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Negabloop is a villain

The Shmebulish robemen and their leader, arugiston

who destroys planets by looking at them. He loves eating people that have cheetos. He is the arch-enemy of Waluigi. He controls people using his mind control device "Master Lollipop". He controls a sadistic/sociopathic cult called the "the shmebulish". He controls the "Negakai". He also has multiple forms to adapt into. He can also come out of a portal from a place called "The Badass Crater of Badassitude".

The Negkai, Negabloop's strongest warriors.


Negabloop was made from the pure malice and hatred of the negative zone when it combined with a blooper. Negabloop then began turning all forms of land into his domain(similar to the negative zone). Seeing as how waluigi is powered by evil he decided to stop negabloop from destroying his house. Waluigi then slayed negabloop only for a cult to revive negabloop. Negabloop now takes residence in the far reaches of space, looking for planets to suck the life out of.


Negabloop's goons

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