New R'lyeh is an adventure game developed by Twenty-Second Choice for the Novaya. It is based on the Little Lenny Penguin version of the Cthulhu Mythos, but it's canonicity is pending.


In the year 1900, the city of New R'lyeh mysteriously appeared at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, relatively close to the position of the old R'lyeh. When rumours of this city began to surface, numerous adventurers or other curious people began to travel to the city in submarines, discovering that the entire city was contained within an air bubble which allowed those living in the city to breathe.

It was then discovered that the air bubble surrounding the city was actually a sort of force field, which could only be passed through from the outside. Those who had entered the city were trapped. Shortly afterwards, numerous Eldritch creatures begin revealing themselves, and offering to help with the forced inhabitation of the city. Through the combined human and Eldritch efforts, the city soon became self-sustainable with various sources of food and other goods coming from the Eldritch realm.

The game begins in 1999, with the player taking the role of a third-generation citizen of New R'lyeh.


Character Creation

At the beginning of the game, character customisation options for the player are quite limited, restricted only to gender and appearance. Additional customisation mostly occurs throughout the game with the attainment of Traits, and appearance can be customised by purchasing new items.


New R'lyeh is divided into four districts: the Air, Earth, Fire and Water districts.



Traits are the main form of character customisation present in the game: they are earned through the completion of quests, and often particular traits are required to unlock different quests.


Quests are unlocked by talking to characters or finding particular items, and are then listed in the journal.


These quests are unlocked in a sequential order, with the first being available from the start. Frequently Main Quests overlap with other side quests, and many other quest lines are introduced through the Main Quest.


These are side quests found in the Water District.


These are side quests found in the Earth District.


These are side quests found in the Air District.


These are side quests found in the Fire District.

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