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Developer(s) Atm Games Inc.
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Publisher(s) Logo.png
Platform(s) Wii Logo.png
Genre(s) Platforming/Adventure
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan.png TBA 2010
25px-Flag of USA.png TBA 2010
25px-Flag of Europe.png TBA 2010
25px-Flag of Australia.png TBA 2010
Mode(s) 1-4 Players
Age Rating(s) ERating.jpg
Media Included Wii Disk

New Super Mario Bros.: The Search of Fate is a New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Wii, created by Atm Games Inc. and assisted by EEA Inc. and is set for a late 2010 release.


Peach is arriving back to the Mushroom Kingdom from her trip, Mario and Luigi and some others are all there ready to greet her when a strange Aircraft appears beside the airplane shes arriving in. Everyone looks surprised and Mario and Luigi attempt to get up to it with a Propeller Mushroom, but out pops Cackletta (reincarnated) and shocks them, sending them spiraling down back onto the ground. Cackletta steals Peach and yells, "This is payback!" Mario gets up and makes a mad grunting noise, Cackletta launches a giant Bob-omb off of the ship exploding and destroying part of Mushroom Kingdom, and leaving the town in peril. Mario and Luigi want to avenge the town and save Peach once again, but they both agree they will need help, so they ask there cousins Wario, and Waluigi, and they end up accepting after Mario bribes them with money, When they are all about to leave, Bowser comes in, scaring Wario and Waluigi off. Alongside Bowser are Bowser Jr. and Larry Koopa. He tells Mario he will provide them help, as long as he gets the princess once they save her. Mario and Luigi agree, feeling like any help is best, since now Wario and Walugi wont help.

Power-Ups/Helpful/Buyable Items

Image Name Ability
Mushroom2.PNG Mushroom Turns Mario Into Super Mario, allowing him to be his normal self, getting hit once will turn you into small mario. Store cost: 25 coins.
Mega Mushroom.jpg Mega Mushroom Turns Mario into Mega Mario, allowing you to smash through anything in your path, this does not make you totally invulnarible. Shop Cost: 100 coins.
NSMBWiiMiniMushroom.png Mini Mushroom Turns Mario into Mini Mario, allowing him to walk into small cracks and jump higher. Shop Cost: 50 Coins.
Propeller Mushroom.png Propeller Mushroom Turns Mario into Propeller Mario, allowing you to propell through the air with ease. Shop Cost: 30 Coins.
PenguinSuit.png Penguin Suit Turns Mario into Penguin Mario, allowing him to slide on ice better and swim with pride. Shop cost: 30 Coins.
Frog Suit.png Frog Suit Turns Mario into Frog Mario, allowing him to jump really high and hop across frilipads without dieing. Shop Cost: 40 Coins.
FireFlower.png Fire Flower Turns Mario into Fire Mario, allowing him to throw fireballs everywhere, mario can melt ice, and burn things that need to be burnt, mario can also not catch on fire. (still gets hurt though) Shop Cost: 30 Coins.
Ice Flower.png Ice Flower Turns mario into Ice Mario, allowing him to throw Ice balls everywhere, mario can also freeze things, stop fire and get hit with ice and not get frozen(still gets hurt though). Shop Cost: 30 coins.
TanookiSuit4.png Tanooki Suit Turns Mario into Tanooki Mario,allowing him to run faster, glide in the air and spin his tail to deflect things or kill a enemy. Shop Cost: 50 Coins.
Lightning Flower.png Thunder Flower Turns Mario into Thunder Mario, allowing him to throw thunder balls everywhere, it also allows mario to repower,machines that have died down. Shop Cost: 40 Coins.
ClassicMushroom.png Classic Mushroom Turns Mario into Classic Mario, Store cost: 50 Coins.
BoomerangSuit.png Boomerang Suit Turns Mario into Boomerang Mario,allowing him to throw boomerangs,also making mario imune to boomerang bros. Shop Cost: 130 Coins.
HammerSuit.png Hammer Suit Turns Mario into Hammer Mario, allowing him to throw hammers, also makes Mario immune to hammer bros. Shop Cost: 130 Coins.
BowserMushroom.png Bowser Mushroom Turns Mario into Bowser Mario, allowing him to slide better on ice, spit out fire balls, and makes him a tad slower.he also cannot jump as high. Shop cost: 85 Coins.
BlueShell.png Blue Shell Turns Mario basically into a blue Koopa, allowing him to go into his shell and slide on ice. Shop Cost: 75 Coins.
GoombaShoe.png Goomba Shoe Turns Mario into Shoe Mario, allowing him to bounce around in a shoe, land on enemies. The problem is mario cannot stop. Shop cost: N/A. The shoe is not sold in shops,Instead it is found on certain levels with Shoe Goombas.
PoisonMushroom.png Poison Mushroom The Poison downs you by one, and you lose a life. So basically its pointless to get one. Some situations its impossible not to get one if you do something wrong.
Claw mushroom.jpg Claw Mushroom Turns Mario into Claw Mario,allowing him to claw at enemys, claw through walls and manuvear up tall buildings. Shop cost: 100 Coins.
Friendly flower.jpg Friendly Flower Turns Mario into Friendly Mario, allowing him to shoot rainbow blasts that turn enemies onto his side. Only works with weaker enemies, and the less strong types of bros. ie.hammer bro. Shop cost: 300 Coins.
N/A Monkey Suit Turns Mario into Monkey Mario, allowing him to swing across vines, climb up trees fast and just monkey around. Shop cost: 60 coins.
N/A Platypus Suit Turns Mario into Platypus Mario, allowing him to swim through swamps, and marshes with great speed. Makes mario slower on land. Shop cost: 85 coins.
Chicken Suit NSMBVR.png Chicken Suit Turns Mario into Chicken Mario..Store Cost: 50 coins.
Eagle Suit.png Eagle Suit Turns Mario into Eagle Mario, allowing him to fly through the air and pick up weak enemies, and drop them when you feel like it. Shop cost: 100 Coins.
Bomb Suit.png Bomber Suit Turns Mario into Bomber Mario, allowing him to throw bombs everywhere, also makes him immune to bomber bros. Shop cost: 130 Coins.
NSMBWii1upMushroom.png 1-Up Mushroom

Gives Mario a extra life, allowing him to have a extra life.

Store cost: 80 Coins.

DragonSuit.png Dragon Suit The Dragon suit turns Mario into Dragon Mario, allowing him to soar through the skys, breathe fire and swoop down on things. Store cost: 130 Coins.
N/A Vortex Suit Turns Mario into Vortex Mario allowing him to make small tornados, and throw them. Shop Cost: 130 Coins.
KillerGoombaShoe.png Killer Goomba Shoe A Killer Goomba Shoe, not sold in stores, you can get it from Goombas that are riding in it...It can stomp most enemies.


There are many old and new enemies in NSM:TSOF, why dont you check out the Main Article, which has all the enemies, with pictures and full depth info. Main Article: New Super Mario Bros.: The Search of Fate/Enemy List

Playable Characters

Image Name Description
NSMBDIY Mario Jump.png Mario Mario is the most balanced character, and playable from the start.
Luigi NSMBOD.png Luigi Luigi jumps higher than any other character, sprints later than most and has low traction. He is playable from the start.
NSMBΩYellowToad.png Yellow Toad Yellow Toad swims the quickest, has the second lowest jump, and sprints decently late. He is playable from the start.
BlueToadOmega.png Blue Toad Blue Toad runs the quickest, has the lowest jump and sprints the latest. He is playable from the start.
Larry Koopa 3D.png Larry Koopa Larry Koopa can take one extra hit, aside from this he has the same stats as Mario. To unlock Larry Koopa, you must beat the second world.
Bowser Jr. NSMBVR.png Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. has the ability to double jump. He is also the second quickest. A downside is he swims slowly. To unlock Bowser Jr. you must beat the first world.


World Description Boss(es)
World 1: Mushroom Kingdom Outskirts Outside of Mushroom Kingdom, this area is filled with grassy areas and lots of Kooptroopas and reguler enemies. Mini castle:Birdo Castle:Tolstar
World 2: Bean Bean Kingdom The Bean Bean Kingdom, you will find enemies of bean bean kingdom instead of the reguler goombas and such.

Mini Castle:Birdo Castle:Fawful

World 3: Oho Oasis Oho Oasis is a tropical sort of island, home of where the fire flower and thunder flower originated, here you will find all sorts of enemies as you will go through lots of water and non water levels. Mini Castle:Birdo Castle:Popple
World 4: Hoo Hoo Mountain Hoo Hoo Mountain is full of mountain type levels, along with some grassy ones, and a few odd inserts in the game. Mini Castle:Popple Castle:Cackletta
World 5: Chucklehuck Woods Chucklehuck Woods is a place where there is only forest levels, other then the only 2 water levels here, this place is home to the first apearence of the bros.(hammer bro.etc) Mini Castle:Popple Castle:Petey Piranha
World 6:Joke's End Joke's End is a frozen, industrial type area, home of some ice creatures and a few new bros. Mini Castle:Fawful Castle:Midbus
World 7: Ghostly Plains A large deserted area, where mostly ghosts hang about. Mini Castle:Cackletta Castle:King Boo
World 8: Cloudtopia A area in the sky, all the levels are on clouds or floating in the sky. Mini Castle:Fawful Castle:Fawful
World 9: Dark Lands These levels are filled with alot of bros. If you dont have power ups, you will need alot for this world. Mini Castle:Giant Goomba Castle:Bowletta
World 10:Rocky Pavilion A world, were there is lots of, water, random pointy rocks to jump on, small areas of rocks that you must jump across, and other tacticil things to do in the levels of this world. Mini Castle:Wario Castle:Wario and Waluigi
World 11: Fawful's Dreamland A world Fawful created, everything in it, as you can tell by the background and enemies, are fawful,fawful fawful! Well not fawful exactly but stuff that has been fawfulfie'd which means they now resemble the look and sound of fawful. Mini Castle:Fawful Orb Castle:Fawful
World 12: Flaming Destiny What a weird name for a wor- wait a second, is that a fat fire bro? Wait a second, these arent just fat there stronger, and everything here is mostly upgraded bros, oh theres a paragoomba. Mini Castle:Firey Spirit Castle:Spike Spike
World 13: Underground Caverns This world is mostly just underground caverns and such, but there is some light in this world. Mini Castle:Mad Diver Castle:Mad Hamma
World 14: Bowser's Land Yes, you are passing Bowsers mainland, which is now takein over by Fawful. Mini Castle:Skull Skull Castle:Shy Pokey
World 15:Frozen Paradise Its not exactly a paridise, it is a smashed, destroyed icey area, where there is quite a few enemies...This is the final world...Or is it? Its time to get peach back! Mini Castle:Midbus Castle:Wire Bot
Secret World 1:Creaky Cavern This World is hidden and can only be obtained by beating world 9 boss as mini mario. Mini Castle:Ergh Castle:Glompster
Secret World 2:The Great Outdoors This World is Hidden and is obtained by beating World 14. Mini Castle:Popple Castle:Rocky
Secret World 3:Frightful ridge This World Is hidden and is obtained by beating world 8. Mini Castle:Frighty Castle:Reaper Bones
Special World 1:Omega Lands This is the special world, beat the game and you will unlock it, the special world is a amazing mix of diferent terrained levels, but they are all extremly hard and should only be played if you are a experienced player. Mini Castle 1:Popple Mini Castle 2:Birdo Mini Castle 3:Fawful Castle:Doom Dragon

DLC Worlds

There are some worlds that can be downloaded, with new enemies (all enemies are on the enemies list.) and new fun these worlds are all free to download. Most dlc worlds only have one castle.

World Description Boss(es)
Rock Rock Palace A rocky world, filled with rocks, and rock like you can tell by the name, its a rocky world filled with...Rocks and other mountain like stuff. Castle:Ultimate Cheep-Cheep
Supreme Abduction A World set in the "space" of mushroom Kingdom..The levels take place first at night time, and it dosent seem like space, eventually you are able to float when you jump and so do the enemies, and you can see planets and stuff...NO SUIT REQUIRED! Castle:Mega Goombalien
Crystal Sea Crystal Sea is a Sea, filled with crystals and other wonders, there are amazing enemies and the world is pretty tough, all the levels are under water! Even the boss levels... Castle:Crystal Sea Lurker
Fluffy Kingdom Despite the name, the world is quite tough, but it is the easiest in the dlc series. The enemies include goombas and other simple enemies but watch out for the boss. He may leave you in a stump! Castle:Fluffum
Wrecked Island Everything is destroyed on this island! Theres wrecked trees and busted rocks, everything is a total mess! This is the hardest world, in the entire game itself and DLC. There are tons of hard enemies and the boss is a menace. Get ready for a wicked time! But you will still be coming for more. Castle:Shadow Knight

Battle Arena

One of the new features in NSMB:TSOF, is the Battle Arena, you can choose any of your characters you have unlocked and go online, and battle people from around the world in diferent modes, you can even up your battle rank! you can earn coins to purchase power ups for your online or offline matches in the Arena, there are 10 Arena stages to choose from, and you can have up to 6 people playing at once! The arenas include:

Pipe Arena, Lava Arena, Castle Arena, Grass Arena, Forest Arena, Underwater Arena, Skyship Arena, Lake Arena, Avalanche Arena and Dark Arena. There are severel game types you can play in the arena, which include: Capture the flag,King of the hill,Star Runners, and Clash Mode.

Now about ranks, you can get up to rank 25. That is the highest rank possible. You gain experience every battle you win, if you loose, you only get a small amount of experience. Leveling up will unlock more items in the shop.


The shop is were you can purchase different items, you can purchase several things, here is a list:

Shop Items

  • Mushroom's
  • Mega Mushroom's
  • Mini Mushroom's
  • Penguin Suit's
  • Frog Suit's
  • Fire Flower's
  • Ice Flower's
  • Thunder Flower's
  • Tanooki Suit's
  • Classic Mushroom's
  • Boomerang Suit's
  • Hammer Suit's
  • Bowser Mushroom's
  • Blue Shell's
  • Claw Mushroom's
  • Friendly Flower's
  • Monkey Suit's
  • Playtupus Suit's
  • Chicken Suit's
  • Eagle Suit's
  • Bomber Suit's
  • 1-Up Mushroom"s
  • Dragon Suit's
  • Vortex Suit's

Shop, Card Section

-Coming soon

Instead of Star Coins as the currentcy the shop uses normal coins now. The shop owner, is Toadsworth. There is a shop in worlds 1-10. So there are none in worlds 11-15 and none in the 3 hidden or the 1 secret level. which is why, you can go back to the other worlds just for there shops whenever you feel like it.

Bosses/Main evil Characters

Image Name Description
Fawful.PNG Fawful Fawful is Cackletta's servant, he will do anything to save Cackletta from danger or do anything for Cackletta, he has a machine that trys to suck you in, and when hes not doing that he will be firing dirt and beams at you.
513px-MetabossML3.jpg Midbus One of Cackletta's servants, Midbus can take on Bowser and put up a good fight, Midbus fights with just basic punches, but can roll up in a ball and zoom towards you.
N/A Cackletta Cackletta is one of the most evil beings alive, Cackletta will do anything to rule the world and rid it of pesky plumbers., Cackletta sends out lighting streaks, thousands of bats and really just tries her best to destroy you in battle.
Popple1.jpg Popple Popple is the king of all thieves. Not really. Popple can throw items at you, out of a bag, if your lucky it will be something like a mushroom, if not it will be a spikey ball or something. his second attack is a run and jump. he will run at you, jump and try and land on your head. and his final attack is his mega burst, he lets out a big scream, and Bowser comes in dressed up as rookie and attempts to punch you. if you are bowser, a clone of popple comes in.
Tolstar.jpg Tolstar Tolstar is greedy and fat but also the ruler of Stardust Fields. He can suck you up and spit you out damaging you and downing you by one I.e you will become normal Mario if you were Super Mario. He is easy to beat. 2 hits on the head, but he can also fly.
250px-MP8 Birdo.png Birdo Yoshis lover, also Popple's lover, she will help out Popple in battle, anytime. Birdo throws eggs at you and likes to run alot. Take birdo down by jumping on the giant egg behind birdo 3 times.
Cackletta-Bowletta.png Bowletta Cackletta's Spirit inside Bowsers body, not only did it change his voice but the way he looks. One of the hardest bosses in NSMB:TSOF. He can spit fire, roll at you with its spiky shells, punch, kick, and send out lightning. This is not going to be easy.
PeteyPiranhaPlant.png Petey Piranha You don't wanna mess with this Piranha. You think he is as easy to bby Form Of Luigi But Not HIs Nose Too! eat as the normal Piranhas? Your wrong...He can do normal attacks but may take a while to defeat. He is pretty deadly.
N/A Shy Pokey A giant Shy guy with Pokeys instead of arms...he spawns other Pokeys from the ground and tries to crush you by slamming down his arm..You can destroy him by hitting the shy guy portion twice. its that easy. Or is it?
KingofBoos.PNG King Boo King boo is a boss,that can disappear and reappear anywhere on the screen, he tries to smash into you with his crown..or just sneak up behind you and attack.
N/A Spike Spike

Large Spiked Koopa like creature, spits 3 spikes at a time, but also throws swirling spike creatures, which have 4 knifes on them in total. The easy way to kill him is to throw 20 fireballs. The hard way is to try and manage to jump on him 5 times. (He moves alot)

N/A Skull Skull Skull Skull is a large creature with a skull mask on him, he has no arms and is sort of like a goomba in shape. He can spawn baby skull skulls that walk fast. Thats about it. so just try not to get hit by them when there running or get hit by the big one. Just jump on his head 4 times or hit him with thundera couple of times and hes dead.
N/A Mad Hamma A Hammer shaped enemy, is on fire and will be thrown straight at you,is operated by fawful. He can be beatin by jumping on the machine fawful is using to operate him with. You must jump on it 3 times.
N/A Wire Bot You can only destroy him by burning all three of his cords that make him alive, thats right hes a machine thats plugged into three sockets. He has 2 Spiral type weapons that spin in circles to attack you, thats his only attack. but he can also move around like a chain chomp(with restrictions because of his cords) first cord controld his left drill, scond controls his right drill and the third is his brain. Hit all 3 and he dies.
N/A Glompster The Gompster is a giant beast, you can only see his giant head because the rest of him is in darkness. He spits out acid as his first attack and later in the fight his hands apear, and he can drop bob-ombs. He can also do both at the same time which can be a pain. This guy is hard to beat.
N/A Crystal Sea Lurker This is a sea serpent kind of like a eel, it is a radiating eel like monster that has sharp teeth and crystals sticking out of it's body. It can chomp you and shoot the crystals out of its back. To kill it you must use fire or ice, because using thunder will electricute yourself and jumping on it will do the same.
N/A Mega Goombalien Mega Goombalien is a alien goomba but is huge, he is green in colur and has giant red eyes. He can be defeated if you smash his helmet. *Hit Helmet 8 times to destroy it.* he can spit out goop and stomp on you.
N/A Rocky Rocky is a rock like creature who throws rocks down a cliff. Yes he is at the top of a cliff that is very long, you must climb up to it to reach him, while dodging rocks. Once you get to the top you must fight him, he still simply throws rocks and can ram into you trying to knock you off making you die and have to start over the level again. He can be defeated by getting behind him and jumping on his tail. You must do this 3 times, then his tail will disapear and he will turn into his 2nd stage. A giant rock with a mad face. It will roll and try and flatten you. Destroy it by pressing a button, which is back at the bottom of the cliff and apears once the first form is destroyed. Once his second stage blows up. You win the card for this boss. Yipee!
N/A Fluffum Fluffum is a giant cloud like creature that has one giant eye that can shoot out lasers. He also has 2 giant cloud hands that can create fluff everywhere. The only pain here is trying not to get hit by the lasers other then that all you got to do is climb up the cloud steps and jump on his head three times and he will explode.
N/A Ultimate Cheep Cheep The Ultimate Cheep Cheep is a giant Cheep-Cheep that can spit out huge globs of poison water that may or may not hit you. You can dodge these easily. The anoying part is he can jump out at you. So just try and hit him when he jumps out.
N/A Shadow Knight The Shadow Knight is fierce! He will ram at you with his sword and create giant shadow balls that can destroy the terrain around you. Once you hit him 3 times on the head, he loses his armour and you both fall down to a small crypt like area. He now has no armour but he grows wings! He can fly around and send out arrays of shadow substance that can hurt you. He can also slice you with his sword. You must try and jump on his wings (Two times per wing.) and he will fall once again. Once you try and escape, he jumps back up again and pushes you off the edge. You both spiral into a new area. A little bit of darkland with shadow creatures falling from the sky. Try and dodge them or jump on there heads. He will then wake up after you destroy atleast 10 shadow creatures. He gains a helmet of darkness that has 2 giant horns on it, he has lost his sword. He will try and ram at you. Try and hit the gravity switch to change the gravity. His helmet will come off and he will gain a third eye. This eye shoots out dark-ombs. They will explode on contact so try and dodge them. jump on his head three times and he will fall off onto a platform. A cutscene shows you jumping onto the platform with him and you must battle for the last time. He grows 4 giant arachnid legs and 2 giagantic claws he can shoot out doom strikes and other things. The sword apears in Marios hands and you get to use it? Chop at him and hit him twenty times. The battle is done.
N/A Reaper Bones Reaper Bones is the size of a dry-bones and looks like one, but has a cloak and a scythe. You must jump to dodge his swings! Also try and not touch him atall. You must defeat him by shooting him with fireballs etc.
Black Dragon.jpg
Doom Dragon Doom Dragon is a giant black dragon that swoops down and drys to bite you. He can also breathe fire and can claw you off of the platform. If he does you land on another platform with multiple baby Dragons that will shoot fire balls at you. Once you destroy them. He comes down and actually starts to fight you like a man. Jump on his head ten times and dodge his flames and claw attacks. He will be destroyed. Or will he? He regains life and starts to shake violently then grows giant Mega claws made of some robotoc materil he turns a even darker black and his eyes go on fire. His tail gets huge and grows spikes. And he can hit you with his tail, claws,and now he shoots huge flames instead. You must run away and keep running in till you see wario and waluigi. They fire a canon that destroys the dragon.
N/A Fawful Orb The Fawful orb is a little orb that looks like fawfuls head with his face. All it does is spin and move towards you slowly. Once it stops spinning for a sec. Jump on it! do this three times and he will be destroyed.
N/A Firey Spirit A little Firey Spirit that kind of looks like a Koopa's spirit but in flames. This will dash at you and shoot fire from it's hands. Try and jump over the fire. To the side of him is a ice flower and a penguin suit. choose either one. Once you freeze him, pick him up and throw him. Do this three times and he will perish.
N/A Mad Diver The Mad Diver is kind of like a monty mole, that dives through the ground and pops back up in diferent places. He is really mad to. Just jump on him three times and hes out cold.
N/A Ergh A Ergh looks kind of like a spike. Except one eye is looking left and the other is looking right. He is bald and has a little spiked hula hoop that he spins around. just try not to get hit by the hula hoop and jump on his head three times.
Wario Wario, your cousin..Now you must fight him. He just tosses things from a bag at you. He is at the top of a piller. The contents of the bag can be:Coins,Mushrooms,Goombas,Bob-ombs,Spikys. Rare Items that may fall out:Dry Bones,Paratroopa's,Fire Flower and Podoboo's. Just keep dodgeing the items and try to get up to the piller. Now he just runs at you and trys to punch you. Just jump on his head twice.


Wario&Waluigi Both of them now. This time Wario and Waluigi Run from both sides and try and smack you with there hammers. Wario also trys to fart. And Waluigi sometimes jumps on top of wario, and trys to land on you. Hit Wario five times on the head. And hit Waluigi six times on the head. *Note:It is possible to have only one of them alive at once.* (Say you destroy wario. Waluigi will still be alive if you have not hit him six times yet.)
Giant Goomba A Giant Goomba that acts as a normal goomba but is bigger. Jump on him five times and hes toast. Easy.

Adventure Mode

Adventure mode is going through each world

MORE INFO-Coming soon...

In game Tcg!

Card database

-Coming soon, it will be a huge column with pictures, names and info. It will be awesome.