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N-Stars is a platformer rpg that stars primarily Nintendo characters, in addition to many other "video game all-stars". It is being developed for The V² by Toroko. It will feature a cast of 100+ playable characters.

VSHOP Description

Nintendo's all-stars band together for a universe-expanding journey that will take them through the worlds of Nintendo and beyond to stop an evil threat that threatens all of their worlds. You'll have to jump, attack, and level through these familiar worlds in a unique RPG/Platformer style game with the signature Toroko polishes.



N-Stars plays somewhat similarly to the Super Smash Bros series' Subspace Emissary and Smash Run. Characters must go through the levels with a unusual blend of platforming and exploration. Players are tasked with strengthening their attributes via finding items in chests, as well as defeating numerous enemies.

Each character has a list of skills to attack and block with that they can gain by leveling up which is gained through finding N-Points.


Prologue - The Void

Worlds: The Black Void
Cast: N-Stars SheriffN-Stars UmbraRetro

The game begins with some gameplay of Sheriff that plays out like the original: shoot the bandits while dodging shots yourself. Suddenly the screen glitches as Umbra appears on the screen and then a mess of pixels fills up the screen. Sheriff lands in a white void where his movement is more two dimensional. He heads to the right of the screen and winds up in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Chapter 1 - Horizons

Worlds: The Mushroom Kingdom, The Game Vortex, Hyrule
Cast: N-Stars SheriffN-Stars MarioN-Stars LuigiN-Stars PeachN-Stars ToadN-Stars WandaN-Stars GameboyN-Stars LinkN-Stars ZeldaN-Stars ImpaN-Stars EGaddN-Stars OjayN-Stars Lorenzo

The first chapter sees Mario and Luigi encountering Sheriff, who tries to tell him about what happened to his world but their focus is redirected to Peach's Castle, which is under attack by Ojay. Traveling towards the castle, they come in contact with a bunch of strange enemies, some of which aren't from around here.

After getting to Peach's Castle, Peach and Toad join to battle Ojay. The first phase takes place within the castle walls, but soon moves to the woods where Wanda joins the battle. After defeating Ojay, he transforms into a portal, which leads into the Game Vortex.

In the Game Vortex, Game Boy is fighting off some of the same enemies that were in the Mushroom Kingdom. The group joins him in tackling the enemies and heads forward into the next portal, leading to Hyrule.

In Hyrule, they see another monster, this time a strange monkey called Lorenzo, attacking the castle. The group journeys to the castle, teaming up with Link, Zelda, and Impa to take down Lorenzo. As the group finishes up, the Game Vortex opens up, revealing E. Gadd, who tells them that somebody is attacking the universe itself.

Chapter 2 - Cosmic Winds

Worlds: The Mushroom Kingdom, The Game Vortex, PokeEarth
Cast: N-Stars SheriffN-Stars MarioN-Stars LuigiN-Stars PeachN-Stars ToadN-Stars WandaN-Stars GameboyN-Stars LinkN-Stars ZeldaN-Stars ImpaN-Stars MrGameandWatchN-Stars EGaddN-Stars CharmanderN-Stars BulbasaurN-Stars SquirtleN-Stars SabrinaN-Stars Peeta

Chapter 3 - Into the Nightmare

Worlds: Hyrule, World Video Boxing Association, Nightmare World
Cast: N-Stars SheriffN-Stars MarioN-Stars LuigiN-Stars PeachN-Stars ToadN-Stars WandaN-Stars GameboyN-Stars LinkN-Stars ZeldaN-Stars ImpaN-Stars MrGameandWatchN-Stars EGaddN-Stars CharmanderN-Stars BulbasaurN-Stars SquirtleN-Stars SabrinaN-Stars LinkBeing

Chapter 4 - The Sprawl

Chapter 5 - Winds of Howling


There is a wide range of worlds in N-Stars, and some you will have to visit multiple times over the course of the story. Initially the Game Vortex is used to travel between worlds, but by the end of Chapter 2 this is negated by the Star Road. The Star Road is a World Map that allows you to travel to any world, including "Vortex Spaces" that are smaller worlds with one or two characters to unlock.

The universe in N-Stars is known as The Gheal.

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A vast black void, the setting of the Sheriff game. This is the stage that sets the scene up, so don't expect a ton of gameplay.
N-Stars UmbraRetro

Super Mario Logo


The Mushroom Kingdom, home to Mario and his friends. It's the first real stage in the game. Find your way to Peach's Castle, which is being attacked by a strange elephant creature.
N-Stars Ojay
N-Stars MarioN-Stars LuigiN-Stars PeachN-Stars ToadN-Stars Wanda


NSTARSGheal GameVortex

The Game Vortex sees you take on a couple of enemies but there is no boss; it acts as the intermission between the Mushroom Kingdom and Hyrule. Gameboy is the only character unlocked here.
N-Stars Gameboy

The Legend of Zelda series (logo)

NSTARSGheal Hyrule

Hyrule Fields is home to Princess Zelda and her bodygaurd Impa and captain of the Hyrule forces Link. You need to get to Hyrule Castle, which is under attack by a strange monkey.
N-Stars Lorenzo
N-Stars LinkN-Stars ZeldaN-Stars ImpaN-Stars Cucco


N-Stars SheriffN-Stars MarioN-Stars LuigiN-Stars PeachN-Stars ToadN-Stars WandaN-Stars GameboyN-Stars LinkN-Stars ZeldaN-Stars ImpaN-Stars Cucco
N-Stars EGaddN-Stars MrGameandWatchN-Stars CharmanderN-Stars BulbasaurN-Stars SquirtleN-Stars SabrinaN-Stars SonicN-Stars NikkiN-Stars ArcadeBunnyBaitoN-Stars Villager

Every character must be found before they can be played, with the exception of Sheriff. You play as Sheriff at the start of the game and recruit characters as you go along.

Sheriff Series

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SheriffNStars N-Stars Sheriff

Sheriff, Nintendo's first character that was mostly forgotten. He lives in a black void, shooting the same 16 bandits over and over. Suddenly something new came into his world, and destroyed it, sending him into a white void. The void eventually led him to the Mushroom Kingdom, where his adventure begins.

Sheriff plays pretty standard with a basic projectile weapon that goes far and hits hard but goes pretty slow. He's not too fast but he has a pretty decently high jump. He can summon a horse to go faster and set up barricades to keep enemies at bay.

Unlocked from the start.

Mario Series

Super Mario Logo
Image Info
Mario - Mario Party 10 N-Stars Mario

Mario, practically the mascot of Nintendo and really video gaming as a whole. A plumber by trade, a hero by profession, and sometimes a doctor. Mario is one of the first people Sheriff contacts about the evil presence and he heads into action quickly.

Mario is a jack of all trades, not slow nor fast, not powerful nor weak. He has pretty standard jumps, his attacks do average damage. If you want a perfectly balanced character, this is it. He has a ranged fireball attack, a spin attack for close range enemies that can also reflect projectiles, and can use a Koopa shell to ride on for a dash attack.

Unlocked during the first visit to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Luigi - Mario Party 10 N-Stars Luigi

Luigi is Mario's brother and often is depicted as being Mario's shadow, his number two. This green Mario is a plumber and hero too, and when he has the spotlight he doesn't waste a second in it. He, along with Mario, are among the first that Sheriff contacts.

Luigi is faster but weaker than Mario and he tends to slide like he's on ice. He's got some weird quirks but if you're looking for a speedier Mario, Luigi is your guy. He shoots lighting balls that shock enemies, a chargeable move that launches him sideways like a rocket, and his spin move sends foes flying but doesn't reflect projectiles.

Unlocked during the first visit to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Peach - Mario Party 10 N-Stars Peach

Peach is the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. While not exactly the best at keeping herself from getting captured, she's been getting better at fighting for herself, having a playable role in Super Mario 3D World. She joins the All-Stars fairly early on.

Peach is one of the weaker characters in terms of power, although she has two powerful moves with her frying pan and butt attack. Her main ability is limited fluttering time after jumping, but she has slightly poor vertical jumps. She can also send out a barrage of hearts to attack.

Unlocked during the first visit to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Toad - Mario Party 10 N-Stars Toad

Toad is Princess Peach's attendant and a long time protector of the Mushroom Kingdom. He is actually a singular character among an entire species of look-alikes. His brothers, the yellow and blue Toads have helped out Mario before, so it's no surprise to see him join the All-Stars.

Toad is a terrible jumper but can grab things fast such as enemies or items. While being the weakest jumper of the inital Mario group, Toad is capable of overcoming this by performing a Power Squat Jump (a jump that is twice as strong as his regular jumps). He can also attack with vegetables he plucks from the ground and throws them in a arc. He can also make use of colored bombs that have different effects.

Unlocked during the first visit to the Mushroom Kingdom.

WandaN-Stars N-Stars Wanda

Wanda is a fairy of fortune and the guardian of Yōsei no Mori, a legendary forest. She has helped Mario and friends before with Wario in the game Mario & Wario, but hasn't made any appearances since. She is always trying to do the right thing, which is why she joins the All-Stars on their journey.

Wanda is a light character that is very floaty and has little defense. She creates pathways with her wand, making platforming a relative breeze and she can use a hammer to attack enemies up close or drop buckets on their head so they don't know where to attack.

Unlocked during the first visit to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Professor Elvin Gadd Artwork - Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon N-Stars EGadd

Professor E. Gadd is a scientist that lives in Boo Woods and has created all kinds of gadgets for the Mario Bros. in the past. He assists the All-Stars by constructing a machine that lets them access the Star Road and fighting the darkness Umbra seems to be behind.

Professor E. Gadd is a slow character that has a lot of gadgetry. He can attack with Boos by releasing Boo canisters, make use of an E-Gate to teleport to places fairly quickly, and use a vacuum as a suction attack. One move you can do as E. Gadd is to set up an E. Gate near a dangerous area and throw your opponents in there.

Unlocked at the end of Chapter 1 - Horizons.

Gameboy Series

Image Info

Art by Chronobreaker

N-Stars Gameboy

Gameboy is a... Gameboy with arms and legs. He's traveled around a bit considering he hasn't been relevant for a while but when he learns of the evil force that threatens the gaming multiverse, he joins up quickly.

Gameboy is seemingly pretty simple. Most of his attacks go straight forward in 4 directions and he can't cancel any of his attacks. Using the Gameboy Camera, he can copy a enemy move, giving him acess to a wide movepool that comes at the cost of a limited use that he will have to fill up again after ten uses. He can also make use of Gameboy sprites and chucking dead batteries.

Unlocked during the first visit to the Game Vortex.

Legend of Zelda Series

The Legend of Zelda series (logo)
Image Info
Link (alt) - Hyrule Warriors N-Stars Link

There are many incarnations of Link, each possessing the Spirit of the Hero, with some of them being blood related as well. This particular Link seems to be a mish-mash of many Links with the Hyrule Warriors look. As the group ventures out of the Game Vortex, Link learns of the upcoming evil that awaits Hyrule and the gaming multiverse.

Link is a slower character that makes up for it with powerful versatility. He can use his blade to execute a spin attack that has a longer reach than Mario's but doesn't reflect projectiles. He can use his shield to block attacks without the fear of it breaking and can make use of a bow and arrow and some bombs.

Unlocked during the first visit to Hyrule.

Zelda Rapier (Hyrule Warriors) N-Stars Zelda

There have been many incarnations of the princess Zelda. As an incarnation of Zelda, she is the embodiment of Hylia and holds the Triforce of Wisdom. She serves to protect the kingdom of Hyrule and rule over it, and with an evil force lurking, she joins the All-Stars to fend for more than just Hyrule.

Zelda has a Rapier as her basic weapon and also utilizes her Bow and Light Arrows. She uses a rapid combination of the spells from Ocarina of Time (Nayru's Love, Farore's Wind, and Din's Fire) for elemental projectile based attacks. She's not a great close-range fighter but from far away she can be rather deadly.

Unlocked during the first visit to Hyrule.

HW Impa Naginata N-Stars Impa

Impa is the family name of several female members of the Sheikah, a mysterious tribe that has served and protected the Royal Family of Hyrule for many generations. She goes along with Zelda to protect her as Zelda joins up with the All-Stars.

Impa is a quick and nimble character. She uses a curved great sword as her weapon. She also appears to have some magical ability, manipulating water to take the shape of throwing knives and even copies of her sword. Enemies struck by these attacks have their heads surrounded by suffocating bubbles. As such, her attacks don't do a lot of initial damage but they dig deep.

Unlocked during the first visit to Hyrule.

HW Cucco N-Stars Cucco

A gigantic Cucco. Cuccos are well known for attacking Link if he attacks them for an extended period of time, and are sometimes known as the Cucco's Revenge Squad. This one probably won't hurt you, considering it's playable.

Unlike other characters, the giant Cucco is extremely limited in its moveset, consisting of only a two-hit pecking attack, a tackle, and sending out a swarm of Cuccos to attack enemies. Despite it's massive power, it has poor defense and speed.

Feed the giant Cucco in Hyrule some food items to have it unlocked.

Game and Watch Series

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Mr. Game & Watch SSB4 Render N-Stars MrGameandWatch

Mr. Game and Watch is more of a creation of the Super Smash Bros. series, however almost everything about him comes from the Game and Watch titles of yore. Instead of speaking, he makes beeping noises similar to those heard while playing Game & Watch games. Other traits unique to the character are him being paper-thin and his very limited animation, both alluding to graphical limitations of the original Game & Watch games.

Mr. Game and Watch was created as a homage to the Game & Watch series, and his moveset is made of elements from many different titles; for example, his standard attack is the bugspray from Greenhouse, and his neutral special attack uses the frying pan from Chef to launch food at his enemies. He has short range for his projectiles and is very light, making him fairly weak to any damage. However, he is very powerful, even if his best attacks require some luck.

Unlocked during the second visit to the Game Vortex.

Pokémon Series

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004Charmander N-Stars Charmander

Charmander is one of three starter Pokémon of Kanto. Charmander can be found in hot, mountainous areas. However, it is found far more often in the ownership of Trainers. Charmander, along with the two other Pokémon, join the group during the first visit to PokeEarth.

Charmander is a slow and weaker character that has unique properties: evolving. When he collects enough XP, Chameleon will be unlocked. Charmander uses fire-based attacks like Ember, which shoots flaming sparks at opponents leaving them some damage, Fire Fang, which bites the opponent with a flaming effect, and Flame Burst which lobs the opponent with a flame based projectile. His jump sucks.

Unlocked during the first visit to PokeEarth.

001Bulbasaur N-Stars Bulbasaur

Bulbasaur is one of three starter Pokémon of Kanto. It is found in grasslands and forests throughout the Kanto region. However, due to Bulbasaur's status as starter Pokémon, it is hard to come by in the wild and generally found under the ownership of a Trainer. Bulbasaur, along with the two other Pokémon, join the group during the first visit to PokeEarth.

Bulbasaur is a slow and weaker character that has unique properties: evolving. When he collects enough XP, Venusaur will be unlocked. Using Leech Seed to heal itself from it's enemy's damage, Vine Whip, which strikes opponents with a whip-like vines, and Razor Leaf, which sends a grass based projectile at opponents.

Unlocked during the first visit to PokeEarth.

007Squirtle N-Stars Squirtle

Squirtle is one of three starter Pokémon of Kanto. Squirtle, along with the two other Pokémon, join the group during the first visit to PokeEarth.

Squirtle is a slow and weaker character that has unique properties: evolving. When he collects enough XP, Wartortle will be unlocked. Squirtle is actually a fairly fast character that attacks with water-based attacks. It can use Waterfall to recover from falls as well as Withdraw, in which case it retreats to its shell and shoots water from the back of it propelling him forwards. It also uses Water Gun to push enemies with a stream of water.

Unlocked during the first visit to PokeEarth.

HeartGold SoulSilver Sabrina N-Stars Sabrina

Sabrina is a young lady with psychic abilities, and thus trains Psychic-type Pokémon. She apparently dislikes battling, but is hard to beat because she can communicate with her Pokémon telepathically. She uses only her psychic abilities here as she teams up with the All-Stars.

Sabrina is one of the stronger characters you obtain during your first trip to PokeEarth, with the ability to blast green auras and throwing spoon-based projectiles. She can also see into the future, allowing her to dodge attacks. While not the fastest character, she can teleport to get around faster.

Unlocked during the first visit to PokeEarth.

Metroid Series

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Donkey Kong Series

20140221114557!Donkey Kong logo

Kid Icarus Series

Kid Icarus logo

Fire Emblem Series


Star Fox






Sega Series

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NStarsSonicRener N-Stars Sonic

Sonic is the fastest hedgehog alive! Although cocky, he has the speed and skill to back himself up. He faces off Eggman, and for a decent period of time he was defeating gods.

Sonic is one of the fastest characters in the game, able to travel at a blinding speed across any stage, which allows him to easily and effectively utilize a hit-and-run playstyle. He is not very strong, with many of his attacks not doing much damage. He can use Homing Attack to quickly hit opponents by homing into them, use the Spin Dash as a dash attack, use Spring Jump as a way to get more air, and utilize the Super Peel-Out as a way to charge his speed even faster.

Unlocked through an unknown world as of writing.

Capcom Series


Square Enix Series



Hmmph... Not quite sure where these go just yet!

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N-StarsNikki N-Stars Nikki

Nikki used to be the mascot for Swapnote but uh... we don't talk about that anymore. She now appears in the Nintendo News section of Nintendo's website. She is also shown having gained two new assistants; a yellow cat and a panda. She seems to be even-tempered, always bouncy and cheerful, calm and determined. She tries makes you feel like there is always someone there for you.

Nikki is a fairly average speed character who doesn't do a lot of damage with her attacks but they're helpful more than harmful. For instance, her letter line attack zips her across gaps and platforms with quick ease, and her assistants can counter for her while restoring some of her health. She can also put items in letters to receive later in mailboxes she can set down.

Unlocked somehow.

Sales Bunny N-Stars ArcadeBunnyBaito

The Arcade Bunny or "Baito" is the mascot of the Nintendo Badge Arcade. He likes to talk with customers about his interests and tends to get pretty animated. He is an enthusiastic gamer, admits that he works at the arcade so that he can play the games as soon as they are released. He is a huge fanboy of just about every character in this game.

Sales Bunny/Baito has huge jumps and speed but not a lot in attacking power. He can utilize his strongman transformation as a powerful yet predictable move, use badges as throwing projectiles, use a ink gun as a slightly more damaging but slower projectile, and use a grab claw to grab enemies and items from far away.

Unlocked somehow.

VillagerN-Stars N-Stars Villager

Villager is the lone human in a village full of animals. As the Mowgli in the Jungle Book that is Animal Crossing, he's a rather friendly character that just doesn't know how to store all this cool stuff he has. He can be seen as somewhat clumsy but he means well.

Villager is an unorthodox character with several unique moves, including several standard attacks that are actually projectiles. He's great at harassing foes from a distance and if timed right, his tree move can be a real damaging move. His Lloid Rocket can be used as a quick traveling tool or a fairly decent projectile attack.

Unlocked somehow.


Each world has a boss held within it for each visit. Some may become your allies.

N-Stars UmbraRetroN-Stars OjayN-Stars LorenzoN-Stars PeetaN-Stars LinkBeingN-Stars MrNightmareN-Stars InverseNikkiN-Stars StarDream
Image Info
UmbraRetro N-Stars UmbraRetro

Who is this mysterious man? What is he doing in the black void and what did he do to Sheriff's home? It's all a mystery, it's always a mystery with Umbra.

Encountered but not able to be attacked in the Black Void.

Ojay N-Stars Ojay

A elephant made of Super Mario Bros. tiles called Ojay. This is a giant boss that you have to run from before he corners you. The battle involves you dodging what he throws at you, with his Bullet Bill launcher tusks and his violent charges. Get inside the castle and attack the core!

Fought in the Mushroom Kingdom on the end of the first visit.

Lorenzo N-Stars Lorenzo

A monkey made of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link tiles. You may have seen this kind of thing before, but Lorenzo is a different beast. His tail spews out fire and he can detach his knight fingers to have them attack you. His crystal eyes are key to winning this fight, but it's a steep climb up, filled with danger!

Fought in Hyrule on the end of the first visit.

Peeta N-Stars Peeta

A snake made of Pokemon Red and Blue tiles. The last of the triad, Peeta slithers somewhat clumsily due to being made of tiles. He can use the three trainers to summon Pokemon to attack you and use rockets as homing missiles to attack you. Unlike the other two colossals, Peeta can't be defeated by hitting a specific weak point. Instead, you must wait until he burrows underground and attack the tail bits that get stuvk and detach them. When Peeta is nothing but a head, you have won.

Fought in Pokémon World on the end of the first visit.


LinkBeingN-Stars Blue

LinkBeingN-Stars Yellow

LinkBeingN-Stars Red

N-Stars LinkBeing

Some kind of Link Being. This boss plays pretty identically to Link, albeit with much more artistic flair. There are four in all, and you must conquer (defeat) each in order to access the first False Triforce.

Fought in Hyrule's Underground Maze on the second visit.

MrNightmare N-Stars MrNightmare

A dark form that takes over Mr. Sandman, awakened by Umbra. Relentless and cruel, Mr. Nightmare doesn't care who his opponent is and doesn't need a ring for an excuse to attack people. When he knocks out people, he also appears inside their minds to destroy them mentally, using their worst fears as aid. Inside of the mindscape, he attacks relentlessly with giant nightmarish boxing gloves and Luigi's fear of ghosts. The player can attack him via projectiles or when his head is exposed.

Fought near the end of Chapter 3 - Into the Nightmare.

StarDreamNSTARS N-Stars StarDream

One of the several comets created by the Halcandran race, of which Umbra has managed to get ahold of. It's massive power of wishing is beyond deadly, and must be destroyed at all costs. Star Dream can inhale it's player, shoot number shaped shields to chase the player, as well attack with seemingly random objects like a weather vane or a lightbulb. It is absolutely massive on the ground level, but you can take care of it, can't you?

Fought in a currently unknown level.

N-StarsInverseNikki N-Stars InverseNikki

A negative energy clone of Nikki created by Umbra known only as Inverse Nikki. She actually requires the player to chase her down as opposed to fighting them one on one. She sets up dark beacons that summon enemies for the player to fight or avoid while chasing her. You will probably need a speedy character or one with projectiles to damage her, but she doesn't really have a ton of health so taking her down, if you can manage it, won't be too difficult.

Fought in a currently unknown level.


N-Stars MankyN-Stars ROBSpeedsterN-Stars KomaytoN-Stars CyberKongN-Stars FacelessN-Stars KrookN-Stars CuccoEnemyN-Stars OctolingN-Stars OctoballN-Stars TheCellN-Stars GIM

All worlds have a vast collection of enemies from all over the Nintendo universe, all being led by Umbra and his commanders. Some of these enemies might even be playable later on.

Image Info
MankyKongNStars N-Stars Manky

These reject Kongs are actually a product of the Great Ape War, an event that had cataclysmic effects on Donkey Kong Island. Outcast after the events of the war, they still lurk in the deep jungles, striking at the Kongs that outclassed them. When Umbra offered them their former glory in exchange for their forces, the Manky Kongs collectively joined his forces.

Manky Kongs attack the player by hurling barrels at them in continuous pattern. The player must avoid these barrels and jump on a Manky Kong's head to defeat it (it can also be defeated by hitting it with a projectile).

ROB DS PM N-Stars ROBSpeedster

A R.O.B Speedster is a R.O.B model with wheels on the back, allowing them to charge forward towards opponents. While they look like an original R.O.B model, make no mistake: Umbra created these R.O.B models himself to serve in his forces.

R.O.B Speedsters attack the player by charging forward at fast speeds, running them over. They can also fire lasers from a distance. The player can attack them when they remain stationary or when they are charging up for speed.

Komayto N-Stars Komayto

Komaytos look incredibly similar to the Metroid species, but make no mistake; these two aren't even in the same family of animals. In fact, Komaytos actually share more DNA with Monoeyes than they do with Metroids. These otherwordly invaders have infested the realms of the gods from time to time, so it's natural that Umbra wanted his hands on these.

Komaytos attack the player by gently floating towards their opponents and latching onto them to drain their life energy. Though they are invulnerable to ranged attacks, they can still be defeated with melee attacks.

DKBB Giant CyberKong N-Stars CyberKong

These cybernetic Kong look-alikes guard the Cosmic Highway. They hate disturbances from say, Kongs riding flying barrels. There are actually two variants, but only one is used by Umbra as a ground troop.

Cyber Kongs attack the player by attacking with lasers that will electrocute them. They can also fire homing missiles. Surprisingly a heavy projectile user, Cyber Kongs have average health and can be taken out with a couple melee or projectile attacks.

FacelessNStars N-Stars Faceless

The Faceless are Muscular humanoid beasts summoned into existence through fell magic. They were originally created by the kingdom of Nohr in response to Mikoto setting up a barrier that mentally influences Nohrians into losing their aggression towards Hoshido. Having no minds of their own, the Faceless are unaffected by the barrier and can thus embark on attack rampages. However, unless controlled, the Faceless often ignore orders and as a result, their destruction is limited to a specific area.

The Faceless employ their fists to clobber their foes. Although slow, they can do a lot of damage if the player doesn't get out of their attacks fast enough. They can be hit from afar, although powerful melee attacks will take care of them faster.

Krook N-Stars Krook


Krooks attack by throwing the hooks at the player, trying to injure them. They look like normal Kritters, except scarier and more dangerous with sharper teeth and nails. They can be defeated with a simple bounce on the head.

HW Cucco N-Stars CuccoEnemy


Cuccos aren't really a enemy in the traditional sense, in fact they are quite harmless. Where they become enemies is if they are attacked by the player. Enraged, Cuccos will summon their cohorts to attack the player with pecking attacks, of which the player can only hope to outrun. There is nothing you can do once you're under attack except wait for this to just all blow over.

Octoling transparent N-Stars Octoling


Octolings attack by splatting paint at their targets, as well as sneaking into said paint to launch surprise attacks. Speedy and quick, Octolings require players to be on their toes as they deal with this somewhat more advanced opponent.

Octoball N-Stars Octoball

These Octarian fighters possess the ability to spread ink while rolling on smooth surfaces. They really aren't much to write home about.

Octoballs roll across smooth ground, spreading paint across the ground that will harm the player if they touch it. Octoballs can be defeated in a single stomp or killed if they're submerged in a pool of the player's own ink.

TheCellCropped N-Stars TheCell


The Cell throw their arms across the fighting field at their targets, although they are more about dodging, often shifting their bodies to become lower to avoid attacks or even side-stepping from melee attacks. They are taken down in a single attack however, so they really aren't too much to worry about except during a fight with a lot of them.

GimN-Stars N-Stars GIM

These yoyo slinging robots are able to attack with said yoyo as well as breakdancing moves. It has a single eye to do it with it, so please don't make fun of them. They're trying.

Gim attack using yoyos as well as breakdancing moves, although only do this if they spot the player. It also is rather slow moving, although not unbearably so.





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