Super Mario 64. However, it is now terribly frozen due to its untimely collision with Ice Cap from Sonic the Hedgehog 3. Boom Boom Gooper Blooper Morton Koopa Jr. N/A
Monty Mountain Time to visit World 6 from New Super Mario Bros.? Yes! Our heroes advance foward into the high cliffs of the mountains. The higher you go, the more dangerous it is, so be careful. King Boo Major Burrows Roy Koopa N/A
Fairy-Tale Sky The time machine isn't working. Hang on—it's because Ludwig von Koopa has stolen the battery! Now the gang has to go through New Super Mario Bros. World 7, which has been combined with Dream Land in the Kirby series, to get the battery back so they can move on. False Angel Koop Kong Ludwig Von Koopa N/A
Underground Passage Holy mushrooms! The gang must've gone back in time instead of forward, because now they're stuck in Mystic Cave from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Except, Jackson Koopa has combined it with Vanilla Dome from Super Mario World. King Buzzy Army Hammer Bro. Jackson Koopa N/A
Forever Forest Here we go again... The gang advances into 2001 and finds out that the Forever Forest has had an untimely collision with two worlds: Forest of Illusion from Super Mario World, and the haunted part of World 8 from New Super Mario Bros.. Count Batula Bouldergeist Risen Koopa N/A
Gelato Beach Mario and co. move on to 2002 and end up in Gelato Beach from Super Mario Sunshine. But wait—Harley B. Koopa is watching over it!

Giant Wiggler (SMS Wiggler)

Shadow Mario Harley B. Koopa N/A
Freezeflame Galaxy Looks like the gang is finally starting to catch up! Our heroes move on to Freezeflame Galaxy from 2007's Super Mario Galaxy. Tim J. Koopa has melted some of the ice areas. This hot 'n' cold world will test your abilities with the Burning, Frozen, and Liquid Mushrooms. Baron Brrr Baron Brrn Tim J. Koopa N/A
Rightside Down Galaxy It's three years further for the gang as they enter the Rightside Down Galaxy from 2010's Super Mario Galaxy 2. What gravitational dangers could await here? Whomp King King Kaliente Lavora Koopa N/A
Pale Meadows 2011's Super Mario 3D Land has been altered as well. World 4 of said game has been combined with Patch Land from Kirby's Epic Yarn and Hill Top from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Now what will the gang do to return to 2012? Doom Boom Boom Boom and Pom Pom Bowser Jr. N/A
Bob-omb Factory Well, our heroes got back into 2012... but there's still no sign of Bowser Land! They'll have to travel through a huge factory full of robotic dangers. False Angel X Lakithunder Mecha Sonic N/A
Bowser Land This is it—the ultimate pursuit begins here! Bowser's doomsday device can be seen in the distance, hovering above his castle. This world is a combination of volcanic and space themes. Kamek Dry Bowser Bowser Oiram
Custom After you beat the game, you can create your own world with ANY theme, bosses, items, etc.! Custom Custom



Bonus Worlds

Name Tower Castle Airship
Poison Wood Putrid Dino Piranha Tarantox Boss Wiggler
Statue Beach King Whomp Sea Pipe Statue Mega Goomba
Fawful's Toybox Midbus Junker Fawful
Lava-Lamp Volcano Baron Burn King Kalente Piranha Plant in the genarator


Image Name Type Description Character Image
NSMBWiiCoin Coin Collectible Getting hundred in a level will give Mario an 1-Up! Coins also are used to buy things at shops. N/A
StarCoin Star Coin Collectible There are three in each level. They'll let the gang access Levels of "a certain world" and buy unlockables and Hint Videos. N/A
Block ? Block Block (floating) These contain Coins or other things. N/A
Used Used Block Block (floating) Result of a ? Block. They can't do anything. N/A
Brick Brick Block Block (floating) Super Mario can shatter this into pieces, but Small Mario can't. They sometimes contain items. N/A
POWBlock Blue POW Block Block (floating) Defeats enemies on screen. Couldn't be carried, but could be hit 3 times. N/A
RedPOWBlock Red POW Block Block (able to grab) Defeats enemies on screen. Could only be used 1 time, but can be carried anywhere. N/A
BeanstalkNSMBW Beanstalk Object Can lead to bonus areas, such as the Coin Haven areas. N/A
OvertheFlagpole Flagpole Object This is the goal of each level. How higher you get, how more points you get. You'll also get 1-Ups every time you got to the top (certain forms can make that easier). When getting two of the same digits at the end in the time limit, there's a chance to get a Red Toad House. Getting two of the same digits at the beginning in the time limit, you get a Green Toad House. Getting all the same digits, gives it a Gold Toad House. SM3DL Flagpole
SuperMushroom Super Mushroom Power-Up Transforms Mario into Super Mario. 100px-Mega MarioBros
FireFlower Fire Flower Power-Up Transforms Mario into Fire Mario. FireMarioOriginal
Ice Flower Ice Flower Power-Up Transforms Mario into Ice Mario. IceMarioSME
ThunderFlower Thunder Flower Power-Up Transforms Mario into Thunder Mario.
Fertillizer Flower Fertilizer Flower Power-Up Transforms Mario into Fertilizer Mario. N/A
SuperleafNSMB2 Super Leaf Power-Up Transforms Mario into Raccoon Mario. RACCOON MARIO
EpicTanooki Tanooki Suit Power-Up Transforms Mario into Tanooki Mario. TanookiMario3D
Mega Mushroom Mega Mushroom Power-Up Transforms Mario into Mega Mario. MegaMario NSMB2
NSMBWiiMiniMushroom Mini Mushroom Power-Up Transforms Mario into Mini Mario. MiniMarioNSMBU
BurningMushroom Burning Mushroom Power-Up Transforms Mario into Burning Mario. BurningMario
FrozenMushroom Frozen Mushroom Power-Up Transforms Mario into Frozen Mario. FrozenMario
LiquidMushroom Liquid Mushroom Power-Up Transforms Mario into Liquid Mario. LiquidMario
VoltShroom Volt Mushroom Power-Up Transforms Mario into Volt Mario.
Propeller Mushroom Propeller Mushroom Power-Up Transforms Mario into Propeller Mario.
BulletSuit Bullet Suit Power-Up Transforms Mario into Bullet Mario. BulletMario
BlueShell Blue Shell Power-Up Transforms Mario into Shell Mario. ShellMario
PhoenixSuit Phoenix Suit Power-Up Transforms Mario into Phoenix Mario. PhoenixMario
PenguinSuit Penguin Suit Power-Up Transforms Mario into Penguin Mario. Penguin Mario
Parashell Para Shell Power-Up Transforms Mario into Para Mario. Para Shell Mario
Star Super Star Power-Up Transforms Mario into Invincible Mario. Rainbow Mario
ClassicMushroom Classic Mushroom Power-Up Transforms Mario into Classic Mario. 397px-ClassicMario
HammerSuit Hammer Suit Power-Up Transforms Mario into Hammer Mario. HammerMario
Boomerang Flower MK8D Boomerang Flower Power-Up Turns Mario into Boomerang Mario. BoomerangMarioSM3DL
NSMBWii1upMushroom 1-Up Mushroom Collectible Gives Mario one extra life. N/A
3-UpMoon 3-Up Moon Collectible A VERY rare item. Gives Mario three extra lives. N/A
YoshiEggNSMBW Yoshi Egg (? Block) Object A Yoshi pops here out. Appears in 16 different colors. If Yoshi eats 5 Berries, he'll lay an egg with an Power-Up. Mario and Yoshi (WIIU)
YoshiEggNSMBW Green Yoshi Egg Projectile Yoshi lays these when eating a foe. He throws these to other enemies. They'll turn into Yellow eggs when bouncing. N/A
Yellow Yoshi Egg Yellow Yoshi Egg Projectile Sometimes found. When hit a foe when thrown by Yoshi, the enemy's defeated and will release 5 coins. The egg turns into a red one when bounced. N/A
Red Yoshi Egg Red Yoshi Egg Projectile Rarely found. When thrown by Yoshi, and hit by an enemy, this foe is beaten, and the Egg will release a special random Power-Up. But the egg breaks and disappears without releasing something, when bounced. N/A
Glow Block Light Block / Glow Block Block (able to grab) They can make a dark room lighter. N/A
DarkBlock Dark Block / Dusk Block Block (able to grab) They can make a light room darker. N/A
Propeller Block Propeller Block Block (able to grab) Who needs a Propeller Mushroom when you got this?! Be sure not to lose it! Purple ones are slow; orange ones are faster. Mario with a Propeller Block
SuperGuideBlock Super Guide Block Block (floating) When a player dies five times in a row in the same level without switching or completing, this useful block appears. Bumping on it let you decide if the computer could do it for you (as Donkey Kong III). You won't get everything collected, nor the color of the level will change (thus, not completed). When cleared, you can also decide to do the level by yourself again. Sometimes, this might be irritating. 250px-DonkeyDKCR
FlipBlock Flip Block Block (floating) When hit underneath, it rotates, so Mario could go through it, until it stops. It could be destroyed with the Spin Jump. N/A
GrabBlock Grab Block Block (able to grab) It just could act as a projectile when thrown. N/A
NoteBlock ♪ Block Block (floating) Helps Mario to jump higher. Sometimes contain items. N/A
EggBlock Egg Block Block (floating) Dispenses throw-able Yoshi Eggs. Doesn't dispense anymore when there are already six eggs. YoshiEggNSMBW
Bullet Suit Blaster Suit Blaster Object Dispenses Bullet Suits when Ground Pounded on. As the bullet suit is rare, this is even more rare and appears in just ONE level! N/A
Green Shell Koopa Shell Projectile Green ones comes from Green Koopa Troopas, etcetera. Once bumped and they slide! Watch out to be not hit! Mario Holding Shell
Lakitu Cloud Lakitu Cloud Object Mario can fly around in this cloud, until it disappears. N/A
Spinyshell Spiny Cap Power-Up Turns Mario into Spiny Mario N/A
Metal Metal Mushroom Power-up Turns Mario into Metal Mario. MetalMarioSMSJ


Image World Name Fort,Castle or Airship Boss?
Bowser Jr NSMBW Mushroom Plains Bowser Jr. Fortress
Bowser NSMBW Mushroom Plains Bowser Castle
Larry Koopa 3D Mushroom Plains Larry Koopa Airship
Mummipokey2 Pokey Desert Mummipokey Fortress
Fryguy Pokey Desert Fryguy Castle
Lemmy Koopa 3D Pokey Desert Lemmy Koopa Airship
Cheepskipper Bubble Lagoon Cheepskipper Tower
Lagoon Catastrophe Bubble Lagoon Lagoon Catastrophe Castle
Wendy O Koopa 3D Bubble Lagoon Wendy O. Koopa Airship
200px-Petey Piranha Pipe Forest Petey Piranha Tower
Smellicopter Pipe Forest Smellicopter Castle
Iggy Koopa 3D Pipe Forest Iggy Koopa Airship
SM3DL Boom Boom Solo Art Shiver Valley Boom Boom Tower
Gooperblooper01 Shiver Valley Gooper Blooper Castle
Morton Koopa Jr 3D Shiver Valley Morton Koopa Jr. Airship
KingofBoos Monty Mountain King Boo Tower
Major Burrows Monty Mountain Major Burrows Castle
Roy Koopa 3D Monty Mountain Roy Koopa Airship
N/A Fairy Tale Sky False Angel Tower
N/A Fairy Tale Sky Koop Kong Castle
Ludwig Von Koopa 3D Fairy Tale Sky Ludwig Von Koopa Airship
N/A Underground Path King Buzzy Tower
Army Hammer Bro.SMWWii Underground Path Army Hammer Bro. Castle
Jack Koopa Underground Path Jackson Koopa Airship
N/A Forever Forest Count Batula Fortress
Bouldergeist Forever Forest Bouldergeist Castle
RisenKoopaNSMBCA Forever Forest Risen Koopa Airship
582px-Sms wiggler Gelato Beach Giant Wiggler Fortress
Shadowmario Gelato Beach Shadow Mario


HarleyKoopaSW Gelato Beach Harley B. Koopa Airship
Baron Brrr Freezeflame Galaxy Baron Brrr Fortress
Baron Brrn Freezeflame Galaxy Baron Brrn Castle

395px-Tim J Koopa NSMBVR

Freezeflame Galaxy Tim J. Koopa Airship
N/A Rightside Down Galaxy Whomp King Fortress
KingKalienteProfile Rightside Down Galaxy King Kaliente Castle
N/A Rightside Down Galaxy Lavora Koopa Airship
N/A Pale Meadows Doom Boom Fortress
BoomPom ForceΩ Pale Meadows Boom Boom and Pom Pom Castle
200px-NSMB BowserJr Pale Meadows Bowser Jr. (second time) Airship
N/A Bob-omb Factory False Angel X Fortress
Lakithunder NSMBDIY Bob-omb Factory Lakithunder Castle
226px-Mecha Sonic SMBZ Bob-omb Factory Mecha Sonic (first and only Sonic series boss in the game) Airship
300px-SMG Magikoopa Bowser Land Kamek Fortress
DryBowserSMKAS Bowser Land Dry Bowser Castle
GIANT BOWSER Bowser Land Resurrected Bowser Airship
Oiram Bowser Land Oiram Final Boss
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