New Squidbeak Splatoon
Leader(s) Cap'n Cuttlefish
Alignment Good
(Notable) Members
Left to right: Cap'n Cuttlefish, Agent 1 (Callie), Agent 2 (Marie), Agent 3, Agent 4, Agent 8
First Appearance Splatoon
Latest Appearance Splatoon 2
Save the world from Octarians
DJ Octavio

The New Squidbeak Splatoon was formed by Cap'n Cuttlefish to save the Great Zapfish from DJ Octavio.


The New Squidbeak Splatoon was formed before the events of Splatoon to combat DJ Octavio. Cap'n Cuttlefish recruited Callie and Marie, (Agents 1 and 2 respectively) and then recruited Agent 3 at the begining of the games Hero Mode, Octo Valley.

During Splatoon 2, Marie recruits Agent 4 to again save the Great Zapfish from DJ Octavio. During Agent 4's quest through Octo Canyon, they save Callie from DJ Octavio's influence.

During the Octo Expansion, Agent 8 wakes up in a subway station with no memories and is helped by Cap'n Cuttlefish, Marina, and Pearl, the latter two who are speculated to be Agents 5 and 6.


  • Cap'n Cuttlefish is the leader of the New Squidbeak Splatoon.
  • Agent 1 is Callie of the Squid Sisters.
  • Agent 2 is Marie, Callie's cousin.
  • Agent 3 is the Avatar from the first game.
  • Agent 4 is the Avatar from the second game.
  • Agent 8 is the main character of the upcoming Octo Expansion.


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