Parent School(s) N/A
Element Death/Undeath
Date of Creation 535FC
First Appearance Blood Trance
Latest Appearance Foregone
Opposing School(s) Biomancy
Notable Mage(s)
Necromancy is one of the most unique schools of magic, which involves the manipulation of death and undeath. It is the subject of much controversy.


Necromancy originated with the hypothetical three "states of being": Life, Death, and Undeath. Each represented a different combination of soul and body: Life was both soul and body, and Death was a soul and no body. Undeath was believed to be the state of a body and no soul, and magical research began into attempting to induce this state. This research lead to the creation of Necromancy.


Necromancy, unlike most schools of magic, technically falls under two elements: Death, and Undeath, although this distinction is generally only kept by Necromancers themselves.

Necromantic spells which manipulate Death concern bodiless souls, such as Ghosts. Necromancers are capable of communicating with ghosts, or directly taking control of them; the latter is more difficult and is, in many places, considered morally objectionable. Necromancers can also create semi-physical bodies out of magic (similar to wisps) for ghosts to inhabit.

Necromantic spells which manipulate Undeath concern soulless bodies, most typically corpses. These corpses can be reanimated into zombies, skeletons, flesh golems, or other undead constructs. Undead creatures who still possess a brain may return to their instinctual behaviour, but otherwise they will be at the full command of the Necromancer.

It is also possible to allow a ghost to possess an undead body, creating a being known as a Thrall. However, this is straining on a Necromancer as the ghost must use the Necromancer's mind as a relay for it's commands.


Undead Creatures

  • Ghost: A ghost is the soul of a previously living person or creature. They are only visible to Necromancers, and generally have minimal ability to impact the mortal world.
    • Revenant: A ghost who, for whatever reason, is much more powerful; revenants have a semi-physical form, making them capable of interacting with the world but also visible to anybody regardless of magic ability.
  • Zombie: A zombie is defined as any reanimated corpse; sometimes, zombies have somewhat functioning brains and hence default to instinctual behaviour when not being actively controlled by a Necromancer.
    • Skeleton: A zombie without any flesh.
    • Lich: A Lich is a zombie who is still capable of using their own magic abilities. Lich's cannot absorb their own magic energy, and must instead draw from the Necromancer who created them.
  • Flesh Golem: Often created with the assistance of a Sarcomancer, a Flesh Golem is an undead creature whose body was artificially created. It is possible for Flesh Golems to be created individually by Sarcomancers, but as Necromancy is entirely concerned with animation their Flesh Golems are often more powerful.
  • Thrall: A Thrall is any undead creature who is also possessed by a ghost; thralls can be created with the assistance of a willing ghost or one who is being controlled by the Necromancer.


Name Description Statistics
Command Ghost TBA
Forcibly take control of a ghost (of an ally or enemy).
Requires ghost
Reduces max Concentration proportionally to ghost's level
Reduces relationship value with ghost
Release Ghost Rest in peace.
Release any commanded ghosts.
Requires commanded ghost
Restores Concentration lost in commanding
Create Spectral Body TBA
Create a spectral body for a ghost to inhabit.
Requires allied/commanded ghost
Concentration of body is based on max Concentration
Create Zombie TBA
Create a Zombie from a dead character (ally or otherwise).
Requires dead character
Health and Concentration of creature are based on max Concentration
Create Lich TBA
Create a Lich from a dead mage.
Requires dead mage
Health and Concentration of creature are based on max Concentration
Create Thrall TBA
Create a Thrall from a ghost and an undead creature.
Requires allied/commanded ghost and undead creature
Reduces max Concentration proportionally to ghost's level
Increases relationship value with non-commanded ghost
Release Thrall TBA
Releases the ghosts of any created thralls.
Requires thrall
Restores Concentration lost in creation
Attack Order Few things are more frightening than an undead army.
Order any allied/commanded ghosts or undead creatures to attack the targeted enemy.
Requires allied/commanded ghost or undead creature

Finisher Moves

Name Description Statistics
Possess TBA
Send a ghost to possess an enemy.
Requires allied/commanded ghost
Mental damage

Combo Finisher Moves

Name Description Class Statistics
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