New Mario Kart
NMK Logo
The game's logo
Developer(s) Billy-Luigi Productions
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Summer 2015
Single-player, Multi-player and Online
Genre(s) Racing
Media Included Optical Disc

New Mario Kart is an upcoming Mario Kart Game for the Wii U. It will be the ninth installment of the Mario Kart Series. Mario Kart Wii's bikes, Mario Kart 7's gliding and underwater driving and Mario Kart 8's anti-gravity features are reused this time as well. A new addition is slow-motion tricks, were the player can do multiple stunts in slow-motion on a ramp. The game was been announced as a short teaser-trailer on the HBD 2014. A second trailer was seen on November 12 were new courses and characters were revealed. The game will feature 72 Characters, the most out of any Mario Kart game.


Grand Prix The Grand Prix mode of New Mario Kart works very similar to past installments. Unlike past games more than 4 engine classes appear. 50cc, 100cc, 150cc and the new 200cc are available by default. While 150cc mirror is unlocked by completing 150cc and 200cc mirror is unlocked by completing 200cc. Unlike Mario Kart 8, the game will not feature a multiplayer Grand Prix. Only the Mushroom Cup and Shell Cup are available from the start, while the other cups are unlocked by completing the cup before except for the 6 DLC cups.

Time Trails

Time Trails lets the player race on a course and try to get the best time. It acts the same as previous installments. This is only for one player.


In Versus the player can set their own rules of a race. This appears in both single-player and multi-player


In Battle Mode little has changed, the usual Coin Battles and Balloon Battles return.

Double Dash!!

In Double Dash mode, the player can drive with 2 characters in one kart. This mode appears only in multiplayer and single-player versus. No fixed teams appear as CPU's unlike Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. Characters will have specific team names if paired with each other.


Online mode works the same as previous installments. The player can drive against other players online.

Course Builder

For the first time in the series the player will be able to create their own custom course. Not much is known about the mode.


There will be a total of 72 characters in the game as stated by Billy-Luigi. Only 12 characters are revealed.

Starting Roster

The starting roster will include only 8 characters.

NMK Default Roster (Paint)

Unlockable Characters

All almost all characters (except for R.O.B. and Donkey Kong Jr.) have been announced to return in the 9th installement. Only 1 newcomer has been so far announced: Lubba.

NMK Second Roster

Ulocking Criteria

Character How to unlock Character How to unlock
Baby Mario Complete a Grand Prix as Mario Baby Luigi Create a Course in Course Builder
Baby Peach Win 5 Time Trails Baby Daisy Have the game on for 5 hours
Toadette Complete 100cc Mushroom Cup Toadsworth Win 150cc Mushroom Cup
Shy Guy Become 4th or lower in Grand Prix Lakitu Collect 20 coins
Baby Wario Collect 50 coins Baby Waluigi Collect 40 coins
Baby Rosalina Complete 50cc Special Cup Baby Bowser Complete a Grand Prix as Bowser
Koopa Paratroopa Complete 150cc Shell Cup Dry Bones Have the game on for 24 hours
Luma Unlock Rosalina or Baby Rosalina Boo Win 7 Time Trails
Daisy Complete 150cc Flower Cup Birdo Complete a Grand Prix as Yoshi
Bowser Jr. Race on 16 Nitro courses Nabbit Race on 16 Retro Courses
Hammer Bro. Collect 101 coins Tanooki Mario Collect 40 coins as Mario
Kitsune Luigi Collect 40 coins as Luigi Cat Peach Collect 40 coins as Peach
Cat Daisy Collect 40 coins as Daisy Diddy Kong Race on 2 Custom Courses
Dixie Kong Complete 100cc Banana Cup Pom Pom Become 2nd in a Grand Prix
Noki Collect 70 coins Kamek Win 16 Time Trails
Wario Have the game on for 2 hours Waluigi Complete 150cc Star Cup
Rosalina Complete 100cc Star Cup Lubba Complete 100cc Lightning Cup
Funky Kong Unlock all Cups Dry Bowser

Win 10 Time Trails

King Boo Collect 100 Coins Metal Mario Collect 80 coins as Mario
Silver Luigi Collect 80 coins as Luigi Pink Gold Peach Collect 80 coins as Peach
Orange Bronze Daisy Collect 80 coins as Diasy Wiggler Complete 100cc Leaf Cup
Honey Queen Complete 150cc Leaf Cup Boom Boom Complete 50cc Lightning Cup
Pianta Collect 75 coins Plessie Complete 50cc Banana Cup
Lemmy Collect 1 coin Wendy Collect 2 coins
Larry Collect 3 coins Iggy Collect 4 coins
Ludwig Collect 5 coins Roy Collect 6 coins
Morton Collect 7 coins Petey Piranha Complete 150cc Special Cup
Mii ? -


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The game contains 16 new nitro courses. Three unannounced DLC cups will be added to the game some day

Nitro Courses

Mushroom Cup Flower Cup Star Cup Special Cup
Koopa Circuit Mario Circuit Sunset Desert Dawn Swamp
Windy Plaza Kong Beach Rumble Shore Waluigi Arena
Snow Street Plessie Falls Panorama Peak Bowser's Castle
Tanooki Temple Haunted House Moon Express Rainbow Road
  • Mario Circuit: This new Mario Circuit is rather small compared to previous Mario Circuits. It is set around Peach's Castle as usual.
  • Tanooki Temple: Tanooki Temple is a massive temple filled with Super Leaves. It mainly takes place inside and on top of the temple.
  • Kong Beach: Kong Beach is the new beach-themed course of New Mario Kart. The player will drive near a big sea and will sometimes drive in the sea.
  • Sunset Desert: Sunset Desert is a long course. Many ruin-like buildings are seen in the background and on the track as well.
  • Panorama Peak: Panaorama Peak starts at the bottom of a very tall mountain. The player will drive all the way to the top, simillar to DK Mountain.
  • Windy Plaza: Windy Plaza takes place in a village similar to that in Daisy Hills. The course starts in the center of the village and will mainly take place inside of it.

Retro Courses

The game contains 16 retro courses from previous installements. These contain 2 from Super Mario Kart. 1 from Mario Kart 64, 4 from Mario Kart: Super Circuit. 2 from Mario Kart: Double Dash, 1 from Mario Kart DS, 2 from Mario Kart Wii, 2 from Mario Kart 7 and 3 from Mario Kart 8. Three unannounced Retro DLC cups will be added to the game some day.

Shell Cup Banana Cup Leaf Cup Lightning Cup
SNES Donut Plains 2 WII Toad's Factory SNES Vanilla Lake 2 WII U Bone-Dry Dunes
WII U Sweet Sweet Canyon 3DS Rock Rock Mountain N64 Wario Stadium WII Moonview Highway
GBA Riverside Park DS  Shroom Ridge GBA Lakeside Park GCN Bowser's Castle
3DS Daisy Hills GBA Ribbon Road GCN Mushroom City GBA Rainbow Road

Custom Courses

The player will be able to create their own racing course. Not much is known about the mode.


Items found on the track

Item Box
Gives the player a random item. Items given are based on the player's position.
Coin Gives the player a small boost and increase top speed when more are collected, up to a max of 15.

New items

Mini Mushroom Will shrink the player immediately.
Black Shell Can be thrown forward in a straight line and when it collides with a wall or kart, it will explode. Can also be held behind the kart but it will explode after 5 seconds.
Triple Black Shell 3 Black Shells that orbit the player's kart. The shells will explode after 10 seconds. Can also be thrown in a straight line and will explode when it collides with a wall or a kart.
Spiny Red Shell Targets and explodes all karts ahead. The kart in first place gets the biggest explosion.
Ice Flower Allows the player to throw iceballs for a short time that cause other karts to freeze for 3 seconds.
Freezie Can be thrown in a straight line or placed behind the kart. When it hits a kart, it will freeze it for 3 seconds.
Rain Drip Causes all opponents to drive slowly and makes steering very hard.
Triple Fake-Item Box Three Fake-Item Boxes that orbit the player.
Insane Nine Generates 9 items (Green Shell, Red Shell, Black Shell, Fake-Item Box, Blooper, Bob-omb, Mushroom, Star and a Banana) that circle around the player for them to use.

Returning items

Green Shell Travels in a straight line and knocks over a kart it hits.
Triple Green Shell Three green shells that orbit the player's kart, protecting them from incoming attacks.
Red Shell Homes in on the closest kart in front of the player and knocks it over.
Triple Red Shell Three red shells that orbit the player's kart, protecting them from incoming attacks.
Banana Protects the player from incoming items, and spins out other racers that hit it.
Triple Bananas Three bananas that orbit the player's kart, protecting them from incoming attacks.
Banana Bunch Five bananas that are carried behind the kart.
Mushroom Provides the player's kart with a small speed boost.
Triple Mushroom Orbits the player's kart, providing them with three separate speed boosts.
Golden Mushroom Provides the player's kart with continuous speed boosts for a short time.
Mega Mushroom The driver grows bigger, which allows them to squash other racers by running over them making them lose their items and slow down for a moment.
Fake-Item Box Causes opponents to flip over once hit.
Fire Flower Allows the player to throw fireballs for a short time that cause other karts to spin out on impact.
Boomerang Flower Can be thrown up to three times, hitting racers forward and when it returns.
Super Leaf Gives the player's kart a tail that can be used to deflect items, knock over opponents and collect coins.
Bob-omb Can be thrown both backwards and forwards and it'll explode when it collides with an opponent or after 5 seconds.
Triple Bob-omb Three Bob-ombs orbit the player's kart. Can be thrown both backwards and forwards and it'll explode when it collides with an opponent or after 5 seconds.
POW-Block A POW block appears on screen and causes any racer on the ground ahead of the user to spin out and drop their items.
Boo Turns the user invisible and steals an opponent's item.
Blooper Sprays ink on all racers ahead and reduces their visibility. The racers hit also lose some of their traction while sprayed.
Cape Feather Allows the player to perform a high jump, and the it will activate the glider.
Star Provides the player invincibility from all terrain and items, and also giving a speed boost.
Spiny Shell Targets the racer in first place, knocking over all other karts in its path.
Thunderbolt Causes all opponents to drop their items, shrink, and drive slowly for a short time.
Bullet Bill
Transforms the player into a Bullet Bill, rocketing through the track with auto-pilot, and providing invincibility from all terrain and items.


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