Mystic Powers 2
Developer(s) LYON Games
Publisher(s) LYON Games
Platform(s) DeluxGamer
Genre(s) RPG
Series Mystic Powers
Predecessor Mystic Powers
Release Date(s) 10/6/13
Age Rating(s) E10Rating
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Mystic Powers 2 is the sequel to Mystic Powers, set for release on the DeluxGamer in early October 2013. The game is currently under development from LYON Games. The game very closely follows the events of the original game. Mystic Powers 2 is an RPG, as oppposed to an open-world fighting game like the original.


As stated above, Mystic Powers 2 is an RPG, unlike the original, which was a fighting game. This game will feature turn-based battles. The game will also take place in a new area. In the turn based battles, action commands will be used through swipes on the DeluxGamer's touch screen to increase damage, block attacks, etc.


Name Description Main Element
Steven The sophomore in high school, Steven, is once again ready to save the world. Fire
Audrey A love interest for Steven, Audrey fights using magic to help stop Lance. Magic
Lance The rival of Steven has been corrupted by dark power. He is the main antagonist, trying to take over the world. Shadow
Brian He's a spirit in the water that taught Steven about his magical powers in the first game. He's now part of his team. Water


  • HP: Stands for Hit Points. When this hits 0, a character will pass out. Goes up 5 with each level up.
  • POW: Abbreviation of power. The higher this number is, the more damage a character can do. Goes up 2 with each level up.
  • DEF: Abbreviation of defense. The higher this number is, the less damage a character will take. Goes up 2 with each level up.
  • Speed: The higher this number is, the higher your chances are of attacking first. Goes up 3 with each level up until level 8 is reached, then falls to 1.


  • Although the original game was a fighting game, this game is an RPG.
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