This is a downladable content from the Wii Shop Channel. Each upgrade is $0.99 (U.S. Money) they will be added to your game after download.


Upgrade 1-New Playable Characters

A new playable character is Peach. She is in her outfit in the game. While someone is playing as Peach, the Peach in the levels is replaced by Daisy. Another character is Toadette. She is the same as the other Toads, but pink and with braids and a dress.

Upgrade 2-Super Star Man

This upgrade will let you shoot out stars that act like fire when you have the Star Man power up. when the star hits an enemy, they will die and stars will burst out of them. Also, a trail of Marios will follow closely behind, this will also kill the enemies.

Upgrade 3-Giga Bowser

This upgrade will change Giant Bowsers appearence to the one from Super Smash Bros.

Upgrade 4-Cloud attack

When riding on a cloud, you will be able to shoot throw the spiny shells that the Lakitu throws. They will kill enemies.

More may come.....

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