New Super Mario Bros. ∃
New super Mario bros. ∃
The official boxart.
Developer(s) Combustion Games
Publisher(s) Fantndo
Platform(s) Wii
Genre(s) Action, Platform
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan August 21, 2012
25px-Flag of USA September 4, 2012
25px-Flag of Europe September 8, 2012
25px-Flag of Australia September 11, 2012
Mode(s) 1-4 Players (local)

2+ Players (global)

Age Rating(s) ERating 3Rating USK6 OFLC-G CERO A
Media Included Wii Optical Disc (Dual-layered)

New Super Mario Bros. ∃(or NSMB∃), is a Mario game, for the Wii. It used many elements, classics and news, from the Mario games, like items and enemies.


This game has the same controls as NSMBW, ecxept for one new feature: NSMB∃ allows you to switch characters when on the map-screen by pressing B. In each level (exept the Toad Houses), three Star Coins can be collected. They allow the player to access new levels, hidden in the map, which require a certain number of Star Coins to be opened. When playing levels, the player can always have an item in reserve, and use it when he/she wants. The goal of the level is to reach a Flagpole. The bonus Minigame also has disappeared, but a similar game is playable in the yellow Toad Houses. The goal is exactly the same, but the reward in case of victory is different: instead of item s, the player gets the effects of the second strongest object the found (Fire Flower: Fire Mario), and the strongest goes to your reserve. Super Mario Bros. ∃also has a multiplayer mode, in which the players (four maximum) can play the different levels normally, or participate in a battle, that takes place in special area, and where they must grab a certain number of Stars and try to keep them, like in the battle levels of New Super Mario Bros. In this mode, the players can play as Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi, regardless of if they are unlocked or not. Or they can play in online mode, where 2+ players connect online to compete in coin battles. In online mode, the players will play as their Mii. Once the main game is finished, Koopa the Quick will appear in all the completed levels. The player can do a race to the flagpole with him. If Mario wins, he will obtain one or several 1-Ups. If he loses, nothing will happen. If every Koopa the Quick level is beaten, the player can play levels as Koopa the Quick. Bowser Jr. is the half-boss in the fortress halfway in every world.


Princess Peach, who hasn't seen Mario in several days, decides to invite them to come take the tea in her castle. The two plumbers gladly accept, and so, come to the castle. But, when they enter the castle, there is nothing but a note:

Dear Mario,

I have kidnapped Princess Peach and brought her to my castle. This time, you will not get her back! Muahahahahaaa!

Your worst nightmare,


PlayStation, by reading this note you have triggered a series of Bomb-Ombs that will blow this castle to shreds.

Just as Toadsworth runs in, a large piece of rubble collapses on our heroes, trapping them.

The adventure starts here. The player controls Toadsworth, in a 2D stage, and has to find Mario and Luigi in the rubble, and avoid the few enemies that try to hurt him, like Goombas and Bob-ombs. Once found, another video shows Toadsworth saying good bye, and good luck in their mission to the two plumbers, running of in the direction of Grass Land. Wario and Waluigi, that have followed in secret behind Mario and Luigi, also heading to Grass Land, hoping save the princess and receive money in return.

Suddenly, Bowser's airship flies down. A ladder rolls off the side, and two Koopas climb down and grab Luigi and Wario. The airship flies away with it's new prisoners on board. Waluigi runs chasing after the ship in hopes of saving Wario, leaving Mario all alone.

After defeating Mega Goomba, the boss of Grass Land, Mario learns that Bowser has captured other inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom, and has confined them in different castles.

After Mario saves Princess Peach, the Main Game is still not over! Peach tells Mario that Daisy and Rosalina are still locked up in other Worlds! Mario and co. must save the other princesses.



Image Name Description Characteristics How to unlock?
215px-MarioMP8a Mario Mario is the main hero of the game. He has the best Star Spin and is playable from the start. He is the basic character, and can be used in most levels. Mario has the most balanced stats, and is great for beginners.

He can, with Luigi, Wario and Waluigi, spin jump. He also can wall jump. Starter.
Orange Toad Orange Toad This toad replaces the Yellow Toad found in most games. Mario discovers this orange Toad, prisoner of Big Bully, in the castle of World 2. Toad decides to help him and join his group to save Princess Peach. Toad is the least powerful of all the playable characters, his jumps are however the best. He is also, like Waluigi, a good swimmer.

Save him from the World 2 castle.

NSMBΩWario Wario Wario is Mario's rival. He saw the note saying that the princess was kidnaped and has decided to save the her, hoping to be paid. But he has been captured by Chief Chilly and locked in the castle of the World 5. Forunately, Waluigi came to his rescue. Wario is the strongest character in the game. He can throw the others players very far, and break the Used Blocks. Complete the castle of World 5, a video will show Waluigi saving his brother, making him playable. Rubble will fall on Waluigi, which is the reason he's not unlocked until later.
LuigiMarioPartyDS Luigi Luigi is Mario's brother, and the player can take him in the solo game now !

Luigi's jumps are higher than the other's. He is also a speedy but powerful character. Like his brother, he mastered the wall jump, and is the only character who can do a spinning backflip.

Save him from the World 1 castle.

KoopatheQuick Koopa the Quick Koopa the Quick is an old Mario Character. He appears in the completed levels once the Special World is finished. He is, obviously very, very fast. He is also the highest jumper, and is very easy to control. His strength, however, is very low. Beat all Koopa the Quick levels.
BlueToad Blue Toad The Toads are Princess Peach's subjects. Mario discovers this blue Toad, prisoner of Big Bully, in the castle of World 2. Toad decides to help him and join his group to save Princess Peach. Toad is the least powerful of all the playable characters, his jumps are however the best. He is also, like Waluigi, a good swimmer.

Save him from the World 6 castle.

NSMBΩWaluigi Waluigi Waluigi is Luigi's rival and Wario's brother. Like his bro, he is a playable character in this adventure, and, helps him to save the princess. Although he doesn't have any special move, he is the speeder of the group. He is also the most agile, and is very easy to control, contrary to Wario. His force, however, is very low. Beat King Chomp in Pipe Land.
Birdo. Birdo Birdo, old enemy of Mario, come back in this game but, this time, as a playable character ! Birdo is a powerful character, able to swallow enemies from a distance and turn them into white eggs, that she can throw. She can't use some Power-Ups, like the Bullet Suit or the Koopa Shell. Beat Cheepskipper in World 3.
Toadsworth2 Toadsworth Toadsworth is Peach's intendant. He is only playable during the prologue, where he must find Mario in the rubble. He is a very slow and very low character and, his jumps are very small, rending him easily vulnerable to the enemies' attacks. He is already unlocked, but for the prologue only.


Image Name Description
Yoshi NSMBW Yoshi Yoshi can be gotten by breaking a Yoshi Egg. Several breeds of Yoshis exist. They all have a special particularity. A White Yoshi has been locked in the castle of World 9.
200px-MKAGP2Peach Princess Peach Once again, Peach has been kidnapped by the Bowser Jr., and brought to to Bowser. Mario, Luigi, Orange Toad, Birdo, Wario, Blue Toad, and Waluigi must save her!
Red Blue Toad Toad Toads run the Toad Houses. They allow Mario to collect items, in several Mini games. Yellow Toad is also the prisoner of the Big Bomb-Omb in the castle of the World 6.
DiddyKong Diddy Kong Diddy Kong is the prisoner of Petey Piranha in the castle of World 4. He offers Mario a Boomerang Suit to thank him.
KoopatheQuick Koopa the Quick Koopa the Quick is an old Mario Character. He appears in the completed levels once the Special World is finished. Mario can challenge him to a race, and win 1-Ups in case of victory!
Rosalina-solo Rosalina Rosalina is the space princess that is hostage in Cosmic Land. She will reward Mario with 3 1-Ups.
240px-DaisyMP8Official Princess Daisy Daisy is the princess that is hostage in Sarasa Land. She will reward Mario with 3 1-Ups.


There is several kinds of Yoshi.

Image Name Description
Normal yoshi Standard Yoshi A basic green Yoshi with the ability to eat enemies.
Healing yoshi Magical Yoshi A special purple Yoshi with the ability to spit healing potion. The spit will turn Used Blocks into coins and rejuvenate stuff like P-Blocks.
Dragon yoshi Mythical Yoshi A special pink/red Yoshi with the ability to breathe fire. The fire will affect all enemies except for Dry Bones and affect most bosses.
Acid yoshi Physical Yoshi A special yellow Yoshi with the ability spit acid. The acid will affect all enemies and bosses.


Name Description Boss Hostage
Grass Land A basic grassland World that is quite peaceful most of the time, including basic grass, pipes, and water. Goomboss Luigi
Desert Land A desert World that includes a few things like quick sand and wind that can be quite can become a bit of a toughy. Big Bully Orange Toad
Tropic Land Although the World is mostly water, the land Mario walks on is on a trail of islands. Usable objects include mostly water obviously. Cheepskipper Birdo
Jungle Land A deep jungle island, located somewhere in the Mushroom Kingdom. It includes dreaded poison water and swinging vines. Petey Piranha Diddy Kong
Ice Land An icy grassland with freezing temperatures. The snowy World includes, frozen water, snowy trees, and frozen power-ups. Chief Chilly Wario
Cavern Land Much like the 1-2 of most Mario games, this cave World has many trenches and batlike enemies. Count Batula Blue Toad
Mountain Land A mountainous area, featuring many cannons and Bullet Bills. Climb to the top of some levels for breathtaking views. King Bomb-omb Yellow Toad
Pipe Land A warehouse World with many Warp Pipes, taking Mario underground to new and secret areas with hundreds of paths. King Chomp Waluigi
Sky Land A World up in the sky with fluffy clouds and fog for Mario to venture though. It is known for it's long drops and long falls. Giga Lakitu White Yoshi
Dark Land A World ruled by Bowser, that is feared by everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom. Volcanoes are common in Dark Land. Bowser Princess Peach
Sarasa Land A desert kindgom far away, contains Pyramids and is where Princess Daisy rules. King Totomesu Princess Daisy
Space Land This World is located in deep space, where there is no gravity, so that Mario can float easily. Flying enemies are common. Dark Luma Rosalina
Special Land A special World, featuring all the objects from all the other Worlds. Unlock it by beating the Main Game. None None

Boxart Info

  • The boxart is of a typical 3-player game.
  • The items on the boxart are Spike Mario (Spike Mushroom) and Dash Flower.
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