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Developer(s) Purpleverse, Existence Software
Publisher(s) Nintendo, Fantendo Publishing Ltd.
Genre(s) Action-Adventure, RPG
First Game Neverworld The First

Nintendo Presents: Neverworld is the name given to the games that centre around the Nintendo Civil War and its reboot. The game adds a darker spin onto various Nintendo franchises, and was created in 2008 by Cobweb (tbc) of Purpleverse before being rebooted in 2015 by Mirai Moon (tbc) of Existence Software.

The series's premise is as follows: after a strange being known as the Neverworlder shows up in the Nintendoverse, he transforms the world into a land known as the Neverworld, and grants various people their most secret of wishes.


Original canon:

New canon:

  • Neverworld Rift - Existence Software - 2017
  • Until Eternity - Existence Software - TBA


While the series primarily features characters from Nintendo properties, such as Mario or Link, the series does introduce new characters, or heavily modify existing character, in its titles. "New" characters include: