Narwalrus Shake (iOS)
Narwalrus Shake Icon
Beta App
Developer(s) Depressed Walrus Productions
Publisher(s) Depressed Walrus Productions
Platform(s) iOS
Series Narwalrus

Narwalrus Shake for iOS is a Narwalrus spinoff based around shaking a Narwalrus around you iPhone/iPod/iPad.


Despite no game play screenshots released, Narwalrus Shake is known about Shaking a narwalrus endlessly. Created like cookie clicker, this game features no in app purchases with offical currency. Inside the game, it is possible to enhance productivity by buying upgrades with Narwalrus Points earned every time the Narwalrus hits the edge of your screen.


In early development, MobileWalrus (Early Beta Title) was originally a platforming game like the main series. It was changed to a Spinoff cookie clicker style game extremely early in development.

Depressed Walrus Productions
Narwalrus (Game) / Narwalrus Shake (iOS)
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