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The cartridge for NSB


N Smash Bros. (shortened to NSB) is a Super Smash bros. game for the NES released in 1993. It was the first SSB game, and was succeded by N Smash Bros Melee for the SNES in 1996 and N Smash Bros. Go! for the Game Boy in 1997.


Starting Characters
Name Stage Description Moveset
Mario World 1-1 Everyone's favorite plumber is back to rumble with the Nintendo cast!

A: Fireball

B: Cape

B-Up: Super Jump Punch

Luigi Luigi City It's Mario's little bro, Luigi! He is here to come out of his bro's shadow, and become well known!

A: Green Fireball

B: Cape

B-Up: Super Jump Punch

Kirby Dreamland Omnomnomnom! Kirby's gonna eat up the competition with his vaccuum-like mouth! Where does all that food go, anyway?

A: Inhale

B: Hammer

B-Up: Final Cutter

Link Hyrule The hero from Hyrule, Ganon's worst nightmare, it's Link, with his shining sword!

A: Slash

B: Bomb

B-Up: Spin Attack

Samus Planet Zebes

Metroids beware, it's Samus! From the Planet Zebes, she's loaded up and aiming at YOU!


A: Missile

B: Charge Shot

B-Up: Screw Attack

Pit Angel Land Oh, no! People are fighting in Angel Land! Pit joins the fight, only because of the damage they caused Angel Land.

A: Arrow

B: Mallet

B-Up: Golden Wings

Name Stage Description/How to Unlock Moveset
Peach Bowser's Castle

Thank you, player, but Peach is in... oh, wait, no she isn't! Join the battle as Peach in her magnificent castle!

(Defeat the one-player mode)

A: Peach Toss

B: Toad Counter

B-Up: Float

Yoshi Yoshi's Cookie Land

Long tounges, dinoes, and eggs!  Oh, my! Mario's trusty steed has more than earned his place in N Smash Bros.!

(Play one VS match as Mario or Luigi)

A: Egg Lay

B: Egg Roll

B-Up: Egg Throw

Waddle Doo Mt. Dedede

One of King Dedede's minions has been sent into this epic battle royale! Kirby vs. Waddle Doo- who will win?

(Play one VS match as Kirby)

A: Beam

B: Run Attack

B-Up: Parasol

Pac-Man/Super Pac-Man Pac-Maze

Yes, we're including a non-Nintendo character. Pac-Man wants to prove he's the ultimate fighter, so he sets out to battle all the Nintendo heroes.

Switch to Super Super Pac-Man in the start menu. He is faster and stronger than Pac-Man! Though, he's not much of a jumper...

(Play 100 VS matches)


A: Pac-Munch

B: Pac-Punch

B-Up: Pac-Spin

Super Pac-Man:

A: Super Munch

B: Scardy Ghost

B-Up: Air Flop

Ryu Hayabusa Jay's Bar

The ninja is joining the royale, with his sneaky moves, his sly style, his steel shurikens!

(Play 200 VS Matches)

A: Ninja Kick

B: Shuriken

B-Up: Ninja Fire

Jason/Sophia III Area 1

Jason is a young boy who is going to stop the Plutonium Boss once an for all! But first, he has to prove he's better than the Nintendo cast in a battle royale.

When you switch to Sophia III in the start menu, you have a shooter, hyper beam, and rocket jump at your disposal!

(Play 300 VS matches)


A: Gun

B: Grenade Toss

B-Up: Explosion Jump

Sophia III:

A: Shoot

B: Hyper Beam

B-Up: Sky Rocket


Luigi (Clone of Mario): Basically a recolor, his attacks only 1% higher than his brother's attacks, but his green Fireball doesn't go as far as Mario's fireball.

Tier List

Tier List
A Tier
1. Luigi 2. Mario 3. Super Pac-Man
B Tier
4. Sophia III 5. Pac-Man 6. Waddle Doo
C Tier
7. Kirby 8. Link 9. Jason
D Tier
10. Samus 11. Ryu Hayabusa 12. Yoshi
F Tier
13. Peach 14. Pit

One-Player Game

This mode has 13 stages, with 5 bosses. It also has a secret stage.

Stage 1: Beat the Mario Bros. (You fight against Mario and Luigi, your partner is Peach)

Stage 2: Planet Zebes (Defeat Samus on the Planet Zebes stage, your partner is Unten)

Stage 3: BOSS- Angry Sun (Fight the Angry sun from SMB3 by using the water guns to shoot at it)

Stage 4: Noble Battle (Battle Link and Pit in Hyrule, your partner is a Yoshi)

Stage 5: Everyone (Fight all the default characters at their weakest form)

Stage 6: BOSS- Giant Waddle Doo (Defeat the Giant wadle Doo, your partner is Kirby)

Stage 7: Beat the Bitlers (Defeat 50 of the bitlers, purple versions of the cast)

Stage 8: Break the Targets! (Destroy all Targets)

Stage 9:  BOSS- Ganon (Defeat Ganon)

Stage 10: Beat the Bitlers Again! (Beat 100 Bitlers)

Stage 11: Board the Platforms! (Board all Platforms)

Stage 12: BOSS- Bitler Boss (Beat the Bitler Boss)

Stage 13: FINAL BOSS- Master Hand (Defeat Master Hand)

Secret Stage- 3rd Party Rumble (Battle against Pac-Man, Ryu Hayabusa, and Sophia III (unlock after unlocking Pac-Man, Ryu Hayabusa, and Sophia III))


List of Items
Name Description
Crate It contains a random item, and releases it when thrown on the ground.
Fire Flower Now, your B attack becomes a powerful fireball. You can only use 8.
Hammer Run around, nonstop while swinging that hammer. You're invincible!
Beam Sword This powerful sword turns your B-Attack into a mighty slash with this sword!
Fan Keep oponents trapped as you repeatedly press B to attack them with... The Fan of Death!!
Heart Container Completely replenishes your health.
Kabu When someone throws it, it becomes invisible, sliding without being noticed. When someone (besides the thrower) touches it, it reappears and damages the opponent. it will then jump off stage.
Energy Tank Doubles the power of projectiles.
Protective Crystal Physical attacks do not affect the user.
Water Barrel Instead of just pressing a button while near it, you must jump in it. Projectiles do not affect the user.
OP Mode-Only Items
Item Description Stage
Water Gun It shoots water, damaging the Angry Sun. 3

Beta Elements

Originally, Dry Bones would be a character instead of Peach, Marth would replace Jason and Sophia III, Pac-Man wouldn't turn into Super Pac-Man, and there were no B-Up moves. After that, they removed Dry Bones and Marth, added in Jason and Sophia III, Super Pac-Man, and B-Up moves, but used Captain Falcoln instead of Peach. Finally, they added in Peach.

Beta Characters
Name Stage Description Moveset
Dry Bones Airship One of Bowser's many baddies! Dry Bones has entered the fight!

A: Bone Hit

B: Shell Counter

Marth Akaneia Yes, Marth shall join the fight! All will taste the might of his sword!

A: Sword Slash

B: Down Strike

Captain Falcon Mute City Captain Falcoln is the fastest of all! You are mistaken if you think you can outrun him! (I'm looking at you, hedgehog.)

A: Falcon Punch

B: Falcon Kick

B-Up: Falcon Dive

Yoshi and Waddle Doo were also originally not playable characters. Yoshi was an item, and Waddle Doos would replace Bitlers in 1P mode. Giant Waddle Doo was originally Donkey Kong, and Bitler Boss was King Dedede.