New Adventures of YoshiEgg is a game by Bomb Productions Games. Since it is a Bomb Production, please do not edit except for spelling errors. It is a game in the YoshiEgg (series) based on New Super Mario Bros. Wii. It goes back to the series's "Kirby-cute" times and features old and new characters. It is for the Wii.


The Item Master is having the grand opening of his brand new store, which will partner with YoshiEgg's store, until The Groo comes along and steals a precious item, the 1-Up Jem. By using the 1-up Jem, The Groo can become immortal. And, with the help of Overman Supreme and his goons, Spectur, Spiryt, and Spavento, he is almost unstoppable. After The Groo leaves, YoshiEgg, Bloop, M'Icho, and Tulip, along with Item Master, go to World 1...

Playable Characters

Image: Name: Description: How To Unlock:
YoshiEgg NAOYE YoshiEgg Nook YoshiEgg, the silent protagonist and green Tanooki, has special new power-ups and is stronger than ever! YoshiEgg can wall-jump better than others and is the most neutral character. He's already unlocked.
Bloop Bloop YoshiEgg's best friend and Hero of the Sea joins YoshiEgg on his journey! Bloop is the speediest character, especially underwater. He's already unlocked.
Tulip NAOYE Tulip Nook YoshiEgg's girlfriend joins YoshiEgg and friends! Tulip can crawl on the ground better than others. She's already unlocked.
M'Icho NAOYE M'Icho YoshiEgg's ancestor from the Ancient Times joins YoshiEgg and friends on their journey! M'Icho is a slow character, but he can jump the highest and make ground-pounds better than others. He's already unlocked.
RedYoshi NAOYE RedYoshi YoshiEgg's blueberry eating Yoshi friend joins YE and co. on their quest! RedYoshi is a pretty fast character and can eat fruit off of bushes, flutter, and even eat some enemies as other Yoshis do. Unfortunately, he is not rideable. Find him in World 2.


Image: Name: Description:
Small YoshiEgg The form that you normally start out a level with. You are smaller than your Super form and with one hit, you die.
Normal/Super YoshiEgg Your basic power-up. You are bigger and it takes 2 hits for you to die.
Fire YoshiEgg A form that gives you the ability to shoot fireballs from your hands and it takes 3 hits for you to die.
Ice YoshiEgg A form that gives you the ability to shoot ice balls from your hands and it takes 3 hits for you to die.

More to come...


  • McBoo - Can float and lick enemies to stun them for 3 seconds.
  • Purple Koopa Bro. - Can run fast and can kick enemies, wiping most of them out on the screen.
  • Rhode - The strongest of the helpers. Can destroy many enemies with his Keyblade.
  • Item Master - The least-vulnerable of the helpers. Can give you multiple items and fly like a Propeller Block.
  • Clyde - The fastest helper in the game. Acts as a normal, ridable Yoshi, but can flutter very high, run very fast, and shoot fireballs at enemies. It also takes 3 hits by an enemy for you to be knocked off of him as opposed to the usual single hit.
  • Elephant - The biggest of the helpers. Tramples enemies as he runs.
  • Lemmykoopa24 - The most agile of the helpers. Can use his ball to kill enemies, as well as bounce them away from you.






See New Adventures of YoshiEgg/Enemies.




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