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New Super Mario Bros.: The Shadow Thief is a game for the Nintendo Wii.


Part I

One day in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario, Luigi and Toad were walking to Toad's House for a cup of Mushroom Juice when Bowser's Koopa Clown Car flew in. Strangely, the figure that stood in the clown car seemed to be a shadow. "Weird," whispered Luigi. "Usually it's Bowser." "I AM NOT A SHADOW. I AM IN DISGUISE SO YOU WILL NOT RECOGNIZE ME." said the figure in the clown car. "I HAVE TIED UP YOUR PRINCESS AND MY SHADOW GUARDS NEVER STOP FOR COFFEE BREAKS. SOON MY SHADOW ARMY WILL RISE UP AND DESTROY YOUR PITIFUL MUSHROOM KINGDOM. FAREWELL MUSHROOM PLUMBERS." Then the Koopa Clown car flew away, just as quickly as it had arrived. "HEY!!" yelled Toad. "I'm not a Plumber!!"

Part II

At Bowser's Castle, one of the many Hammer Bros. lay in his room, waiting for his pet Boo to awaken. Ever since that snowy night when he had found the poor baby Boo lost in a snow pile, he had taken good care of it and trained it. Bowser had banned any care for anyone. He said that every one of his minions had to be ruthless fighting machines, but this Hammer Bro. was something different. So when Bowser discovered the poor Boo sleeping in that Hammer Bros.' shell, the next day, he was banished, along with the Boo.

Part III

So, sadly walking in the woods about 13 miles from Bowser's Castle, Hammer Bro. and Boo suddenly saw something in the bushes making them jump backwards. It was Luigi going to find a coin to restore his health since he had been hit by a Goomba. "LUIGI!" Hammer Bro. yelled. "EEE!" squealed Boo. Luigi froze on the spot. "What is this-s..." began Mario as he stepped through a bush into the spot where Hammer Bro., Boo, and Luigi were. "I've been banished for talking care of this little Boo and I was wondering if I could join your little team," said Hammer Bro. quietly. Meanwhile, Toad was wathing everything in a tree, when his foot slipped and he fell two meters down to the ground.

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