Mystic Powers
Developer(s) LYON Games
Publisher(s) LYON Games
Platform(s) Nintendo Alpha
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Mystic Powers
Release Date(s) 1/13/13
Age Rating(s) E10Rating CERO A Pegi 7 OFLC-PG USK6 BBFC PG
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Mystic Powers is the first game of a series with an identical name, created by LYON Games. The game is to be released for the Nintendo Alpha as part of Project New Year, despite its release date being set for January 13 of 2013.  The game's main character is a sophomore in high school named Steven who stumbles upon a magical orb, giving him magical powers.



The game is an open-world fighting game set in the present day. Players control Steven, a 16 year old sophomore in high school. All commands are used through button presses. The player is exposed to 6 different areas, encountered in no particular order, as the player will have to revisit places constantly to complete the game's main story mode.


  • A: Jump/Talk/Check
  • B/X/Y: Attack
  • Left stick: Move
  • Right stick/D-pad: Change view
  • L/R: Shield
  • Start: Pause


The story starts with Steven walking home from school. Steven had a tough day, kicking the ground as he walks around his block in his home city, Feloppidus City. The sophomore hangs around in his front lawn before finding something bright in a shrub. Slowly peering through, Steven finds a very bright spherical object! Picking it up, a fireball suddenly blasts out of his hands! Excited as he is, Steven runs inside for a moment, as another high school sophomore walks up - Lance. Lance and Steven had been enemies since elementary school. Lance finds the orb laying in Steven's lawn, and picks it up out of curiousity. Like Steven, Lance gets powers too - the power to conduct shadows. He runs off, and Steven walks outside, and hides the orb. The next day, though, something isn't right...


Name Image Description
Steven Stevenmysticpowers A 16 year old sophomore in high school, Steven, serves as the main protagonist of the series.
Lance N/A Someone who always picked on Steven, but became his nemisis after stumbling upon the Magical Orb.
Umbrita N/A Lance's shadowy minions that he created. They can use dark magic.


Name Description
Feloppidus City Steven's hometown and the HUB of the game. Consists rural and suburban areas.
Herboneum The lush, grassy fields of Herboneum. Towns of people are strewn about the gorgeous plains.
Siccabis Desert A sandy wasteland. Rumors have it that if you go deep enough into the desert, you'll find a pyramid full of treasure.
Aqua Beach A beach with calming, sparkling water. Some people have vacation homes on the shoreline.
Perierat Woods The dense trees of the Perierat Woods make it hard to stay on course.
Lance's Castle Lance built this castle as a hideaway for him and his minions, the Umbritas.


  • Most areas in this game are combinations of Latin words, or Latin words and Spanish words.
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