NSJHL 12 is a sports game for the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3 being made by Lemmykoopa24 (tbc). It is like the NHL series video games, but instead of NHL teams, it features teams from the Nova Scotia Junior Hockey League.

Gameplay & Controls

Like NHL 11, and NHL Slapshot, you play as a team as you try to beat the other in a game of hockey. You can choose to play as any of the players and you can choose to play as the goalie. It has a very advanced system, as in campaign mode, you are able to trade players. You are also able to set up a farm team in which you can use to call up players from or cash in their victory points for extra support. It also features broken sticks. If a stick breaks, the player is allowed to kick the puck around, but is not able to score. It features every penalty in hockey, including Offside, Icing, Too Many Men On The Ice, and Slashing. It will cost you much money to make a farm team, but it will be very useful. For every game you win, you get $100. For every point you get, $50 are added. Every save by the goalie is worth $10.

Controls (Wii)

  • Control Stick - Move
  • A Button - Pass
  • Shake - Body Check, Shoot puck.
  • Z Button - Speed Burst
  • B Button - Deke
  • C Button - Block shot.

Controls (PS3)



  • Antigonish Bulldogs

*Bay Ducks

*Brookfield Elks

*Glace Bay Jr. Miners

*Cumberland County Blues

*East Hants Penguins

*Pictou County Scotians

*Sackville Blazers

*Strait Pirates

*Windsor Royals

Unlockable Teams

*Valley Jets

*Spryfield Lions

*Truro Bearcats

*St. Maragaret's Bay Mariners

Farm Teams

  • Strait Pirates - Tamarac Skulls
  • Bay Ducks - Judique Swarm
  • East Hants Penguins - Enfield Grizzlies

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