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New Super Mario Bros. 3
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Syndicate
Genre(s) Sidescrolling
Series New Super Mario Bros.
Predecessor New Super Mario Bros. U (Deluxe)
Release Date(s) 2021
Mode(s) Singleplayer
Age Rating(s) E for Everyone
Media Included Cartridge

New Super Mario Bros. 3 is a 2021 2.5D platformer game and the fifth in the New Super Mario Bros. series, since the "3" marks that this is the third game for a home console. The game is released for both Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Syndicate, marking that this is the first NSMB game for two consoles and the second for the Switch. Like other home console games, Mario and Luigi are the two of the main characters. It also has an unique plot, like other games for the series.


Bowser, who is aiming to capture Princess Peach for the 100th time, seeks for the Mushroom Kingdom to find her castle. It seems that Princess Peach is on the balcony, looking how Mario and Luigi are flying in their capes. However, as soon as they return to the castle grounds, Bowser and Bowser Jr. appear in their Koopa Clown Cars, and pound on them, losing the bros.' cape power-ups. Bowser reveals that he kidnapped Princess Peach, and then both of them leave in their Clown Cars. Mario and Luigi prepare to chase after them to the First Plains. Mario and Luigi also have to deal with the Koopa Troop, including Boom Booms, Pom Poms, and others, as well as the Koopalings, who were given each one of the seven worlds in the game. None of them is enough to stop the brothers from progressing.

After reaching Bowserified Badlands, and defeating Bowser in his castle, the brothers move onward through the castle corridors, but Kamek appears and spreads his magic across the area. After heading to the castle exterior, Mario and Luigi see Bowser on a giant size. Eventually, Bowser is defeated, but Bowser's father Morton Koopa Sr. appears in an attempt to stop the brothers. After defeating Morton, the cage drops with Princess Peach falling down and using her parasol to descend, and Mario or Luigi runs to her in order to be kissed by her, to their shock and delight, as the dark clouds around the castle disappear, with them delivering the victory pose.


It looks like many Super Mario 2D games. Mario runs around, usually to the right side, and he skips and jumps a lot. Press B to do the Spinning Jump, or as you like, the Mario Tornado. Pressing X or Y will make Mario do a power-up attack, while holding one of them will make him dash. Coins can be collected in multiples of one-hundred for extra lives, and power-ups can give Mario new abilities and extra hits to make levels a bit easier. This applies to Luigi, too.

Many Power-Ups from the previous games reappear in NSMB3, like the Cape Feather, Fire Flower, Ice Flower, Mega Mushroom, Rock Mushroom , and Cloud Flower. The game introduces three new power-ups to the Mario series: the Pyre Flower, the Crabber Suit, and the Invincible Feather. To find out their function, you need to click on their links. For the first time in the series, the camera angle can change dynamically in some levels where Rocket Pipes and Clear Pipes are found, showing more areas and perspectives of the scenery.


New Super Mario Bros. 3 Worlds
1 First Plains The plains world with mushroom-shaped hills, shrubs, and a secret zone.
2 Bone-Dry Desert The desert world with many fossils and an oasis which has a underwater cave.
3 Leafy-Branch Forest The jungle world with branches on the ground and poisoned water.
4 Drifting Beach The beach world with Water Geysers and a giant ocean with water enemies.
5 Freezeflame Hills The ice world with ice cliffs, iceburrows, and hot lava inside the ice volcano.
6 Mt. Shroomverest The mountain world with very steep mountains and many floating islands.
7 Misty Cumulus The sky world with cosmic latte colored clouds and a mist over a sunset sky.
8 Bowserified Badlands The Bowser world with volcanoes, lava lakes, and a ruined city.
9 Star Kingdom The special world which is shaped like a star, with 10 levels waiting for a hero.


Main and Supporting

Image Name Description
Mario He's the game's main character, and he must save Peach again. He will be a regular character, with a balanced jump and normal speed.
Luigi - Mario Party 10 3.png
Luigi Mario's younger brother, and he will help his brother to save Peach. He will have a high jump, but he will have even worse traction than Mario.
Bowser NSMBUD.png
Bowser The king of the Koopas, and one of the main antagonists in the game that the heroes have to beat.
Morton Koopas Seniorr.png
Morton Koopa Sr. Bowser's father, and one of the main antagonists in the game that the heroes have to beat.
The Koopalings Bowser's seven children which have taken the castles of the first seven worlds. Fought in the order: Iggy, Roy, Wendy, Larry, Morton, Lemmy, Ludwig, they can be stopped by our heroes.
Princess Peach without Umbrella.png
Princess Peach The damsel in distress of our game. She is kidnapped by Bowser, but our heroes can stop her from Bowser and Morton Koopa Sr..
Toads The residents of the Mushroom Kingdom. Blue Toad and Yellow Toad will give you 1-Ups and hint videos, respectively. A Red Toad will host Toad Houses.
Toadette by TheAdorableOshawott.png
Toadette The female Toad which boards as the captain of the Toad Airship. You can talk to her, and she will give you either a Rock Mushroom or a Cloud Flower.
Fishin' Lakitu Appears in a few levels. He dangles a 1-Up/3-Up on his fishing rod and gives it to you. Also, if you die 8 times in a row on a level, he will appear with an Invincible Feather.
392px-Yoshi - Mario Party 10.png
Yoshi Mario's trusty dinosaur steed returns to the NSMB series! Yoshi is now available in 6 colors. The colors are green, blue, pink, yellow, lime, and gray (the last two debut in the game). Each of them have no abilities or downsides.
Plessie W-wait! There's another dinosaur down there. It's Plessie, making his 2.5D debut! He functions like in Super Mario 3D World and its remake.
Baby Yoshi (1).png
Baby Yoshis No way, there are more dinosaurs that usual! Add to them Baby Yoshis. There is a new Baby Yoshi that debuts there!


Boss battles

  • Boom Booms - Just like his Super Mario 3D World version, but this time, he can throw fireballs at you. Don't let that happen. Jump on him three times, and he loses.
  • Boom Boom (World 8) - This time, Boom Boom does not throw fireballs, instead he throws ice balls to freeze you with. Stomp on him three times, and Boom Boom is gone.
  • Pom Poms - Just like her Super Mario 3D World and similar to her Newer Super Mario Bros U version: she will create clones of her (either one, two, or three), and all of them will launch a shuriken. The real Pom Pom launches a pink shuriken with a bow on it, while her clones will launch a grey shuriken. Jump on the real her three times, and she loses.

Koopaling boss battles

  • Iggy Koopa - The first Koopaling to be fought. He will cling one of the four chains on the battlefield, and from here, he will launch three magic blasts, two green and one red. While he's on the ground, the player has to jump on his head three times to defeat him.