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New Super Mario Bros.: Clash of the Koopas is an upcoming game for the Wii, Nintendo 3DS, and the Wii U. It will be released in early 2013 in America, Summer 2013 in Europe, and late 2013 in Japan for all platforms.

Just like in New Super Mario Bros. 2 with a million coins, the game's main goal is to defeat many Koopas as the player can in any color (including the sub-species). When the player defeats 50,000 Koopas, a silver Koopa statue will appear in the title screen. If the player defeats 1,000,000 Koopas, the Koopa statue changes to gold. The bosses don't count.  

Nintendo eShop Description (Nintendo 3DS)

Mario and the gang are back in the fifth game in the New Super Mario Bros. series! Just like always, Princess Peach is kidnapped by Bowser during a party! There are new worlds to explore, items to collect, characters to play as, and Koopas to defeat! Join the game by letting a Mii play in the game!


Princess Peach throws a party at her castle, where the Mario Bros., Toads, and other citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom came. But another party has failed once again because of Bowser. His army, the Koopalings, and Bowser Jr., break the wall of Princess Peach's castle and kidnap Princess Peach. The heroes (AKA the playable characters) save the day again. As the player plays as whoever they're playing as, he/she has to get through all the obstacles in the game. When Mario reaches World 18 and reaches Bowser, Bowser talks about how much Mario always thwarts his plans. After he's defeated, Mario sees Peach trapped in a cage. He unlocks the cage door, and Peach floats down to the ground, but suddenly, Xavior Koopa comes falling down. Mario battles him and when Xavior's defeated, the real Peach falls down and Mario rescues her. Mario and Peach do a pose and they leave the castle. Outside Bowser's castle, the rest of the playable characters (that the player(s) didn't play as*) come from hot air balloons. Mario and Peach take their own balloons and the crew flies away. Later in the front of Peach's Castle, the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom (or at least a crowd of Toads) meet Mario and Peach together. They all applaud, and Mario jumps at the screen and "GAME COMPLETED!" appears in the front of the screen in green letters. After the credits roll, Bowser, Bowser Jr., and the Koopalings lay down. Then all of a sudden, Toad police appear and arrest Bowser, Bowser Jr., and the Koopalings.

* - Miis don't appear from the hot air balloons in the end.



The game features controls from the 2D Mario games, and the 3D Mario games. It marks the second appearance of Toadette in a 2D Mario game, and the first appearance of Xavior Koopa. Baby Mario and Baby Luigi has their first 2.5D appearance in this game. 3D Mario game features, such as the transformations and the items, the controls (long jumps and backflips), and more, are featured in this game.

2D Mario games had the most features returning in this game. Just like in Super Mario World, Yoshis and their baby counterparts can be ridden in this game. In this game, the characters also talk (just like in Super Mario Sunshine), but some characters don't (Yoshi, for example). The game is kind of a mix of previous Mario games (besides 3D games).


Wii Remote (Sideways)

  • A - Bubble (multiplayer only)
  • 1 - Dash and throw, use items, and weapons
  • 2 - Jump
  • Down and 2 (while running) - Long Jump
  • Down and 2 (while standing) - Backflip
  • 2 (3 times straight while running) - Triple Jump
  • + - Pause
  • Up, Right, and Left - Move
  • Down - Duck
  • Shaking the Wii Remote - Special Power, control gimmicks and fly in Propeller form
  • Down (in midair) - Ground Pound
  • Holding 1 and shaking the Wii Remote - Pick up an item (let go of 1 to throw it)


Playable Characters

NOTE: All the characters below can be changed in the Store in the Main Menu. To unlock a character, buy the character in the store. Each unlockable character adds up 1500 or more coins. One player MUST play as only one character. In multiplayer mode, any character can be played as.

Image Name Description How to Unlock
Mario NSMB2 Mario He's been Nintendo's mascot since 1981, he saves Princess Peach, he's the one and only Mario! Just like the other characters, he can use powerups and spins! He's back in the game once again to save the princess, as usual. Already unlocked
NSMBWii Luigi Luigi What is a hero without a sibling? That's why we have Luigi, the scared and frightened plumber. He jumps the highest in the game, but moves slower than Mario. After all, he and Mario are the same... Unlocked by buying him at the store for 1500 coins.
BlueToad Blue Toad One of the colored Toads in the game, while few of the other colored Toads are running away from their lives! He appeared in some of the Mario games, except as an NPC. His real name is Bucken-Berry. Unlocked by buying him at the store for 3000 coins.
YellowToad2 Yellow Toad Another Toad in the game. His first playable appearance was in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Just like every other Toad, he was an NPC. His real name is Ala-Gold. Unlocked by buying him at the store for 4500 coins.
Geno Brawl Geno He hasn't been around for years, but now he makes a return in the game! Shaking the Wii Remote and/or Nunchuck (Wii) or pressing Y (Nintendo 3DS/Wii U) makes him do his Geno Blast, killing all enemies on the screen! Unlocked by buying him at the store for 6000 coins.
Baby Mario NSMBDIY Baby Mario It's our favorite hero as a cute little baby! Just because he's a baby, doesn't mean he's useless! He has the same abilities as Mario, but he's slower and he jumps lower. Unlocked by buying him at the store for 8000 coins.
Babyweegee Baby Luigi Luigi's infant form! It's his first appearance in a non-sports Mario game (doesn't include Yoshi's Island). Just like Baby Mario, he's slower and he jumps lower than Luigi. Unlocked by buying him at the store for 10000 coins.
MiiLogo Mii Now you can pick your Mii and play as him/her! Your Mii can swing the enemy off-stage with his baseball bat! Depending on the Mii's favorite color, the baseball bat's color is different. Unlocked by buying him/her at the store for 20000 coins.

Non-Playable Characters

Image Name Description
PrincessPeach Princess Peach The damsel of almost every Mario game. She even saved Mario, Luigi, and Toad in her own game! You have to save her from the evil Bowser in order to complete this game!
YoshiMP8art Yoshi Yoshi's not playable in the game, but he can be ridden by the player. Yoshis come in random colors, too! Sometimes, Yoshi might come out after you hit a ! Block. He can flutter jump, swallow enemies and weapons, and throw them! He can also swallow berries! When he swallows 5 of them, a random item appears on the top and it drops it on you (Wii/Wii U), or it goes to your stored item circle (Nintendo 3DS)! If he goes in contact with an enemy, he runs away.
Baby Yoshi12 Baby Yoshi With a high-pitched voice from Super Mario World, Baby Yoshis are back! They come in random colors. There are Bubble Baby Yoshis (shoots bubbles to defeat enemies), Bulb Baby Yoshis (lights up dark places and stuns enemies), and Balloon Baby Yoshis (inflates like a balloon) to go higher. Just like his adult counterpart, he runs away if he goes in contact with an enemy.
Toad Toad Just because Blue Toad and Yellow Toad are playable in the game, doesn't mean that the other Toads should be left out! The Toads in the game gives you tips, and sometimes, you have to rescue a Toad in a level, and bring it to the end of the level. There are many different-colored Toads in the game. They also introduce you to Red Mushroom Houses!
MP7 Toadette Toadette Another non-playable Toad in the game! She's another one that gives the player tips, and in the beginning, Toadsworth and she told the player that they got a note from Bowser Jr. saying that he would trap Toads in levels, so that the player has to rescue it. She traps herself inside a ? Box just to test the player. She also introduces you to the Yellow Mushroom Houses!
Toadsworth2 Toadsworth The oldest Toad in the Mushroom Kingdom. He gives you hints and tips, and he introduces you to the Green Mushroom Houses! Along with Toadette, he tells the player that they got a note from Bowser Jr. in the beginning.


See this list.


See this list.


See this list.

World Themes and Fortress/Castle/Airship Bosses

  1. Grass - Ludwig von Koopa
  2. Desert - Morton Koopa Jr.
  3. Ice - Lemmy Koopa
  4. Taiga - Wendy O. Koopa
  5. Ocean - Larry Koopa
  6. Rainforest - Roy Koopa
  7. Swamps - Iggy Koopa
  8. Jungle -  Tim J. Koopa
  9. Cave -  Lavora Koopa
  10. Dungeon - Goomboss
  11. Temple - Morton Koopa Sr
  12. Islands - Jacob Koopa
  13. Mountains - Risen Koopa
  14. Sky - Harley B. Koopa
  15. Airship - Giga Lakitu
  16. Space - Dino Piranha
  17. Thunder - False Bowser
  18. Lava - Kamek, Bowser Jr., Bowser and Xavior Koopa*
  19. Rainbow (Secret World) - Dry Bowser
  20. Coin (multiplayer only) - None

* - In World 18, Kamek is only fought in the Fortress. Bowser Jr. is fought in the airship, and Bowser and Xavior Koopa are only fought in the castle.

Enemy Courses

  1. Goomba
  2. Pokey
  3. Ice Bro.
  4. Venus Ice Trap
  5. Cheep-Cheep
  6. Piranha Plant
  7. Shy Guy
  8. Blooper
  9. Swooper
  10. Boo
  11. Buzzy Beetle
  12. Amp
  13. Bullet Bill
  14. Lakitu with Spinys
  15. Bob-omb
  16. Octoomba
  17. Mecha-Koopa
  18. Podoboo
  19. None
  20. None


  • After the staff credits, a secret warp pipe appears in each world, which leads to World 19 (the secret world). If the player collects all Star Coins in one world, a level is unlocked in World 19 (ex: if the player collects all Star Coins in World 1, World 19-1 is unlocked).
  • If the player defeats a 50,000 Koopas in total, a silver Koopa Shell statue will appear on the Title Screen. If he/she defeats 1,000,000, he/she is allowed to save the game whenever he/she wants and a golden Koopa Shell statue will appear on the screen.
  • If the player has the last 2 digits the same when he/she touches the flag pole, a Mushroom House will appear (both singleplayer and multiplayer). 0, 1, and 2 for Green, 3, 4, 5, and 6 for Red, and 7, 8, and 9 for Yellow.
  • If Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, or a Mii with a cap has 99 lives, they will be capless, meaning that they won't have their cap. If they lose a life, they will have their hat back.
  • If the player completes certain tasks, stars will appear on the file he/she is playing in on the file select screen.
  • If the player completes the game without Super Guide mode, the stars on his/her file will be sparkling.
  • During gameplay, when the player shakes the Wii Remote/Nunchuck (Wii) or presses Y (Nintendo 3DS/Wii U) in front of a dancing flower (mostly appears in Sky levels and Coin Heaven parts), a Coin will drop from it.
  • Miis can wear different suits by buying them in the Shop at the File Select Menu.
  • At the Shop, the player can unlock characters, unlock and access Hint Movies by doing random tasks, and buy suits for their Miis and equip them.
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