Neverworld The Second
Developer(s) Fantendo Inc., Purpleverse Inc.
Publisher(s) Purpleverse Inc.
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii, WIII
Story Mode (Civil War), Story Mode (Shelter City), Vs. Mode
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG, 3D Platformer
Media Included Nintendo Wii disc, WIII disc

Nintendo Presents: Neverworld The Second or just Neverworld The Second is a game for the Wii. It was originally part of Neverworld The First, but the game turned out to be too big to fit in one disc, and so it was split up into two seperate games.


The Nintendo heroes are facing off in Bowser's castle, where Neverworld The First left off. The second Neverworlder appears and teleports the Pied Piper and PIKA away- without them, the factions fall into chaos. Janie Twice, a twisted vigilante, emerges to restore order. Meanwhile, all the children of the Nintendoverse have been sent to Shelter City, a supposedly safe metropolis connected to Rainbow Road. During this new factions raise up...

In the final battle, Janie Twice is killed by Sunnyscythe, who captures the Piper and PIKA. Sunnyscythe then takes them to an unknown location, planning to have them killed.


The game has twp different modes, Neverworld Mode and Shelter City mode. Neverworld Mode is a three-dimensional RPG, like Neverworld the First. Shelter City plays like a 3D platformer, giving you the ability to customize your character and explore the city- as wel as choose your faction and fight in the Civil War.

Returning Characters

See Nintendo Civil War

New Characters

New Transformations

Full article: Nintendo Civil War

  • Sonic the Hedgehog- transforms into Super Sonic
  • Dr. Eggman- controls elements, grows wings
  • Miles "Tails" Prower- transforms into Super Tails
  • Janie Twice- grows retractible lightning knives out of her hands, gains heat vision out of one eye and freeze vision from the other.
  • Tubba Blubba- becomes a ghostly, green version of himself. Mouth becomes huge and gaping, perfect for swallowing ghosts with.
  • Henry the Moose- antlers grow huge blades
  • Little P- gains a lightning sword


If an error screen appears when you try to play a song, press the "download or listen to" button.

Main Music

Opening Sequence/Pied Piper Vs. PIKA
The Last Stand
Funeral for a King
Rallying Cry!
Shroobs on the Rise
Madness On The Mind/The Koopa Army Disbands
I Will Succeed My Father/Bowser Junior's Theme
Pikmin Freed
Olimar's Mourning
My Old Haunts (Arrival)
My Old Haunts(Outside)
My Old Haunts (Hallways)
My Old Haunts (Balcony
My Old Haunts (Rooftop Duel)
Ghosts Come Whistlin' For You
Waluigi's Theme
Baby Bowser's Castle
Here Comes Litle P
Janie's Lament
Janie's Theme/Redemption
Remembering Red
...And That's More Like It!
Innocent Bystanders are Bystandingly Innocent
You Don't Know Anything/Rayquaza Appears
Echos of Memory
Neverworlder II
Final Showdown (1)
Final Showdown (2)
Mourning/The Civil War Ends
The End/Visiting His Grave

Shelter City Music

Yoshi Jazz
Yoshi Jazz 2
Yoshi Rock
Bowser's Child
Yoshi Dance
Peach and Yoshi
Baby Bowser & Litle P- Unlikely Friends
Yoshi Makes An Announcement
Yoshi on the Steps/Rallying the Gang
Summit of the Mountain
Meta Knight Defeated
Civil War/Litle P's Perspective
Yoshi and Yoshette

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