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Nega Mode is an form linked to the Hyper Mode ability that was previously established and revealed in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory, however this side effect was not noted until later uses with the Hyper Mode. Like Hyper Mode, it changes the character's appearance and alters their power set, although, Nega Mode is more about weakening a character and being a consequence of overusing the Hyper Mode orbs.

Nega Mode is generally seen as a penalty to those who happen to use Hyper Mode. It strips away all powers, is immune to all healing effects, and generally weakens strength users. It also continues to have negative effects on the personalities of it's users with no added benefits.


Nega Mode is a consequence of overusing the Hyper Mode function too much, and utilizes the same technique in order to activate Hyper Mode, which is only through the Hyper Mode Orbs. Nega Mode is only attainable when a Hyper Mode Orb has a black blemish on it that will disappear over three days or when the Hyper Mode Orb has cracked. Depending on how bad the blemish is, there is a rare chance that Nega Mode will not activate, but generally this blemish means that it will activate. This black blemish will also disappear after using Nega Mode, although reappear much faster if it didn't expire over time. If cracked, Hyper Mode Orbs can only turn the user into Nega Mode.


In Nega Form, characters have a wild transformation that often gives them a radically different appearance, often emphasizing certain elements of their appearance. All weapons disappear or are rendered inert on the user, meaning they cannot use them. They cannot heal, use innate abilities, and it weakens their physical prowess, although can still stack up against many different opponents. It provides little to no energy to the user, although users are generally considered speedy in this form.

Nega Forms

Unten Bluzen

Unten has yet to take on this form in canon, although he is the most likely to come across it due to his overuse of the Hyper Mode orb so far and his Hyper Form personality expressing interest in staying in the form as long as possible. In this form, all he has is his claws to use, as Imperium is gone and his electricity is no longer usable. He is depicted as rather scared and frightened in this form.

His physical appearance in this form is similar to his Hyper Mode one, although he lacks much of the length of the scarf, with the pupils being the only thing visible on his face, and gaining a darker color overall. Imperium's coat disappears along with the blade itself.


Meta-Form's Nega Mode, in contrast of his mighty Hyper Mode, is much smaller and fragile, while also being fairly faster. Although he can use his agility to avoid and attack multiple opponents or to retreat, this form's severe fragility greatly discourage Meta-Form to overuse his Hyper Orb ever since the first time he entered his Nega Mode.

His colors are all grayed out, and his antenna is drooping as well. Ironically, his body is also more shaped like a chibi character, with him being smaller, but with a bigger head compared to his body.

Meta-Form also become a lot more hot-headed and short-tempered in this form, and even more prone to get angry than even his Hyper Mode does. This can make him a brat and outright obnoxious to even his closest friends. Even KiloBot himself is deeply annoyed by this peculiar form of Meta's!


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  • All rules applying to Hyper Forms apply to Nega Forms in terms of how power stacks. Any kind of power stacking will be rendered inert in this form.