Alright! Time to splat 'em into oblivion!
Nathan, Splatoon XZ

AGE 15
WEAPONS Silver Hero Roller
Splatoon X

Nathan is a character who debuted in Splatoon X and is one of the two main characters of the anime based off the game, Splatoon XZ. He is an Inkling boy who is a very skilled Turf War player and a member of the New Squidbeak Splatoon 2.0. He is originally from an unknown town outside of Inkopolis and is best friends with Diana.


Nathan is known to be kind but also very strong-willed. He is diligent and thoughtful about his actions, often thinking about a situation before heading into it. He is big-headed and takes pride in his achievements, especially his victories in Turf War matches. Nathan rarely loses his cool or becomes angry, but he can get surprisingly aggressive depending on the situation.

Nathan is also very caring for his allies and friends, helping them if they are in desperate need. He is also very dependable and can be trusted to carry out an important task. He is shown to be unselfish and has been seen to put the needs of others above his own multiple times throughout the game and especially the anime.

Nathan is extremely courageous, especially in battle, and very rarely shows fear. When the Octomech attacks Urchin Underpass on Episode 6 of XZ, Nathan is seen to be the only one who does not show his fear outwardly. However, his shock is clearly seen. It is later revealed in the anime that Nathan has a hidden fear of losing Diana, suggesting that he is also secretive in some way.


Splatoon X

In Splatoon X, Nathan comes across the entrance to Octo Valley alongside Diana, meeting up with the player character (who also arrived shortly before) and Captain Cuttlefish. Nathan and Diana explain that they had recently moved to Inkopolis and that Nathan had experienced an Octarian attack after a Turf War match.

When asked about what happened, Nathan explains that three Octolings ambushed him randomly in an alleyway near Urchin Underpass, but he luckily managed to splat them all. Concerned that the Octatians are aboveground, Cuttlefish offers Nathan and Diana to join the New Squidbeak Splatoon 2.0. The two agree and set out to complete their task of defeating the Octarians.

Nathan appears in most of the game's levels, with only a few exceptions. He appears in person in many levels, but often talks to the player via the gear's headset similar to Cuttlefish and Agent Team SS.

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